Out of Bounds

[PDF] Unlimited Ù Out of Bounds : by A.R. Barley - Out of Bounds, Out of Bounds When the weather outside starts cooling down inside the dorm things are heating up Can these college roommates fall in love without going out of bounds Beaten and heartbroken Jesse Cole is placed in
  • Title: Out of Bounds
  • Author: A.R. Barley
  • ISBN: 9781459293533
  • Page: 340
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Unlimited Ù Out of Bounds : by A.R. Barley, Out of Bounds, A.R. Barley, Out of Bounds When the weather outside starts cooling down inside the dorm things are heating up Can these college roommates fall in love without going out of bounds Beaten and heartbroken Jesse Cole is placed in a new dorm room after his last roommate attacked him Just wanting to be left alone to heal in peace he s shocked when tall dark and dangerous looking Nick Moretti walksWhen the weathe [PDF] Unlimited Ù Out of Bounds : by A.R. Barley - Out of Bounds, Out of Bounds When the weather outside starts cooling down inside the dorm things are heating up Can these college roommates fall in love without going out of bounds Beaten and heartbroken Jesse Cole is placed in
  • [PDF] Unlimited Ù Out of Bounds : by A.R. Barley
    340 A.R. Barley
Out of Bounds

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  1. A.R. Barley Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Out of Bounds book, this is one of the most wanted A.R. Barley author readers around the world.

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  1. Tag Team Review With Cupcake 2.5 Hearts Dear Out of Bounds ,After being subjected to that phrase a gazillion maybe less than gazillion but boy was I smothered , I m just going to refer you to as OOB Are you cool with that, OOB It s cool I m not a hugger anyway OOB deep breath I want you to know something I like a good number of genres but New Adult has a special place with me See, I gorged myself when the genre was in its infancy Imagine all the het college romances that is And I m not going to [...]

  2. 3.5 I loved the juxtaposition of slightly feminine Jesse with rough n tumble Nick In general, I found Nick to be a sympathetic character than Jesse, even though Jesse s the one who gets hurt Nick has a chip on his shoulder and feels unworthy because he used to make money fighting Jesse doesn t like violence and tells Nick that if he fights he ll be out of bounds, which is their code for a line literal and metaphorical you can t cross Jesse moves into Nick s dorm room halfway through fall semest [...]

  3. I loved established M F author Aleah Barley s first foray into writing M M under the pen name A.R Barley I saw the book on NetGalley and was immediately pulled in by the blurb This story was so touching, tender and full of feels that the book grabbed my attention and held on from the very first chapter.As the story begins, 19 y.o Jesse has been severely beaten by his roommate, Ryan, after mistakenly taking his flirty behavior as the green light for a kiss.Jesse then flees into the cold night and [...]

  4. 3.5 Stars I ve been meaning to read this one forever, and as usual it got lost in the shuffle But I was in the mood for something with a college setting and this one fit the bill.I can t say it wowed me or anything but it was definitely an easy, entertaining read with a nice bit of steam Overall low angst and drama On the shorter side, at just around 150 pages Both MCs were likable Some of the secondary characters however, were not Not sure I can bring myself to read Kelly s book So no complaint [...]

  5. Out of Bounds is the first M M offering from author A.R Barley or Aleah Barley, as is her M F pen name And while I m ALWAYS excited when an author branches out and writes something that stretches their abilities, I think that this wasn t the best first M M for her I was immediately drawn in when I saw the blurb to this book and was really excited to start it I mean, I like a good hurt comfort book as much as the next gal, and the whole college roommates getting it on theme is a favorite of mine [...]

  6. I ll start off by saying that I love trying out established M F author s foray into M M Romance Is it always successful No Was this one YES Out of Bounds is a New Adult story of two college roommates who fall in love Jesse was moved into Nick s room after being assaulted by his hold roommate Nick is none too happy about it first, but he was there for Jesse from the get go My Highlights The main characters I love the contrast between the two men, and how their roles play out in the end Character [...]

  7. 2.5 Stars I think this is just a me thing There were parts I really liked but some I didn t with the parts I didn t, dominating.It really had potential but too many things niggled at my brain For instance, what was up with Ryan Why was there not some kind of recourse there He just gets off scot free Nothing Plus, it just didn t make any sense to me his behavior.And good griefKelly I did not like him at all but I couldn t figure him out I felt like he needed fleshing out but what I did see I did [...]

