Beneath The Bleeding

[PDF] Beneath The Bleeding | by Ò Val McDermid - Beneath The Bleeding, Beneath The Bleeding The New York Times Book Review raves about author Val McDermid calling her as smooth a practitioner of crime fiction as anyone out there She s the best we ve got Her newest thriller Beneath the Blee
  • Title: Beneath The Bleeding
  • Author: Val McDermid
  • ISBN: 9780061688973
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Beneath The Bleeding | by Ò Val McDermid, Beneath The Bleeding, Val McDermid, Beneath The Bleeding The New York Times Book Review raves about author Val McDermid calling her as smooth a practitioner of crime fiction as anyone out there She s the best we ve got Her newest thriller Beneath the Bleeding once again proves it to be so Winner of the coveted CWA Gold Dagger for Best Crime Novel of the Year for The Mermaids Singing McDermid reunites her popular investiThe New Y [PDF] Beneath The Bleeding | by Ò Val McDermid - Beneath The Bleeding, Beneath The Bleeding The New York Times Book Review raves about author Val McDermid calling her as smooth a practitioner of crime fiction as anyone out there She s the best we ve got Her newest thriller Beneath the Blee

  • [PDF] Beneath The Bleeding | by Ò Val McDermid
    107 Val McDermid
Beneath The Bleeding

About Author

  1. Val McDermid is a No 1 bestseller whose novels have been translated into than thirty languages, and have sold over eleven million copies She has won many awards internationally, including the CWA Gold Dagger for best crime novel of the year and the LA Times Book of the Year Award She was inducted into the ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards Hall of Fame in 2009 and was the recipient of the CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger for 2010 In 2011 she received the Lambda Literary Foundation Pioneer Award She writes full time and divides her time between Cheshire and Edinburgh.

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  1. Description The residents of Bradfield are devastated when their star midfielder dies, the victim of a bizarre, seemingly motiveless murder.In a hospital, recovering from injuries, criminal profiler and psychologist Dr Tony Hill struggles to make sense of the fragments of information he can gather in order to help his ally, Detective Chief Inspector Carol Jordan, bring a killer to justice Then an explosion rips through a soccer stadium, leaving dozens dead and many injured, and Jordan finds her [...]

  2. I wasn t sure what to expect, given Val McDermid s comments re the Tony Carol relationship but when a novel opens with a madman with an axe, what s not to like But does Tony have to be in peril so early on Does he have to be in peril at all Hasn t he been in danger in all of the other novels as well And there s poisoning, and nefarious plotting, and a wicked mother I m really impressed with Ms McDermid s ability to keep track of all these storylines.And the fangirl in me leapt with joy to find n [...]

  3. I always love these books, I love the chemistry between Tony and Carol, was interesting to see another side of tony in this book though it all finished a bit to quickly and cleanly for me.

  4. After having an unpleasant experience of Val McDermid with that dreadful Lindsay Gordon story, it wa sa relief to get back to the fab Tony Hill I liked the story, not the best one I ve read, but the plot did keep me guessing as to what was really going on And is it just me or wouldn t you like to give Carol Jordan a little slap every now and again for being just a teensy little bit too grumpy with old Tony Lighten up girl x

  5. I really should read these in order, but as I d seen the British series based on them, I didn t initially see the point I really like the characters McDermid has created and the way the story begins with Carol and Tony working on separate cases only to have the streams cross and find themselves working together, as if the universe itself is bringing them together This story sees Tony begin to work through a personal issue as Carol finds herself drawn to him, but confused as to why he pushes her [...]

  6. McDermid approaches the fifth novel in the Hill Jordan series from a unique perspective, set up in such a way to keep the format fresh Turning the novel into a series of chapters broken up by day, the story progresses in such a way that the reader is kept wanting a little with each page turn A freak attack at Bradfield Moors leaves Dr Hill incapacitated and a guest of a hospital room, with at least one unwanted guest and little ability to help Jordan and her team When a footballer is admitted t [...]

  7. Beneath the Bleeding is a slightly weaker entry to the Tony Hill Carol Jordan series.Having said that, though, there s no sign of weakening where McDermid s talent for managing a tight plotline is concerned She s one of the best.But this novel is missing something that was prevelant in The Mermaids Singing and The Torment of Others And that is the ever present intensity and suspense You could put those two novels up against any horror novel and challenge it for chills.This novel does have a grea [...]

  8. I love a book like this sometimes it sounds daft to say I like a book that doesn t have an intense climax but the wire in the blood books are so deliciously descriptive they re impossible to discuss I love the psychology which Dr Tony Hill brings to the mix and the different messed up characters that make up the MIT team and they re individual stories that come together as a whole It s also near on impossible to guess who the killer is or what their motive is for right up to the very end and ben [...]

  9. I think this is my favorite Tony Hill book thus far Not as twisted and graphic as some of them, but incredibly well written with excellent character development I think this book also book gave the best insight as to the quirkiness of Tony Hill with the introduction of his mother.

  10. I m or less listening to the rest of the series because there were only a couple of volumes missing in the middle I m not overly enthusiastic There s a lot of crime literature out there that is a lot better But as an audio book to listen to while doing something else it s fine.

  11. This is another exciting book in the Tony Hill and Carol Jordan series This book finds Tony stuck in the hospital with a damaged knee after an ax attack by an inmate at the mental institution Carol s team gets the job of finding out who murdered the soccer star by ricin poisoning Tony hears the evidence from Carol and finds another poisoning victim Carol goes another direction and doesn t want to hear Tony s ideas big mistake so he gets Paula to assist Of course, his way is the right way These b [...]

