Bitch Witch

Free Read Bitch Witch - by S.R. Karfelt Blue Harvest Creative - Bitch Witch, Bitch Witch Can good triumph over evilwhen evil runs in your veins The problem is Sarah Elizabeth Archer doesn t have to put up with anybody s crap Coming from a long line of witches who lost their souls to dark
  • Title: Bitch Witch
  • Author: S.R. Karfelt Blue Harvest Creative
  • ISBN: 9780989534758
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Bitch Witch - by S.R. Karfelt Blue Harvest Creative, Bitch Witch, S.R. Karfelt Blue Harvest Creative, Bitch Witch Can good triumph over evilwhen evil runs in your veins The problem is Sarah Elizabeth Archer doesn t have to put up with anybody s crap Coming from a long line of witches who lost their souls to dark energy Sarah is determined to change her fate Turning her back on her birthright she smothers her natural instincts with a boring job and quiet life But when Sarah geCan good triumph ove Free Read Bitch Witch - by S.R. Karfelt Blue Harvest Creative - Bitch Witch, Bitch Witch Can good triumph over evilwhen evil runs in your veins The problem is Sarah Elizabeth Archer doesn t have to put up with anybody s crap Coming from a long line of witches who lost their souls to dark
  • Free Read Bitch Witch - by S.R. Karfelt Blue Harvest Creative
    311 S.R. Karfelt Blue Harvest Creative
Bitch Witch

About Author

  1. Before writing full time, S.R dabbled in the engineering world She co founded a high tech company with her husband before returning to the other love of her life, writing S.R writes wherever the wind blows her, but currently calls the soaring capital of the world home To learn about S.R visit her website at SRKarfelt

One thought on “Bitch Witch

  1. Nope Didn t really feel it 1.5 stars.I found the whole thing pretty ridiculous and way too boring The description sounded so good but the real thing failed so bad.

  2. Sarah Archer is a witch She comes from a long line of witches They were bad She doesn t want to be.At the back of this book, the author has written a personal message to her readers, and I think her final sentence sums it up perfectly for me Surely there s a little bitch witch in all of us, and even when we follow the light there s just no getting rid of her completely, is there From the first page, I felt an instant connection to Sarah Elizabeth Archer as she battles against her inherited bitch [...]

  3. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.S R Karfelt continues to surprise me Bitch Witch is a fantastic read Ever wonder what happens to a witch, using black magic, when she decides to stop because she doesn t want to pay the price the darkness demands Fast paced, hard to put down I could use all the usual adjectives to describe a great read However, this time Karfelt has surpassed her other books in that this book gives hope to the reader as well as a good story We all have something [...]

  4. Received in a giveaway in exchange for an honest review Really wanted to like this book Opening action started off well and I like the Sarah character Things started to go downhill for me before she left the Target parking lot, though I forced myself to finish this book b c i felt obligated to do so in order to complete the review By the time I reached the end though, I was just irritated as all get out, and hard skimmed the last 3 4 pages I actually made a list of what all I had a problem w in [...]

  5. Sass Lots of it I adore a strong sassy witchy woman character and Sarah does not disappoint She is all I ever want in a main character Sarah to me is perfectly imperfect I mean who isn t Sure dark matter runs through her veins and everyday is a struggle not to give into her dark side but matters is she is trying not to succumb to the incredible pull of darkness she feels This all makes Sarah so realistic to me We all have our demons and the fact that she is a perfect mess but still chugging on o [...]

  6. there was so much wrong with this is don t know where to begin sounded like a good idea, but failed to deliver I started off liking the main character, but the initial introduction to her turned out to be the highlight.

  7. I love how real the characters in this novel were The writer is able to dig under the surface and really gets you invested in the what happens Maybe it s the subject matter, I ve always been fascinated by magic, but I thought this was an excellent read.

  8. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I just finished reading Bitch Witch by S R Karfelt and enjoyed it thoroughly Sarah Elizabeth Archer is confronted by and struggles with all the problems that plague young adults today making the right decisions concerning a profession, making the right partner choices, defining friendship and loyalty, deciding on a moral code to follow She s smart and beautiful, albeit in a non traditional manner, and a feisty individual who also happens to be a [...]

