Red Knight Falling

[PDF] Red Knight Falling | by ☆ Craig Schaefer - Red Knight Falling, Red Knight Falling Fresh from their victory over the Bogeyman FBI agent Harmony Black and her team Vigilant Lock face a new type of threat one from beyond the stars They d always heard the Red Knight was an urban leg
  • Title: Red Knight Falling
  • Author: Craig Schaefer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Red Knight Falling | by ☆ Craig Schaefer, Red Knight Falling, Craig Schaefer, Red Knight Falling Fresh from their victory over the Bogeyman FBI agent Harmony Black and her team Vigilant Lock face a new type of threat one from beyond the stars They d always heard the Red Knight was an urban legend in three years before Sputnik launched a mysterious satellite was sighted circling Earth though no power on the planet had such technology But the Red Knight isFresh fro [PDF] Red Knight Falling | by ☆ Craig Schaefer - Red Knight Falling, Red Knight Falling Fresh from their victory over the Bogeyman FBI agent Harmony Black and her team Vigilant Lock face a new type of threat one from beyond the stars They d always heard the Red Knight was an urban leg
  • [PDF] Red Knight Falling | by ☆ Craig Schaefer
    471 Craig Schaefer
Red Knight Falling

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  1. Craig Schaefer s books have taken readers to the seamy edge of a criminal underworld drenched in shadow the Daniel Faust series , to a world torn by war, poison and witchcraft the Revanche Cycle , and across a modern America mired in occult mysteries and a conspiracy of lies the Harmony Black series.Despite this, people say he s strangely normal Suspiciously normal, in fact His home on the Web is craigschaeferbooks.

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  1. Chick mance is Slightly Awesome and Paperclips are Somewhat Underrated Buddy Read CiSAaPaSUBR with Nafeeza, Robin and Cathy Personal, extremely private message to POTUS 45 that should have been view spoiler my dear Craig Schaefer, this has to stop now I have read ALL your books I have kinda sorta manically fangirled over rather enjoyed ALL your books I have rated ALL your books either 4 or 5 stars This is ridiculous, young man You are killing my DNF stats And don t get me started on how this is [...]

  2. I don t like it, I said Don t like what Jessie asked Messing with demons Cause I love it 3.5 starsThis one has Vigilant Lock pursuing a fallen satellite that might be attached to some weird being who wants to take over the world and kill everyone You know, a real bad guy Well, not a guy, like a multi dimensional powerful godlike being You say tomay to, I say tomah to.Jessie shines in this one I m still not sold on Harmony and how much I like her or how strong of a character she is Now, Jessie i [...]

  3. This second book in the Harmony Black series was every bit as enjoyable as the first It was packed with the exact same mix of action, humour, likeable characters, and engaging plot that I ve come to expect from a Craig Schaefer book.Harmony and her Vigilant Lock team were back with a new mission saving the world This time the threat was a vast supernatural entity that is drawn annually to the Red Knight, an orbiting satellite The creature has become top priority as its annual visit to the Red Kn [...]

  4. Let s face it, Temple In our line of work, clinical psychopathy is an asset The second book in Harmony series went quite quickly for me Harmony and her great team are planning another great adventure This time some space stuff is view spoiler falling from the sky hide spoiler Lots of eye rolling Oh come on space stuff I tolerate you just because of Harmony and her team Sighs Ok Mr Schaefer, I can suffer a little bit to have my playdate with Harmony SThe phrase Red Knight Falling describes the ma [...]

  5. 4.44 A buddy read with the UF fiends BBB We need to solve the little demon problem we seem to have When you re part of an illegal government conspiracy, your actual job description gets hazy If you re working off the books, but the books don t officially exist in the first place, have you really gone rogue, or are you just putting in unpaid overtime This was very exciting, as most CS books have proven to be I have come to enjoy his style of storytelling and love the characters he creates Special [...]

