Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm

✓ Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm » Alice Provensen Martin Provensen - Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm, Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm Who lives at Maple Hill Farm Two dogs five horses a pig some geese lots of chickens a few cows a few goats several sheep and four special cats these are the animals at Maple Hill Farm With sim
  • Title: Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm
  • Author: Alice Provensen Martin Provensen
  • ISBN: 9780689844997
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm » Alice Provensen Martin Provensen, Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm, Alice Provensen Martin Provensen, Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm Who lives at Maple Hill Farm Two dogs five horses a pig some geese lots of chickens a few cows a few goats several sheep and four special cats these are the animals at Maple Hill Farm With simple text that is both affectionate and wry and irresistible illustrations that burst with personality Alice and Martin Provensen bring their barnyard friends to ✓ Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm » Alice Provensen Martin Provensen - Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm, Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm Who lives at Maple Hill Farm Two dogs five horses a pig some geese lots of chickens a few cows a few goats several sheep and four special cats these are the animals at Maple Hill Farm With sim

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  • ✓ Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm » Alice Provensen Martin Provensen
    265 Alice Provensen Martin Provensen
Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm

About Author

  1. Alice Provensen collaborated with her late husband, Martin, on numerous highly acclaimed picture books, including the Caldecott Medal winning The Glorious Flight and Nancy Willard s Newbery Medal winning A Visit to William Blake s Inn, which was also a Caldecott Honor Book The Provensens have been on the New York Times list of the Ten Best Illustrated Books eight times Alice lives in Staatsburg, New York, on Maple Hill Farm.

One thought on “Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm

  1. I ve read a lot of children s books to my daughter over the last couple of years But, this is only the second one that I ve been inspired to review here afterward, and its the first to make me start laughing so hard that I couldn t keep reading it In fact there were several pages that had me laughing pretty hard.The blurb describes this book as having a wry sense of humor, and I think that word fits perfectly Its a charming book about all the various animals who reside on Maple Hill Farm, but th [...]

  2. This afternoon, my son threw a fit because I refused to read this book to him at naptime I understand why he was upset it s a truly excellent book with beautiful illustrations that move well on the page and show the movement and spirit of animals as well as their likeness and playful, non condescending text but I have read it at least twice a day for the past three days, and I had already read it first thing this morning, and I wanted to read something shorter Plus, I m mean.But, I ll probably r [...]

  3. My two youngest ages 6 and 3 have been rather cranky and rowdy during school lately so I chose this book to see if they d sit still Boy did they ever I had planned on only reading a few pages today, but we read the whole thing All four of the boys even the 9 yr olds were crowded around.The book is very simple, talking about the animals on a farm and their personalities and funny things they do They loved it It was like visiting someone s farm or having a guided tour into a world we don t experie [...]

  4. This book changed my life It was my favorite book as a child, I borrowed it from the library so many times, the librarian told my mother that she should buy it for me I still have my copy of Our Animal Friends, and it is one of my most treasured possessions No childhood should be without Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm.

  5. To this day the absolute favorite book of my childhood I still return to it often and an amazed by the staying power of the humor and sweetness I wish it was still in print in hardcover My copy is falling apart from all the love it has received.

  6. 4 1 2 stars THE COLOR KITTENS has always been a very favorite picture book of mine, but I had never seen this book by the same authors until I noticed it on SLJ s SLJ Elizabeth Bird Fuse 8 excellent list of Top 100 Picture Books Poll Results I wanted to look at all of the books that I hadn t seen on that list there weren t a huge number, so I was curious about the few that I d missed over the years most were very worth seeking out I love this one, and am so glad that I got to read it My 3rd 5th [...]

  7. Delightful children s picture book Counts and describes each of the animals living at Maple Hill Farm in the way a child might Each creature has a name and distinct personality.The illustrations are funny and capture a certain joy in their exposition of the individual foibles of each animal A young child would want to read this again and again.

  8. Favorite kids book, poignant, funny, sweet lots of pets and farm animals and their characteristics Quirky, not the usual fare Easy to read repeatedly to little children.

  9. This is a wonderful book by the Provensens, as is their The Year At Maple Hill Farm I think this one is humorous Both are very entertaining.

  10. Reliving my childhood This book was a perennial favorite I used to check it out from the library at least once a month It is just as good as I remembered it being.

  11. Podcaster Jesse Thorn raved about this book on his show Bullseye I was primed to fall in love with it from the moment I opened the first page Especially because we soon meet a big cat named Max There is something timeless about the story In fact, there isn t so much a story as a series of introductions and images that continue to name and enumerate the animals at Maple Hill Farm Perhaps the magic is that the story is plainly and directly told There are wonders to discover in these pages.This was [...]

