House of Horrors

House of Horrors Best Read || [Nigel Cawthorne] - House of Horrors, House of Horrors In April in the quiet Austrian town of Amstetten a truly horrifying vision of hell was discovered by police in the cellar of a seemingly normal suburban home Undoubtedly the worst case in Austr
  • Title: House of Horrors
  • Author: Nigel Cawthorne
  • ISBN: 9781844546961
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback

House of Horrors Best Read || [Nigel Cawthorne], House of Horrors, Nigel Cawthorne, House of Horrors In April in the quiet Austrian town of Amstetten a truly horrifying vision of hell was discovered by police in the cellar of a seemingly normal suburban home Undoubtedly the worst case in Austrian criminal history this appalling story of incarceration and sexual abuse quickly became international news On August Josef Fritzl lured Elisabeth the youngestIn April House of Horrors Best Read || [Nigel Cawthorne] - House of Horrors, House of Horrors In April in the quiet Austrian town of Amstetten a truly horrifying vision of hell was discovered by police in the cellar of a seemingly normal suburban home Undoubtedly the worst case in Austr
  • House of Horrors Best Read || [Nigel Cawthorne]
    260 Nigel Cawthorne
House of Horrors

About Author

  1. Nigel Cawthorne is an Anglo American writer of fiction and non fiction, and an editor He has written than 80 books on a wide range of subjects and has contributed to The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph Daily Mail and The New York Times He has appeared on television and BBC Radio 4 s Today programme.Many of Nigel Cawthorne s books are compilations of popular history, without footnotes, references or bibliographies His own web site refers to a description of his home as a book writing factory and says, More than half my books were commissioned by publishers and packagers for a flat fee or for a for a reduced royalty.One of his most notable works was Taking Back My Name, an autobiography of Ike Turner, with whom he spent a number of weeks working with him on, taking up residence in Turner s house The book caused much controversy, resulting in court cases for three years following its release.Cawthorne currently lives in Bloomsbury, London with his girlfriend and son, Colin born 1982.

One thought on “House of Horrors

  1. This book was written so soon after the horrific discovery that it reads like a reporting of the issue and provides no insight on how such a brutal and horrible act could happen.

  2. Oh ya ampun Ternyata orang gila ini ayah si korban Oh tidak, bukan orang gila, tp monster Iya, dia layak disebut monster karena telah menyekap putrinya sendiri selama 24 thn dan memperkosa putrinya tsb selama dlm penyekapan shg membuahkan 7 orang anak 6 orang anak yg hidup dgn membawa kelainan genetika krn lahir dr hasil hubungan inses ayah dan anak Anak2 yg hidup dlm penyekapan jg, meski akhirnya krn alasan tertentu 3 diantaranya di rawat oleh istrinya yg notabene nenek mereka 1 anak meninggal [...]

  3. Buona ricostruzione dei fatti, ma non mi sono ritrovata molto nello stile di scrittura Risulta un po dispersivo.

  4. Fascinating subject but unfortunately very repetitive and badly written You could read the newspaper clips from the time and obtain the same information in less time A shame that the book doesn t do justice to such a horrific tragedy.

  5. Suddenly I stopped and had a look to the title of the book Shock and terror is on my face How could a father whose suppose to protect and lead us from the villain in this world yet he was the one we must fight on Gosh, that day after my bff and me end up to the book store before we begin our noon class for national exam prep we chat all the way for the romance corner but we made our way to the true story side I decided to buy this book, i want to know why why why why Elizabeth must got the hell [...]

  6. I think this was an informative read It did the job of telling the story of the House of Horrors a girl that was kept by her father in a dungeon under his house from the time she was 18 For 24 years And then fathered seven children with her And made her birth them all on her own In the dungeon And the dungeon was so low ceiling ed that she and one of her male children developed stoops Some people are so so sick and depraved and cruel And then to make excuses for their behaviour just makes it all [...]

  7. I brought this book because I was interested in the content, and sympathize with the case However the book was poorly written the author is over doing it and repetitive, he gives everything away in the first two or three chapters then he rinses and repeats through out the entire book The only chapter that got me emotionally bound was the one where Fritzle explains his lack of remorse The remainder of the book was just frustratingly written there are only so many words you can use for the term in [...]

  8. setelah 24 tahun dikurung di bawah tanah oleh ayahnya yang gila itu menurut aku, akhirnya elisabeth dan anaknya bisa menghirup udara bebas dan lega selama 24 th dikurung di bawah tanah di rumahnya sendiri elisabeth telah menjadi budak sex ayahnya sendiri tanpa bisa melawan, melahirkan tujuh anak juga sendirian, sungguh aku tidak bisa membayangkannya bagaimana bisa elisabeth melahirkan anak2nya sendirian, dan menurut aku elisabeth sungguh wanita hebat kisah penyekapan dirinya selama 24 tahun itu [...]

  9. An interesting read for almost half of the book It is repetitive though remained interesting About half way through, the book was basically repeated from the start and it was obvious the author was trying to drag it out This book would have been much better if it were condensed and edited professionally The book appears to have been written without any research outside of court notes, newspaper or other media articles or a few interviews with neighbours and tenants I got the impression someone w [...]

  10. The truest definition of living a nightmare.The depths of depravity,Narcissism and utter lack of conscience make this so called man the very personification of evil.Yet through it all there is a story of strength and courage and will to survive that will bring tears to even the hardest of readers eyes.A story of terror and inspiration that will amaze.

  11. After finished this book, I was completely shocked How could this even happened in our world People are going crazy and it makes me sad Living in our society, make me look at the people with different perspective This book is hard reading and people with soft personality will not be able to function normally after finishing this book.

  12. This story was written in a very matter of fact manner and to me, read like a list of facts than giving any real insight to the horrible crime Would probably be a good reference for future articles.

  13. Como n o consigo resistir a feiras de livros com promo es, s vezes compro coisas sem ler bem do que tratamPensei que este livro era o relato da sobrevivente mas n o, uma investiga o feita pelo autor Fala de praticamente tudo mas o que eu queria era a hist ria na primeira pessoa

  14. Only giving 5 stars for the writing and research Nigel did If I start talking about this true story i will get very upset as this girl didnt deserve this atall

  15. Chilling to the core This will stay with me for a very long time My heart goes out to Elizabeth her family, God bless you all

  16. I was too scared with what happened in true story of Elisabeth and her basement children, his writing is good, so detailed and so much describing how bad it was.

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