Our Country's Good

Unlimited Our Country's Good - by Timberlake Wertenbaker - Our Country's Good, Our Country s Good An Australian penal colony in A young lieutenant directs rehearsals of the Restoration comedy The Recruiting Officer With a cast of convicts opposition from sadistic officers and a leading lady
  • Title: Our Country's Good
  • Author: Timberlake Wertenbaker
  • ISBN: 9780413737403
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Our Country's Good - by Timberlake Wertenbaker, Our Country's Good, Timberlake Wertenbaker, Our Country s Good An Australian penal colony in A young lieutenant directs rehearsals of the Restoration comedy The Recruiting Officer With a cast of convicts opposition from sadistic officers and a leading lady who is due to be hanged Australia s first theatrical production is in trouble from the start Unlimited Our Country's Good - by Timberlake Wertenbaker - Our Country's Good, Our Country s Good An Australian penal colony in A young lieutenant directs rehearsals of the Restoration comedy The Recruiting Officer With a cast of convicts opposition from sadistic officers and a leading lady
  • Unlimited Our Country's Good - by Timberlake Wertenbaker
    315 Timberlake Wertenbaker
Our Country's Good

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  1. Timberlake Wertenbaker Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Our Country's Good book, this is one of the most wanted Timberlake Wertenbaker author readers around the world.

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  1. This became an amazing stage production, which I ended up designing for, so it does hold a certain place in my heart, so I finally decided to read the book on which it was based.Doomed from the start I love things like this It s a real slice of what makes Australia so freekin wild and fearless In a penal colony a play is being rehearsed Directed by the constabulary, staring inmates, the star, slated to be hung, what could possibly go right No one really wants to be there, everyone wants to escap [...]

  2. I cannot really say I was particularly blown away by this play I only came across it and had to read it because it was part of my course Although I admit it is a clever and good enough read it is not my particular cup of tea.

  3. Terrific play brutal, funny, and hopeful It s good to read as a play script, but really comes alive as it should in performance It s based on Thomas Keneally s novel THE PLAYMAKER.

  4. It is without much subtlety, Wertenbaker makes her case for rehabilitation over punishment, but the greatest joy to be found in Our Country s Good, an Olivier award winning play, is in the characters and their development over the course of the narrative.

  5. Was quite good but I did have trouble admittedly keeping up with the trouble but to be reading it as a summer homework play for when I was about to take it for Drama A Level, it was really nice to get through.

  6. Read it for drama class at school and really liked it Very thought provoking with a range of characters The only downside was that some minor characters just sort of disappeared from the action and I would have loved it to be just a wee bit longer

  7. The theatre is like a small republic, it requires private sacrifices for the good of the whole Lieutenant Ralph Clark.

  8. bbc iplayer episode c blurb Australia 1789 A young lieutenant attempts to direct a cast of convicts in The Recruiting Officer , the first play ever to be staged in the country But one of his cast may be about to be hanged The convicts production of The Recruiting Officer can be heard on Drama on 3 on Sunday eveningCaptain Arthur Philip Nicholas Le Prevost Major Robbie Ross Stuart McQuarrie Captain David Collins Paul Moriarty Captain Watkin Tench Adam Billington Captain Campbell James Lailey 2nd [...]

  9. Apparently this play is required for everybody s A Levels in England It s pretty juicy I like imagining all of the Secondary School performances of this that must have occurred in England over the years I m pretty sure if I were a convict shipped off to Australia, I d want to be in a play It s interesting to think about that first colony and of Australia now They re all a bunch of rabble rousers and thieves No, not really How awful that someone could point their finger at you for stealing food a [...]

  10. Clever play.Phillip The Greeks believed that it was a citizen s duty to watch a play It was a kind of work in that it required attention, judgement, patience, all the social virtues.Tench And the Greek were conquered by the practical Romans, Arthur.Collins Indeed, the Romans built their bridges, but they also spent many centuries wishing they were Greeks And they, after all, were conquered by the barbarians, or by their own corrupt and small spirits Collins Dawes Dawes, do come back to earth an [...]

  11. This was fantastic It was hard for me to get into, admittedly, but that s my failing and not that of the script Once I apprehended the characters, this wonderful nuance emerged from between the floorboards and I was swept along in this crazy adventure It s short, no one has an excuse not to read this unless they hate reading play scripts , and it s an incisive testimony to a very dark aspect of Australian colonial history The willfully ignorant governmental behemoth acts with seemingly nonsensic [...]