  8. BR with BABY 2.5 StarsCharacters make or break a book for me A good character can take me from liking a book to LOVING ALL THE THINGS Here the characters were mediocre There wasn t anything special or noteworthy about either of them aside from their drama llamadom, but I never felt the need to DNF However, I did become increasingly annoyed with their antics, yet determinedly soldiered on to see how big of a shit show they could concoct Amazingly enough the big conflict is communication based.Out [...]

  9. I only have three things to say.One How many times can you repeat the phrase out of bounds in 154 pages Apparently, 33 times Whaaa Aren t there any synonym phrases Two If I bought my partner flowers and they view spoiler threw a tantrum because they don t need a keeper and they can take care of themselves, I would have shoved the flowers up their ass, and proceeded calmly to the nearest exit hide spoiler Three I hated Kelly I hated him with a vengeance He told Nick such hurtful things, my jaw li [...]

  10. A cute and quick college set M M romance novel.After having been beaten up by his former best friend and roommate, sopho Jesse is left traumatized and without accommodation It s just his luck that the only available bed is in senior Nick s room, of all people a gruff, intimidating mountain of a man who scares the shit out of Jesse Nick isn t exactly a people s person Having been on his own for the better part of his life, he s the most comfortable when everybody just leaves him the hell alone Wh [...]

  11. I really liked Nick and Jessie At first you wouldn t think these two would work together But let me tell you, they absolutely did They each brought something different to the relationship and they complemented each other perfectly In the beginning I thought Jessie was going to be a weak character In reality he was so strong He had to heal from a bad situation and Nick made him feel secure again By the end of the book he was fierce and fought for what he wanted I can t wait to read by this autho [...]

  12. This book was a pleasant surprise I enjoyed the heck out of it and read it pretty much all in one sitting I m not usually a fan of the whole twink thing, but Jesse was a realistic and dynamic character, and his development throughout the course of the book really made him a great protagonist Also, Nick can I please have Nick I needs the precious He s just completely droolworthy So the book wasn t perfect some things moved really quickly and were a little unbelievable, but in all honesty, that wa [...]

  13. 3.5 starsI really like hurt comfort and I really like college boys So even though I had some issues with this book, I still enjoyed it.Jesse has been beaten up by his former roommate for kissing him, and is therefore placed in a new dorm room His new roommate is Nick, tall and intimidating Nick.Because Jesse can t seem to relax around Nick, Nick comes up with a plan He divides the room in two, by putting a line of tape in the middle Nick wants Jesse to feel safe and doesn t want to be intimidati [...]

  14. Jesse is a sopho in college, beaten up by his room mate, he is found on campus by another student who gets him to hospital and finds him a room in another dorm Jesse is naturally terrified when his new room mate is huge and is afraid to do anything in case he turns out to be the same as his previous room mate.Nick is furious when he wakes up to find himself with a new room mate but when he hears his story, he is nothing but kind to Jesse He gives him clothes to wear, feeds him and does everythin [...]

  15. Quick and sweet would sum this book up nicely.I really liked how Nick and Jesse s relationship develops, with the two using the tape that separates their bedroom to deepen both their emotional and physical bonds The dynamic between the two, with Jesse the shy timid one and Nick being all protective and understanding, worked well Plus, the sex was pretty hot Despite the serious subject matter gay bashing and the resulting psychological trauma this was a fairly easy read The pacing of the story wa [...]

  16. New author, new adult story not usually my choice of book, but the blurb did get my attention, so I thought I shall live dangerously I liked this book so much, waaaay than I thought I would, and I would ve given it 4.5 stars if it wasn t for the whole out of bounds thing Let me explain Jesse Cole gets beat up by his best friend roommate after Jesse made the mistake of kissing him Alone and hurt, Jesse accept the help of another student, who finds Jesse another dorm to stay in.Imagine Nick s dis [...]

  17. 3.5 stars.Nick Moretti, 24, is an older college senior cast out of his home at 15, he survived on the street and learned the hard way 1 not to trust anyone, and 2 always pay his own way He s cautious and grumpy, and brings the phrase mad, bad and dangerous to know to mind, but inside He s a teddy bear who offers a safe haven to a traumatized Jesse Jesse Cole is a slim sopho, lips slick with cherry balm, who spent last summer as a caddy at the golf club where his father, a high power lawyer, is a [...]

