[PDF] Altered | by ↠ Kelly Cain - Altered, Altered At first I saw him as everyone else did But then I saw him for who he really was Recognized the beauty beneath the pain Loved the quirks disguising the insecurity Embraced the man who hid behind the
  • Title: Altered
  • Author: Kelly Cain
  • ISBN: 9781940811444
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Altered | by ↠ Kelly Cain, Altered, Kelly Cain, Altered At first I saw him as everyone else did But then I saw him for who he really was Recognized the beauty beneath the pain Loved the quirks disguising the insecurity Embraced the man who hid behind the boy But there was so much More I didn t know And once I did I couldn t letgo Of the boy The man The lover even if his past is threateningour future Nothing will alterAt first I saw him as e [PDF] Altered | by ↠ Kelly Cain - Altered, Altered At first I saw him as everyone else did But then I saw him for who he really was Recognized the beauty beneath the pain Loved the quirks disguising the insecurity Embraced the man who hid behind the
  • [PDF] Altered | by ↠ Kelly Cain
    222 Kelly Cain

About Author

  1. Kelly is a new adult and contemporary romance novelist After many years of being entrenched in business and data analysis, she began writing last year and discovered it to be her passion She loves reading most genres, but historical fiction and new adult are her favorites She has two adult daughters and lives in a suburb of Houston, Texas.

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  1. 3,75 full of denial stars This was a really good storyIt was a story of kindness and friendship and loveBut as all of the kind of love stories out there, this story had its own ups and downsSometimes it made me smile and sometimes you could see smokes to get out of my ears from the irritationThe main characters were lovelyI adored Nicholas and i liked and didn t liked Liv, because of many reasons that i will explain to you laterI enjoyed their story but i think that i didn t like the unbalance o [...]

  2. I m sure this book works great for some people, unfortunately I was bored I finally quit reading when my significant other looked at me and said, If you keep getting mad at the book you re getting your tablet taken away So, I put it down, read another book, tried coming back to this and by 50% I gave up Not only is the writing style hard to enjoy, but the characters are immature and the general flow is like watching my own life happen day in and day out Boring I generally enjoy friends to lovers [...]

  3. Those who know me know that I m a prolific reader I ll read almost anything, but my special love has lately turned to New Adult With this in mind, I was excited yet than a little bit nervous to read Kelly s book I didn t know what to expect, and I was truly nervous that it wouldn t meet my hopes and expectations I m happy to report that it met all of my hopes and then some.First let me tell you a bit about the story, because it s unlike any NA title I ve read to date In fact, part of what worri [...]

  4. ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.2.5 Just Friends StarsI love a good friends to lover s story Something about taking the relationship to the next level and growing together is super sweet But this ones kind of fell short It wasn t horrible but it wasn t great either.I had a hard time connecting with Olivia, or Liv throughout the whole thing It was her personality and immaturity I think that rubbed me the wrong way Which is ironic because one of her biggest compla [...]

  5. I was given an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.Liv is a very smart woman who realizes that her current relationship is crumbling She has to decide what she will do next in her life and if she needs to move forward in a new direction She is very intriguing and yet slightly off putting at first Although she is older than Nicholas and very smart she sometimes shows her immaturity but that s because she is just learning about herself She is starting to realize what she wants and needs in her [...]

  6. I ve a fondness for quirky or atypical heroes and heroines So when I heard the hero of Cain s debut novel was a dishevelled genius, I was immediately intrigued At the age of eighteen, Nicholas has already acquired a mechanical engineering degree and is now in law school To everyone else, he s odd, unkempt, and aloof But just as his glasses and scraggly hair and beard are a means to cover his attractiveness, his reserved nature is way to further conceal his identity.And what is enticing than a m [...]

  7. When picking Altered up, I had hoped that it was one thing and it turns out, it just couldn t be that one thing I thought this would be a story about love and overcoming obstacles and struggles but no No, it wasn t I think that there is a chance that the book was trying to go in that direction but for me I don t know it was not one of the best books I ve read this year From the first page, I found Altered to be immature This woman Olivia the main character is 23 years old and holy crap her behav [...]

  8. I knew I was going to read Altered from the time I heard the synopsis It just sounded like something I d enjoy Though I ve never read NA, that I can recall, I am fond of YA, and adult romance I also am quite fond of the author, Ms Kelly Cain But it s always intimidating reading a work by a friend, or even a colleague What if you hate it How awkward But, I didn t hate it In fact, I loved it Although Nicholas is described as being rather scraggly, grungy, unkempt, I kept picturing this hottie in m [...]

