Unlimited Aftermath - by Joe Reyes - Aftermath, Aftermath Aftermath is a growing series about war love brutality and most of all survival What was once the United States has become a savage post apocalyptic environment where the worst of the worst prosper
  • Title: Aftermath
  • Author: Joe Reyes
  • ISBN: 9781681111124
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Aftermath - by Joe Reyes, Aftermath, Joe Reyes, Aftermath Aftermath is a growing series about war love brutality and most of all survival What was once the United States has become a savage post apocalyptic environment where the worst of the worst prosper and the remaining good hide The series features a brutal setting where seven characters in different parts of the United States must adapt to this new environment The fiAftermath is a grow Unlimited Aftermath - by Joe Reyes - Aftermath, Aftermath Aftermath is a growing series about war love brutality and most of all survival What was once the United States has become a savage post apocalyptic environment where the worst of the worst prosper
  • Unlimited Aftermath - by Joe Reyes
    287Joe Reyes

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  1. Joe Reyes Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Aftermath book, this is one of the most wanted Joe Reyes author readers around the world.

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  1. When the bombs fell, it wasn t a war it was an obliteration No one had any idea who shot first or why Joe Reyes debut novel, Aftermath, is a story of a post apocalyptic America Taking place about five years after the bombs fell, we get to see through the eyes and minds of Ian, Ron, Sara, Eric, Justin, Carmen and Alice Reading from these characters POV s, Joe Reyes shows how drastically a survivor of this kind of catastrophe can change, and just how adaptable people can be when their will to live [...]

  2. There are times when this book is a little bit graphic, and you don t really get a clear idea of how the apocalypse started or who even started it This novel also has very small elements of Dystopia The ending also had a cliffhanger, and left me slightly confused as to who Collins is after I got a copy in exchange for an honest review.

  3. Post apocalyptic fiction is quickly becoming a coveted genre for me Joe Reyes Aftermath most certainly belongs on any dystopian loving reader s To Read list.Set in a decimated United States that is no longer a formal country, Aftermath portrays life after the bombs fell from several different points of view Ian, Carmen, Sara, Ron, Eric, Justin, and Alice are each rebuilding their lives and surviving by different tactics, ranging from slave to vigilante and all positions between The moral compass [...]

  4. I really enjoy the dystopian genre It interests me to find out how people imagine the world, as we know it, meets its end and what the rebuild would be like There are many different ways for both the end and the new beginning In Aftermath the story is primarily set in the rebuild stage After we have been in it a bit, the author sprinkles in the backstory with the memories of the main characters This is where we learn what they were doing, five years earlier, when the end comes and what each know [...]

  5. I was provided a copy of this book for an honest review The author did a really good job character building and there were some story lines that I liked a lot better than others This book had a lot of action packed scenes in it, some gore and violence which doesn t bother me too bad I feel as though it is a good representation of what may happen after an apocalypse type situation, especially the cannibalism There are some LGBT characters too which I give the author cool points for The things I [...]

  6. In this near future dystopia, bombs have fallen, the countryside appears undamaged but civilisation is broken, and society has been completely dislocated It reminded me somewhat of Golding s Lord of the Flies certainly some factions in this post apocalyptic America have abandoned morality and adopted a kill or be killed attitude The major utilities have failed People have no means of washing, and very little to eat, yet in the towns survivors try to keep a near normal lifestyle going.There are f [...]

  7. I have to give this book 4 stars I really enjoyed this book s vision of a post apocalyptic America I am an avid reader of the young adult genre and it just seems to be my go to At first, the story was a little confusing, but as I read on, I really started to get to know and understand the characters.The author writes from different people s perspectives and each story really does pull you in from the beginning It is set about five years after the bombs go off It s a little vague as to the real r [...]

  8. Are you kidding me No, you can t end a book like that and expect me not to panic Oh wow it was so good I received a digital copy of the book from the author via booktasters in exchange for an honest review, so thank you For real, thank you That was a thrilling ride.I ve got to be honest, i don t usually read post apocalyptic novels, specially because I don t tolerate blood and seeing humanity in its worst really makes me sad, however I think that everything was handle so well in here and for tha [...]

