No Quarter

[PDF] No Quarter | by ✓ Christine d'Abo - No Quarter, No Quarter When bounty hunter Gar is given a simple locate and retrieve mission he s convinced it s a waste of his skills His success rate is legendary and this assignment is almost too easy There isn t a prol
  • Title: No Quarter
  • Author: Christine d'Abo
  • ISBN: 9781419924606
  • Page: 215
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] No Quarter | by ✓ Christine d'Abo, No Quarter, Christine d'Abo, No Quarter When bounty hunter Gar is given a simple locate and retrieve mission he s convinced it s a waste of his skills His success rate is legendary and this assignment is almost too easy There isn t a prolific space pirate in the galaxy than Captain Faolan When he walks into a bar with a proposition heavy in mind he s not expecting anything to go wrong Forced from his sWhen bounty hunter Ga [PDF] No Quarter | by ✓ Christine d'Abo - No Quarter, No Quarter When bounty hunter Gar is given a simple locate and retrieve mission he s convinced it s a waste of his skills His success rate is legendary and this assignment is almost too easy There isn t a prol
  • [PDF] No Quarter | by ✓ Christine d'Abo
    215 Christine d'Abo
No Quarter

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  1. A romance novelist and short story writer, Christine has over forty publications to her name She loves to exercise and stops writing just long enough to keep her body in motion too When she s not pretending to be a ninja in her basement, she s most likely spending time with her family and two dogs.My thoughts on any of my reviews are only my opinion as a reader I don t post anything here that I d give less than three stars to.

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  1. I m not rating this for ethical reasons which I ll get to, but that doesn t mean there weren t a lot of things to like And for what it s worth I ve already signed on to read the next book in the series if that tells you anything.In No Quarter we have a scoundrel of a space pirate named Faolan and the posh, kinda fussy and renowned bounty hunter that s come to collect him, Gar IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEE Space battles Space intrigues Two dudes hot for each other In space [...]

  2. 4.8 Out of this World Stars In the end we re all alone anyway.WOWriously, fan fucking tastic I never thought when I stumbled across this book that I would be getting such an amazing read One that captured me from start to finish When I read the words space and galaxy, I thoughth, not my thing But surprisingly, it didn t bother me in this book, as the focus was on the characters than anything Gar Stitt, a bounty hunter, is a loner with a heart of ice His focus in life is getting the job doned ke [...]

  3. I read this story and had to think about it for a while I m mixed about it because I really enjoy space opera I also love Ms d Abo s writing Now that I m totally into m m erotica, I thought I d really enjoy this story There are parts to it I like The overt sexual banter between Gar and Faolan is hawt and locker room dirty talk The physical sex between the two is pretty hawt for the most part I like it rough and I like it hard There is one scene in here between Gar and Faolan that is a bit off I [...]

  4. I really wanted to like this one.Nope, no, no way No Quarter by Christine d Abo did not work for this reader I kept getting bored and I got annoyed because the premise was tailor made for fun Fallon was the character Lucifer from TV fun, witty, a bad boy and Gar was a weak, willow of a man Wait Before you get mad at me that really was what I thought of the entire read, yes every page.

  5. I torn between 3.5 and 4 It was entertaining enough The sex was practically molten it was so hot I mean like really smexy and there is a lot of it I really liked both Gar and Faolan much in the beginning than in the end though The plot was engaging and the writing fine But I also had a few issues with the story To begin with there was the fairly drastic change in attitude that both men took in order to fall into each others arms the first few times One minute their at each others throats, amped [...]

  6. For the most part I enjoyed the story The world building wasn t the strongest I ve ever seen, this story was character based than world based I enjoyed the banter between both MCs.There were two things that IMO took this story from what was great to just good In one scene, Gar gets angry with Faolan beats him until he s unconscious Then of course, he s instantly remorseful When Faolan regains consciousness, he tells Gar of course it s okay he understands Gar is under a lot of stress he was prov [...]