  12. 4.5 Stars 4 stars for text and 5 stars for illustrations I discovered this children s book in a recent O magazine entry and in my search for children s literature lots of little ones being born in my life this year I picked up a copy to gift and in my reading of the book I am happy to report that this looks like the kind of book a child would treasure reading.

  13. My six year old and I enjoyed this book, but I think it is appropriate for the 3 5 age range Charming, reality oriented book.

  14. This is one of those books that s nostalgic for me because I can remember reading it as a child It is a book that doesn t have a singular narrative story to it, but works well as a delightful introduction to the animals on a particular farm You feel as if the farmer has taken your hand and is leading you around and introducing you to the different kinds of animals and telling you their names, as well as pointing out their idiosyncrasies and personality quirks You feel like you re learning from s [...]

  15. This book and the other one about Maple Hill Farm always makes me want to chuck it all and buy some land which would be a horrendous mistake as I am hardly a farm girl and likely to be found mucking around a cafe than a stable But such is the power of this book I want a goat I want geese I want weird dogs with strange track records I want cats with murderous tendencies I want them all on my farm where I will feel the kind of zoned out bliss I get when I peruse these books The only downside what [...]

  16. I stumbled upon this book by chance on the reshelving cart at the library What a delight and so damned funny I love the descriptions of all of the animals their names and personalities and the things they do, both boring and mischievous In particular, I love the section on the geese and the bit about Whiney the sheep, and how she is so intellectually challenged that she can t find the gate or her own lambs and can t tell a blade of grass from a poisonous weed and so is regularly sick, but how Sa [...]

  17. Lovely At 21 months, we just look at all the animals and talk about them, but this is a book that will be read properly later.UPDATEOK so my child is now 2 1 2 and currently asks for this EVERY night Is it because it s long No, it s because it s freaking oozing with charm He loves animals, and clearly so do the authors, because they have so much personality here I do have to skip whole sections for bedtime, because I m obliged to do several books a night But it s really great Plenty for the adul [...]

  18. So glad I stumbled across this Sweet book from 1974 that is perfect for fans of farms and farm animals Great illustrations of all the different animal groups cats, dogs, horses, sheep, etc and explanations of their activities and even personalities Probably a bit challenging as a read aloud it s long, wordy, and relatively plotless but this would have been a book I adored and poured over as a kid You can tell the authors spent a lot of time and love observing animals as they created this It d ma [...]

  19. Our Animal Friends At Maple Hill Farm is too long to read really in just one sitting, but it is fun and funny will plenty of facts to poke curiosity that makes you want to read it all I enjoy the artwork and look forward to reading The Year At Maple Hill Farm soon as well.

  20. This was one of my favorite books to read to my younger brother when we were growing up I even made up tunes so I could sing the book to him I still remember fragments of those songs We enjoyed the lively illustrations and the different personalities of the animals, especially the cats, Eggnog, Willow, Gooseberry, and Max it s not a pretty sight I look forward to reading this book with another generation of young people.

  21. My son and I read this book as a part of Sonlight s P3 4 curriculum This book was written with a great sense of humor Most of it went over my son s head, but I was laughing out loud reading some parts It explains various aspects of farm life very matter of factly and with wonderful illustrations The large paperback edition perfectly showcases the pictures My son and I can t wait to read The Year at Maple Hill Farm by the same authors.

  22. First published in the 1970 s this charming, realistic look at the rich and interesting life of the animals on Maple Hill Farm was written by Alice and Martin Provensen I somehow missed this title however, I read it after I recently heard Judge John Hodgeman recommend it on his podcast as a great children s book A great title for the animal loving child and enough depth and nuance for the adult too

  23. Charming This is my older son s absolute favorite book He is 2 and a half We read all or part of it each and every day I really like that there is text in this book than in many picture books, but there are also illustrations for almost all of the text My son will listen to some pretty long stories and even, increasingly, to books with far fewer pictures than this one, and I credit this book in part for that.

  24. this book was one of my favorites as a child, and I just re read it with my nephew It s still so much fun Laugh out loud funny This book was clearly written by people who know and love animals And these aren t idealized, prettified animals either They have enjoyable antics, but they also do bad things and sometimes get sick or die My favorite were the cats, especially Willow, Willow is very beautiful, but she isn t very interesting.

  25. I was so happy to find this book in a large paperback edition in the bookstore today I love this book and its companion, A Year at Maple Hill Farm , which I read to my children when they were little and now have in my classroom I went ahead and bought the large paperback edition of A Year also so I have them for any future grandchildren who come along.

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