  6. Q When you re part of an illegal government conspiracy, your actual job description gets hazy For example, say you and your team take a few days of leave time and fly to Boston to hunt down the man who killed a fellow agent If you re working off the books, but the books don t officially exist in the first place, have you really gone rogue, or are you just putting in unpaid overtime c Q I don t mind giving up my day in the sun so other people can have theirs I glanced sidelong at her Are you psyc [...]

  7. A buddy read with Seriously, he said I really want to know Why don t we get gadgets This is some straight up James Bond stuff Jessie snatched the pen out of his hand, tossing it over to me Because Jason Bourne can kick James Bond s ass, little man, and that s how we roll car chases and parkour Couldn t we do car chases and parkour with gadgets So the series is named for Harmony Black and true this is all from her PoV but she is clearly not the star No offense to the uptight and super repressed S [...]

  8. Urban fantasy often falls into what I think of as gym reads They tend to be light weight philosophically, action focused with streamlined writing Good gym reads are well written enough that they don t remind me I m pedaling or stepping away in repetitive motion, and great ones may even get me working harder with adrenaline, or keep me on the machine longer than I planned Schaefer s Daniel Faust series is definitely one of the latter, so I was looking forward to giving his spin off series starrin [...]

  9. I am a little undecided, if I liked the story or less than that of the first book The first book was classic horror setting, while the second one was a bit sci fi And then straight police procedural thriller with supernatural elements thrown in It s done well and the supernatural merges smoothly with the rest It doesn t just feel like an afterthought or a little add on Could be of it though, for my taste The world building could be a bit detailed as well for me, but what is there is done we [...]

  10. Harmony Black is back Fresh off of foiling a supernatural entity that preyed on children in her home town, Special Agent Black finds herself and her team assigned to confront a threat far greater A mysterious satellite the Red Knight is in a steadily decaying orbit and will crash down to Earth in weeks if not days.Recovering a sattelite should be no problem, right Well, unfortunately, this satellite has an occult purpose It shields the Earth from a Cthulhu esque entity from between realities If [...]

  11. 3.5 If I d rated this book before reading the next one it would be 3 , so my genuine advice is to read 2 and 3 back to back I still had fun but the mystery is less interesting and engaging than in the first book Also we are introduced to so many new secret government organisations, occult groups and power players it spreads attention thin and diminishes the suspense This does pay off in the following book And there is some nice humour.

  12. Another solid entry in the Harmony Black series And of course, it ends on a cliffhanger, prepping the way for the next book in this story arc.

  13. Harmony Black is back There s little rest for the Vigilant Lock, a secret op created to deal with occult threats As usually things go off the rails and a simple side job turns into saving the world kind of job Team members must recover the Red Knight satellite that seems to attract a hostile unknown entity The thing is there s than one group of people interested in the satellite and its content Mayhem follows.As usually action is steady, loud and violent Maybe not 100% logical but I didn t expe [...]

  14. Red Knight Falling is the second in the Harmony Black series, and continues the story of the black ops team Vigilant Lock as the team struggles to save the world from occult forces In this case, saving the world is literal, not figurative Harmony Black was initially a character in another of author Craig Schaefer s series, and the first Harmony Black book brought her onto a secret government team Vigilant Lock to fight against supernatural villains The second book continues with supernatural for [...]

  15. Full review over at Fantasy Book CriticOVERVIEW ANALYSIS Red Knight Falling is the second volume in the Harmony Black series and chronologically takes place after the events of book 1 Harmony Black and The Killing Floor Blues The previous book focused on Harmony and at the same time did an admirable job of setting up the series while also giving us a detailed look into Harmony s past This book the author decides to switch it up and gives us a look into another character s past Who it is, I ll le [...]

  16. This is the second book in the Harmony Black series, and pretty much seals Craig Schaefer as an author I m going to carry on reading In Book 1 Harmony Black , Schaefer introduces Harmony properly she s a side character in Schaefer s Daniel Faust series and also the Vigilant Lock black ops FBI team In Red Knight Falling, he expands Harmony s world and introduces what is probably going to be a multi book story arc in addition to the Red Knight plot.I have to say, I really like Harmony s character [...]