  12. DCI Carol Jordan and Dr Tony Hill team up for a fifth time in author Val Mcdermid s, Beneath The Bleeding Jordan is running the Bradfield Police while Hill is working out of Bradfield Moor Secure Hospital While at the hospital, one of the dangerous patients, LLoyd Allen has managed to stop taking his medication for quite some time On one night Allen picks up a fire axe and hurts orderly Jerry Golabeck, 24 very badly In the ensuing madness Tony Hill wanders into Allen s path Hill desperately is [...]

  13. BENEATH THE BLEEDING is the fifth book in the Tony Hill Carol Jordan series from Scottish writer Val McDermid Which fans of this writer will already know Fans will also know that anybody as daft as me, who would leave this book on the review pile for as long as I have, is really missing out on a very good thing.Now there are plenty of serial or multiple killer books floating around out there, and many readers are well over the whole idea, but you do have to give a moment s thought to revising th [...]

  14. Many cases going on at once in this fifth entry in the Detective Chief Inspector Carol Jordan Dr Tony Hill mysteries I didn t care for it at all, but at least it introduced Tony s mother, Vanessa Hill, and it also revealed Tony had suffered an abusive childhood I think finding out about Tony s past makes the book worth reading, but for me, the various unrelated crimes were never engaging enough.Tony is a hero at the start this time A mental patient at Bradford Moor Secure Hospital loses control [...]

  15. I realize I m a bit obsessed about these two and their compadres, just a bit The writing is so good, the situations so unique and character development amazing So, here I am again.Unfortunately, Tony tacked when he should have gibed and got in the way of a psychotic patient with an axe Consequently, he s down, recovering but down nonetheless, for a while at any rate The surprise arrival of his mother is guaranteed to assist Tony s recovery, not because of her gentle bedside manner, as a survival [...]

  16. This is the first of Val McDermid s books I ve read, although I am aware of the characters through the Wire In The Blood TV series So I sort of knew what I was getting basically a drawn out crime thriller which will dumbfound detectives until right to the last when Robson Green will solve it in a stroke of brilliance.And so it proceeds A famous footballer is murdered and later a terrorist bomb explodes at the club s stadium on match day Psychologist Dr Tony Hill and DCI Carol Jordan are on the c [...]

  17. I have absolutely no idea how this book happened after THE TORMENT OF OTHERS The reaching is comical It s as if McDermid realized she might have to deviate from the formula after the character growth in the last story I am still shaking my head in disbelief at the idiocy that was fucking everywhere I mean, what After four books wherein Tony s ridiculous theories are pretty much on the money, and both Carol and Tony benefiting from their successes, Carol turns on Tony because, well, I don t know [...]

  18. As I said in an another review, I think my taste for detective fiction is becoming jaded I m also experiencing this in TV fiction Silent Witness is becoming very samey and the issues about whether the police and CSOs do the detecting or whether the MEs do it is a major bone of contention for me Still, enough post mortems for now, and back to the book at hand.McDermid is the Queen of UK crime fiction writers, and this is a good read However, it s necessary for a reader to suspend disbelief at tim [...]

  19. A star soccer player from the Bradfield team is murdered by ricin poisoning Tony Hill is in the hospital recovering from a serieous leg wound received when he tried distracting a violent mental patient who was wielding an axe Carol Jordan is investigating the poisoning and it soon becomes apparent that a serial killer is at large as men fall victim to exotic poisons Also, a bomb goes off at the local soccer stadium killing over 30 people and the case is quickly taken over by a British counter t [...]

  20. I was so excited to get my eyeballs on this book and I hate to say it but I was disappointed Two competing mysteries seem to be taking place and I couldn t quite wrap my head around either one of them The murderer s showed up very late in the book and barely even made the radar the reasons for the murders felt weak and left a little too untested and unexplained Add to that the poorly manufactured romantic tension between the lead detective and her friend, the forensic psychologist, and you have [...]

  21. Have read a few books by this author and have really enjoyed them.This one, though, has been quite disappointing Long, boring and with a predictable ending How come that Carol and his team didn t realize that a poisoning murderer needs to get the poison from somewhere That should have been the first line of investigation, and in fact it s just the last 20 pages when they follow that trail It seemed that the author wanted to end the book quickly and that was the easiest solution Besides details t [...]

  22. Ein solider Krimi, den man gut lessen kann Allerdings frage ich mich, warum es n tig war, zwei parallele F lle hineinzupacken Ich dachte die ganze Zeit, die w rden irgendwann zusammen laufen, aber nein sie haben tats chlich nichts miteinander zu tun.Und die Szenarien fand ich teilweise auch etwas weit hergeholt, allerdings nicht so weit, dass sie v llig unglaubw rdig w ren Aber es hat bei mir halt einen etwas merkw rdigen Nachgeschmack hinterlassen.

  23. I really enjoyed Beneath the Bleeding by Val McDermid Contains quite a complex plot involving a madman run amok with an axe, several poisonings some fatal , a bombing at a sports stadium with multiple fatalities, and a conniving, cold, unfit mother Looking forward to book 6 of the Tony Hill Carol Jordan series

  24. Good example of Val McDermid s early work Using her great imagination, Val McDermid sets the table for her future dark, character driven British crime fiction As well as the romantic tension between cranky pants Carol Jordan and the cerebral Tony Hill This novel is not as gruesome as some of Val McDermid s other books.

  25. This was my least favourite McDermid mystery One of the mysteries is implausible, the actions of the murderer were completely inconsistent with his character, and the other mystery lacked tension The dynamic between Jordan and Hill unchanging was simply tedious Maybe I ve read too many of McDermid s now and we ve reached the end of our love affair I ll give her one chance.

  26. Jordan and Hill collaborate on two cases a poisoner and a bomber This while Tony is stuck in hospital and an estranged family member shows up The ins and outs of unexpected cases, and the twists in the lives of the detectives, make this an entertaining if violent series.

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