Claimed by Shadow

[PDF] Claimed by Shadow | by ✓ Karen Chance Cynthia Holloway - Claimed by Shadow, Claimed by Shadow Mp CDs hrs minA recent legacy made Cassandra Palmer heir to the title of Pythia the world s chief clairvoyant It s a position that usually comes with years of training but Cassie s circumst
  • Title: Claimed by Shadow
  • Author: Karen Chance Cynthia Holloway
  • ISBN: 9781400158188
  • Page: 131
  • Format: MP3 CD

[PDF] Claimed by Shadow | by ✓ Karen Chance Cynthia Holloway, Claimed by Shadow, Karen Chance Cynthia Holloway, Claimed by Shadow Mp CDs hrs minA recent legacy made Cassandra Palmer heir to the title of Pythia the world s chief clairvoyant It s a position that usually comes with years of training but Cassie s circumstances are a littleunusual Now she s stuck with a whopping amount of power that every vamp fey and mage in town wants to either monopolize or eradicate and that she Mp CDs hrs [PDF] Claimed by Shadow | by ✓ Karen Chance Cynthia Holloway - Claimed by Shadow, Claimed by Shadow Mp CDs hrs minA recent legacy made Cassandra Palmer heir to the title of Pythia the world s chief clairvoyant It s a position that usually comes with years of training but Cassie s circumst

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  • [PDF] Claimed by Shadow | by ✓ Karen Chance Cynthia Holloway
    131 Karen Chance Cynthia Holloway
Claimed by Shadow

About Author

  1. Karen Chance is the author of two New York Times bestselling series, plus a number of novellas and short stories, all set in the Cassandra Palmer universe A full time writer since 2008, she was previously a university history teacher, which comes in handy when writing the time travel aspect of Cassie s crazy adventures She loves Las Vegas, the main setting for her novels, but currently lives in Florida near her family home Visit her website or connect with her on Facebook here.

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  1. At this point in the series I ship everyone with everyone and would not be opposed to all the characters having a giant paranormal orgy at MAGIC headquarters But maybe that s just me.

  2. Any day that starts off in a demon filled bar in a casino designed to look like Hell isn t likely to turn out well.After refreshing the basics of the storyline and the characters background, the story speeds up quickly It is fast paced, full of action, filled with different kinds of supernatural creatures You are only at the second chapter, but you already witnessed a battle with mages and the Graeae, a time travel meeting with ghosts, with a past version of Mircea and saving his life, and some [...]

  3. I ll admit it I get a little bit of a one track mind when it comes to books If there is so much of a whiff of a relationship forming, I fixate on it and build up all of my anticipation around it I stay true blue to my couple 3rd parties are the enemy There is no indecision or uncertainty just relationship worshipping in its purest sense Until I started this damn series Never have I felt so torn so fickle about who I want a heroine to end up with I ve got to give credit where credit is due, Karen [...]

  4. It wasn t just me right This one was way better than the first one Yes, I still have a case of major whiplash from all that was happening left and right, and it had a few eyerolling head banging the wall moments, but I see a genuine progress The chase of Myra the evil contender continues through time and space and now she has her evil eye trained on Mircea As in killing Mircea in the past so that he can t give Cassie his protection over the span of her childhood Bla bla That s not the interestin [...]

  5. Again good, but not great Same problems, Cassie needs to get less soft hearted and start killing people It really would solve of her problems I enjoyed Agnes, Billy, Mircea, and the Graeae.

  6. All the problems of book 1 with less of the back story Just plot driven sex and sex driven plot Fans of urban fantasy, go pick up something from the Hollows Series, or the Mercy Thompson series Or Ilona Andrews.

  7. This is 2 in the Cassandra Palmer series Cassandra has inherited clairvoyance from her mother and the ability to talk to ghosts from her father both deceased In the last book, she learned that she was destined to become Pythia, the time traveling chief clairvoyant and protector of the timeline Cassandra s parents were murdered when she was young and she was raised by vampires, so she is fairly well versed in supernatural politics In this book, she has escaped all the various factions trying to c [...]