  7. Reviewed for Where the Night Kind RoamI haven t read a M M book and a while and picked this one up as a rec from Sarah from feelingfictional We both enjoy Christine D Abo as a general rule and this one did not disappoint I enjoyed it much than I was expecting Faolan was quite funny and loved messing up Gar s perfectly ordered routine Gar likes structure and Faolan is getting into his life and messing everything up It s taking Gar well out of his comfort zone but he can t seem to stay away from [...]

  8. The writer did a good job with the writing in the story The world created wasn t full but what was given was very well detailed I think though that the author made it a bit shallow There was very little background ever given about the world You are actually left knowing very little about what seems to be a major conflict within this world Also this is an action type adventure but I really didn t feel the excitement of that type of read It seemed like the sex scenes lasted the longest of anything [...]

  9. ARC provided by the publisher through Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words in exchange for an impartial review Bounty hunter Gar Stitt is assigned the job of capturing the legendary space pirate Faolan Wolf But the captor becomes the captive, figuratively, when the two find the heat between them combustible Though unsuitable, their attraction grows and Gar begins to feel things he s never even allowed himself to consider before And when Gar is betrayed by the man who rescued him when his family wa [...]

  10. Originally Posted on Kiki s Kinky Picks No Quarter by Christine D Abo was a fabulous space adventure The first in D Abo s Bounty series, I can t wait to read the next two books.This book drew me in from beginning to end I was completely engrossed and could not put it down I honestly only meant to check it out when I picked it up at eleven o clock at night fast forward five hours and I was almost done but couldn t keep my eyes open There was so much banter I love snappy dialogue and this book had [...]

  11. I kept feeling like I d read this but I never have I did realize I have read a later entry in the series so that s probably why the characters felt familiar I enjoyed the story of Gar and Faolon Wolf love the idea of space pirates, bounty hunters, and cool gadgets and gizmo s in this SciFi novel However there is too much sex I would have traded a scene or two for exposition about the world Not that I didn t enjoy the sex it was hot but it comes at the expense of really understanding how the wor [...]

  12. This book was a surprise for me I never read anything from this author before because I was convinced she only wrote het romance This is a solid sci fi book with two interesting not to mention hot men I wish we got to see of the villain as well as explanations about the world Loyalists and Guild made me curious, I like sci fi politics , but in the end I was very happy with the book I see that the second book in the series is m f m, so it s not for me at this time, but there is another m m sequ [...]

  13. Love how quickly you fall into this universe and fall in love with Gar and Faolan It reads like a star trek star wars story with hotter characters who just happen to fuck and fall in love with each other How can you go wrong

  14. I really enjoyed this book Two hot men, lots of hot sex, and a space saga Not too long, but the characters drew me in A hot, outgoing, extroverted flashy space pirate and a younger, hot, grim loner bounty hunter Fun

  15. Less thrilling than I had hoped Thus the 2 stars view spoiler I had envisioned Faolan and Gar to be mysterious, aloof, reserved and hard to crack Instead, it took a mere handful of days if that for them to fall in love and start reciting poems I m kidding about the poems But for all the rough exterior the descriptions meant to project, they were pretty open with their feelings minus the actual declaration, which was the closing paragraph of the book Judging by the amount of sex this book stuffe [...]

  16. Being the best bounty hunter the Guild has often sends Gar on difficult assignments The Guild sending him out on a retrieval bounty is a simple in and out job Once complete he can go find a hole on a backwater planet and enjoy some much needed peace, quiet, and relaxation What he gets is anything but.Life as a space pirate is the only thing Captain Faolan Wolf knows He s got an amazing ship, a phenomenal crew he d do anything for, and an item he needs to get rid of for the highest price possible [...]

