Winter Days in the Big Woods

[PDF] Download ↠ Winter Days in the Big Woods : by Laura Ingalls Wilder Renée Graef - Winter Days in the Big Woods, Winter Days in the Big Woods Laura helps Ma and Pa make the little log cabin snug and cozy for the snowy days ahead Pick of the Lists ABA
  • Title: Winter Days in the Big Woods
  • Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder Renée Graef
  • ISBN: 9780064433730
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ↠ Winter Days in the Big Woods : by Laura Ingalls Wilder Renée Graef, Winter Days in the Big Woods, Laura Ingalls Wilder Renée Graef, Winter Days in the Big Woods Laura helps Ma and Pa make the little log cabin snug and cozy for the snowy days ahead Pick of the Lists ABA [PDF] Download ↠ Winter Days in the Big Woods : by Laura Ingalls Wilder Renée Graef - Winter Days in the Big Woods, Winter Days in the Big Woods Laura helps Ma and Pa make the little log cabin snug and cozy for the snowy days ahead Pick of the Lists ABA
  • [PDF] Download ↠ Winter Days in the Big Woods : by Laura Ingalls Wilder Renée Graef
    497Laura Ingalls Wilder Renée Graef
Winter Days in the Big Woods

About Author

  1. Ingalls wrote a series of historical fiction books for children based on her childhood growing up in a pioneer family She also wrote a regular newspaper column and kept a diary as an adult moving from South Dakota to Missouri, the latter of which has been published as a book.

One thought on “Winter Days in the Big Woods

  1. Daughter read this aloud with me and we loved it I m so glad my daugter was able to read this on her and able to enjoy Laura, Ma, Pa, Mary, and baby Carrie s life in the Big Woods I see her re reading this until she s ready for the original series alone.

  2. My sister passed this along me, us both being fans of Little House I ve never actually read any of the books before, and wondered if this was a snippet from the series, or a made up story I loved the little cabin in the woods, with the split rail fence It looked so cozy I found myself comparing it with the show, thinking they didn t have a bulldog, it was a boarder collie Like in the show, Laura had brown hair, Mary and Carrie had blonde They were picking vegetables from the garden, but it didn [...]

  3. A charming story about a young pioneer girl and her family The story weaves the tale of life in the woods of Wisconsin and the daily routines of a little girl and her family The story covers everything from Pa and Ma s daily work, such as hunting, planting, sowing and gathering crops, churning butter and other subtleties The little girls and their parents seem happy and cozy with their life The realistic pictures paint a picture of what life back then would really be like A straighforward, poign [...]

  4. These are my favorite books to read to Henry They make me want to curl up in front of a fire and cuddle with him.

  5. I didn t know they made My First Little House books they didn t have these out when I was a kid I was just browsing through the library s books and wanting a throwback to my childhood, and to learn about life at this time I didn t know they had bridged the gap between the original chapter books and younger kids, so I wasn t expecting this to be basically a picture book with a few sentences on every other page I don t think I remembered that they lived in Wisconsin I would have thought it was ano [...]

  6. I m so pleased that Julia continues to love the My First Little House books we read After she enjoyed the first one we read I was a little nervous that it would fall off After all, these aren t the most exciting books in the world and that seems to be all kids are interested in these days But she hasn t stopped enjoying them and has even asked me a few times if there are Instead of swamping her with all books in the series we ve continued to read whatever we want with these tucked in now and ag [...]

  7. This a story about Laura Ingalls Wilder when she lived in the woods of Wisconsin The book goes through what her family does to prepare for the winter days that are coming to the big woods They have to get the vegetables from the garden, her pa went hunting for meat, and her sister Mary and her have to churn the butter The end of the book shows the family in the cabin being warm and having each other to get through the winter.I would use this book in my classroom because it is a story that I enjo [...]

  8. As a little girl I remember my dad reading Little House books to me I love the picture books by Laura Ingalls Wilder They do not do justice for her chapter book series but these short stories are good for beginner readers Especially for young girls who love the Little House series My favorite part about the Winter Days book would have to be the illustrations They are beautifully done with colored pencil and flow really well with the story This particular story takes you back in time to pioneer d [...]

  9. The illustrations in this picture book rendition of the Little House books is far better than the ones in Sugar Snow These look like they were done with car unlike the ones in the book mentioned above which seemed rushed and a bit creepy, especially since little Carrie s head seemed far too big for her body The story telling in this volume is also a step up from Sugar Snow which I found boring in comparison Winter Days reminded me of the actual novels and their ability to transport you to Laura [...]