  9. This was a new author to me and I was hesitant to try this story because the description was vague but OMG, I was in love with the book by the end of chapter 1 Olivia thought she had everything the perfect fianc e, the career path at college and a good group of friends and suddenly all of it is gone her fianc e had left her for another woman, her well kept life is falling apart.Olivia meets this new guy on campus, and his name is Nicholas He is in a few of her classes He looks homeless but he re [...]

  10. Altered by Kelly Cain 4 Stars Lead Girl Olivia Nicolas LivLead Guy Nicholas SheenanPoint of view Liv first person Part of a series YesHappy ever after YesSubgenre Friends to LoversThis was a story about true friendship.Nicholas was perfect He was eighteen and a loner Throughout the book Liv made him come out of his shell It was nice getting to learn about him His past is heart breaking but I ll let him tell you about that You really could tell how he felt about Liv everyone could but Liv and I [...]

  11. There are books that are perfect and you like books you know are good but you had a hard time getting through and then there are books you love with all their perfect imperfections Altered fell in the latter category for me It has an engaging story with richly drawn characters and as a fellow food enthusiast, I really enjoyed all the food references Ms Cain clearly writs about things she knows a great deal about and it adds flavor to the novel pun intended The writing is solid, if a little short [...]

  12. I got a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.So this was a nice book The first time i ever read a book where the guy was younger and fragile as compared to the girl The concept and the story line were unique, but there were things that annoyed me, like her denial It truly was annoying Sexy yes, very But a little predictable The guy who looked quite shabby from the very beginning, shaved and became the hottest guy on planet by the end How convenient Really Ugh.To all honesty, i didn [...]

  13. I kindly received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewEdit So I think this is the fastest i finished a book in ages Well I really don t know what I can say about this book I read few of the other reviews and saw so many positive reactions for this but I can t actually say I enjoyed it as much as the others did It was nice enough and I didn t particularly dislike it either I found Liv a very heartwarming and fun heroine to read but this book didn t really catch my attention that [...]

  14. This book makes for a delightful afternoon read It has a steady pace and a the author has a writing style that allows the reader to flow with the story without a lot of starts and stops I have to assume the author either attended law school or did a really good job of researching the ins and outs of a students daily life unlike some authors I have read The character s are developed enough to attach the readers emotions There are a couple of timing issues I have with the story but overall it is a [...]

  15. I was given this book through New Adult Book Club on and the author for an honest review.This book was a sort of ugly duckling romance I loved that she is able to see past his ugly duckling issues and see into his soul Although I will not give the end away, all I can say is that is so awesome Not only is she able to see him but he helps heal her I did expect her ex to be a little prominent in the book because it seemed to lead me there based on what she says at some times, but I was glad the bo [...]

  16. I received an ARC for an honest review This is the first book I read from this author and I loved it It grabbed my attention right away I enjoyed reading Liv and Nicholas go from friends to lovers Well written with a few twists The flow of the story was good and the ending was phenomenal Looking forward to the follow up.

  17. Received a free eBook copy for honest review A young girl attending law school has a trust issue with men after the break up of her engagement In walks the scruffy law student that could live under a bridge The two become friends Everyone sees what is going on except her A tale of trust, friendship love Well written with a few twists.

  18. Warning do not read this book on an empty stomach I feel like I gained 10lbs from reading this novel The MC s constant narration about what she was eating, and how much, made me feel like my own waist was expanding Truth be told, it was the food references that kept my attention 60% in and persuaded me to finish the book Each chapter held a new mystery I couldn t wait to find out what type of seafood dish she was going to consume next But 60% in, I d lost all interest in the story, primarily bec [...]

  19. Review can also be found on Orchids Amethysts.Title AlteredAuthor Kelly CainRating 3.5 5Thanks to NetGalley and Penner Publishing for letting me receive a digital copy of this book before its official release.In the beginning, Olivia escapes her relationship with Kye, who s a real pain in the ass He s still hung up on his ex girlfriend, who Olivia thinks he s also seeing again In truth, his ex girlfriend is engaged to someone else, but the story leaves it quite open if she calls off that engagem [...]