  12. A play that deals with two opposing forces that have different arguments when it comes to the talking of solution on how to make a better society The setting of the play is the early time of Australia, when it was still functioned as a place to send the convicts from England Realizing that these convicts will end up living there, one group of the authorities decided to educate the convicts through art or in this case through theatrical performances But other group believes that to create harmony [...]

  13. I really admire this play it s very difficult to stage, it s long, even epic but if it is well directed, designed and performed it can be a great theatrical experience Did you know that this is the product of Max Stafford Clark s brilliant idea to encourage new writing at the Royal Court, which of course is famous for its new writing He gave budding playwrights a classical script in this case George Farquhar s The Recruiting Officer and told them to have a go, based on their reading but not anot [...]

  14. When I wikied the play, it said there were over 20 characters nevertheless, Timberlake only used than 10 actors and actresses to perform the play How amazing is Timberlake Indeed, it reminded me of Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy In sinior high school,did astonish and bewilder me, though I have not finish it yet a piety Within the first ca 30 pages, nearly 30 characters showed up In other words, approximately 1 character comes to you on 1 page Russian names are really, really confusing, even intricat [...]

  15. I loved this play very much The lives of convicts affected me deeply especially the woman,Liz, was going to be hanged because she was accused of stealing bread for other convicts but the interesting thing is that she did not even advocate herself she refused to speak in front of the King Also, I liked the meaning of theatre in that society they accepted it as a way of taming the convicts They were excited to rehearse their part every time and filled with hope again the only thing that must be al [...]

  16. Captivating The way the author addresses the questions of nature vs nurture by bringing to light the impact of culture on those who haven t had the chance to experience It really makes one think about our judicial system and the class system in the world we live in, even now in these modern times Knowing that the book is loosely based on real people from the initial colonization of Australia only makes it that much intriguing.

  17. First off, this is not a novel it is a play I enjoyed it although reading plays by choice is not something I would do this was a book club choice , however, it was interesting and it helped that I had read a book by Thomas Keneally called The Playmaker rather than reading this play I would recommend either going to see it if you can get the opportunity or read the Thomas Keneally novel which was excellent.

  18. I directed this play A terrific script Very compelling scenes between individual characters and also the great debate scene in the middle of the play The struggle I had in directing it was to stage the somewhat underwritten Aborigine pieces I also wished the Black Caesar had been given power in terms of reaching the audience The letters written by contemporary prisoners in England who staged the play are very affecting.

  19. This was a read for my course I did enjoy this, but I really think it s always better to see a play performed rather than just to read the script Some parts were brutally hilarious, and I do quite like the story I just think some of it gets lost when you read it as a text, which means I didn t find it as impactful as I probably would have otherwise.

  20. I was lucky to perform in this play while at university I loved every minute of it It is a play for theatre inthusiasts or artists, primarily, but it really is a play for all of us, showing us that life without art or self expression is no life at all We are human because of our unique ability to make art.

  21. I just couldn t quite get going on this oneearly very carefully crafted and the play within a play device creates for some valuable meta moments, but I m not sure it went anywhere for me Maybe I need to spend a little time understanding Australian history Definitely some funny moments as well as some places that provoke the mind, but nothing that blew my hair back.

  22. This is a great play Infused with poetic language not in verse don t worry if that sort of thing freaks you out , comedy, love, class struggle, heartbreak and history Inmates transplanted from Britain into Australia in 1788 89, attempt to put on a play at the direction of a British soldier This is truly a modern classic.7 Men, 5 Women with doubling.

  23. I chanced upon this marvelous piece of literature in a cardboard carton biting dust in a do away sale This thin slice of imagination stands as an inspiration for a lot many plots and is true even to this day This is how plays should be cracking you up one minute, making you think another and shocking your breath out of your bosom the next.

  24. I read this many years ago and just kind of didn t get it I really wanted to love it this time through, and I did think it was interesting, and it made me chuckle out loud a few times But I guess I don t see what the big deal about it is It s OK.

  25. I read this for my university first year level English course, and it was quite amusing, and well written I especially loved the inclusion of the letters from the prisoners at the beginning of my copy I think I will be re reading it and overanalysing it in the weeks to come.

  26. Studying this for Alevel drama, I ve got to admit the play has grown on me, and I actually quite enjoy doing explorations around it Though I was slightly disappointed with ending, but I m used to young adult books, so that might explain why I didn t get the ending.

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