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Category: Health and Fitness

Reasons to use red palm oil

Palm oil has been used for many years across the world before fully gaining its popularity. Over the past few years, It has garnered both good and controversial interests.

The unrefined palm oil appears to be red hence its name; red palm oil. The oil not only has carotenoids but also antioxidants, which make it more useful. Let’s dive in and see why you should be using this in the first place.

Controls cholesterol levels in our bodies

High levels of cholesterol in our bodies are a significant risk when it comes to heart diseases. However, research has shown that taking some red palm oil helps reduce cholesterol levels in our bodies.

It controls the development of heart diseases

As much as red palm oil controls our bodies’ cholesterol levels, it also prevents heart diseases. People with heart diseases are encouraged to live healthily and eat a balanced diet. Cooking well-balanced meals with healthy fats like red palm oil added to exercises and keeping your stress levels under control is highly beneficial.

It improves the health of the brain

Red palm oil has tocotrienols as one of its chemical composition. This chemical is a form of vitamin E that supports how the brain functions and ensures it works healthy. Frequently using oil helps in slowing dementia and enhancing cognition.

The oil boosts vitamin A status in our body

The oil composition comprises carotene, which is converted by the body to vitamin A. People who have low levels of vitamin A are encouraged to consume red palm oil. Vitamin A is a crucial element in the body that ensures that vision is maintained and that the body’s immunity remains at the right level. It’s also beneficial for pregnant mothers.

Better skin and improved hair health

The beauties will tell you that the red palm oil is useful for fighting acne and improving your hair’s health. The oil comprises vitamin E, which is responsible for skin health. The presence of tocotrienol content in the oil makes it useful in hair growth and maintenance.

To be sure that you benefit from red palm oil use, it is advisable to buy products that are not much processed and oxidized. The processed oils are drained of their health-promoting properties and may affect you negatively.

In conclusion, red palm oil is used for cooking various dishes. Its numerous health benefits make it a suitable choice for many.