Things You Should Know: A Collection of Stories

[PDF] Things You Should Know: A Collection of Stories | by ✓ A.M. Homes - Things You Should Know: A Collection of Stories, Things You Should Know A Collection of Stories In this stunningly original collection A M Homes writes with terrifying compassion about the things that matter most Homes s distinctive narrative illuminates our dreams and desires our memories and
  • Title: Things You Should Know: A Collection of Stories
  • Author: A.M. Homes
  • ISBN: 9780060520137
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Things You Should Know: A Collection of Stories | by ✓ A.M. Homes, Things You Should Know: A Collection of Stories, A.M. Homes, Things You Should Know A Collection of Stories In this stunningly original collection A M Homes writes with terrifying compassion about the things that matter most Homes s distinctive narrative illuminates our dreams and desires our memories and losses and demonstrates how extraordinary the ordinary can be With Uncanny emotional accuracy wit and empathy Homes takes us places we recognize bu [PDF] Things You Should Know: A Collection of Stories | by ✓ A.M. Homes - Things You Should Know: A Collection of Stories, Things You Should Know A Collection of Stories In this stunningly original collection A M Homes writes with terrifying compassion about the things that matter most Homes s distinctive narrative illuminates our dreams and desires our memories and
  • [PDF] Things You Should Know: A Collection of Stories | by ✓ A.M. Homes
    238 A.M. Homes
Things You Should Know: A Collection of Stories

About Author

  1. A.M Homes first name Amy is the author of the novels, This Book Will Save Your Life, Music For Torching, The End of Alice, In a Country of Mothers, and Jack, as well as the short story collections, Things You Should Know and The Safety of Objects, the travel memoir, Los Angeles People, Places and The Castle on the Hill, and the artist s book Appendix A An Elaboration on the Novel the End of Alice.In April of 2007 Viking published her long awaited memoir, The Mistress s Daughter, the story of the author being found by her biological family, and a literary exploration and investigation of identity, adoption and genealogical ties that bind.Her work has been translated into eighteen languages and appears frequently in Art Forum, Harpers, Granta, McSweeney s, The New Yorker, The New York Times, and Zoetrope She is a Contributing Editor to Vanity Fair, Bomb and Blind Spot She has been the recipient of numerous awards including Fellowships from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, NYFA, and The Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers at The New York Public Library, along with the Benjamin Franklin Award, and the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis.In addition she has been active on the Boards of Directors of Yaddo, The Fine Arts Work Center In Provincetown, The Writers Room, and PEN where she chairs both the membership committee and the Writers Fund Additionally she serves on the Presidents Council for Poets and Writers.A.M Homes was a writer producer of the hit television show The L Word in 2004 2005 and wrote the adaptation of her first novel JACK, for Showtime The film aired in 2004 and won an Emmy Award for Stockard Channing Director Rose Troche s film adaptation of The Safety of Objects was released in 2003, and Troche is currently developing In A Country of Mothers as well Music For Torching is in development with director Steven Shainberg with a script by Buck Henry, and This Book Will Save Your Life is in Development with Stone Village Pictures.Born in Washington D.C she now lives in New York City.

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  1. A.M Homes is so dark that I sometimes can t bear it But this collection blew me away, especially the long story that fictionalizes Ronald and Nancy Reagan It is fantastical yet realistic, hilarious and oddly moving Actually I think that s what I like about A.M Homes She leaves me with a pleasant emotional confusion.

  2. A M Homes excels in writing about the margins of society the lost, the alone, the confused, the suicidal, the yearning, the indifferent She does so in such a way that one cannot look away, as if from a car crash The first person narratives, the closeness to the characters, fosters a feeling of extraordinary intimacy, and yet she is a cool writer, one who delves deep into her characters while maintaining a detached distance.This collection of stories is no different In The Chinese Lesson a man se [...]

  3. Another stunningly twisted collection of short stories by A.M Homes The only reason for rating it four instead of five stars is because Safety of Objects is still my favorite But this collection doesn t fail to disappoint In typical Homes style, she mixes the typical suburban family life with dark, frightful twists and turns that one can only imagine in their nightmaresor their hidden reality Another added bonus a few of these stories take place in my hometown of the Hamptons, and Homes nails th [...]

  4. There are only a few writers who do broken people quite as well as Homes although both Barbara Gowdy and Jayne Anne Phillips come close Many of Homes s characters are slightly off kilter, alienated, uncertain of their place in the world either by virtue of age or by changed circumstance, in many cases they feel stuck, trapped or lost but unable to work out what to do This is what provides the thematic core of this excellent collection of stories, many of which teeter on the brink of the grotesqu [...]

