Brains: A Zombie Memoir

[PDF] Read ↠ Brains: A Zombie Memoir : by Robin Becker - Brains: A Zombie Memoir, Brains A Zombie Memoir College professor cum zombie Jack Barnes is a different breed of undead he can think In fact he can even write And the story he has to tell is a truly disturbing yet strangely heartwarming one Convin
  • Title: Brains: A Zombie Memoir
  • Author: Robin Becker
  • ISBN: 9780061974052
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ↠ Brains: A Zombie Memoir : by Robin Becker, Brains: A Zombie Memoir, Robin Becker, Brains A Zombie Memoir College professor cum zombie Jack Barnes is a different breed of undead he can think In fact he can even write And the story he has to tell is a truly disturbing yet strangely heartwarming one Convinced he ll bring about a peaceful coexistence between zombies and humans if he can demonstrate his unique condition to Howard Stein the man responsible for the zombie virus Col [PDF] Read ↠ Brains: A Zombie Memoir : by Robin Becker - Brains: A Zombie Memoir, Brains A Zombie Memoir College professor cum zombie Jack Barnes is a different breed of undead he can think In fact he can even write And the story he has to tell is a truly disturbing yet strangely heartwarming one Convin
  • [PDF] Read ↠ Brains: A Zombie Memoir : by Robin Becker
    399 Robin Becker
Brains: A Zombie Memoir

About Author

  1. Robin Becker born 1951 is an American poet, critic, feminist, and professor Becker earned a BA and MA at Boston University She taught for many years at the MIT before returning to Pennsylvania in 1994, where she is Liberal Arts Research Professor of English and Women s Studies at Penn State.Becker is the author of seven collections of poetry, most recently, Tiger Heron and Domain of Perfect Affection Her All American Girl won the 1996 Lambda Literary Award in Poetry In 2000 she was honored with Penn State s George W Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching, and she served as Penn State Laureate in 2010 11 Other honours include fellowships from The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies of the City University of New York, The William Steeple Davis Foundation, the Mary Bunting Institute of Radcliffe College, and the Massachusetts Artists Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts.Becker s interest in narrative springs from her family background, including a childhood spent listening to her grandmother s stories, learning from her the nuances of storytelling and her family s history in Ukraine Becker was also greatly influenced by the women writers whose poetry was available in the 1970s, including Adrienne Rich, Audre Lorde, Maxine Kumin, Denise Levertov, and Susan Griffin Poet Stephen Dunn regards Becker as achieving what may be one of the early twenty first century s most difficult accomplishments to write a credible poetry of affirmation In the doing, she doesn t pretty up the world Rather, she finds language that embraces our dualities, our many selved presences, regularly demonstrating her kind of perfect affection.

One thought on “Brains: A Zombie Memoir

  1. Meh I thought that this would be fun and somewhat funny, but really it was just a bunch of asshole shit done by an asshole with a god complex who thinks that because he s now undead, he s something even special than he was when he was alive I made a bunch of notes on my kindle as I read this, but as I skimmed the last quarter, now I m just glad that it s over and I m not going back in to look at my notes I don t really care enough The writing was OK, but it was choppy at times, and overly descr [...]

  2. I started out kind of liking this book and gradually began to realize I hated it, so much so that I actually gave up on it when I was than half way through I love a snarky arrogant narrator as much as the next guy, I m a sucker for pop culture references, and I m even an English Lit enthusiast But each line was packed so tightly with little remarks and puns and the type of self deprecating humor that seems to be preempting the joke rather than joining in on it that I just started to feel like t [...]

  3. The book seems to be a method of the author massaging their own ego Every page is crammed with references to other far greater literary works In the space of the first few pages we are bombarded with references to Dante s Inferno, King Kong, Promethus, Romero s great works and a simile or metaphor after every verb Quite frankly it makes the story s intentions unclear, whether it is going for Shaun of the Dead humour, an analysis of all things zombie or a hard hitting story, with a character we a [...]

  4. Sometimes having a good idea just isn t enough This might hurt, but it s the truth For whatever reason, sometimes writers have amazing ideas that don t pan out And when those ideas stall mid story, they take the entire book down with them.In Brains A Zombie Memoir, Jack Barnes is an English professor who gets bitten during the zombie apocalypse After transforming, he discovers that he can still think and still feels like himself aside from a craving for brains and human flesh Also, he can still [...]

  5. I went to Borders this weekend and decided that to celebrate it being exam week I would pick up a little book to give a go because honestly, as of late I ve read almost nothing for fun The book I chose was a trendy little tome known as Brains A Zombie Memoir by Robin Becker who is yes, a female though I can t see the writing style as anything but male I ll have to ponder why that is later As of late in the literary world it s been popular to write monster influenced satire It seems like the tren [...]