  20. Para leer la versi n en espa ol visita blogbetweenbooks 2To see all my reviews please visit blogbetweenbooks ARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review 5 5 stars As always happens when you read something in a foreign language, at first I had a bit of trouble following the track of this story, and the fact that it seemed a little long and the beginning wasn t very attractive, apparently didn t help it, but then I couldn t stop to read, so it completely worth don t slee [...]

  21. Altered a captivating young adult romance which I won through First Reads begins when Olivia Liv Nicholas becomes friends with highly intelligent but geeky Nicholas Sheenan a nineteen year old who attends classes with her at law school in Houston Texas Attracted to Nicholas who saved her from embarrassment at school twice she refuses to pursue her growing feelings because of their age difference, and her fear of rebounding into an affair after being betrayed by her fianc e Yet as she learns abo [...]

  22. Link to review wp p7bgOg 3HSurprisingly I enjoyed this story Liv, short for Olivia a 23 year old college student, is living in Houston attending Law School She is living in a townhouse with her friend We first meet Liv while she is engaged to a man named Kye They have dated for a while, but she is having apprehensions regarding their relationship She addresses them, and many problems come to the surface From that point Liv dives herself fully into her studies She notices a young guy in the clas [...]

  23. Well, I had to force myself to put this book down at 2am last night and get some freakin sleep, and then today I read it every chance I got, from long red lights to waiting in line at Chipotle Thank goodness for the Kindle app so I can read everywhere I go So I guess I liked it Not going to lie though, there were moments I got so frustrated with Liv the MC that I wanted to scream She makes the stupidest decisions for the stupidest reasons But honestly, I ve come to expect that from the female ch [...]

  24. Not my usual reading genre but very enjoyable Olivia first meets Nicholas in one of her Law Classes He is long haired, scruffy bearded, unkempt and very young Olivia puts him around 16 and realises he must be incredibly smart to be attending College at this young age but there is one thing , she is attracted to him, only as a friend, or so she tells herself.She strikes up a friendship with him and encourages him to join her study group, after all, being so smart she figures he can add some great [...]

  25. I m not normally a NA reader, mostly because I keep forgetting the characters are in their early 20s and do things that annoy me But I ve been working on expanding my horizons and when Kelly offered me an advanced copy of the book, I wanted to give it read Liv is an interesting character, but like most of the books I read, it s the romantic male lead that I m drawn to In most books, they re handsome, in your face alpha males Interestingly enough, Nicolas isn t any of that, at least not initially [...]

  26. 4 STARS ARC kindly provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this book The beginning was abit slow, but once it pulled me in, it kept my interest throughout I liked Olivia I really liked her in the beginning when she befriends Nicholas and pulls him out of his shell I also loved that she didn t want to change his looks in any part She accepted him for him Nicholas is amazing Seriously, I would not change a single thing about him Perfect I ll take the l [...]

  27. Altered is the New Adult novel by debut Kelly Cain and it does not disappoint Featuring a unique combination of hero and heroine, Cain tackles issues like trust, abuse, and acceptance in this multi cultural tale Twenty three year old Liv is in her first year of law school and recovering from being dumped by her fiance when she meets Nicholas In addition to being five years younger than Liv, Nicholas looks like he barely has two dimes to rub together Intrigued by how Nicholas ended up in law scho [...]

  28. DisclaimerI receive this book in exchange for an honest reviewIf you are into a romance book, you can pick this up Personally I give this book four star because I found it quite unusual This is just my personal opinions and what I found during reading this book The unusual part of the book will be in spoiler below so if you don t want to be spoil please read the book first.There are some cute romantic and humor side of the stories but there are also some down time between characters and there ar [...]

  29. I prepared myself for this read I wanted to lounge with it over the holiday for this is the kind of book that you pair with pajamas, a class of your favorite wine, and a quiet house I was entertained I particularly appreciated the setting the familiarity of places assisted with being able to visualize the story The main character frustrated me Liv was indeed flawed but a good story would not be a good story without flawed characters The read left me wanting to know about the supporting charact [...]

  30. Liv is very busy law student In the beginning I wondered why Kye and Liv were getting married from the very beginning he was portrayed as a lying self centered man Nicolas and Liv are in many classes together in school Nicolas is shy and doesn t talk to anyone but he s very smart Liv starts out as friends with Nicolas trying to bring him out of his shell Nicolas hides behind his beard, unkept hair and baggy clothes He s not the typical alpha male that you read about in most books I have to say I [...]

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