A Man for Amanda

✓ A Man for Amanda ↠ Nora Roberts - A Man for Amanda, A Man for Amanda On the rocky coast of Maine sits the Towers a magnificent family mansion that is home to a legend of long lost love hidden emeralds and four sisters determined to save their home against all odds Am
  • Title: A Man for Amanda
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780816154159
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

✓ A Man for Amanda ↠ Nora Roberts, A Man for Amanda, Nora Roberts, A Man for Amanda On the rocky coast of Maine sits the Towers a magnificent family mansion that is home to a legend of long lost love hidden emeralds and four sisters determined to save their home against all odds Amanda was known as the responsible Calhoun sister But when irresistible architect Sloan O Riley came to town it was Amanda s turn to be rescued from falling head over heOn the rocky c ✓ A Man for Amanda ↠ Nora Roberts - A Man for Amanda, A Man for Amanda On the rocky coast of Maine sits the Towers a magnificent family mansion that is home to a legend of long lost love hidden emeralds and four sisters determined to save their home against all odds Am
  • ✓ A Man for Amanda ↠ Nora Roberts
    144 Nora Roberts
A Man for Amanda

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  1. Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D Robb There are than 500 million copies of her books in print.

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  1. The second book about the Calhoun sisters and their struggle to convert parts of their old mansion to a resort, find the legendary Calhoun emeralds, dodge evil treasure hunters and in the middle of all this find true love.This time Amanda and Sloane are the main ingredients He is relentless in his pursuit and she is shy and not so experienced in the love game.I read it back to back with the first book and I must say, it heightens the experience I will dodge right into the third book

  2. Somehow felt that the entire series is hurrying along in a very fast pace Amanda meets Sloan when she first bumps on him in the road and then finally finds out that he is the renovation expert hired by her brother in law Trent.The chemistry is good Sloan is a bit overbearing towards her but is soon put in place by Amanda I wish the story had panned out a bit before the HEA More importantly, they do not really flush out the important issues that are in their relationship Amanda s career dreams a [...]

  3. A man for Amanda is the second book of the Sloan series and the story of Amanda and Sloan.Amanda is the hotel manager in her sisters, and when the Towers need renovation she comes across Sloan the architect and the attraction is instantaneous.It s a sweet but passionate love story intermixed with the wedding of Catherine and Trent, shenanigans of aunt Coco, visions of Lilah, serenity of Suzanne and the continuation of the tragic love story of Bianca and Christian as well as the mystery of the mi [...]

  4. This doesn t read like the well plotted and well written Nora Roberts books I ve read until now This is a mess But still, it has something that makes me care about the sisters and makes me want to know what happens to the others There is the main plot, laid back Oklahoma architect arrives to rehab The Towers and start building the hotel and falls in love with one of the sisters This time is the prim and well organized Amanda Until here, ok But this relationship is bullshit They start arguing and [...]

  5. The romances in these books are sort of ridiculously fast, to be honest Plus, all of the things that bothered Amanda about Sloan, bothered me even I felt she was completely justified in calling him on it all the time But I like the family dynamic and the setting, soI can t help but keep going shrug

  6. It s been a while since I read anything by Nora Roberts I found the hero annoying and borderline douchebaggy, and the heroine sort of neurotic Roberts s later works are much better.

  7. 4 irresistible stars Just like the first book, this one was also engaging I was a bit hooked to Mandy Amanda and Sloan s love story They were quiet the opposite which was the reason they had been attracted to each other Sloan was very manly, ruggedly handsome architect and he doesn t cringe acknowledging and verbalizing his love for Mandy That made him most attractive As for Mandy, I don t like her much, as much as CC She seems too uptight and well organized but she cannot organize her thoughts [...]

  8. Read as part of the anthology The Calhouns Catherine, Amanda and LilahThis is the 2nd book in the series Amanda and Sloan didn t draw me in as much as CC and Trenton did I think if there was time in the story for them to evolve that Sloan would have but he was so over the top Hey there pretty lady, Oklahomian that it was hard to really get a lot of enjoyment from him He was also very alpha in a strange way, bossiness than just straight alpha.But I liked how the treasure hunt is progressing.

  9. I liked this one better than the first book of this series, though they are all good They are Nora Roberts, afterall The story seemed not quite so rushed in this one, and the characters fleshed out a bit I knew who the wealthy hotel patron was as soon as he showed interest in Amanda Well, his intentions, anyway So no surprise there for me A good read.

  10. Yet another book from this series falls short of my expectations I love some past series of Nora Roberts, but this book falls short in the relationship development department SPOILER It feels as though Amanda goes from annoyed at Sloan, and at the turn of a page, with no real reason given, she is stating her undying love for him I felt as though I had whiplash.

  11. Book 2 of the Calhoun Series A new man comes to the old mansion a renovation expert named Sloan Sloan and Amanda are the next couple involved in this series He and Trent are trying to convert the old mansion to a hotel family and find the legendary jewels of Bianca.

  12. I love the opening scene where she falls in front of him and gets up to this hunk Their introduction to each other is hilarious and the their relationship just gets better with each page I couldn t put this one down as I read it in a few hours trying to see how they fight each other.

  13. Nora Roberts Calhoun series What can you say Such a great writer Roberts has phenomenal character development in her books that she could have many on going series Very much enjoyed the story line in this book with the turns that were taken Looking forward to rest of series.