  5. I am in love with A.M Homes I ended up savoring these stories as long as I could, but like any good addiction I devoured them This is the kind of writing I m envious of people to have the first experience of.

  6. Perhaps the last inclusion in this anthology I would rate above all the others The subject would ve been boring had it not been from the point of view of a powerful person of note Be prepared to find sympathy for someone you may not have agreed with I love anthologies with related stories mixed in with single pieces I can see why readers consider Homes a one note character writer, but she s always laced this tone with than adequate tension Her unapologetic style is something I admire.

  7. This collection was pretty okay Although I d have to say that the story recommended to me that brought me to this book was nowhere near as interesting as ones I liked the most Maybe about 70% of the book I really liked and the rest was just okay, with one being confusing While I did like the way some left the reader hanging in thought, it didn t quite work for a few, like the last one, The Former First Lady and the Football Hero with what liberties it took Overall I liked the first half of the b [...]

  8. Interesting mix of stories of, well, life Some were so incredibly normal you forgot you were reading a collection of short stories A couple bordered on the bizarre, but elements of regular day to day living shone through For me, the most poignant was the last story, mostly due to my mother suffering from vascular dementia the last six or so years of her life While it was a fictional representation of the Reagans life, it was a realistic depiction of the situation.

  9. A well written collection of stories from a modern American author of novels and short stories Memorable, deeply touching and provocative this collection is an emotional journey, reflective, hypnotic and unpredictable.

  10. Reconozco que probablemente leer los cuentos de A.M Homes despu s de haber le do los de Amy Hempel es un poco injusto, porque las comparaciones pueden ser odiosas y crueles A n as , cuando en una colecci n de cuentos no hay ninguno que me produzca aut ntica envidia ni ninguno que hubiera deseado poder escribir yo, es que algo va mal Confieso que ya antes hab a intentado leer Cosas que debes saber pero hab a fracasado, aunque ahora veo que en parte mi problema era que empec por el cuento m s desa [...]

  11. I have to confess that short stories don t always agree with me Too often they seem to be an exercise in experimentation, which doesn t appeal However, once in a blue moon I find something really good, so I keep plugging away.According to a literary agent I used to share a building with, the British are philistines, which is why our publishers rarely touch short story collections There isn t any money in them because us Britons don t appreciate them But then again the man spent most of his time [...]

  12. Los relatos de A.M Homes son especiales, no se parecen en nada a cualquier otra cosa, siquiera a ellos mismos cada uno es diferente Pero no va tanto por ver qu tan impresionante es el argumento del pr ximo cuento aunque tambi n lo tiene sino lo suyo es el desarrollo, lo que hace es Escritura Creativa de Tratamiento Parece que cada frase fue construida de forma sensata, pensando en cu l era la palabra exacta para producir la sensaci n deseada y o comunicar alguna situaci n Esto, con unos personaj [...]

  13. Everything I ve read of AM Homes s writing has been at least to me all about finding the humanity in those we see as broken This collection isn t any different There is a part of her that seems to delight in grossing her reader out, to which anyone who read The End of Alice can attest She only ventures into that kind of super explicit writing twice, and only one of those times did I think it could be considered gratuitous It s difficult to summarize an entire collection of short stories, not lea [...]

  14. An interesting collection of short stories from AM Homes, though I enjoyed her earlier collection, The Safety of Objects, a little bit Georgica is a beautifully strange tale of a woman who continually tries to inseminate herself in a most unconventional way While what occurs in the story is truly bizarre, Homes writes this story in a way that transports the reader to a different dimension My favorite story was The Former First Lady and the Football Hero This story is Homes imagining of what lif [...]

  15. Things You Should Know is a short story collection by A M Homes, who is frequently described as a daring, young American writer The stories contained here are frequently melancholic, sometimes heart wrenching and always absorbing.What immediately struck me, as I began to read Things You Should Know, was Homes unique voice It wasn t a particularly unusual voice, however its easy manner reassured me of a writer with real talent Many stories have been written where the tone feels as difficult as th [...]

  16. At some points this excellent collection teeters unevenly, but when Homes is good she s amazing, and the best of these stories makes the price of admission worth it If you ve not read her work, Homes is known for her terse and funny prose and her satirical bent her most famous story, A Real Doll, from the collection The Safety of Objects, is about a teenaged boy who date rapes a Barbie doll Her adults invariably behave and speak like children, and in this flattened out and almost cartoonish mora [...]

