The Bloody Benders

[PDF] Read ✓ The Bloody Benders : by Robert H. Adleman - The Bloody Benders, The Bloody Benders None
  • Title: The Bloody Benders
  • Author: Robert H. Adleman
  • ISBN: 9780722110362
  • Page: 153
  • Format: None

[PDF] Read ✓ The Bloody Benders : by Robert H. Adleman, The Bloody Benders, Robert H. Adleman, The Bloody Benders None [PDF] Read ✓ The Bloody Benders : by Robert H. Adleman - The Bloody Benders, The Bloody Benders None
  • [PDF] Read ✓ The Bloody Benders : by Robert H. Adleman
    153 Robert H. Adleman
The Bloody Benders

About Author

  1. A photographer and tail gunner in World War II, Adleman was a businessman and a historian who began a collaboration with U.S Army Colonel George Walton to write books about World War II, the most successful of which was 1966 s The Devil s Brigade A story about the 1st Special Service Force nicknamed the Devil s Brigade , the book would be turned into a motion picture of the same name.After selling the movie rights, Adleman and his wife moved from Philadelphia to Malibu, California They remained there for a number of years until they acquired a large ranch property in Oregon At which point they opened the restaurant The Bella Union, featuring the peach baboo , a cocktail named after their grandson s childhood treat The Bella Union remains successful in Jacksonville, Oregon to this day Adleman died in 1995 His wife and two daughters scattered his ashes on the ocean at the beach in Malibu.

One thought on “The Bloody Benders

  1. The Bloody Benders is historical fiction, starring the Bender family who lived in southeast Kansas in the 1870 s They moved to the area, set up shop with an inn, and took in weary travelers from the Osage Trail The problem is, many of those weary travelers never left their inn their bodies instead turned up buried in the orchard outside Mr Adleman conducted intense research for this book, and it shows, even down to the local dialect His theory about what might have happened to the Bender family, [...]

  2. This family was crazy and then some Interesting story of their life, how they killed and VANISHED in the middle of the night Wonder what happened to them Did they kill again

  3. I know that I said the Axeman of New Orleans was the best in the series, but I lied Bloody Benders is by far the best The illustrations are far complex and intriguing The story kept me hooked and strapped to my seat In all due honesty, I had never heard of the Bloody Benders so some of my excitement could have come from being introduced to the legend Still, this adaptation of the legend is very intriguing and perfectly fits the mysterious story.In case you re like me and don t know the story, I [...]

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