Unger House Radicals

[PDF] Unger House Radicals | by Ú Chris Kelso Shane Swank - Unger House Radicals, Unger House Radicals When aspiring and nihilistic film maker Vincent Bittacker falls in love with mercurial serial killer Brandon Swarthy they decide to embark upon a bloody journey to re define cinema and create their ow
  • Title: Unger House Radicals
  • Author: Chris Kelso Shane Swank
  • ISBN: 9780995453708
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unger House Radicals | by Ú Chris Kelso Shane Swank, Unger House Radicals, Chris Kelso Shane Swank, Unger House Radicals When aspiring and nihilistic film maker Vincent Bittacker falls in love with mercurial serial killer Brandon Swarthy they decide to embark upon a bloody journey to re define cinema and create their own sub culture Ultra Realism [PDF] Unger House Radicals | by Ú Chris Kelso Shane Swank - Unger House Radicals, Unger House Radicals When aspiring and nihilistic film maker Vincent Bittacker falls in love with mercurial serial killer Brandon Swarthy they decide to embark upon a bloody journey to re define cinema and create their ow
  • [PDF] Unger House Radicals | by Ú Chris Kelso Shane Swank
    346 Chris Kelso Shane Swank
Unger House Radicals

About Author

  1. Chris Kelso is an award winning genre writer, editor and illustrator from Scotland His work has been published widely across the UK, US and Canada.He and Garrett Cook are the co creators of The Imperial Youth Review and he runs a film studies imprint for Rooster Republic Press called RoosterVision.

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  1. I just finished reading this book My head feels like a carousel at full speed Where was I I m dizzy and confused I m feeling a bit elated, too Because this is one cosmic wordstorm It is a hyper real horror story, an experiment in nihilism and a mind bending philosophical whirlwind In the beginning, there are Vincent Bittacker and Brandon Swarthy, two of the vilest characters to enter into the world of film making Their project is brutal, and the characters seem to merge at times, making the narr [...]

  2. Um Wtf did I just read I am going to say that this one was very good and I really enjoyed it although I did have several moments where I couldn t figure out what was going on and was thrown for a loop a bit with the pieces of nonlinear timeline How could I still like it as much as I did I have no idea.

  3. I am going to make a rather odd comparison here between the writing of Chris Kelso and Swedish tech metal pioneers Meshuggah Firstly, Meshuggah are known for their extreme stylings, complex polymetered song structures and polyrhythms Meshuggah aren t everybody s cup of tea A whole album of listening is a little too much for me, though I can fully appreciate the excellence of the musicianship and song structure In a similar way, Chris Kelso isn t your average writer His stories are often complex, [...]

  4. It is fitting that Unger House Radicals starts with an Andy Warhol quote and a glimpse of the first narrator watching Andy Warhol s 8 hour film titled Sleep Warhol was the poster boy for turning banality into art and The Factory was far from the idealist art community that many pretended it was Mary Woronov popped that bubble in her memoir of negativity, nihilism, and drug use titled Swimming Underground My Years in the Warhol Factory Chris Kelso s strange and fragmented novel has its own art mo [...]

  5. This was a lot different than the stuff I ve been reading lately Laugh out loud in parts, cringe in disgust in others while remaining entertaining throughout There were parts that reminded me of other authors and other books but I did not feel like these were ripped off or copied, just similar This guy can write and he makes abstract concepts accessible without losing the absurdity of the content, if that makes sense to anyone I recommend this book but not to everyone.

  6. I wanted to like this one than I actually did The idea of achieving some fort of dark transcendence through art is incredibly sexy to me It s something that Laird Barron and a couple other horror authors are great at Unfortunately, there wasn t much for me to reflect on with Kelso s idea of ultrarealism, a cinematographic current that fetishizes murder and torture to achieve what exactly I m not sure Why ultrarealism should be any scarier or different than a snuff film eluded me and the novel d [...]

  7. Writing reviews should be easy, especially after almost seven years of doing it A varied and widespread reading within the gene should prepare a reviewer for almost anything the genre throws at them, or so I thought Yes, there has been the odd struggle with a bothersome sentence or a poorly worded paragraph, but in the main the reviews have come fairly easily That was until I came upon Unger House Radicals by Chris Kelso, it is a book that made me question my abilities both as a reader and as a [...]

  8. Wow What a wildly imaginative story It begins with a young filmmaker Vincent meeting an older man Brandon and becoming immediately obsessed But this is no romantic tale Brandon is a homicidal psychopath to whom violence is a way of life A religion In some ways the beginning of their dynamic reminded me of Palahniuk s Fight Club with The Narrator and Tyler Durden, the way one character desperately needed the other and there is the question of identity, a question that comes up time and again thro [...]

