Dumb Jock

[PDF] Dumb Jock | by ☆ Jeff Erno - Dumb Jock, Dumb Jock This edition is no longer available When Jeff Irwin is asked to tutor the town s high school football hero they find that their relationship proves challenging than any tutoring session
  • Title: Dumb Jock
  • Author: Jeff Erno
  • ISBN: 9781441508157
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Dumb Jock | by ☆ Jeff Erno, Dumb Jock, Jeff Erno, Dumb Jock This edition is no longer available When Jeff Irwin is asked to tutor the town s high school football hero they find that their relationship proves challenging than any tutoring session [PDF] Dumb Jock | by ☆ Jeff Erno - Dumb Jock, Dumb Jock This edition is no longer available When Jeff Irwin is asked to tutor the town s high school football hero they find that their relationship proves challenging than any tutoring session
  • [PDF] Dumb Jock | by ☆ Jeff Erno
    478 Jeff Erno
Dumb Jock

About Author

  1. Jeff Erno currently lives in southern Michigan He holds a bachelor s degree in business management and human resources Jeff began writing stories in the late 1990 s and initially posted them to a free online amateur website The positive feedback he received from readers encouraged him to continue, and this eventually led to the publication of his first novel, Dumb Jock Erno has subsequently published several other novels.His greatest passion in life is writing, and he hopes to be able to continue sharing his work with readers worldwide.

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  1. 1.5 stars Yes, I rounded down I really hated this book It s been awhile since I ve stumbled across a book that gave me as strong of a gut reaction as this story Every fiber of my being just said NO while I was listening to this one on the audio aspect of the book later However, looking at my friends reviews, I seem to be in the vast minority What am I missing here, folks What is odd is that on the surface, this book has many of the things that I like in my books I m into age gaps, I m into powe [...]

  2. Jeff Irwin is delicately built, sensitive, and doesn t care at all for sports Brett Willson is popular, good looking, a star football player, and a candidate for Homecoming King Unfortunately, he failed English twice and if he fails a third time, he will be removed from sports altogether Brett s coach coerces Jeff into tutoring Brett so he can pass and in return promises Jeff an A in gym The two young men eventually become close friends and lovers, not so easy while living in a small town in Mic [...]

  3. If I ever decide to write a book, I know it will be YA The recipe is already there, you just have to put it all in, mix it around, give it your own flavor, and voila So, it s no shock that Dumb Jock is about Jeff, a small, shy, smart, bullied kid who s forced into tutoring Brett, the big, perfect, star quarterback jock who s also deep in the closet And as most YA books go, there are your stereotypical, over the top side characters that include religious zealots, a tough guy coach who spews hate [...]

  4. THIS JOCK AINT SO DUMB Dumb Jock is a coming of age story set in the 80 s and that is like Jurassic years to the gay movement I cannot fathom how hard it must have been to be a homosexual person, when you are surrounded by bigoted minds, and hateful words This story made me cry, and not the silent tears streaming down my face, but the headache induced tears that made my heart break It was just a beautiful story of a young boy finding his place in the world through love, heartache an intense trag [...]

  5. I really wanted to like this book than I did It had several elements that I really enjoy in gay fiction coming out, coming of age, the 80 s, first love I was in high school at the same time these characters were.Let me begin by saying that I enjoyed the book over alleven though my review here will give the impression that I didn t The story centers around Jeff Jeff is a 14 year old boy who has fallen for Brett, the most popular boy in school Brett is a dumb jock about to fail English and Jeff i [...]

  6. 3.5 stars I have to admit that I was a little reluctant to pick up Dumb Jock by Jeff Erno considering the fact that it is actually a young adult setting with quite young main characters Jeff is 14 years old and a freshman, while Brett is 17 Jeff is a geek, who has problems to get along with the other teens in school He is unsure of himself and is only starting to discover his sexuality Brett on the other hand is a popular jock, who is extremely confident A three years age gape is actually not su [...]

  7. I love reading good coming of age stories, and these characters felt very real to me My heart goes out to Jeff, the main character, who is a very sensitive and emotional guy trying to navigate very difficult life circumstances at a young age I too consider myself overly sensitive and had a lot of empathy for Jeff Did he shed a lot of tears Yes, but I felt each and every one was warranted, especially considering his young age and lack of life experience.It took a while for Brett to grow on me, an [...]

  8. I liked it Despite some qualms about the nature of Brett and Jeff s relationship, the core of the story touched me very deeply It was written from the heart I liked seeing Jeff come into his own and working him way through some pretty deep issues not just the typical teenager issues, but with his family And darn it, I liked that epilogue.

  9. So I just finished this book and I m going to go find the next one Another Dumb Jock.Dumb Jock is the story of a young boy 14 at the beginning of the book discovering his orientation, his needs and desires, and moving toward his adult self in his first year in high school The narrator of this book, Jeff, is a very introspective guy and he is writing from the perspective of an adult looking back talking about a record player as being like a modern CD changer, for example Sometimes this makes his [...]

  10. I finally finished this God, this was difficult.The Good A gay story Elaine, which reminds me of Adele.The Bad CLICHED like Hell Too many cliches The plot is cliche Pup is disturbing I don t like Jeff s character He s too needy I wanted to barf sometimes More telling, less showing Ineffective and inefficient use of supporting characters.It was a bit entertaining in the end, but terribly written I actually postponed reading this for a while But I didn t want to quit So there, done

  11. The perfect antidote to my earlier angst fest And yay for the HEA Forget literary, I m a romantic at heart After all love makes the world go round Amiright

  12. 3.5 stars I had originally read book 3 in this series, Dumb Jock The Musical, which takes place in present day and loosely references Bret and Jeff I loved it and was on the fence about whether or not I wanted to backtrack But enough time had gone by that I didn t feel I would be comparing the two side by side, so I decided to give this a chance.It was really good, although it felt like it ended rather abruptly so that left me with a less than stellar last impression Especially given the emphasi [...]

