This is War, Baby

[PDF] Unlimited Ü This is War, Baby : by K.Webster - This is War, Baby, This is War Baby My life had a plan Until he invaded it and stole it all away My captor took me and I became a pawn His strategy changed and he sent me away to WAR because money is everything in this world In my WAR
  • Title: This is War, Baby
  • Author: K.Webster
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Unlimited Ü This is War, Baby : by K.Webster, This is War, Baby, K.Webster, This is War Baby My life had a plan Until he invaded it and stole it all away My captor took me and I became a pawn His strategy changed and he sent me away to WAR because money is everything in this world In my WAR though I found peace I couldn t help but find love where I least expected it with a man who lived a battle every day of his life all inside his head But then my captorMy life had [PDF] Unlimited Ü This is War, Baby : by K.Webster - This is War, Baby, This is War Baby My life had a plan Until he invaded it and stole it all away My captor took me and I became a pawn His strategy changed and he sent me away to WAR because money is everything in this world In my WAR
  • [PDF] Unlimited Ü This is War, Baby : by K.Webster
    343 K.Webster
This is War, Baby

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  1. K Webster is a USA Today bestselling author of dozens of romance books in many different genres including contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, and erotic romance When not spending time with her husband of twelve years and two adorable children, she s active on social media connecting with her readers.Her other passions besides writing include reading and graphic design K can always be found in front of her computer chasing her next idea and taking action She looks forward to the day when she will see one of her titles on the big screen You can easily find K Webster on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Website authorkwebster Newsletter eepurl bllgoP

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  1. 5 I WAR STARS In a game where only he knows the rules, I m helpless in finding a strategy to win This is my first book by K Webster and it sure won t be my last The story was consuming, horrifying, exciting, and once War enters the story perfectly imperfect and utterly captivating My only criticism if any is that this book does end with a cliffhanger The next and final book is set to release on March 29th If you like dark books, broken sexy to die for heroes, please try this story out because no [...]

  2. This is War, Baby, book 1 of 2 A dark twisted tale of girl s fate after she is kidnapped sold into sexual slavery War is an ocean I ll never be able to navigate Books in War Peace series should be read in order Book 1 This is War, BabyBook 2 This is Love, BabyBook 3 This Isn t Over, BabyIn This is War, Baby book 1 Baylee Winston, Bay is taken from her bedroom by a person she knows Her captor rapes, abuses and violates her, then sells her to the highest bidder.War is her owner, captor and her sav [...]

  3. 5 Stars Wowza what an intriguing, consuming book Oh my this author surprised me in such a good way This is War, Baby was in a wayke any another dark book I ve read before Not only for the fact that it s starts with a bang, and dayum what bang, but it left me with my mouth hanging open so many f cking times Once I ve read the prologue I knew I will love this book and I knew it will be as captivating as its title And trust me it was I couldn t put it down It was dark, twisted even disturbing at ti [...]

  4. Wow This was fan freaking tastic I kept seeing all the rave reviews for this book on my friends pages, but I waited a while to finally read it Honestly, I m I expected it to be over hyped Now that I ve read it, I can confidently say that it wasn t all hype I devoured this book Kidnapped by her neighbor, seventeen year old Baylee is forced to grow up quick She s forced to endure things that nobody should have to Overnight, she goes from regular teenage girl to sex slave.When her captor, Gabe, put [...]

  5. Say whaaaaaaaat Can we please please pause the 5 star reviews because this is so not right Spoiler We have Baylee, the 17 year old female protag, who is abducted by a 40 year old family friend.He puts her in a hole for days without food or water to condition her then proceeds to rape once with a cucumber and degrade her and she, of course, gets off on the sexual conditioning Thereafter, she is sold for 5m to a young male War , who REALLY believes he was NOT purchasing a slave because, well, don [...]

  6. 4.5 StarsWow This is War, Baby started out with a bang With that prologue alone, K Webster snatched up my attention and did not let it go Honestly, I could not put this one down 17 year old, Baylee has her life all planned out, but when she is kidnapped, by a man she has always trusted, and secretly lusted over, everything changes Sometimes, sweetheart, you have to make sacrifices You, doll, are a sacrifice Your part is small, but it is so significant Gabe wants Baylee, but he also wants money s [...]

  7. 3 Peace and War Stars SpoilersI hate writing middle of the road reviews That is when I didn t hate a book but I didn t love it either It was enjoyable but there were things about it I didn t care for So bear with me please while I try to express my feelings on this book This is War, Baby is the 1st book in the War Peace series and I found it to be a pretty good read I went into this read with really high expectations The plot sounded so good Almost all my friends loved it It s got tons of great [...]