  8. 4.5 starsWhew Poor Cassie that girl needs a nap than anyone I ve ever met I read a review on Chance s web site that said something along the lines of this series sort of poking fun at the genre a little bit, and I think that s true There is so much non stop action in these books it gets a little ridiculous But man is it fun I was not fully convinced by the first book of this series I liked it, but it had a lot of issues and so I wasn t compelled to pick up book 2 right away, I waited awhile.Wel [...]

  9. Claimed by Shadow3.5 StarsWith various vampires, mages and fae all vying for control of her newly acquired powers, Cassie Palmer is, herself, on the trail of the vampire she holds responsible for the deaths of her parents To make matters worse, the rival for her abilities is determined to destroy the competition by any means necessary including traveling back in time to dispose of the powerful and sexy master vampire who has always been the one constant in Cassie s life Warning Minor spoilers ah [...]

  10. CLAIMED BY SHADOW was even better than the first book in the Cassandra Palmer Series, Touch of Frost I am amazed how each book in this series exceeds my expectations CLAIMED BY SHADOW was a bit different from Touch the Dark in my opnion We are not constantly surround by those wicked hot vampires Even though we weren t I love it all the same because we are constantly around hot tempered mage, Pritkin.Okay He has a hot temper but I love that hot temper of his To be honest I was all for Micrea and [...]

  11. I came across this book at my library, and it looked interesting enough, so I decided to try it, even though I hadn t read the first one.I really, really wish I hadn t.Warning Spoilers for the book and Trigger Warning for mentions of rape non con dub con view spoiler First of all, the main character was an idiot Cassie had no consistent characterization and she couldn t pick up on the smallest things Like when she was dragged back to the past for a second time, Mircea said, at the theater two ni [...]

  12. Cassie Palmer just can t get a break A week after the events in Touch the Dark and Cassie is on the run from both the vampire Senate and the mages Silver Circle, both either wanting to use her or kill her But that isn t when where her problems end they just keep on piling up Myra the crazy sybil and Pythia wannabe is still trying to kill Cassie and has found a new way to do it, removing Mircea s protection by killing him she can t trust her unlikely allie the tenacious and slightly crazy war mag [...]

  13. Claimed By Shadow was a vast improvement over Touch The Dark The pacing and action still moved at a breakneck crazy pace, so than book 1, but I enjoyed this, mainly because Chance did not seem so focused on torturing readers with excessive inner monlogues, explanations, and world building info dumps I liked Cassie in this book and, as long as I not getting the books mixed up in my head I knew I should have reviewed these right after reading each , I think I fell for Cassie when the kids joined [...]

  14. No, de j , hogy nem t st adtam az els re Ez sokkal jobb volt, legal bb hatos Amikor belelend ltem, le sem tudtam tenni Ha Pritkin gy marad, nagy szerelem lesz Az egyetlen uncsi r sz a csaj sz zess ge volt Ha nem buszon l k, h t hangosan foh szkodni kezdek, hogy vesz tse m r el, az g szerelm re, mer idehalok s nem az aktusr l besz lek, hanem arr l a rengeteg tipr d sr l, amely az esem nyt vezte No, de h l a j gnek, megt rt nt, most azt n senki sem llhat nek nk ellen ui Belen zegettem a magyar tar [...]

  15. This book dragged, much than the first A lot of things explained, a lot of questions asked But I do understand why it had to be done It is just sooooooooooo long you keep reading praying something good will come soon which it does But the boring stories, explanations in between I could have gone without It s not a bad read A lot action than actual romance.A lot of people have said the first 2 books are longish, and do drag on but the next 2 are fantastic I do hope they are correct.3 out of 5

  16. I found parts of this storyline to be fabulously interesting, but others to be choppy It was like there were holes in the story at times that left me confused for a pargraph or two until I could re acclimate to what was going on It might just be the author s style Perhaps it s just me I don t know I still plan to read the next book in the series, I just don t want to have to take any dramamine before I read it

  17. Damn it, i don.t have book 3 on the phone The only thing i don.t like in this series is the ending If i had to wait for the books to come out it would drive me insane

  18. This book picks up where the last one left off with Cassie diving head first into a paranormal world of action, adventure and some though not nearly enough vampire lovin The author introduces us to a few new interesting characters too.Did you all know the famed Casanova was an incubus Me neither but it seems to make a lot of sense He stirs up trouble when he tells Cassie a secret about Mircea that disturbs her greatly and changes their budding relationship and may be far dangerous than she ever [...]

