A Wall of Light

Free Read A Wall of Light - by Edeet Ravel - A Wall of Light, A Wall of Light I am Sonya Vronsky professor of mathematics at Tel Aviv University and this is the story of a day in late August On this remarkable day I kissed a student pursued a lover found my father and left
  • Title: A Wall of Light
  • Author: Edeet Ravel
  • ISBN: 9780679313540
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read A Wall of Light - by Edeet Ravel, A Wall of Light, Edeet Ravel, A Wall of Light I am Sonya Vronsky professor of mathematics at Tel Aviv University and this is the story of a day in late August On this remarkable day I kissed a student pursued a lover found my father and left my brother So begins A Wall of Light a novel which chronicles a single day in the life of Sonya a thirty two year old deaf woman about to break out of her predictable r I am Sonya V Free Read A Wall of Light - by Edeet Ravel - A Wall of Light, A Wall of Light I am Sonya Vronsky professor of mathematics at Tel Aviv University and this is the story of a day in late August On this remarkable day I kissed a student pursued a lover found my father and left
  • Free Read A Wall of Light - by Edeet Ravel
    399 Edeet Ravel
A Wall of Light

About Author

  1. I spent my first seven years on Sasa, an Israeli kibbutz, and the next ten in Montreal I returned to Jerusalem in 1973 to study at Hebrew University I wrote continually as I accumulated degrees a BA and MA in English, followed by an MA in Creative Writing and a PhD in Biblical Exegesis at McGill and then taught, but I did not send out my work until I was in my forties I had completed ten or so novels by then I now live in beautiful Guelph with my daughter Larissa.

One thought on “A Wall of Light

  1. i would give this book three and a half if possible, for i did end up enjoying it it was an unlikely candidate for being a book i became immersed in, but i thought it would be decent at least, and when one lives far from any good collection of english language books, you just aren t that picky but while it was slow picking up, at about the halfway point, i found that i was engaged both by the characters the story and the lovely writing interweaving the stories of three generations of a tel aviv [...]

  2. I disliked this book in so many ways Nothing at all happens Nothing It follows the story of 3 people at different time periods, which is usually a great formula for an interesting story Did I mention though that nothing at all happens This book is literally about 3 people whining for 300 pages

  3. Side stories seem to have been created to fill out a poorly written book time should have been spent on win story developing it into a real novelzy girl

  4. Picked this up used and it looked interesting I didn t realize that it was the third of a trilogy but do t let that stop you The three books are all about Different aspects of Israeli life but are stand alone stories I read this on the plane tonight coming to CA and enjoyed it It s a small but complex family and I needed to keep reviewing the family tree at first, especially since the story is told from different characters perspectives from different time periods The author cleverly intermingle [...]

  5. Glad I finally finished Edeet Ravel s trilogy a 4 find from the Women for Music book sale As always, I enjoy her writing, and I found the story of three generations of Israelis compelling the older immigrant Russian grandmother, the young army serving Israeli grandson, and the memorable character of Sonya, doubly impacted by tragic events in her young life, including deafness caused by a hospital accident The short chapters in the voices of the three main characters work well and keep the intere [...]

  6. The abrupt endings of Ms Ravel s books in the Tel Aviv trilogy leave you thirsting for However it adds to the realism with things not all being tied up in a neat little package at the end This particular story resonated with me because the main female character was deaf, as I am, and I found myself relating Of course there were the odd wee details pertaining to her hearing impairment which were unrealistic but I didn t mind them much.Like her previous two books in this trilogy, I am left with k [...]

  7. There were so many fascinating elements of immersing myself in this story It s set in Israel and told from the perspective of three different narrators the main one, protagonist Sonya, in modern day, her nephew, in the 80s and 90s, and her mother, in 1957 Between the three of them, we see Israel at various stages of its development I loved learning about this frontier world The characters themselves were lovable as she refers to them in the reading group notes at the end , and the plot was unpre [...]

  8. This is the final book in a trilogy where the characters are loosely connected but divided by experiencing Israeli life in different decades and through opposing viewpoints Ravel, the author, is politically left and it shows via her telling I admire her attempts at balance as she works to show her readers how Israeli Jewish contemporary history formed the people and the problems of today At her best Ravel is fair minded and introspective, rarely out and out accusing Nothing, she seems to tell us [...]

  9. I liked her book Ten Thousand Lovers, but this one seems emotionless and stiff The scene of the kiss with her student that was set up to be passionate made me cringe, his tongue moved back and forth in my mouth She has sex for the first in her thirties with a stranger and the first one she tells is her brother Did anyone else not buy that, or the brother s tepid reaction And when, immediately after, she analyzes her sexual experience to herself, it was excruciatingly clinical, like she was recal [...]

  10. A hauntingly beautiful love story, a poignant introduction to the realities of life in modern day Israel, and so much The only reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 is because my interest waned in the last 50 pages or so I m not sure if it was the story, the writing, or simply my mood Still, all in all, a well written and enjoyable book.

  11. A meditation on Israel s past and present Toronto Star Shimmers with suspense, mystery and wit The third in the Tel Aviv trilogy The confusing interweaving of 1957 and 1982 left me less inspired than the first and second books.

  12. A poignant exploration of life in Tel Aviv from 1957 to 2000, following the lives of three generations a mother, her children, and her grandson It illustrates how war changes everything and nothing.

  13. This book was a little odd It went Present, then Past, then Past before Past And I found the fact that Sonya all of a sudden had the urge to pursue a lover quite odd too But a good read, nonetheless.

  14. Quirky but compelling story of a woman relcaiming her life Told by three narrators at different moments in a family s history, all set in Tel Aviv against the backdrop of Israeli politics from the 50 s to the present day.

  15. Story of a deaf woman in Tel Aviv who in one day kissed a student, pursued a lover, found my father, and left my brother It was interesting and I m glad I read it, but I don t think I d necessarily recommend it to anyone.

  16. Found myself engaged right away I now want to read the first two books, although this one was a good stand alone.

  17. just broke my book buying moratorium to purchase the other 2 books in the trilogy this was the third and can stand alone

  18. It was good, but didn t engross me I felt the three books were related to each other, but it could have been three stories

  19. I loved this book It was a little hard to follow sometimes because it jumped back and forth from person to person but it was very good.

  20. An excellent read loved the style thought provoking passages description of life in Israel a bit frustrated with the Kostya martyr like character

  21. It took some time for me to feel involved with the characters and I am glad I persevered I particularly enjoyed sonia s unfolding story I imagine different readers will like different characters.

  22. Knowing so little about social Isreal this was a fun little read Interesting way of looking at isolation ans shelter.

  23. Stopped cleaning my apartment and finally found the time to read Finished Would like to read the other two in the trilogy now

  24. I liked it, but had to get myself into the headspace of reading a fairy tale Otherwise the whole thing is unbelievable Very engaging characters, though.

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