[PDF] Read ✓ Broken : by X. Aratare - Broken, Broken Nick Fairfax vows to do whatever Lord Bane Dunsaney desires for one year In exchange Nick s family gets a chance to regain their fortune Is this the worst mistake of Nick s life or will it lead to a
  • Title: Broken
  • Author: X. Aratare
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ✓ Broken : by X. Aratare, Broken, X. Aratare, Broken Nick Fairfax vows to do whatever Lord Bane Dunsaney desires for one year In exchange Nick s family gets a chance to regain their fortune Is this the worst mistake of Nick s life or will it lead to a love only found in fairy tales A modern M M retelling of Beauty The Beast Sensitive aspiring photographer Nick Fairfax wants nothing to do with his family s corp Nick Fairfax vows to do what [PDF] Read ✓ Broken : by X. Aratare - Broken, Broken Nick Fairfax vows to do whatever Lord Bane Dunsaney desires for one year In exchange Nick s family gets a chance to regain their fortune Is this the worst mistake of Nick s life or will it lead to a
  • [PDF] Read ✓ Broken : by X. Aratare
    407 X. Aratare

About Author

  1. X Aratare is the pseudonym for Raythe Reign s Gay M M books.

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  1. Overall book rating 3.8Audio Book Narrator Michael Pauley Mixed feelings 3 4 StarsBook Cover 3 CLIFFIE ALERT There I said it and now I feel better.Okay So basically I was in the mood for a little sappy Beauty and the Beast Hence the fact that deep down I truly wasn t expecting a great deal from the book I was pleasantly surprised though.I like the whole Bengal Tiger thing Partly because it s a new spin on the whole beast thing, and partly because WHO DOESN T LOVE WHITE BENGAL TIGERS Because I oc [...]

  2. If you want to read part of a book instead of a novel, with a cliffhanger ending and no idea when, if ever, the second book will be published, go ahead and buy But since this is the second book from this author and this publisher where I got cliffhangered when I believed I d purchased a complete novel, I m buying nothing from this company or by this author until the advertising reflects the facts For all I know, it could take 3 or 4 or 5 books to actually finish this story The other cliffhanger [...]

  3. AUDIOBOOK 3 STARS, for tacky musical chapter changesStory 4 STARS for UF lovers only oh and shifters and folk lore curses too It kept my attention throughout and I m really interested for the sequel, as it should be a direct follow on and things just started to get very interesting

  4. I really enjoyed the story once I got past the beginning and Nick being just an ass Yes it ends in a cliff hanger What I really disliked is the music between chapters Off to the next book in this series.

  5. I really enjoyed this story It was sweet and I loved the paranormal aspect of this story, as well as the family dynamics My only complaint is that I would not have read it knowing where the story ended I would have preferred to read this novel after the second was already released.

  6. RECOMENDEDI absolutely love this series and am craving the next book Such a wonderful author overall From all the books I have read, this author writes the best heart filling and heart breaking stories NEED

  7. I have a few niggles, and the author is in dire need of a good editor, but I enjoyed the story and look forward to the next one.

  8. This book is a better take on a fairytale than Tara Lain s Beauty, Inc BUT it is a take on an already known story, which can be Boring.So Nick is the Beauty in this one, he s the youngest of 3 brothers and of course a fair, sensitive soul Their mother died when Nick was 9, and he has been on the outskirts of the family ever since.His brothers are manipulative, greedy and all around douchebags, JUST LIKE their father.Nick has been given an ultimatum Give up your foolish dreams of becoming a photo [...]

  9. First, this was an audiobook but that edition has not been added yetThe entire premise of this book was fantasticdentured servitude, undeniable attraction met with a refusal to accept I loved the adventure that the author was taking us onbute ending of this book sucked, with a big ole exclamation point I wanted an happily ever after and I was left hanging It was not until I reread the publisher summary that I realized that it was the first part of a three part seriesat was a relief and now I am [...]

  10. I love MM versions of classical stories Some are very refreshing, including this one, with an interesting take on the circumstances and effects of the curse The beauty is a guy with the misfortune of having a horrible family, but that has kept himself pure heated in a modern sense he wants to believe in humanity and love, he lives for his art and honestly cherishes his friends.It ends in a cliffhanger and the next book is not yet released but it s a retelling of Beauty and the Beast so I m guess [...]

  11. Loved it An excellent re telling of beauty the beast Nick Bane had excellent chemistry, and I loved that Nick was not afraid to stand up to Bane I cannot wait for the next book EXCELLENT READ

  12. Come back to this author Really want to know what happens next Withholding higher rating till I see how it plays out.

  13. I listened to book 2.5 in this series some time ago I was intrigued by the fairytale theme beauty and the beast from the m m perspective so I greedily snapped up books 1 and 2 When I realized there would be a third book I decided to wait to start at the beginning I felt a binge coming on and was worth the wait Since the final book is out I began This is a very romantic reframing of the original fairytale It ignites a slow burn, a tease, if you will I know each book will burn a little stronger un [...]

  14. This book is about a different version of Beauty and the Beast and is a very intriguing and uniqueThe story is about romance between two males Bane Izzy cursed man who killed the spirit of the Tiger when he was in the India 100 years ago He survived a hostile takeover from Nick s family and what s going to leave them bankrupt Nick begs him not to do this Bane think Nick s family is useless.Even though Bane is intrigued by Nick, he is determined to prove Nick is useless.The interaction between Ni [...]

  15. Just like other readers, I m only rating this 2 stars for the cliffhanger It s not a bloody manga where I have to wait for the next chapter to be written and published Also, it isn t fanfiction where the author leaves the story unfinished or in cliffhangers Other authors have used their couple, made them go through loops to find their HEA but they leave each book with at least an HFN Which here, neither were present So maybe it s because it s late but I thought this was a long book and for that [...]

  16. Love me some beauty and the beastI am a huge fan of beauty and the beast and i love mm romance erotica so this book is perfect for me and anyone with the same likes This story gripped me and i am looking forward to continue it in book 2 and 3 I like that it is 3 books, that way you get build up,story and character development and the story is not over too soon There are sometimes a bit too much description for me but it doesn t distract you from the overall story.

  17. Audio book Review I really enjoyed Book 1 of a 3 book story This is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, but very loosely based on that fairy tale Although it definitely is a fairy tale, it is contemporary enough to keep me engaged This first book is how Bane and Nick meet, not under the best circumstances Bane mistakenly believes Nick is a spoilt rich brat, not the kind, sweet artistic man who has been rejected from his despicable family And Nick mistakenly believes that Bane is a cruel bully i [...]

  18. I loved the story and found it well written and engaging however, the fact that it ends in the middle is both annoying and ridiculous I shall think twice before picking up another book by this author.

  19. AmazingI could not put this book down Now I have to know what happens to Bane and Nick I love how the author was able to weave this story together Amazing craftsmanship You will enjoy reading this book.

  20. I enjoyed the book, as I do love a good retelling, BUT ending on a major cliffhanger non resolution not happy about that, at all.I did go ahead and buy the other 2 books in the series, but would ve liked to know up front that I needed to do that in order to complete the story.

  21. This is the second series I ve read by this author Apart from needing a proofreader for the odd few errors, this is a reasonable read I look forward to part 2.

  22. Really GoodI think two guys together is sexy as hell, throw in supernatural and it s now great, I will be reading lots Thanks for the awesome xtory.

  23. A beautiful, sweet and tender version of Beauty and The Beast retelling Got this first book for free and because it s ended with cliffhanger I d love to buy the next book.

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