  9. Dark and surreal with bursts of extreme horror and philosophy, Unger House Radicals is a flawlessly constructed and intelligent read Never one to take the obvious path, Chris Kelso has turned in another worth while dose of intensity Dare to be different.

  10. I am learning to appreciate the fact that when I read an author like Kelso I need to put expectations to the side The first book I read by him was a great dark spaces out sci fi poetry narrative about depression called The Black Dog Eats The City Unger House Radicals is a extreme and violent story written in a blended non linear style.Unger House starts off as a straight forward story about a serial killer and a disturbed film maker developing a personal relationship as well as a new style of e [...]

  11. With a writer like Chris Kelso, you are either open enough to appreciate his work or you re not In Unger House Radicals, the Ultra Realist movement turns a snuff film by Vincent Bittaker and Brandon Swarthy into the catalyst for it s agenda, promoting mass suicide for the sake of art As the legend of Unger House grows to a fanatical cult status a counter movement emerges with The Last True Hope Sinister and violent, with the effect of a whirlwind, what sets this book apart for me is that althoug [...]

  12. This is a really unique book that left me confused but remarkably impressed It starts out as a serial killer story but descends with increasing speed into a surreal, nihilistic, bizzaro piece that became challenging and messed up as it went along Some of the surrealist writers finish their books with chaotic and somewhat unrewarding endings but I found the ending to this strangely satisfying.

  13. A powerful and complex novel, that totally wrongfoots the reader by starting in a serial killer vein and then becoming a excoriating gonzo philosophical treatise with sf elements and a healthy dose of weirdness Bizarre, gritty, startlingly clever Much recommended

  14. Original review from shotgunlogic 2017 11 18 uEvery now and then you read a book and are immediately struck by its cinematic qualities Novels like Stephen King s IT and Josh Malerman s Bird Box seemed destined straight off the press for the big screen and, indeed as it has come to pass, both have ended up there with King s piece almost ready to release to the blu ray and DVD crowd and Malerman s in production even as I write this But is it possible for a book to be so vividly cinematic as to be [...]

  15. Wow This is a strange book I had seen this book popping up on and on Facebook but it really came to my attention just over a week ago when the GingerNutsofHorror review site and two other review sites that I can t recall just now, listed it in their top five books of the year so far These guys read a lot of books so a top five even half way through a year is worth checking out As usual I went to and started reading the reviews that were already available on the book They all seemed pretty positi [...]

  16. Ultra Realism is a bloody sub culture created by a nihilistic film maker and a psychopathic mass murder and Chris Kelso expertly uses this subculture to explore some aspects of our society now the rise of cult, the adoration of celebrity the fascination with crime, murder and Youtube horrors UHR is about the erosion of society s values and asks the questions, what is important to us, what do we really feel and what do we fear And if the erosion continues, do we deserve to live Ultra Realism thin [...]

  17. I think that there are some books that exist out there on a plane of being, beyond the significance of whether or not I like it I would be lying if I said I really understood all of what I read in Unger House Radicals For me, books like this are an experience similar to jazz It isn t so much about the words that get to you as much as the emotions that you are taken to by the pitch and melody.This is not a book that is going to be for everybody Some of the content is quite graphic and will distur [...]

  18. Chris Kelso, known for crafting books that are often meta cognitive explorations of a Dystopian nightmare, has assembled a linear, plot driven piece with Unger House Radicals, though the plot and linearity are used loosely here, with consideration to Kelso s works Kelso uses a collective of unique personalities against the backdrop of an artistic, world changing revolution that involves violence and art While these themes are often utilized in Kelso s work, a subtle analysis of love and obsessi [...]

  19. I d heard lots of good things about this book and have enjoyed Kelso s writing previously so came to this with high expectations Whilst I found it interesting, the style with so many different yet similar voices made it difficult to engage Coincidentally I m currently reading Thomas M Disch s 334 which although completely different in subject matter also utilises a similarly disjointed style and just as you get interested in one thread it get yanked away to another Unger House Radicals is packed [...]

  20. Oh My God WOWjust wowWhat a baffling, boggling, brain bender of a book Unger House Radicals was I was completely mesmerized Mesmerized by the unconventional, abnormally unusual story and at Chris Kelso s hypnotic writing style It s writing that is so beautiful, which is knock you upside the head jarring considering its content So much horrific beauty thoughAnd take a look at the breathtaking cover picture, reallyjust look at it There are plenty ominously delectable hidden picture within a pictu [...]

  21. Who says Chris Kelso don t throw wild parties First It s complicated to describe how good this book is without sounding sociopath.Second I don t do synopses.Third Unger House is a character per se that has memories I am always the reluctant accomplice and this is really shocking See no evil hear no evil, bullshit Chris Kelso is an author able to offer without any complex a gripping, disturbing and claustrophobic story He doesn t need special effects to make things work Many can feel that his wri [...]

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