Spirit Witch

Spirit Witch Best Download || [Helen Harper] - Spirit Witch, Spirit Witch If anyone appreciates what it means to be dead to the world it s Ivy Wilde Barely recovered from her brush with necromancy Ivy is flung once into a world of intrigue adventure and potential death a
  • Title: Spirit Witch
  • Author: Helen Harper
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Spirit Witch Best Download || [Helen Harper], Spirit Witch, Helen Harper, Spirit Witch If anyone appreciates what it means to be dead to the world it s Ivy Wilde Barely recovered from her brush with necromancy Ivy is flung once into a world of intrigue adventure and potential death and disaster It s not her fault it just so turns out that she s now the only person in the entire world who can communicate with the dead And they re a chatty bunch wIf anyone appreciates Spirit Witch Best Download || [Helen Harper] - Spirit Witch, Spirit Witch If anyone appreciates what it means to be dead to the world it s Ivy Wilde Barely recovered from her brush with necromancy Ivy is flung once into a world of intrigue adventure and potential death a
  • Spirit Witch Best Download || [Helen Harper]
    371 Helen Harper
Spirit Witch

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  1. Helen Harper Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Spirit Witch book, this is one of the most wanted Helen Harper author readers around the world.

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  1. This is third in a series and I recommend that you at least read the first It d be better to read both if you want the full backstory and you probably do.I liked this one as much as the first We again have Winter and Ivy working together and that rocked The difference is that they both want to be working together, finally, and I m happy to say that Harper managed to make the transition to a stable relationship and still keep the character interactions interesting Indeed, I think their banter is [...]

  2. Lol Poor Ivy Ghosts are grumpy and her cat continues to be high maintenance and self centered He even pees on the wall out of spite.At least she has Winter.

  3. Please Helen harper if you re reading this, please write books in this amazing series I have absolutely fallen in love with this series Ivy and Winter are amazing characters with fabulous interactions Ivy and Winter are now officially a couple, and still the banter between them is exceptional.Ivy is just such a brilliant character, I loved when she met Winter s parents and I loved when she communicated with the ghosts, I just absolutely have a girl crush on the girl The mystery in this book was [...]

  4. Ivy Wilde is back and after her brush with necromantic magic she now has the unique ability to see and speak with ghosts And they re an intrusive and demanding bunch, which is a bit of a problem for someone like Ivy who has dedicated her life to not really doing much at all As an incentive for Ivy to help the ghosts they let her know about the actions of a mass murderer of witches and soon Ivy and Winter are on the case.This series continues to surprise with it being funny and light entertainmen [...]

  5. I love this series, I love stories where lazy characters save the day, overcome jerks, or just generally do well Helen Harper is a very talented author and from her output obviously not lazy like Ivy I ve read her Highland Magic series and this Lazy girl series and the characters and plots have all been excellent, but it s the little touches that she puts in her books that make them worthwhile For instance, her cat Brutus jumps in a box as any cat lover knows, cats love to do Ivy closes the lid [...]

  6. I was given this ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review This was an easy one I loved it Ivy is the most hilarious witch and the double act between her and Rafe is just brilliant They are a perfect couple now In this one, Ivy has some serious and somewhat irritating side effects as a result of the spell she cast at the end of Star Witch and an investigation into a mass murder comes about because of these side effects She can now talk to ghosts and is apparently the one in the entire w [...]

  7. Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsIvy and Winter are practically living together because they can t stay away from each other And Winter is trying to take care of Ivy since she nearly died Things are going so good though, when Ivy starts to see ghosts and doesn t understand it She ends up going to someone for help, and it brings a world of crazy down on her head Now, she and Winter must help the Order catch a serial killer before he kills again, but they may be too late This book was rea [...]

  8. I like where this series is going I like Ivy a lot and I like the fact that she doesn t spend one second apologizing for being lazy or unfit I also like the fact that we re seeing a newly in love couple and that the story does not revolve around breaking them up or a love triangle the silliness of young lovers is actually funny and endearing why don t we see this There are also some fabulously annoying Tarquin or cantankerous Grenville characters that add spice to the whole thing And as usual, [...]

  9. This was fun I ve really enjoyed this series The mostly lighthearted adventures of Ivy and her very rude cat have been a great source of comfort to me while the world s been going crazy.

  10. Ivy and Rafe are very good together and he is still pissed at The Order for putting her in danger last book However, he doesn t deal well with unemployment, so he is eager to help Ivy when she discovers she can talk to ghosts and there is a man killing witches The Order as well as the police get involved in the hunt I really love this series and hope there will be books I loved seeing how much people in The Order missed Rafe and Ivy wanting what is best for him and her.

  11. I enjoy the heck out of reading about a lazy, irreverent, disorganized, plump women, who turns being a coach potato into an art form, and still gets her man, and saves the day Because she is also competent, kind, witty, ingenious, courageous, and loyal And she does not give a shit The rest of the cast is nice, too, especially Brutus I want to spend time in that world and just hang out with the awesomeness that is Ivy.

