Rogue Economics

Rogue Economics Best Read || [Loretta Napoleoni] - Rogue Economics, Rogue Economics The book is brand new and will be dispatched from UK
  • Title: Rogue Economics
  • Author: Loretta Napoleoni
  • ISBN: 9781583228241
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Hardcover

Rogue Economics Best Read || [Loretta Napoleoni], Rogue Economics, Loretta Napoleoni, Rogue Economics The book is brand new and will be dispatched from UK Rogue Economics Best Read || [Loretta Napoleoni] - Rogue Economics, Rogue Economics The book is brand new and will be dispatched from UK
  • Rogue Economics Best Read || [Loretta Napoleoni]
    160 Loretta Napoleoni
Rogue Economics

About Author

  1. Loretta Napoleoni is the bestselling author of Maonomics, Rogue Economics, Terror Incorporated and Insurgent Iraq She is an expert on terrorist financing and money laundering, and advises several governments and international organizations on counter terrorism and money laundering As Chairman of the countering terrorism financing group for the Club de Madrid, Napoleoni brought heads of state from around the world together to create a new strategy for combating the financing of terror networks.Napoleoni is a regular media commentator for CNN, Sky and the BBC She is among the few economists who predicted the credit crunch and the recession, and advises several banks on strategies to counter the current ongoing crisis She lectures regularly around the world on economics, terrorism and money laundering.Loretta is also a columnist and writes about terrorism, money laundering and the economy for several European financial papers including El Pais, The Guardian and Le Monde In the 1990s she was among the first journalists to interview the Red Brigades, the Italian Marxist armed group She subsequently spent three years interviewing members of other terrorist organizations In 2003 she interviewed followers of al Zarqawi in both Europe and in the Middle East.Born and raised in Rome, in the mid 1970s she became an active member of the feminist movement and a political activist She was a Fulbright scholar at Johns Hopkins University s Paul H Nitze School of Advanced International Studies in Washington DC and a Rotary Scholar at the London School of Economics She has a PhD in economics and a Masters of Philosophy in international relations and one in terrorism.She began her career as an economist, working for several banks and international organizations in Europe and the US In the early 1980s she spent 2 years in Budapest at the National Bank of Hungary working on a project for the convertibility of the florin that ten years later became the blueprint for the convertibility of the rouble In he 1980s she worked for a UK registered Russian Bank, Moscow Narodny Bank, which acted as the foreign branch of the Bank of Foreign Trade This position afforded her a unique insight into the Soviet economy In 1992 she produced the final documentation for the structure of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, IBRD She teaches a course at Judge Business Schools, Cambridge.Napoleoni s books include Modern Jihad Pluto Press, London, 2003 Terror Inc Penguin, London, 2004 Insurgent Iraq Seven Stories Press, New York, 2005 Terror Incorporated Seven Stories Press, New York, 2005 Rogue Economics Seven Stories Press, New York, 2008 Terror and the Economy Seven Stories Press, New York, 2010 and Maonomics Why Chinese Communists Are Better Capitalists Than We Are Seven Stories Press 2011 Her latest book is the best seller Islamist Phoenix Seven Stories Press, New York, 2014 The IS doesn t want to destroy They want to build the 21st century version of the Calliphate and that is what makes them so dangerous Her books are translated into 18 languages including Chinese and Arabic She lives in London and in the US with her husband and their four children.Napoleoni is currently working at a book linking the post 9 11 Western foreign policy, the kidnapping and refugee crisis Based upon original interviews with former hostages, negotiators, member of the crisis unit, kidnap owes and refugees, the book will unveil how post 9 11 Western foreign policy is responsible for the birth of a new breed of criminal and terrorist engaged in kidnapping of Westerners and trafficking migrants Napoleoni defines these people Merchant of Men.

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  1. This book touched on a wide range of subjects, so it d be most useful as An introduction to the rogue economy and how it s interweaved with legal goods and services A refresher for readers who ve already read about these issues.Similar books that tackle individual issues in greater detail McMafia by Mischa Glenny, on organised crime Knockoff by Tim Philips, on counterfeit goods The Bottom Billion by Paul Collier, on global poverty The World Food Problem by Howard Leathers, on aid efficacy Garbag [...]

  2. This book is a classic case of an author taking on than he she should Napoleoni posits that rogue economics has resurfaced because the world is experiencing a profound transformation, perhaps the biggest in history Yet, she doesn t really drive that point home because she gets caught up in far too many case studies In 336 pages, she discusses the manifestation of rogue economics in Eastern European prostitution, the Italian mafia, Post Wall Berlin, communist China, virtual worlds, fishing and p [...]

  3. Have you read any good Economics book , lately The book is ROGUE ECONOMICS and the author s Loretta Napoleoni.It s a tell all economic tale of what happens when Economy breaks away from Politics , and how all of hell s doors are opened If it were a movie, it would be a mixed genre A bit on the Tarantino side and a lot on the Matrix trilogy , with the rythm of a Bourne Ultimatum.From the Russian and Chinese mafias, the Italian n dranghetta, money laundering, patents and corporations, to paypal an [...]