  9. Some considered the victims of death to be the lucky ones because they didn t have to deal with the Aftermath of this post apocalyptic world Others did what they must in order to survive, however awful or gruesome it may have seemed It was minuscule in terms of survival Whether you chose to unite as a community and try and rebuild, or attempted to live off the land on your own trusting no one, or joined a rebellious tribe, neither option was an easy one This story incorporates the perspectives o [...]

  10. To read or not to read Read Although it took me a few chapters to get into the story and writing style, I really enjoyed Aftermath In places, it felt like a cross between the Gone series by Michael Grant and the Divergent series by Veronica Roth but it very rapidly returned to its own unique story again It felt a lot longer than 284 pages, but in a good way it was fast paced all the way through and never felt dragged out, even when it focussed on the characters I cared a little less about As my [...]

  11. Loved the book, Thanks booksters for introducing me to Joe Reyes and Thanks Joe Reyes for giving me opportunity to read this book.The story features Seven characters in post apocalyptic America have abandoned morality and adopted a kill or be killed attitude The book grips you from the beginning and its intense timeline didn t let loosen the grip.few pages into the story and you feel sympathetic about these character You start looking for the dots that will connect them in the end.Its a must rea [...]

  12. Aftermath is the first book I have read in the dystopian genre of books and I found myself reading when I was to be leaving for work.During this reading adventure, you meet 7 people Those people wonder if they will be killed by the person they met or helped It is a page turner to the very end with a plot twist My favorite character was Ian and I hope to read about him in future books please In all this read is good the book flows well and that is key to telling a story.I learned about this book [...]

  13. My former student s boyfriend is the author of Aftermath and I was thrilled to be able to read it It is not my typical read, for it features a cold, bleak, dark existence in a post apocalyptic world The story alternates from the current setting after the bombs have gone off and years earlier in the timeline The plot follows several different characters as their lives intertwine in unique ways I became caught up in their different experiences and was rooting for them to find some sort of peace in [...]

  14. This reviewer was provided a free copy in exchange for an honest review which means, you got it I am really honest Honestly confused This is a book of statements, beginning with the title Aftermath A Post Apocalyptic Novel Before the reader has even turned the first page, the setting has been set And so goes most of the novel The sentence structure is very static, mostly beginning with The or He and almost never with an action, like Running or Screaming It gives the book a sedentary feel, even w [...]

  15. There is something so tantalizing about dystopian fiction It s this perfect opportunity to dissect human nature into the most basic elements to break down the effects of fear, violence, and the lack of amenities as we know them Aftermath is THE perfect example of what dystopian fiction should be wide spread terror, uncanny violence cannibalism anyone , undying and impossible love, revenge, and an unexpected cliff hanger at the end Let me tell you, friends, Reyes knocked this one out of the park [...]

  16. My Rating 4 StarsFirst of all, I want to thank the author Joe Reyes for reaching out to me and sending me a free copy of his book in exchange for an honest review I am a big fan of the dystopian genre For me it s both interesting and scary to think of which realities might actually happen and how humans with deal with the changes This is one of the reasons I really enjoyed Aftermath, since it s focused on the re building phase than the actual moment of the apocalypse Aftermath takes place in a [...]

  17. Unfortunately, does not allow half stars, but if they did, I would give this 3.5 stars out of 5.I am no stranger to dystopian literature, as I consider it one of my favorite genres So when a company named Booktasters reached out to me giving me the option to read a book in exchange for an honest review, this novel immediately stood out to me among the rest I contacted the author, and he provided me with a free digital copy of the book.Aftermath is a post apocalyptic novel set sometime in the fut [...]

  18. AFTERMATH Paperback ISBN 9781681111124, Wasteland Press, A post apocalyptic novel by Joe Reyes.The plot follows the course taken by survivors of an unexpected bombing attack on the United States that has left the country in a chaotic state brutally fought over by warring ideological groups but ruled by none The strong prey upon the weak who attempt to survive any way they can Food is in short supply with starvation imminent Towns are invaded, their inhabitants cannibalized, doctors embark regula [...]

  19. This is a dystopia set in the US following a major unexpected missile attack that has wiped out most of civilization, and has left survivors to fend for themselves About five years have passed, and all that has happened is that everybody is still basically trying to live off the remains, and are killing each other to get at the diminishing remains Some groups have banded together to get security and have better fighting capability, and they seem to still have good medical supplies, but it is far [...]