  6. Brilliantly written, this book tells the story of an English professor that has been turned into a zombie during a world zombie apocalypse However, when he turns into a zombie, Jack Barnes remains somewhat human because of his 2 traits cognition and the ability to read write Other zombies are, well, zombie like, with no cognition and only being able to sense human flesh so that it can devour the victim s brains and other body parts But as Barnes strives to survive as a zombie, he finds that ther [...]

  7. Brains was a refreshing experience for Zombie fiction and it was the best kind of gift from a friend I got a call saying I have something for you, I think you ll love it It would probably make me throw up This friend, knows me very well It was the best kind of gift because it was for no reason other than she saw it, thought of me and got it That alone would ve made me love it, but fortunately, I can also love it because it s well written yes, you CAN say that about a Zombie book don t be a snob [...]

  8. I didn t hate this book which is why it got three stars but it was hard to enjoy The narrator admits that he was an ass in his pre zombie lifetime, but since his mind stuck around, he s STILL an ass as he s narrating this zombie family journey.Throughout the book, he drops pop culture references so frequently that it starts to get annoying Almost every story he tells about his life before death shows him being classist, sexist, and even a little bit racist during his zombie ism, through mention [...]

  9. There are very few books that I do not finish once I start, but this would have been the exception I wanted to stop reading so many times and only the knowledge that I am 10 books behind on my reading challenge kept me going So, much like the hero in the story, I put my arms out and said moooaaahhh and kept going, checking the page number every couple of pages to ensure I was making progress I enjoy books with pop culture reference and sarcasm sprinkled in, but someone had removed the top to the [...]

  10. I dug this book out of a pile of books meant to go to the thrift store I really should have left it there.As an avid reader of zombie novels, and this one started out with so much potential A cheesy, short novel about life as an intelligent zombie interesting The first few chapters of the book are entertaining, fast paced, and lively Then, suddenly, the quality starts to go down hill.Every other sentence is interrupted with a pretentious reference to some cultural quote or movie or person The au [...]

  11. i was all amped up and ready to be in love with this novel because of the subject matter, but there were so many things that kept me from liking itrst and foremost, i think this author fancies herself a little palahniuk, because the narrator s voice is so reminiscent of his characters if you love palahniuk, then you ll find this awesome if you don t then you totally won t after about 4 pages, i was already annoyed with the main character sometimes it was funny, sure but so much of the rest of th [...]

  12. America is the land of promise Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness Man is free to find destiny within the borders of this land and to make a path in the world.But, what happens when you re dead More importantly, what happens when you re dead, mobile after a fashion and insatiably hungry Brains A Zombie Memoir poses just such a question vis it s protagonist, Jack Barnes, a former university professor who finds himself undead after an viral outbreak turns the entire world into a Romero esque n [...]

  13. While refreshing and an original idea, there are two things that I really can t get past.1 There were so many pop culture references just for the sake of doing it that it actually became cringe worthy Very few of them had anything to do with what was going on and rarely enhanced the story It got to the point where if I read a paragraph and it didn t have a culture reference, I felt a wave of relief occasionally going back to make sure I hadn t skipped a line.2 The main character is an asshole No [...]

  14. Wow That was truly an enjoyable read I spoke with a young lady who works at the library and she had recommended a zombie book amongst a display of other books recommended by staff I asked if I could check the book out, since it had a marker on it, and I happen to have asked the person who made the recommendation She is a zombie book fan, which is great news for me She had the latest scoop on other zombie novels to read.Anywho, the narrative is entertaining, the zombie family is endearing, and I [...]

  15. My sewing machine and computer broke at the same time I can easily spend eight or hours a day on either one So I had ten or so days to either clean the house or read Eight books and another inch of dust later.Unfortunately, I ve forgotten most of what I ve read What I remember about this book is the ending It was really good But it took a lot of effort to get there If I hadn t purchased the book I might not have finished it Remember when you were a kid and someone tickled you It was giggle indu [...]

  16. I don t really know what I was expecting when I picked up this book I read the prologue, thought it sounded kind of fun, I was looking for a little diversion from the serious stuff I ve been reading I got the diversion, but I absolutely hated this book I hated the vulgarity, hated the characters, hated the storyline and the dog eating , hate hate hate I didn t expect to have such a strong reaction, but I completely loathed it So much so that it became only the third book the first two being a se [...]

