The Trade of Queens

[PDF] The Trade of Queens | by ☆ Charles Stross - The Trade of Queens, The Trade of Queens A dissident faction of the Clan the alternate universe group of families that has traded covertly with our world for a century or have carried nuclear devices between the worlds and exploded them i
  • Title: The Trade of Queens
  • Author: Charles Stross
  • ISBN: 9780765316738
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] The Trade of Queens | by ☆ Charles Stross, The Trade of Queens, Charles Stross, The Trade of Queens A dissident faction of the Clan the alternate universe group of families that has traded covertly with our world for a century or have carried nuclear devices between the worlds and exploded them in Washington DC killing the President of the United States Now they will exterminate the rest of the Clan and keep Miriam alive only long enough to bear her child theA dissident [PDF] The Trade of Queens | by ☆ Charles Stross - The Trade of Queens, The Trade of Queens A dissident faction of the Clan the alternate universe group of families that has traded covertly with our world for a century or have carried nuclear devices between the worlds and exploded them i
  • [PDF] The Trade of Queens | by ☆ Charles Stross
    105Charles Stross
The Trade of Queens

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  1. Charles David George Charlie Stross is a writer based in Edinburgh, Scotland His works range from science fiction and Lovecraftian horror to fantasy.Stross is sometimes regarded as being part of a new generation of British science fiction writers who specialise in hard science fiction and space opera His contemporaries include Alastair Reynolds, Ken MacLeod, Liz Williams and Richard Morgan SF Encyclopedia sf encyclopedia entry enpedia wiki Charles_Tor uscmillan author charle

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  1. Rating 4 of fiveThis is the sixth book, and final installment featuring these characters, of The Merchant Princes Alternate history novels about time continuum hopping people from an alternate America that s feudally run and stuck in 1500 technologically the few people who can hop between our own USA and their world called the Gruinmarkt are rich beyond measure in both worlds.The price they exact from our own USA is high, being the best and most successful of drug smugglers the price they pay in [...]

  2. I m a very big fan of Charles Stross, and from the beginning I very much enjoyed this series depicting the struggles of the heroine, Miriam as she came to not only come to grips with the revelation that she had the ability to travel between various worlds, but also that she was heiress to a powerful family in a parallel universe That s a lot for anyone to try to get a grip on, but add assassination attempts, the family drug dealing business and her trying to build a business empire of her own in [...]

  3. Obscure, convoluted, hard to follow, poorly written The premise of the first book was interesting, but it all went downhill from there What started as a fascinating fantasy idea devolved into an apocolyptic morality parable Stross is a good author, but you wouldn t know it from the Merchant Princes books.

  4. Started out a light but punchy series about alternate worlds with a spunky female lead Ended in some insane gibberish where Donald Rumsfeld becomes President after Dick Cheney nukes Washinton Really My Charles Stross fandom edges into anti fandom

  5. This was a white knuckle read right until the very end Whew It feels like this series was heavily influenced by the way the world turned after 9 11 Also, willful ignorance and refusing to change adapt can be extraordinarily dangerous to those around you

  6. A most unsatisfying conclusion to an overly convoluted and drawn out series.The first book The Family Trade caught my eye at the library It wasn t anything like I was expecting, but I enjoyed it though it was rather heavier on the sex and violence than I generally go for The first couple of books are okay, and then it all devolves into a big unfocused mess Maybe I m just no good with political subtlety, but when you re so subtle that your reader can t even tell what s going on I think that s a p [...]

  7. Charles Stross Trade of Queens Tor, 24.99, 304 pages wraps up the The Merchant Prince, but unfortunately, Stross ran out of gas down the stretch, and the series, which started out brilliantly, limps to the finish line.It may just be that Stross is burning himself out with his workload, which isn t limited to just this series He would probably do himself a favor, and certainly his readers, if he focused less on quantity and on quality Still, Trade of Queens is a pretty fun read, though trying to [...]

  8. finally at the end of this series, and it really cranked up like it was going to be something exciting Nuclear bombs destroying the White House and killing the president, ought to be pretty great Yet, my attention wandered, as Miriam got sidelined, and other boring characters to center stage And the ending with the US carpet bombing the alternate Earth with nukes, while most of the family flee to yet another Earth, but it just fell flat I guess Stross was trying to say something about the futil [...]

  9. Six books in, the Merchant Princes series has come to an end.For those of you just joining us, Miriam Beckstein, journalist from Boston, discovered that she really is the scion of a family with a secret with the aid of special clockwork knots, they can transport themselves between our world, and the primitive feudal world of their birth They have used this power to amass wealth and power by through the lucrative trade of drug smuggling, using the Gruinmarkt as a way to get around the DEA Miriam [...]

