Red Demon

Red Demon Best Download || [Deidre Knight] - Red Demon, Red Demon In which immortal Spartans fight for humankind while battling their own desires After assuming the power of life and death for the immortal Spartan brotherhood Aristos Petrakos is brought a message f
  • Title: Red Demon
  • Author: Deidre Knight
  • ISBN: 9780451230454
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback

Red Demon Best Download || [Deidre Knight], Red Demon, Deidre Knight, Red Demon In which immortal Spartans fight for humankind while battling their own desires After assuming the power of life and death for the immortal Spartan brotherhood Aristos Petrakos is brought a message from the other side a romantic message he doesn t want to hear Juliana Tiades the long dead love of Ari s immortal life is desperate to reveal the truth about her deaIn which immortal Spart Red Demon Best Download || [Deidre Knight] - Red Demon, Red Demon In which immortal Spartans fight for humankind while battling their own desires After assuming the power of life and death for the immortal Spartan brotherhood Aristos Petrakos is brought a message f
  • Red Demon Best Download || [Deidre Knight]
    238 Deidre Knight
Red Demon

About Author

  1. Deidre Knight is a literary agent, mom, wife, novelist and southern woman, and proud to answer to all of these titles Before she founded The Knight Agency in 1996, Deidre worked behind the camera in movies and television During the thirteen years since she launched her literary agency, she has grown The Knight Agency to national prominence, shepherding authors on to every major bestseller list With agency sales of than 1,000 titles to major publishers, a large percentage of which are in the categories of romance and women s fiction, Deidre has established a reputation for discovering vivid and unique storytellers and is considered an industry expert on the hot trend of paranormal fiction Writing in that genre, she creates fresh characters and strong, emotional storylines As an author Deidre has been described not only as outstanding and emotionally evocative, but also as having tremendous verve and a great knack for character and smart scenes Deidre s innovative novels have been nominated for a plethora of accolades including the PEARL, the PRISM, the NOR, the JABIC and the STRCA.

One thought on “Red Demon

  1. Purchased this book via Kindle for Blackberry yesterday I d forgotten about the Spartans and the Deadly Nightshades Really good so far 06 02 2010 Finished Red Demon and I really liked it I love series that do a good job of focucing on a central plot but also answers questions that have lingered since that last installment Knight has a wonderful way of bringing closure to characters issues as well as presenting readers with something else to look forward to The feud with Ares continues and there [...]

  2. Immortal spartan gets a chance at the love he lost a hundred years ago when the ghost of his beloved makes a deal and gains corporeal form The story between Ari and Julia was fine but I found the other pairs compelling King Leonidas and the blue haired oracle and also Mason and Niko yes m m but no m m sex There was just a great deal pathos to these other pairs One thing that bothered me a bit, was that there was alot of interrupted clinches between all the pairs in the books this is fine as a [...]

  3. This series I simply love this series Deidre Knight has such a way with words, character development, putting emotions in print, hooking readers into the lives of her literary creations.

  4. Since reading the first 2 books in the Midnight Gods series last summer I knew that this series was an absolute keeper The wait felt like an eternity and when the time was finally there I realized with a shock that I couldn t afford the book HORROR Luckily the wonderful pattepoilue took pity with me and my months long book abstinence and surprised me with this one Thanks so much hon You are made of awesome.So I couldn t wait to start this book and from the first few pages I knew that I would lov [...]

  5. Over a hundred years ago the hero fell in love with a soft spoken, southern bell whom he gave his heart to unconditionally But she didn t know what he truly was, she didn t see the wings that in his mind made him repelling When she invited him to her home one night so they could consummate their love, she s horrified at the image of his transformed body and he flees in disgrace and shame Then he is devastated when he finds out she killed herself Now, in present time the hero newly gifted with hi [...]

  6. Deidre Knights new book Red Demon from the Gods of Midnight series continues to take us into the world of immortal Spartan warriors fighting for humans while struggling with their own desires You know the story about the Spartans don t you Well if not let me refresh your memory Around the time 490 BC, the Greeks desperate to stop the invading Persian enlist King Leonidas of Sparta to stand against these invaders The battle at Thermopylae ended with every last Spartan fighting until they were kil [...]

  7. While searching for a demon in 1893 Savannah Aristos a demon fighting Spartan Immortal met and fell in love with Juliana Aristos believes Juliana committed suicide by jumping into the Savannah River because she found him repulsive when she saw him in his altered form In their altered eagle form all the Spartan Immortals grow in size and have wings Juliana did not commit suicide but was cursed As a ghost she continued to love Aristos and wait for his return For over a hundred years Aristos has ke [...]

  8. 3.5 stars This book took me forever to read I kept putting it down and reading other books I just had a hard time getting into it I don t know why because I loved the previous book in this series, Red Kiss The second half of the book was better and I finally was able to dig into it, but to be honest I was just not that interested in Aristos and Juliana The side stories of Mason Nikos and Sable Sophie were actually much interesting to me and I found myself reading just to get on those stories I [...]

  9. I didn t like this one as much as the previous two in the serieso religious The battle between good and evil is very pronounced and overly religious I did like Aristos who was so in love that it was almost unmanly but he did lose Juliana for a century so I can certainly understand his reaction Interestingly enough, Juliana was from the victorian age and even in current times, kept her victorian mannerisms except when they were getting it onen she was pure slut Not a bad book but not something I [...]

  10. Decent book to read, but if I had limited time, I would pass it up for others I think mostly because the author hits one of my major irritations in romance books She keeps stressing and stressing about how the female protagonists are virgins and just so innocent It just bothers me Otherwise, fun book, but not a great book.

  11. Ok this is my fave of the series so far I know I know, there s only 3 books but still I think there s something about these romance series and their 3rd books in most cases the 3rd book is my fave, lol I think it could ve used a few plots against them, to test their love and all that I like trouble I m looking forward to the next one for sure Keep it up Deidre

  12. The main female, Juliana, was very annoying The fact she was from the Victorian age thrown into the present completely threw me The only reason I kept reading were the other bystories I wanted of Nik and Mason, and Sable and Sophie.

  13. I didn t think it was as good as the others in the series I liked the secondary stories a little then the main story I cannot wait for the next one though

  14. Another good book in the series, but apparently a bit forgettable I just read this book again and I did not remember a single thing from the story.

  15. like that it feels like a get to know about everyone in one book but then the power levels never increase and those I think are strong turns

  16. Love this series, can t wait for the next book So much happens in each story and they all lead you to the next one with baited breath

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