  17. A Joyfully Jay review 3.75 starsNo Quarter was a delightful mixture of meaningful romance blended with good ole fashioned space smut And the author did a good job balancing both, which prevented No Quarter from becoming a bit of silly erotica The story moves quickly for the most part and, while the plot is somewhat contrived, it didn t completely abandon originality The writing is generally crisp and while I would have enjoyed a bit world building, the author gave us enough creation for plausib [...]

  18. Being the best at what he does, Gar Stitt, bounty hunter extraordinaire, gets the hard jobs no one takes A loner since his parents deaths in his youth, he relies on nobody but himself When his next job is a simple locate and nab a space pirate a job clearly below his pay grade, he s unprepared for the man they call Captain Faolan Wolf Faolan wants to unload some extra special cargo by dealing with Gar s boss When the bounty hunter walks into his private party with the intention of collecting Fao [...]

  19. This book had a story with lots of twisty turn y coincidences but lots of fun sexy moments.Space Sci Fi M M romance with a Icy all business bounty hunter and a mature kind but lonely pirate So the young bounty hunter Gar Stitt is sent off the clean up code for kill and dump the body a famously sly and smart space pirate, Captain Faolan Wolf, Gar thinks it is too easy, but that is a big mistake because there is some life changing moments coming up once he meets Faolan Wolf in person There was cle [...]

  20. I enjoyed this book immensely and am surprised it doesnt have a higher overall rating The book started off on a high note and kept up the pace I was drawn in right away with the characters The cocksure captain and the reserved younger bounty hunter, i loved the dynamics of thier relationship and the ensuing sexy encounters The adventure and science fiction aspects were well done, great pacing and an unexpected surprise mid book.There were a few editing mistakes as fall as spelling or punctuation [...]

  21. Another Sexy Sci Fi, this one is M M The flow of this read was awesome I didn t miss a beat Nothing like hunky bounty hunters and space pirates to keep a good book going Ooops, did I just droolmmmmmie I love the conflicts and the emotions of both men The characters were wonderfully drawn and played out.

  22. This is my first time reading this author and I have to say that I really enjoyed it It has a bounty hunter and a space pirate What s not to like In this book we re introduced to Gar Stitt a man with a past that he can t escape so much so that he has shut off from his emotions and does his job as a bounty hunter with a lack of empathy and no care for who he has to capture That is until he is sent to capture the infamous space pirate Captain Faolan Wolf who is hiding secrets of his own you ll hav [...]

  23. I don t usually read books like these George RR Martin and Bernard Cornwell are up my alley But a friend of mine pimped No Quarter on her Facebook and, as a loyal friend, I grabbed it.Because I started reading without knowing what the book was about, I was a little surprised that it was M M romance , but not something I find distasteful The characters really came to life for me and, midway through the book, I was rooting for them The plot twists were very interesting and I felt very satisfied w [...]

  24. Boring soap operaI bought this book because the description said it s about a bounty hunter chasing a pirate I thought the fact both men are gay would just be another ingredient or twist I expected swash buckling, space battles, treasure hunting and other action adventure Arguably the story does have some of these elements but, like showing up at a backyard BBQ party and finding only a crockpot of chili and wieners, the story leaves a lot to be desired This story is nothing than a Harlequin rom [...]

  25. 2.5Lots of repetitive sex, lacking world building who are the Loyalists for ex , one big coincidence a pet peeve of mine view spoiler Mace is Gar s sister hide spoiler There is a good strong female character, Mace, and that s why I asked myself how was it possible for Faolan to ask Gar Did you suddenly turn into a girl on me Another reason I m not rounding the rating up everybody would be up in arm about an episode of abuse view spoiler when Gar beats up Faolan until he is unconscious hide spoil [...]

  26. I liked this one Both Gar and Faolan were great characters and their back and forth was fun to follow My only minor complaint is I would have like either remove one or two sex scenes or extend the book in order to explore the world building a little bit I wasn t exactly sure if the MCs were 100% human the way they kept going on about being able to smell each other They were both acting like bloodhounds so I wondered.

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