  20. Aftermath is a post apocalyptic novel written by Joe Reyes It is a novel about seven characters trying to survive into the world of ruin, where hope for better tomorrows was long time abandoned If you were not into the post apocalyptic novels then it would maybe be a good idea for you to skip this one, not because the novel is bad, but because it is heavy in every meaning of that word For example, in the first several pages, we have a boy named Ian who is hoping that one day he will maybe see wa [...]

  21. 4 5 People and bean again War can bring out the worst in people, but people can also bring out the worst in war Aftermath by Joe Reyes is the story of seven characters belonging to different survivor groups enduring the post apocalyptic aftermath of America Their human nature may change but they all have the same agenda Survival As their stories weave into one another, death and suspense cloud over their lives As the aftermath tests relationships, morals and sanity, life couldn t be any worse fo [...]

  22. A clock blares through the room Aftermath is a dystopian novel based in post apocalyptic America The stories we follow happen five years after the bombs fell Ian, Ron, Sara, Eric, Justin, Carmen and Alice are our survives Everything happens from there points of view writing from this position Reyes gives the reader an insight into different accounts of survival rather than just the typical one POV Each character follows a different path of survival, my favourite narrative to follow was Alice s b [...]

  23. This post apocalyptic story focuses on seven main characters Ian, Ron, Sara, Eric, Carmen, Justin and Alice and how they cope and survive after the breakout of the apocalypse in America The world is built up within the first five or so chapters and the reader can visualise the world without too much difficulty The plot hardly becomes boring and there are little twists here and there which kept me entertained and on the edge on my seat At times the scenes were quite graphic what with the cannibal [...]

  24. No spoilers, just honest hype.Aftermath is the first in a new series by writer Joe Reyes It follows seven main characters in their fight for survival in a post apocalyptic America It s not a new concept, but somehow Reyes has found a way to breathe life into a well played out genre You will not be reading a story that has been written and rewritten by others it s a standout, knockout book.I appreciate that we are able to experience this story through multiple characters, it adds depth to the sto [...]

  25. Rating 3.5Aftermath was an interesting read There are several plot lines which make it a bit confusing at the beginning but it all soon starts to connect, making the story much attractive The post apocalyptic setting is described well enough to give the reader chills from time to time I was pleasantly surprised by the originality of the world building, though it doesn t go very deep since it s a pretty short novel There are a lot of characters, some interesting than others A few are forgettabl [...]

  26. This was my first book set in an post apocolyptic world, and I enjoyed reading it very much It suprised my in the start how graphic it was at times, but when I continued to read it I realized that this would probably happen in real life if the conditions were the same I really liked that you got to read from multipul POV s, both men and women And that they were on different sides There were several times I recognized myself in the characters And that shows that Joe Reyes is an amazing author.The [...]

  27. Ok, where do I start I guess I will jump right in, pretty much like the author did at the start of this book I could have done with a little less of the so called character building It was a little annoying, and no one was truly memorable Even the dog s character was confusing lol I did not like how the author jumped around without really saying much The individual storylines were killing me slowly I guess there just weren t any lasting likable characters for me There was some cool action not so [...]

  28. This novel by Joe Reyes tells the story of 7 unique characters, all of who are living in a post apocalyptic U.S These characters, like Ian and Ron, are constantly working to fight against one another for control and to also kill each other which ends up leading to a massive war However, there are other things they need to worry about and which they aren t aware of yet.As soon as you open the book, Reyes will capture your imagination with his descriptive writing Throughout the book this writing s [...]

  29. Aftermath by Joe Reyes I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from the author.This book is set in a post apocalyptic world To story follows several different types of people how they deal with survivalitially the time line is set 5 years after the event that totally destroyed modern life sets out the current circumstances how they are currently living Then the story flash backs 5 years to the day of disaster how each survived, before returning to their current circumstan [...]

  30. This story takes place in what once were the United States, which were attacked and bands of outlaws rule, take hostage innocent, naive and basically good people who have no will to engage in a war The story relates the experiences of several groups of people and how they had to change in order to survive, as well as how they have to, at least pretend, to adapt too their captors demands to be able to find a way out and to reunite with their lost loved ones.It is a very entertaining book, the plo [...]

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