  17. To paraphrase Dr Frank This book s like, Yeah And I m all, No And it s all Come on, sj Let s go And I m like, I don t think so And it s goingThis book s like, Um But I m all, Hey And it s all, Come on, sj Let s play And I m like, That s okay And it s going view spoiler I really didn t like this I never give up, but I found this book incredibly frustrating, to the point that I almost threw my NOOK across the room Sorry, book You re not for me hide spoiler

  18. I really enjoyed this book and found it to be very memorable It isn t what I would normally pick up, not by a long shot, but after hearing Robin Becker read a couple of the sections, I was hooked This book took me a couple of hours one afternoon to read and I am glad I did It was high entertaining While it was intense at times, the wonderful use of her sarcastic humor can t be overlooked Definitely a good read

  19. When I first laid eyes on this book I actually thought it was an ARC due to the layout and design Perhaps not so much the front, which looks fresh and crisp, but the back of the book just had that ARC feel about it as if it would get rearranged at some future point Oh, and the stare of the authors eyes on the back cover had me freaked out That s not to say Robin Becker freaked me out, as I think she s an attractive woman and I wouldn t kick her out of bed for farting, but there was just somethin [...]

  20. If you were a huge fan of zombies like me, this might be the book to convince you to give them up entirely The author perverts the concept of zombies until its nigh unrecognizable First, it s done cleverly with the zombie narrator who can write, thus facilitating the making of the book It s a necessary conceit and one that could ve been interesting Later though, a zombie shows up who can talk in complete sentences complete with idioms and supposedly witty banter, no instances of which are actual [...]

  21. Brains A Zombie Memoir by Robin Becker was brilliant, to say the least It was edgy, refreshing and totally unlike anything I have read lately It was a quick read, at only 192 pages I only wish it would have been longer but the author was clever leaving it as she did I don t know if I will get to visit the courageous and cunning Jack Barnes again though I would be the first one in line to buy a second book if there ever was one.A scientist, Stein, has been trying to mold the perfect person But, j [...]

  22. A friend of mine just reviewed Pride and Prejudice and Zombies This summer I was curious about the zombie genre, and I happened to start with Brains A Zombie Memoir by Robin Becker Well, it s hard to say this fits neatly into the zombie genre it s the zombie apocalypse, and it s memoir, and it s an author s first novel, and a quest, and it s my favorite genre of all, fiction about college professors not that you d know it s my favorite from the reviews I ve posted here Superb concept Jack Barnes [...]

  23. SummaryThe zombie horde have arrived and eaten everything in their path Including Professor Jack Barnes Jack Barnes is an intelligent zombie Sure, he can t talk, but he can think and he can write This is his memoir of what his life as a zombie has been like in the first months.CharactersAs the story is told from Jack s view, you don t really get an awful much in the way of character development Jack, on the other hand, goes from being a narcissistic, self important professor to a narcissistic, s [...]

  24. When Brains begins, the zombie apocalypse is already underway It even reaches the door of Jack Barnes, literally, and so when he s bitten by a zombified neighbor who crashes through the living room window Barnes is distracted while bickering with his wife , the transformation begins An English professor at a small college in rural Missouri, Barnes fares better than his mindless cohorts in that he remains sentient, and so he begins to focus on the two goals in his life find others like him, find [...]

  25. Zombies and that culture of things as taking over mankind that will run over everything in their chosen paths is worth every penny My best guess is reading this novel of survival Jack Barnes aka Captain is sophisticated, a zombie and who takes great pains in his pleasure of eating brains Likewise in all zombie stories Barnes was first an unsuspecting victim in the virus holocaust of the living dead Barnes parallels for us an unexpected tale with plentiful insight of what life is like after death [...]

  26. Well this book is different, I give it that I m not sure there s another zombie novel out there that makes the zombie the protagonist of their story Unfortunately being different wasn t enough for me to enjoy this book There s really no story here, not to mention the main characters were zombies whose sole purpose was to eat as many brains as possible and moan alot How is a reader supposed to connect to characters like this Another issue I had with the book was the endless barrage of references [...]

  27. A different approach to the over saturated zombie genre, but one that ultimately is maybe just better than average The perspective of the book told from the zombie point of view is interesting, but one that follows all the trope conventions associated with the genre Perhaps that was the author s point, to use the tropes from the opposite point of view, but it felt a bit tired even from a different view In the end it was not a bad read, and an easy one at that, but felt a bit unsatisfying If you [...]

  28. Put this in my not my thing shelf because it just wasn t my thing I thought it would be my thing though, there s something strangely charming about the idea of zombifying an intellectual college professor.BUT THIS JUST WASN T MY THING, AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY.

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