  10. Much to my delight, my boys who are five and two absolutely love these books The My First Little House series takes stories out of the original little house books and illustrates them beautifully My boys love to point out each family member and my five year old asks lots of questions These books have become a wonderful way to introduce history and the simple life to my little ones These books have great family values.

  11. At first I was appalled at the idea of dumbing down the cherished Little House Series for toddlers, but when my husband brought this home from the library I was charmed The series is faithful to the original books, breaking out each chapter of the original book into a separate book with plenty of pictures and simple sentences that my 2 1 2 year olds enjoy And I didn t have to wait to share my favorite childhood books with them

  12. Another short and sweet segment of the classic Little House books I haven t read the original story to our girls yet, so I figured I would set the scene with these My First Little House picture books first They are nicely illustrated and tell a simple chapter of the story, and they are engaging enough to keep a child s attention.

  13. I had no idea that there were picture book Little House on the Prairie books I was so excited to come across one at the library and even excited to read it to my children And the best part my kids really enjoy them It s fun to introduce them to characters and stories that are near and dear to my heart I love that the stories and illustrations are simple And it makes me very excited to read the chapter books to my kids when they are a little older

  14. A great story for learning about the colonial time period with young learners The story puts children into their time with factual information but a fun family story Moving through weekly chores and the daily life of Laura Ingalls Wilder will definitely keep young readers engaged and teach them a great lesson about the changes our world has gone through The Wilder picture books are appropriate for young readers who are not ready for the young adult novels by Wilder.

  15. Laura Ingalls Wilder s tales continue It s all about being for beginners Again, I m excited that people that are little can be excited about the series When winter comes to the Big Woods of Wisconsin, Laura s family has to prepare for the harsh winter And her family is ready to use cooperati on to work against the trouble.Pa goes and kills animals, and Laura, Mary, and Ma stay home and pick the veggies.This book is really good I recommend it for anyone

  16. A pioneer s depiction of what preparing for winter would have been like, hunting, harvesting and storing all the food supplies necessary Beautiful descriptions of the daily rhythms taking place in the household and how a household thrives based on this rhythm An appreciation for the seasons, nature and the seemingly mundane tasks are shown through the light of joyfulness A refreshing picture of life in a contrasting culture of fast paced, tech filled days.

  17. Gabe and I read this together for School It was wonderful I particularly loved the story from Pa s boyhood when he and his brothers broke the sabbath to go sledding Gabe and I had a good laugh over that one Now I always bring up the sabbath day habits of the Wilder s and Ingall s when Gabe complains to me about our not nearly so strict sabbath day rules.

  18. Winter Days In The Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder is about Laura and her family in Wisconsin It goes through their daily life and the hardships they had to endure and the fun they had as well This is a good book to read for a history section on the 1800 s I love reading Laura Ingalls because of the detail of her life and how her family was super cool with crossing the plains.

  19. I m just going to throw this out there and say I love these books As someone who grew up reading the Little House books, these adaptations for younger readers are absolutely wonderful They serve as an introduction to the series, and are just absolutely beautiful little books I know I m going to put these on my future children s bookshelves.

  20. These first books are absolutely wonderful The illustrations are very nice and so eye catching for non readers I LOVED them, am so glad I found them now I won t have to wait until my 2 year old granddaughter is older to share with her the wonderfully sweet stories of Laura and History back in pioneer days LOVED THIS BOOK

  21. My daughter is 2 and every night before bed she asks for Dora Laura and her puppy Jack We have read this every night for almost a month and she will not go to bed without it I grew up reading Little House on the Prairie so it is wonderful to see that my daughter has taken an interest in some of my favorite childhood stories.

  22. Does a great job not adding or subtracting or changing the story or the feel of the original Little House book The words are taken straight from what Laura wrote The pictures are drawn in the style of Garth Williams art, with his permission Overall, this book reaches its stated goal of slimming down not dumbing down the original book for a younger age to enjoy.

  23. I grew up watching Little House On The Prairie so I was delighted to introduce this story to my son It is simply written and is easy for a young child to understand It paints a wonderful picture of what life must have been like back then.

  24. We love this series for our little boys, and I can t wait to read it to our little girl when she arrives There are some awkward lines here and there, but I think that just comes with the period the book is set in, which I love We hope to add all of these to our children s library at some point

  25. Notes All the books in this series are beautiful.Great intro to pioneer life, but may not connect to preschoolers with no frame of reference.Son read them after he first learned to read.Excerpted from Wilder s actual books.

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