  14. Short and Sweet Hey The book was over with too soon Although it was a good book, I think could have been added to it

  15. If you enjoy romance with strong female characters, these books are for you I love the bantering between the main characters and the splash of mystery involved too A nice, not to deep, read

  16. Un hombre para amandaUna historia corta pero muy lindagundo libro de esta saga.el misterio del collar sigue y la fascinante historia de las mujeres calhoun.

  17. Author Nora RobertsFirst published 1991Length 150 pagesSetting Contemporary, 1991 Mount Desert Island off the coast of Maine.Sex Explicit Euphemistic Twice.Hero ArchitectHeroine Assistant hotel manager.Enjoyable but not as good as book 1 The Mystery of the Missing Emeralds and the Suzanna subplot are too distracting for such a short book, taking time and energy away from Amanda and Sloan s love story Not enough words are left to see the romance truly develop and it becomes wham bam thank you ma [...]

  18. Like the first book in this series, it was a short, feel good, entertaining and compelling read.Again with a little over 120 pages, there wasn t any room for a slowly developing love story so yes there is the instant spark part and the proposal after they ve know eachother only a few weeks But for me the words between the instant beginning and ending were very well spend on the effort the h h make trying to resist each other That dancing around is the part I most love to read about And what NR d [...]

  19. After reading the first book, there was no way I wasn t going to read the next one I think the character of Amanda is very strict and Sloan is perfect for her And my favorite moment was when Lilah teased her sister by kissing O Riley s cheek I can t wait to know how is Lilah going to handle her love life Anyway, back to this book, the family bond that we witness before is still here and is much stronger especially that Trent had joined officially the Calhouns family The writer had managed once a [...]

  20. Dari keempat anak gadis keluarga Calhoun, Amanda adalah yang paling disiplin, serius dan yang paling tahu bagaimana kondisi keuangan keluarga mereka Walaupun tidak lagi dibayang bayangi keputusan untuk menjual rumah keluarga mereka tetapi tagihan tagihan yang datang harus tetap dibayarkan Jadi ketika bertemu dengan Sloan rasa tidak suka langsung memenuhi Amanda Sifat Sloan yang santai, suka mengejek dan mudah merayu perempuan ini sangat menggangu Amanda Apalagi ketika Sloan memutuskan kalau ia m [...]

  21. A Man for Amanda is the second book in the Calhoun Women series I didn t like this one as much as the first book, but it was still enjoyable The time it is Amanda s turn at love Sloan has been hired by his friend Trent to design the remodel of The Towers into a hotel Amanda and Sloan have major sparks right away, but Amanda fights them tooth and nail.Frankly, I thought Sloan was hilarious I loved how he kept Amanda off balance constantly until she couldn t fight her feelings any She needed to s [...]

  22. Amanda Kelly Calhoun is organized and practical in her own right Searching for the emeralds of her family, she is preoccupied with her life Wanting to achieve her goals she works hard Falling into Sloan O Reily was not in her plans Flustered, angry and off balance, she learns what the taste of love can bring Her stubbornness to accept her feelings, it s a whirlwind of a dance between the two, before they finally give in to those feelings Manipulated by a hotel guest, he breaks into The Towers to [...]

  23. Amanda is the all business Calhoun sister who works as a manager in town at one of the better hotels Once the Towers has opened it boutique hotel wing, she will run the 10 room luxury hotel.Sloan O Reilly is Trent s only true friend, they met at Harvard their freshman year Sloan is an architect and Trent has asked him to renovate and reconstruct the Towers into 2 distinct sections One for the Calhoun family to include Bianca s Tower and the other for the Hotel that will become part of his family [...]

  24. Sloan Olha, bate me, se assim te sentires melhor.Amanda respirou fundo e deu lhe um murro que o deixou deitado de costas ESPETACULAR Em todos os aspetos o romance de Amanda e Sloan, a procura pelo colar de esmeraldas, o aparecimento de um criminoso que tamb m procura as esmeraldas, trazendo o perigo para a mans o CalhounSloan um noro fant stica, estou apaixonada por ele Um rapaz muito espirituoso, que proporcionou v rios momentos engra ados.

  25. Amanda aka Mandy bekerja sbg asisten manajer sebuah hotel dgn bos yg hanya bisa nyuruh, tau beres, tdk punya empati dgn bawahan, menimpakan kesalahan kpd bawahan sound like my ex boss The Callhoun dgn karakter disiplin, terorganisir, sangat logika sehingga paling pusing dgn tagihan2 castle krn dia yg bertugas membayarnya Btw, Amanda ini anak ketiga.Sloan the southerner jg sbg arsitek yg di hired utk renovasi castle Callhoun, santai, suka merayu

  26. Amanda has list set to take her far, and a man is at the very bottom of that list To her they would only get in the way of what she needs to do So what happens when cowboy Sloan comes literally bumping into her Love at first site WRONG I don t even think she fancies him at all So when she finds out he is the architect hired by Trent to renovate the Towers Amanda is anything but happy Yet he slowly makes his way into her mind and most importantly into her heart.

  27. This is the second book in the series and Amanda is not expecting to find herself interested in the annoying architect that is working to convert part of the house into a hotel Another great story following the Calhoun sisters I love the setting, the family and story Another winner from Nora Roberts I read this as a stand alone then again in a reprint combing the first two sisters into one book Worth reading both times I really like this series.

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