  4. La coppia che non ti aspetti, democrazia e schiavit al diffondersi della prima aumenta la seconda come si spiega questo apparente paradosso Passo di Adam Smith da imparare a memoria, p.36 Per la politica regolamentare il mercato diventa sempre pi difficile ce ne siamo accorti E i problemi di un paese possono innescare una reazione a catena contagio con conseguenze devastanti per molti altri ce ne accorgeremo Con la fine della Guerra fredda il mercato spezza le catene della politica L economia di [...]

  5. Questo libro a me ha spiegato che se il mondo brutto, violento, ostile, desolante, lo perch esiste la razza umana Non essendoci il ti di una ecatombe naturale a breve, le diverse razze o vogliamo chiamarle trib nei quattro angoli del globo fanno il possibile per annichilire la motivazione all esistenza alle razze trib contigue Lo fanno con la violenza, lo schiavismo, i disvalori, creando una situazione disagiata per tutti gli esseri viventi, animali compresi Noi ognuno di noi siamo in una di que [...]

  6. Excelente leitura.Traz uma boa vis o sobre os rastros causados pelas quedas dos regimes comunistas e as ilus es da globaliza o.Gostei particularmente da abordagem sobre a economia Isl e a tese da volta do padr o dinar ouro.A autora utiliza um tom prof tico, mas deixa a desejar sobretudo nos n meros Fiquei curiosos para ler seus outros livros.

  7. Loretta s books are much better than ordinary and she claims her repute in this one too I have been studying economics for long but this book presents the other side of the moon and that s devastating

  8. Il libro parla sostanzialmente di criminalit , legalizzata o meno Dei comportamenti pi abietti di alcune classi di persone, dell ipocrisia e dello sfruttamento Di tutto questo da la colpa a una entit chiamata Economia canaglia Che cosa sia questa cosa misteriosa non dato di sapere E come un presagio che aleggia su tutto il libro, ma non viene spiegato Apparentemente l autrice pensa che tutti i mali del mondo siano da attribuire all organizzazione economica, come se dappertutto l economia sia la [...]

  9. This is a really interesting book with interesting information I greatly enjoyed it and it helped me to rethink some things That being said, I give it a three star because like many popular works on academic topics by journalists, this book suffers from an incredible ideological zest that often contradicts its basic positions E.g in the last chapter, Napoleoni writes the problem of rogue economics appears to be solved by Muslim capitalism under Shia law however, the author fails to appreciate 1 [...]

  10. This book was pretty intenseI had to return it to the library and so skimmed some sections It talks about how democracy creates and actually allows rogue economics to flourish Napoleoni references several countries throughout recent history who become democratic, and whose underground networks and slavery simultaneously explode Germany at the fall of the Berlin Wall blossomed a huge sex slave industry , Italy and the mafias that began there and are now all over the world, the gangs from central [...]

  11. there are a lot of ideas in this book not always artfully worded, the main concepts nonetheless hold interest napoleoni draws from a number of different ideas and finds a way to link them into this concept of rogue economics unconstrained economic forces that are not controlled by political forces and are socially ill napoleoni covers cases of drug and human trafficking, biopiracy, the black market for fakes fraudulent goods, illegal fishing, et cetera the winners in such a scenario are territor [...]

  12. I bought this book because of the reviews on the back that compare it to Freakonomics and Fast Food Nation, two books that I thought were really great However, Rogue Economics was not Napoleoni definitely thinks a lot about the issues she covers, and does a lot of research, but she just doesn t write in a way that makes me feel like I should care about these issues Her arguments are weak and strange, and her language is often vague There were some interesting parts about the Second Life communit [...]

  13. Although this is not a faultless book, it is written with vigor and a considerable amount of knowledge It serves as a wake up call for everyone who acknowledges the dark side of globalization which actually has it s positive sides and, importantly, liberalization of a block of diverse countries leading to a gold rush of oligarchs and other sharks She sort of hopscotches between subjects, which although not strictly by the book of economy scholars, leads to a refreshing read, teaching us about t [...]

  14. This book goes for a broader reach than Maonomics, and mostly hits the mark She brings a complexity of thought to a variety of issues, and writing in her second language that s nothing to scoff at But the first half is much tighter than the second half, which takes on a hopscotch quality, and then ends abruptly She is pointing out some deeply important ideas in her body of work, and making them accessible to a popular audience.

  15. The main idea is that there s a force called rogue economics which emerges at times of upheaval, but the evidence the author amasses is weak Her use of statistics is transparently disingenuous, and she seems to want to drag a lot of irrelevant material in as well For example, in ranting about how low fat foods are as full of calories as high fat equivalents, I agree with her but I don t see how that has anything to do with the subject matter people are gullible so what

  16. A worthwhile read She reveals the underbelly of runaway globalization and greed Namely, corruption and criminality in a desperate,underground economy Well written, although rather bleak as she offers no solutions or alternatives Still, an important read.

  17. Three stars because I learned about the inner workings of terrorism, gangland activity and how it all gets financed thanks to this book Otherwise there are a bunch of weird conclusions and statements that seem pretty misleading if taken seriously.

  18. this is a good and interesting book I was torn to give it 4 stars I struggled to get into it and i got lost at the end that is why only 3 stars.

  19. Want to understand where we are in history This is a good overview of the economic realities of our out of balance world.

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