  10. This was a fun series, though repetitious in parts Now that I ve finished the first six books, I ve got to wonder if Stross lives in a world where 1 Everyone whistles tunelessly.2 Everyone smiles humorlessly.3 Everyone is constantly fighting an internal war with their own bile.4 Everyone always seems like they ve might have grown a second head.

  11. Glad I read the series, but it wasn t as good as I was hoping it would be after book 1.When I read a book, and something happens, I consider that event from the point of view of the characters and the point of view of the author Why are these Characters doing what they are doing What is the author thinking In Stross s books, it seems a lot of things happen for no good reason whatsoever Events are chronicled that do not follow from the past, nor feed into the future As such, they are somewhat fru [...]

  12. Without a full review or a lot of spoilers, it s hard to explain why I liked this so much less than the previous volumes in the series I ll just say two things 1 I don t think this provides a satisfying wrap up for most of the story lines started in the earlier books, but the acknowledgements in the front make it clear that there won t be another book to tie things up 2 In this volume, the main story turns a corner in this book into a very different place, and one I don t really want to be in, e [...]

  13. Meh This series is too long and really went no where It was a good concept, but should have been one novel instead of 6 If it had, then I would be excited to read the next novel, but not the next series.That said, Stross is always a good read These books are written in his most pedestrian style, but that s still pretty good.

  14. This series goes out with a bang A lot of them, actually There were times where I was seriously concerned for the main characters Miriam takes center stage again, as the factions of the Clan battle each other and America, and it really doesn t go well for anyone involved Miriam is left to pick up the pieces from all the various fall outs as she takes the leadership role that has been pushed toward her But that s all kind of secondary to the world building or perhaps world destroying might be ap [...]

  15. So finally done it was a pretty decent series Got a bit depressing and hard to get through follow towards the end, and I missed the simplicity of the earlier ones as you add people, characters, worlds, and problems, it just gets harder and harder, and sluggish but ACRONYMS aside, it still stayed pretty good all the way till the end It was a tragic ending one group instigates a war, the other group responds with madness, and the simple general population of the world who never asked for the [...]

  16. Stross really hates the Bush administration It s a good book, but it still leaves a lot of questions unanswered This volume of the story doesn t focus on characters like past volumes which I thought was the strong point of the series It does spend a lot of time turning conservatives and members of the Bush administration into cartoon super villains I really think that if Stross had gone less evil super villain and presented those characters sympathetically, it could have really been an effectiv [...]

  17. This is an interesting world and the plots are cool, but the entire series feels a bit disjointed I was under the impression that the original books were intended to be a single book or at least a smaller number of books , but even having finished the series it doesn t seem like there was a major resolution to the storylines It was certainly nice to see Miriam come into her own over the course of the series it s not necessarily your usual fish out of water archetype, so it s cool to see.Overall, [...]

  18. The book felt like it was ending in middle of a longer storybut with the release of Empire Games, it now makes sense that it ended as it did I felt like I did at the end of The Empire Strikes Back which is an appropriate way to feel, I think.My only major complaint with this series is an aspect of geographic continuity the first trilogy, Neijwein the capital of the Gruinmarkt is co located with New York New London but in the second trilogy, it is co located with Boston This was disconcerting and [...]

  19. I seemed to enjoy the end of this series than most people It probably helps that I know there is a new series picking up the story of my favorite character, rather than leaving her as she was at the end of this book The book was a bit cartoonish in parts with its anti hawkishness, but it worked for the story.

  20. The author s dislike of the Bush administration really came through in this one and it was pretty silly and takes away from the story.

  21. Man, I love Stross, but this last book was hard to read kept going on and on I felt like I had to finish it because I read all the others.

  22. Now that I m finished the series, I wonder even whether Stross had this arc in mind all along, or whether the US Bush response to 9 11 radically redirected his work.This one has a lot about the US empire and a bit about religious motivations The irony, of course, is a citizen of the British empire criticizing the US not, at least traditionally, a colonizer for imperialism Not that we aren t trying desperately to extend American values and politics, but the criticism is particularly amusing fr [...]

  23. Yes, I finished all six books in Charles Stross Merchant Princes series And I m glad I did Truly, the series had its high points and low points Stross had a great concept a modern 21st century woman tech journalist suddenly caught up in medieval kingdom No, silly, not time travel, but parallel universe By the second or third volume, the strong tug of hard science fiction had pulled Stross back from the alure, especially these days, of fantasy I figure any career minded SciFi writer today has to [...]

  24. I ve purposely refrained from reviewing the previous two volumes of this series though I did review the first 3 , as I wanted to complete the series before commenting This is one of the most fascinating series I have ever read I had been a little reluctant to start it, because as an apparent fantasy series, it seemed a significant departure from Stross other work, which I consider hard science fiction , both suspenseful, and humorous, in relatively equal terms, yet mostly dealing with alternate [...]

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