  9. Sarah Archer is a witch in a bad mood She s also in a fight for her soul This epic battle is wrapped up in a story of friendship, sacrifice and love that is every bit as heartfelt as a Nicholas Sparks story with none of the saccharine or easy answers You will laugh out loud and shiver as you fall under Karfelt s spell It s a supernatural comedy with a serious heart wrapped in one liners you wish to have thought of yourself Sarah is someone you want to have some drinks with, as long as it s not w [...]

  10. Bitch Witch is the story of Sarah Elizabeth Archer, descendant of a long line of dark witches Sarah is trying desperately to not use dark matter to cast her spells as it only brings out evil in her, but she slips now and again A Target run while she has PMS and a confrontation with another woman leads to a spell cast against the woman s truck Problem is that spells like this rebound against the user so Sarah s jeep is pushed into a nearby BMW causing a lot of damage to the car The car is driven [...]

  11. Bitch Witch is a fun contemporary read Set in Massachusetts Sarah Archer comes from a long line of bad witches But Sarah wants to change her fate and leave the dark side behind She leads a boring life, has a regular job as a clerk and she tries to keep the dark energy at bay, but never P off a witch.Caught out with raging monthly hormones Sarah is abused by an aggressive truck driver One step too far and she sends out a destructive spell which has a heavy aftershock Blasting Sarah off her feet s [...]

  12. 3.75 4 stars cause I can t decide There was a lot of sass in this book and I appreciated it, because, come one guys, who doesn t like a sassy main character She isn t perfect, in terms of her looks, her loneliness, and her Dark Matter witch y problems When she messes up, she messes up real bad, but that s okay cause it makes her real and relatable Sarah is like your savage, sassy co worker Paul is wow He s perfect for Sarah, matching her sass with his own sarcastic remarks But he is a little, w [...]

  13. Format PaperbackSarah comes from a long line of witches who have lost their souls to the dark matter that gives them their powers Sarah wants to change her fate but this is no simple matter for one who is quite aware of just powerful the lure of the darkness can be She s foul mouthed and foul tempered, as one would expect a witch to be.The problem is that witches have tempers and it can be very hard for one to hold back when someone pushes them too far When Sarah casts one seemingly innocent spe [...]

  14. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I was actually really pleased with this book I thought it was going to be of a comedy with a title like that , but it ended up being a real battle between the MC and her own family darkness something I think most of us can relate to I think we all have that family member or secret that we want to break away from.Sarah is a relatable character There s nothing canned about her, and sometimes I wanted to hit her over the head other times I wanted [...]

  15. This book gets extra points for audacity Many of you know that I don t use the b word, because of its history and connotations But I also appreciate irreverence in its place, and this book delivers on that, full on Part love story and part allegory for our own personal battles between darkness and light, it s funny, it s dark, and it s bold I love original writing and I enjoyed this unique story I look forward to following from S.R Karfelt.

  16. The one liners in this book were amazing For example Guy speaking Did you use my razor looks like someone shaved a chimp in here You look like a vampire heroin addict between fixes This story was an interesting spin on an all too familiar topic It had a good sense of internal conflict and moved at a good pace though the beginning was probably my favorite.Kudo s to the author

  17. Honest review in exchange for free ARC I think it is a rocky, good rollercoaster ride of change and hope I really liked how the sins of the past came back to haunt Sarah and it gave the story a stroke of horror while adding fuel and tension to her journey I found the magic very believable and it made Sarah s plight personal and soul gripping.

  18. I really wanted to like this book but its just not enough happening for me to even want to read I tried and failed to get through this book because nothing happens good premise but not the best execution sadly

  19. A delightful read I laughed, sighed in sympathy and greatly enjoyed myself Sarah is a wonderful, quirky character, who you can t help sympathizing with as you read I am now a fan and will be buying of her books ASAP.

  20. 4.5 5.0 Bitch Witch definitely will appeal to readers who like paranormal and supernatural fiction.Read full review in the 2016 October issue of InD tale Magazine.

  21. This was a very interesting read and not at all what I expected I really enjoyed this book and the craziness it entails.I received this book free through a Giveaway.

  22. I loved this book Bitch Witch is a surprisingly entertaining, albeit occasionally grim, read Light can overcome the dark, especially with the aid of kittens and chocolate lasagna.

  23. Fun, funny and snarky, what Sarah my kind of Witch, bad attitude and full of vim vigor I enjoyed everything this story had to offer and then some Dark yet not so dark, just a spell of magic here and there, poof Fighting darkness, well don t they always Thank you for the book, winner Book Giveaway Darlene Cruz

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