  12. This was a fantastic read with great mystery, humour and romance I m assuming that this is the last of this series, if it is I m very happy with how it ended Although I would like to see Ivy and Rafe and especially Brutus Recommend.

  13. I love the fact that Rafe Ivy have fallen into this pattern of affectionate indulgence when the other goes a bit hare brained.

  14. Love it The ghosts are really funny, and it was fun to see Ivy as her usual self The Ivy Winter moments were cute too I could really tell that Ivy and Winter brought out the best within each other, and they make one kickass team There was a lot of character growth for both of them, and we can also see how Ivy s idea of what the Order is and stands for changed She thought they were crazy and strict in the first book, and now she really understands how the Order keeps everything in check The endin [...]

  15. READ Casting Cats in The Lazy Girl s Guide to Magic series by Helen HarperThe final book in The Lazy Girl s Guide to Magic series is not as good as the first two, I have to be honest I think it s because half the fun of the previews books was in figuring out who the bad guy was In Spirit Witch , we find out immediately who the bad guy is.Overall, I still really enjoyed this book and the entire series

  16. My Thoughts Now innocent little Brutus I also like the fact that this cat familiar is displaying and cannily intelligent behaviour A cat who can ring Ivy on her mobile Oohh I wonder what else the author is going to make Brutus do to torture Ivy now, there s a thought By the way, what s with the wand Ivy never uses a wand She s too lazy for that Anyways, this book has the best cover yet in the entire series thus far Hopefully it will be uphill from here on with the arts department for this seri [...]

  17. I ll miss Ivy I enjoyed this series so much.I think overall, it was a pretty good series I was surprised about it because I did read another series by the author and I remember dropping it around maybe book 4 or 5 because I got really annoyed with the characters It s different with me I can take having plot holes and having a lot of editing mistakes but I really can t take annoying or boring characters I really liked the characters here, especially Brutus I gave it 4 points because I found the s [...]

  18. The third book in this series, like the second, is quite dark a serial killer is on the loose and thanks to the necromantic chaos in Star Witch book 2 , Ivy is uniquely set up to help, even though it once again hampers her plans to be lazy as she can interact with ghosts Although the subject matter is quite dark, the author keeps the writing light with Ivy s internal monologue, banter with partner Winter, and the humor of her demanding cat It s a little longer than the last 2, I d say, but still [...]

  19. Ivy Rafe are now an item, this being the 3rd book Rafe was not impressed with his Boss almost getting Ivy killed in the previous book so he quit The Order Unfortunately, almost being killed by a necromancer has left Ivy with some after effects she sees cursed dead people Especially dead witches.That is how they find out about a serial killer who targets witches He s a Null, so magic doesn t affect him, which is hard for most witches to comprehend Once again Ivy is the brains who figures out wher [...]

  20. Thank you Sharon J for recommending this series to me This was an incredible read I fell in love with this series right from the start This installment just solidified my love for it Ivy and Winter are fantastic characters I loved that we got to see them as a couple in this book They were cute, especially when they banter My favorite character is still Ivy She is my type of heroine She is sassy, bad ass, and funny I love how she is smarter than she leads on, and that she really has a gift for he [...]

  21. I bloody love Ivy and Winter Seriously, these two are so funny together And they are a really cute couple They obviously love each other a lot and are so perfect for each other I would have loved to read about them It felt like the book ended too soon And although I enjoyed the epilogue from Brutus POV, I still missed Ivy or Winter s POV And I would have liked it to be a longer epilogue too I will miss these two I hope there will be a 4th book Or was it the last Even a short novella showing how [...]

  22. Cette s rie J aime les personnages d amour Y compris le chat Brutus surtout le chat Brutus peut tre m me Encore une fois une enqu te encore plus pouss e et travaill e que dans les deux pr c dents tomes, les personnages gagnent en densit et en intensit m me si je ne pensais pas que c tait possible Beaucoup d humour, de subtilit , de personnages forts mais sans que l on tombe dans l exag ration ou la caricature a se lit tout seul, c est savoureux.Et je suis en deuil que ce soit termin M me s il me [...]

  23. Hilarious Read the last two books back to back without wasting any time Not ready to let go of Brutus just yet Oh Yes Also Wilde and Winter Fervently wishing for Book 4

  24. 3.5 Stars, much like the other two, It is a light read and pretty fun book even with a serial killer as the main bad guy.

  25. I have enjoyed this series Lots of great action, humor, and mystery Brutus the cat is a total hoot I can t wait to read of this series.

  26. 4 stars for the entire seriesThis series was just a lot of fun to read Ivy is hilarious in her attempt to avoid anything that is too much like work and her desire to do nothing than lounge around at home doing as little as possible, despite having heaps of natural talent and Winter is her perfect balance, but by far the BEST character in this series is Brutus the talking cat and yes he mostly says EXACTLY what you imagine a cat would The plots for each book were fast moving and kept you reading [...]

  27. This one wasn t my favorite in the series but it still made for a decent read This one seemed a bit slower paced I really like the characters though Once again the cat is my favorite I look forward to to come.

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