  17. 1 More than a decent book, enjoyed it.2 Stopping here The third book promises antagonists with amplified abilities and significantly increased demand for torture pain There was enough torture and evil in this book Concerned with sliding into horror as time goes on it s not my idea of an entertaining read although there are many who love it If you don t mind dark aspects getting darker with each book, this series is one for you.

  18. 3.75 stars Mini Review KEVIN Kevin is a tenacious little adorable bastard Basically, I approve and am crushing on a nerdy fictional character Jessie, still as maniacal and hyper as ever She s got innuendos for days and is a little bit of a murdering machine, but like, I love it Harmony, yaassss girl, getting fast and loose with the law, scheming and conjuring up storms Still a bit uptight, but I m enjoying it Not much of April, bit saddened by that Hope to see LOVED THAT A MAJOR PLOT POINT REVO [...]

  19. After thoroughly enjoying the book Harmony Black I was eager to read the next book, which is as good if not better If you like some magic, lots of action and fast furious investigations similar to those of Jim Butcher s Harry Dresden, you ll love this series too.

  20. Action, adventure and lots of danger Harmony Black is one kick ass witch This series is grade A More review later

  21. I loved this just as much as the first one and have already pre ordered the next in series This combines everything I love in a novel, kick ass action, tons of supernatural, mystery, chase, police procedural all be it off the record and a slight hint of romance with likeable and complicated characters There was a cinematic feel to this book, I could almost see it race across the big screen in front of me in all it s blow things up, car chase and kill the bad guys glory Hugely fun but nail biting [...]

  22. Scratching my head over this oneI really liked Harmony when she was first introduced.I think the strange suit and tie thing didn t really work well, but was willing to overlook it.Now I feel like she completely lost her voice She morphed into a strange protag between Daniel Faust, some unknown law enforcement and someone totaly non descript.She was a by the book kind of character After one and a half stories, she starts to cut corners.Hence the Daniel Faust deja vue.The story like could have bee [...]

  23. Ok seriously, this series is so SOLID I, waiting for harmony to turn lesbian because Cody is ISo blah but other than that a plus even on a reread that was just so I could prep for the third book.

  24. Oh, boy, what a great book.I waited until today to start reading, because I knew I would not be able to put it down I was right, once I started I was hooked for the entire ride.Exciting thrilling pace never slows lots of things blow up in spectacular fashion many, many feels strong development on the characters you know they have to make it but you just don t know how This was a wonderful ride.Mr Schaefer has left me with that impossible to scratch itch of having to know what happens next Whatev [...]

  25. Loved itHarmony Black wasn t my favourite character by this author when she appeared in the Daniel Faust series, and even through book 1 of this series she still irritated me and it wasn t my favourite book by Mr Schaefer by far, but boy does this second book deliver the goods in spades and then some.The action never stops right from the start and whisks you all the way to the end without stopping to let you catch breath The pace is superb, the characters unfolding and becoming complex, sympath [...]

  26. Red knight fallingCraig SchaeferI absolutely LOVED this book I got the Kindle First for the first Harmony Black book and couldn t wait for the second one Mr Schaefer comes through once again A bit of Sci Fi, a bit of Paranormal, some sleuthing and maybe even a bit of Geek thrown in also All in all a very interesting story Harmony is a witch in the FBI and is now in a team called Vigilant Lock which is who they send when they have something, lets say, a bit far from the norm This book is a bit le [...]

  27. Another exciting installmentI got the first Harmony Black novel in January as part of the Kindle First offer I loved that book, and was excited to see he had a new one coming out in April I m glad he writes so fast, because I love reading them This book features the Vigilant Lock team in pursuit of a mysterious satellite that has attracted a ton of attention Plenty of fun villains and magical action Love this character and this series, can t wait for book 3

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