  19. RATING barely 3 stars.Okay this series just isn t doing it for me lol No really The author sets a plotline at the beginning and then instead of a linear story we get huge conversations info dump moments interlaced with fast and furious action just as if the author remembered suddenly that ah I have a story to get to, can t waste any time with chitchat Plus all the action seems kind of meaningless because most of the times it doesn t even advance the story that much SPOILER like the scene at Cas [...]

  20. Once again, I loved it Especially Pritkin, because as much of a pain in the behind he is, he is an awesome character.The story was once again well developed and kept its confusing twists back and forth as in the first book, though Cassie could have guessed a few things a little bit earlier maybe Either way, in my opinion, it worked well.The background of the whole world and the history behind the relevant characters was once again nicely planned out as well and there were quite a few interesting [...]

  21. WOW WOW WOW.Book One absolutely sucked, but since I d heard fabulous things about the series, I decided to buy the second book as soon as I got some spare cash I waited too long This is one of the best UF books I ve ever read, thanks to one thing John Pritkin, god of hawtness XDThe plot was a tad bit confusing at times, what with the changes to the timeline and all, but overall very satisfactory Except for the parts with Tomas I thought we d gotten past that lump of dumbness, but no, Cassie has [...]

  22. Excellent book It has been a while since I have read a so good you can not put it down book, but this one qualified This book takes up right where the first, Touch the Dark left off We follow Cassie on an action filled adventure in her attempt to avoid becoming the new Pythia The book starts off with breathtaking action and never lets up, right to the ending The author worked out the few wrinkles that hindered her first book no long winded vamp politics to bore us this time around This is one of [...]

  23. I loved the middle half of this book One scene made me a bit uneasy so it got downgraded to just a like for me, but I am keenly interested to read Watch my video review

  24. I m stopping this series here I m not a big fan of time travel stories There are exceptions to this rule, mainly so the heroine can go back in time and see hunky Scotsman But traveling to the past to change it is not for me Also the info dump It was bad in the first book, but I thought it would get better It doesn t I d recommend this book for fans of pnr or uf who don t mind time travel and a slightly insipid heroine My two stars go to Micera, who was my favorite part of both books.

  25. Honestly, I m only putting this on my list because I m getting desperate for Dory and I might need something to tide me over Even though I m probably just going to be really madKaren Chance will you just PLEASE get a move on with Dory 4

  26. Any day that stars off in a demon filled bar in a casino designed to look like Hell isn t likely to turn out well CassieClaimed by Shadow has always been a favorite entry of mine in the Cassandra Palmer series OK, so it s book two But Chance hits everything right Gosh it feels so good The pacing is perfect matching the present day scenes with time travel perfectly This is the title that will show readers what this series has to offer with some of the best time traveling plotting ever No really A [...]

  27. Cassandra Palmer escapes the Senate with a duffel full of weapons only to be attacked by the Circle Pritkin and Cassie are forced to become allies due to a common goal although she never truly trusts him Besides Pritkin, Cassie is helped by Billy the ghost and Mac, a tattoo artist mage Cassie s Pythia powers drag her into the past to save Mircea from Myra who is set on making sure Cassie never lives to get her powers By going into the past, Cassie accidentally sets the geis, a bonding spell Mirc [...]

  28. Claimed by Shadow had a slow beginning where Cassie is attempting to get to Myra via help from Pritkin and others Cassie is hampered and frustrated by the power and spell of the geis.If I had taken the time to read this book straight through I would have been satisfied If you put it down and pick it back up you would have to re read several preceding pages to see if Cassie was in her body or someone else s, or is it the present time or past, or who was camping in her body when she was in someon [...]

  29. 4 1 2 starsSome new characters view spoiler One, Mac, I really liked but he dies, hide spoiler and a little of the old characters too Pritkin is the character that plays the biggest role in this one Since I liked him in a crazy, deranged sort of way, from the last book, I was all for seeing what he was up to We get that and a little of all the rest.My biggest annoyance and taking the 1 2 star happens at the end view spoiler Why does she think that Myra doesn t deserve to die Crimy she does than [...]

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