  8. Seventeen year old Baylee is ready to go all the way with her boyfriend Right as they are getting all freaky though, she is lying there dreaming about her dad s best friend Who also happens to be her neighbor Gabe Gabe breaks in as they are in the middle of it and kidnaps Baylee.Turns out Gabe is going to sale Baylee in the white market of sex slavery But first he has to train her This includes raping her, anal, and something with a cucumber that needs to be swiped from my memory He tells Baylee [...]

  9. WARNING This is a non traditional M F ROMANCE with a non traditional ending If you re under age 18, please think twice and then you read this book.Ps If you like to read dark erotica disturbing stories go ahead read itOH MY FUCKING GOD My hands are shaking right now And my heart, fuck I couldn t count how many times it beats in a minute You ll understand me if you read the book God, why the hell I wait to read this book and why the fuck I did do this torture to myself cause I want 2nd book right [...]

  10. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK FUCK MY FUCKING LIFE RIGHT NOW K WEBSTER, I FUCKING HATE YOU HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME I m about to lose my fucking mind I want to cry, like I can t fucking breathe Like did that just fucking happen Did I just read that fucking book Someone seriously needs to pinch my nipples or something Because that has got to be a dream A FUCKING FUCKED UP DREAM Or a nightmare, depending on how you look at it I have not been this engrossed in a fucking book since Corrupt I have had 3 fuc [...]

  11. Complimentary Copy Provided by the author K Webster in exchange for an honest reviewThank you TITLE This is War, Baby AUTHOR K WebsterGENRE Dark, RomanceRELEASE DATE 29th February, 2016MY RATINGThis book takes no prisoners, it s brutally dark, it s brutally raw, it s brutally beautiful, it s brutally twisted, it s brutally f cked up, so all you brutally sick people whispers like me will love this book Even though I ve only read one other book other than this by this author she s fast becoming a [...]

  12. I tried to finish this book, I really did, but my lord the amount of BS that is this book I just couldn t, life is too short and all that WARNING SPOILERS Let s not suggar coat things and call them what they are, this book is porn on a darker side and a badly written one at that The book starts with heroine having sex with her boyfriend and internally whining about him not being able to get her off So while their at it, she is fantasizing about her father s friend who s been acting weird around [...]

  13. Wow, it s been a while since I ve read a book that s similar to Beneath the burn So, it s safe to say that I freaking looooved it I love the raw and gritty and filthy stuff that the author throws at our innocent minds This is not a light hearted read and it s definitely not for everyone If you don t like sexual and psyhical abuse, humiliation and above all enslavement, then please move on The rest of you perverted minds, welcome This story is devided in two main parts but for me there were three [...]

  14. 4 I need answers STARSBaylee is a normal 17 year old girl with a happy life, a boyfriend and a sick mother, who needs a new liver in order to survive her illness.Everything changes when Gabe barges into her life and kidnaps her Baylee s life will never be the same after everything that happens to her The one who has captured her is deprived and has done a number on her, while preparing her for her buyer, since she knows that soon enough she will be sold to another sick monster And that s when Wa [...]

  15. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

    FIVE STARS OMG I ve read a bunch of K Webster books so far but, DAMN, this was FANFUCKINGTASTIC I am sitting here with a crushed heart War better be OK AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH On to book 2

  16. 2 prisoner of war STARSOh well That just wasn t for me I liked the idea of the book The comparison to Pepper Winters and her Monsters in the Dark series intrigued me to no end, but for some reason I never really connected with the story or the characters.This is War, Baby is the first part in the War Peace series a dark, kidnapping themed read Baylee, a seventeen year old girl gets abducted by Gabe, her next door neighbour He is in the market to sell her to the highest bidder but first he breaks [...]

  17. What a weird story It starts as your usual abduction story A teenager is abducted from her home she will be brutally raped repeatedly and then sold to the highest bidder.This is the first part of the book The scariest thing is that the abductor is her daddy s best friend and that he is highly imaginative when he rapes her I will try to avoid eating cucumbers for at least the next month.The second part of the book introduces War, who is the guy that has bought Baylee and he looks like every girl [...]

  18. RATING 4 More than okay Hearts This is War, baby is an emotionally turbulent dark romance, making us audibly gasp and recoil from the horrors Baylee faces at the hands of her captor until we re finally allowed that release of breath when an unexpected love interest steps on page In my fantasies, I can dream of a better time One day maybe she ll laugh with me Until that time, I ll dance with her in my head to the melody only she can create.Dark romances can often be a source of stress particularl [...]