  13. Having just read a laterJeff Erno story that I gave 5 stars to I just want to say that this probably would have been a 5 star rating too but for the fact that I never really settled fully into the writing style that Jeff institutes in this story I believe its the very first book he wrote and as a story it s ultra enjoyable but the problem in my eyes was the lack of contractions There are hardly any at all, giving it a very strange over formal feel that at times interfered with the teen emotions [...]

  14. With a title like DUMB JOCK, I expected a light, silly, high school tale of love and coming out What I expected and what I got were two different things I haven t read many YA novels This is maybe my second or third one I also have not read in our genre that many books that touched me as deeply as this one did, YA or not A little background My partner and I just went through the journey of helping his mother reach the end of her life with as much love and dignity as we could give her And I think [...]

  15. I m not going to lie The dominance submissive relationship between Brett and Jeff came off as creepy to me Also, the fact that Jeff is a sexually experienced 17 year old and Jeff is just 14 also somewhat bothered me, as I feel like Jeff was taken advantage of in a sense by Brett This made it hard for me to buy into their love story because as it is even described in the book, the relationship is unequal, with Jeff loving Brett both physically and emotionally and Brett not necessarily reciprocati [...]

  16. 4.5 starsI don t usually read books about teenagers, I m one of those kinky readers that I like my books with sex scenes, a little bit hot and dirty, a nice plot and that s the honest truth, and for me, teenagers don t fulfill that category at all Even though, I finally decided to read this story and I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it, some parts were heartbroken and I felt so sorry for Jeff.Even when he was so smart he was also very insecure, after all he was only a child not even 15 [...]

  17. BR, September 3rd with Paul, Sonia and Julie.I ve read it but I shouldn t have, so I won t be rating this.For a elaborate review please read Paul s

  18. AudibleVery good writing, some insightful thoughts about discovering one s self, bullying, coming out, coping with tragic changes in life etc What I loved here, was the author s voice It drew me in despite my scepticism and reserve towards YA couples And we are not even talking legal age, in this case The main character is 14, for God s sake Yet, I wanted to listen to the end, maybe not so much for the sake of romance, but and for those sudden bursts of wisdom Jeff Erno threw in I couldn t hel [...]

  19. 2.5 StarsThe romance was sweet the angst was appropriately dramatic and oftentimes upsetting and the epilogue provided an extremely satisfying ending Unfortunately, I had a few niggles, particularly in relation to the writing style This could very much be a me thing, and seeing as this is my first Jeff Erno story and I have no prior experience with his writing before now, I like to keep an open mind Initially, it took me way longer than is probably acceptable to realise this story takes place in [...]

  20. Jeff did it again I loved this book I must confess that after cataloguing the Puppy Love series as one of my favorite of all times, I was a bit hesitant to read other Jeff Erno books, as he had been placed in a very high pedestal Well, I should have known better Though in this one the D s is a bit subtle I enjoyed it all the same This book had me enthralled, outraged, laughing, sad, and sobbing like a baby I was a blabbering mess, crying like a baby with snot running down my nose at 1 39 a.m la [...]

  21. This is my first Erno book, and the Jock v High Achiever in this made for such light change from my usually darker loves and haunts Brett surprised me I suspected he d do what he did once pressure was applied, but the redemption for his screw ups was a good way to finish the story The twisted part in me wanted to see him hurt for his sins for a little longer, but the understanding was there with how difficult his redemption would have been for him, and my own need for revenge wasn t who Jeff was [...]

  22. He said it was his first real book and it shows No one thing about it was bad just a lot of things I didn t care for or that could have been done better Characters in the latter half came out of nowhere, I found neither Jeff or Brett to be very believable or realistic and the ending seemed to come out of nowhere.

  23. So I recently had a discussion with an author of BDSM about why I have an issue with Jeff Erno s books My main issue has always been the element of humiliation in the D s he portrays in his stories, although Dumb Jock minimised this aspect to some extent, it is a common theme through his other books and definitely influenced how I perceived the characters in this story.During the discussion with the other author, she caused me to question my perceptions and judgments according to her, I was perh [...]

  24. Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadTooSet in the 1980 s, DUMB JOCK illustrates the struggle of two young teens coming to terms with their sexuality and their growing love Although the book is not autobiographical, author Jeff Erno looked to his own personal struggle of coming out as gay in a small northern Michigan town.Jeff and Brett are as different as night and day in appearance and interests Jeff is a slightly built freshman with no athletic talent whatsoever His friends [...]

  25. Prepare to recall the awkwardness and confusion of being a teen and the struggle to understand one s feelings The story rambles and repeats, much like the mantras running through a teen s head, but it can be a bit slow The reader really does join Jeff s journey and rides along, the pace is realistic, but perhaps too realistic if one is looking for a structured read this one is like a diary.It is a painful journey with ups and downs a lot of downs, but it is optimistic even with the heavy issues [...]

  26. After reading the Puppy Love and Landlord books I was really excited to read Dumb Jock I anticipated it would be strange to read an author s work in reverse chronological order but figured what the hell I ve enjoyed what I d read so far I don t think I ever connected with Jeff and Brett perhaps because I m at odds with their perceptions of hegemonic masculinity and homosexuality among other things I get the attention to the 80 s zeitgeist, I actually loved that aspect of the book, still that lin [...]

  27. I didn t like this book Jeff, the geek character, hated himself so much and the jock character, Brett just wanted to dominate him in bed I know we re all suppose to love the high school jock but he seemed like a jerk I read it as a very sad relationship So much bad stuff happened to Jeff that it was hard to believe.

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