  18. 3,5This one was a sweet, easy read Tough Italian guy who s actually a gentle giant This book had my name written all over it.Jesse and Nick were cute together and I enjoyed the hell out of their sex scenes There were just a couple of things I didn t like It annoyed me a lot that Ryan never got any kind of punishment Nothing Not even a beating He ll probably get his own book, but still I kept waiting for something to happen to him and by the end of the book I was so frustrated I wanted to beat hi [...]

  19. Well well well What a pleasant surprise I bought this on my kindle on a whim, and I was afraid it would disappoint It didn t I m so glad I took a chance on this one, I ended up really enjoying it I love both our main characters Jesse is the sweetest, most adorable guy, but he certainly can stand up for himself He s vulnerable and sweet, but not a pushover, and I just love him Jesse is the kind of guy that brings out people s protective instincts He actually really reminds me of someone I know.An [...]

  20. A Joyfully Jay review 2.25 starsThis book for me was a case of a great premise with a lack of execution Two college guys in close quarters in their dorm room leaves lots of possibilities, but this never took off for me There were so many issues with the plot that I could never recover enough to enjoy the attraction between Jesse and Nick.Jesse is badly beaten and there are no repercussions for his attacker While it was briefly addressed further into the book, it was a weak argument and then it w [...]

  21. Sweet and cute MCs But nothing new This book have all the cliches xD I never fall for a twink but I don t know why I feel very protective of him Noooo, Really I never expected that xDDBtw I enjoyed it I needed something light and fluffy note Except Kelly He s annoying

  22. There was no excitement here The story dragged, and I had a hard time believing there was attraction on either side.

  23. This was a really sweet read I adored Jesse and Nick, and the secondary characters Loved the excerpt of the next book, too Can t wait to read it D

  24. Out of Bounds by A.R Barley tells us the story of nineteen year old Jesse, who was physically hurt and got his heart stomped on by best friend and former room mate Kelly, the resident assistant promised to watch out for Jesse, keep him on his floor and made sure his new room mate Nick wouldn t bother him Being Kelly s ex boyfriend, Nick agreed to stay out of Jesse s hair, and despite wanting nothing to do with the jumpy geeky kid, he quickly developed a strong protectiveness toward him So I kind [...]

  25. Yay for the college boys I love college romances There s something special about characters on the cusp of adulthood that tugs at my heart strings And even though this particular story isn t super original or fresh, it executed its purpose well.Nick and Jesse are very different While Jesse comes off as very fragile but aggressive like a kitten hissing at you Nick was protective and considerate The whole out of bounds theme was used to demonstrate just that in a physical way, when Nick drew a lin [...]

  26. DNF 25%.Stale, boring, clich.Typical college campus setting, twink and tough guy characters who had no real personalities besides the stereotypes and a love that I knew would happen straight off the bat No thank you.Received as advance reader copy.

  27. A copy of this book was provided by Carina Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Jesse is brutally beaten by his straight roommate and best friend after mistaking his mixed signals and attempting to kiss him Afraid to go back to his room, he is assigned to a new room, where his new roommate is a big brute of a guy Usually, rough and tough, something about Jesse brings out the softy in the brute, and Nick just wants to cuddle him up and protect him So to help Jesse feel safe in the [...]

  28. This New Adult MM romance was a solid, quick, and easy read Nick was a huge teddy bear, who did everything he could to make Jesse feel comfortable and safe in their shared dorm room He didn t want Jesse to be afraid of getting beat up again, especially because Nick was a big, burly man It was sweet how he would walk Jesse to and from class and hold his hand He waited until Jesse was ready and for Jesse to initiate the kissing, touching, and finally sex, which comprised of almost everything vanil [...]

  29. NTS 5.50 for 150 pages OUCH Purchased on 5 18 17 for 2.24 on Meh This was okay I liked Nick and Jesse, but I guess I just wasn t feeling it Maybe I m too old for college aged romance I don t know view spoiler Oh and I find it hard to believe that nothing happened to Ryan Big donor or not, he would have still been arrested for assault So, I call bullshit on that hide spoiler This also felt super long, but it was only 154 pages It took me forever to get through and I skimmed some I will not be rea [...]

  30. This sexy m m new adult romance is the story of Nick and Jesse When Jesse ends up in a bad way on campus after a vicious attack , he s put with a new roommate, Nick Nick is a few years older and wiser, a part time student and a bouncer who works at a local gay nightclub a few nights a week He s got a temper on him, but his new roommate brings out a lot of tender and protective feelings To make Jesse feel safe, they ve put up some rules and made it clear what sorts of things are out of bounds But [...]

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