  19. 6 Beautiful and Crushing StarsI took a gamble on this one So many of my bookie friends mentioned how good this book was Heck, my sister said she stayed up until 4am to finish reading it I was instantly intrigued and well you can t beat the raving reviews right This is War, Baby is a dark and twisted book It will make you cringe and blush but you can t help but keep on reading You will be glued to the pages and nothing else matters until you finish It s also a beautiful story and I m definitely a [...]

  20. 4,5 You re my Peace stars This was an unbelievably fucked up story which i liked very much It started in a very sick way and you needed steely nerves to get through all this fucked up situation that our heroine had to get through and then it was giving you light in the darkness and at the end Bang It took away your hope for once again and it left you with sorrow shining in your eyes and a bleeding heart But damn, it was a story that got imprinted inside my soul and i enjoyed it very much, even w [...]

  21. Messed up, depraved, sinister and wrong on so many levels are a few words best to describe K Webster This Is War, Baby This extraordinary author delves into the horrifying nightmare of when a precious child is stolen The unimaginable horror Baylee faces, the abuse of the psyche from a trusted family friend Gabe and the strong will to survive.Tho the content is extremely dark, not for the feint of heart, the quality of innocence glimmers through the pages in an unlikely hero Talking about one fle [...]

  22. 5 Heaving StarsHoly Moly, K Webster Speechless.This was superb Unique Dark but interspersed with giggles, passion and so much sweet This review is going to be sparse on details because it s one that needs to be allowed to play out I was shocked over and over again as I read this dark yet delicious tale While the warning is there for a reason, the story is not all doom and gloom And just when I thought I knew where the story was going, jaw dropping twists showed me that I definitely didn t Baylee [...]

  23. Sometimes I ll just dive into a book on blind faith or simply due to a recommendation of a trusted book friend That was the case with This is War, baby I d never read a book before by K Webster but the dark premise of it called out to my inner dark read whore Not going into a lot of detail on plot, this book is definitely of the darker nature but far less dark than a lot of books out there This author credited Pepper Winters for dark read advice and that s a great comparison It s a human traffic [...]

  24. I tried I really did But after about 20% I just couldn t take any I know A LOT of people loved this book, and told me it gets really good as it goes on But the beginning turned me off so much that I just didn t want to continue I have read this premise before, and even though there were some extremely uncomfortable moments in that book, there was something romantic and poignant about it that drew me in But the dialogue in the beginning of this book can only be compared to something you d hear in [...]

  25. This is War, Baby is a dark romance that will have you hooked from the very first page Seventeen year old Baylee is on the recieving end of a certain sexual act, trying desperately to enjoy it despite her sweet boyfriend s inexperience when a masked man barges in her bedroom and kidnaps her The masked man turns out to be, Gabe, a man she thought she knew very well He is her 40 something year old neighbor and her father s best friend Baylee soon finds out that she doesn t know him at all Gabe is [...]

  26. insert gong sound It is time face the dark NoooooooWhat the ever loving fuck What kind of ending is that Ok, i ll go straight forwardd won t be writing the full review for book 1 until i get to the bottom of thisBut just to state this it starts as dark as possible i even had a moment of slight consideration of denying myself further encounters with a certain vegetable in question, yeah that sequence was a bit gross, even for me then the story turns onto a 360 degrees detour into a solemn, deeper [...]

  27. Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review After the hell I ve endured over the past few days, this is heaven The devil is my savior In K Webster s wicked and twisted mind, she has once again delivered an epic mind blowing, heart pounding, dark, raw, gritty, devious and calculating romance that pushes boundaries This is not a fairytale romance There is no knight in shining armor There is only darkness, torment, cruelty, and little hope There is Hell where monsters exist And then th [...]

  28. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum When I first saw this over on NetGalley about 124 years ago, I reeeeaaaallllyyyyy wanted it mainly because the title made me think it was going to be this type of story Per usual, I was late to the party and by the time I went to request a copy it had gone poof in the night Then a couple of my friends read it and not only proved that my brain is a complete and utter failure because this was most def NOT a Mr and Mrs Smith revamp, but that there also includ [...]

  29. I received and ARC for my honest review Holy Hell this book So, normally in my reviews I like to give a little information about the characters BUT there is no way I can do it with this book because I don t want to give anything away.If I thought that for one second I was hooked at the beginning of this book I was dead wrong because BOOM part two happens and I m like WHAT To say I could not put this book down is a huge understatement, I m talking every time I had to put it down I wanted to cry I [...]

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