  17. 2.5 starsMy first encounter with Ms Homes writing was a decidedly ambivalent affair I like her writing style, which tends toward the dark end of life observation There s just something about this collection of short stories that just left me, I dunno, insensate I got the impression that Ms Homes effort much like Jenny Offill s chilly Dept Of Observation was an exercise in catharsis after suffering through a bad relationship The eleven stories seemingly most of them about marital dissatisfaction [...]

  18. Short stories are notoriously hit or miss and, I think, notoriously dependent on the reader Novels, too, but the format of a short story is necessarily a sketch we fill in the gaps ourselves So, grains of salt and all that, but this collection was mostly miss, for me or at least, it wasn t a hit.I love A.M Homes I think she s a master of style and social commentary particularly of the suburban sort However, some authors do best with certain forms and man, Homes novels are far successful than he [...]

  19. I picked this book up off my bookshelf by mistake I thought it was if nobody speaks of remarkable things by jon mcgregor and my friend who had left it in my house by accident said it was okay I therefore had very low expectations However, I really enjoyed it This collection of eleven short stories is extremely varied in length, subject matter, style and genre I didn t read them in order, but that s one of the joys of a collection of short stories The story THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW, about a so call [...]

  20. I read another collection of her short stories call The Safety of Objects I read this book based on my experience with that one and based on a blurb at Salon For me this book is a mixed bag All her stories kind have that feel you get when you see something horrible like some gross injury on one of those emergency room programs and you want to look away but you just can t Even though it s making the blood rush from your head and causing your heart to palpitate you keep looking She s a good writer [...]

  21. There are only a few good stories in here, which serve as bookends for this largely uneven collection The best of the lot are Remedy , The Former First Lady and the Football Hero which appeared in Zoetrope , and my favorite, Rockets Around the Moon Rockets is an insightful look into the world of children who are effectively abandoned by selfish parents In this tale, the protagonist is swept up into a neighboring families tragedy even as he desperately allows them a place as his surrogate family [...]

  22. Me enamor profundamente de A M Homes cuando le su relato Una Barbie de carne y hueso Dec a de l Foster Wallace que era de sus relatos preferidos Todos los a os se lo le a a sus alumnos No le faltaba raz n Todo lo que has de saber es un libro de relatos impregnado de forma innegable por el sello Homes Esto quiere decir que es irrelevante lo que cuenta, ni siquiera es importante c mo lo cuenta El antiguo y tedioso debate de la forma y el contenido quedan superados en la literatura de Homes El mayo [...]

  23. H um pouco mais de 1 ano dei a sorte de estar em Nova York na poca do Brooklyn Book Festival, e fui ver uma mesa com a Nicole Krauss Eu n o lembro mais de nada do que foi dito e ainda n o li o livro da Krauss , mas durante esse tempo todo ficou na minha cabe a o peda o de um conto que outra escritora leu no come o, uma cena em que o marido estava catando penas que tinham come ado a nascer nas costas da mulher Fiz uma anota o mental de preciso ler esse livro algum dia , pensei em compr lo algumas [...]

  24. Sharp collection of short stories focusing on people in unbearable situations or relationships The one that stuck with me is Do Not Disturb about a doctor dying of cancer and her husband who was obsessed with death before her diagnosis Neither fits the usual profile of noble patient or loving spouse The sick wife is furious because she can t control her own illness as she can those of her patients and the husband can t connect with her They take an impulsive trip to Paris and the story ends with [...]

  25. uncertain and raw short stories noir a beginning with no end and an end with no need to qualify homes in her own category in one minute she could easily disappoint you and the next minute you could find yourself admiring her contradicted writing.her short stories take you from one extreme to another so uncontrived and pure unveiled that makes you stop, think and try to react about what you just must have an open mind while reading this book, not so much about the way the t [...]

  26. I was not terribly impressed with these stories Although most were raw with emotion and brutally honest which I can appreciate the same theme permeated the entire volume save for one story, which happened to be the best in my opinion There are only so many times an author can explore suburban dissatisfaction, malcontentment, and general detachment from life before it becomes tedious drivel Save for the title story, Things You Should Know which is a 2 1 2 page brilliant little piece, all the stor [...]

  27. fantastic, best collection of stories I ve read for ages I love short stories and there are some beauties here Georgica in particular I can t describe without giving away a bizarre but fabulous and possibly believable way to solve the longing for a child and the not longing for a partner and Remedy, that gets to the frustration of watching parents become suspicious of advice from children, or others they have known all their lives, yet place trust in complete strangers, refusing to see that ther [...]

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