Chinese Handcuffs

[PDF] Read ✓ Chinese Handcuffs : by Chris Crutcher - Chinese Handcuffs, Chinese Handcuffs Dillon is living with the painful memories of his brother s suicide and the role he played in it To keep his mind and body occupied he trains intensely for the Ironman Triathalon But outside of pract
  • Title: Chinese Handcuffs
  • Author: Chris Crutcher
  • ISBN: 9780060598396
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ✓ Chinese Handcuffs : by Chris Crutcher, Chinese Handcuffs, Chris Crutcher, Chinese Handcuffs Dillon is living with the painful memories of his brother s suicide and the role he played in it To keep his mind and body occupied he trains intensely for the Ironman Triathalon But outside of practice his life seems to be falling apart Then Dillon finds a confidante in Jennifer a star high school basketball player who s hiding her own set of destructive secrets Dillon is liv [PDF] Read ✓ Chinese Handcuffs : by Chris Crutcher - Chinese Handcuffs, Chinese Handcuffs Dillon is living with the painful memories of his brother s suicide and the role he played in it To keep his mind and body occupied he trains intensely for the Ironman Triathalon But outside of pract
  • [PDF] Read ✓ Chinese Handcuffs : by Chris Crutcher
    303 Chris Crutcher
Chinese Handcuffs

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  1. Chris Crutcher s writing is controversial, and has been frequently challenged and even banned by individuals who want to censor his books by removing them from libraries and classrooms Running Loose and Athletic Shorts were on the ALA s top 100 list of most frequently challenged books for 1990 2000 His books generally feature teens coping with serious problems, including abusive parents, racial and religious prejudice, mental and physical disability, and poverty these themes are viewed as too mature for children Other cited reasons for censorship include strong language and depictions of homosexuality Despite this controversy, Crutcher s writing has received many awards.

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  1. INTENSE, REALISTIC, SAD AND DON T GO FOR THE NAME THIS BOOK IS NOT CHINESE LITERATURE I was confused to rate it, I didn t love it neither hate it.I started this book expecting a lot of sporty stuff but the sports in this book is just a way in which the protagonists are dealing with their problems or should I say diverting from their problems Both protagonists have atroubledchildhood so I won t say this book is different But the narrative is likeable The characters are not new but have been well [...]

  2. Chinese Handcuffs is the first Chris Crutcher novel I read I will be reading The plot and characters are appealing to me as an adult and I could see them being incredibly appealing to a young reader, high school aged The voices of the characters are incredibly authentic, not fluffed up or dumbed down I enjoyed the format of letters and flashbacks juxtaposed with first person narrative from two different perspectives, two characters Jen and Dillon The main character Dillon Hemingway, a star athl [...]

  3. Excrement, if you will, is made up entirely of waste It is an absence of value, substance and nutrients It s the body s refuse discarded or rejected as useless or worthless This is a fair summation of this book Everything was waaay over sensationalized There was a secret teen pregnancy, unrequited love, an evil and above the law lawyer, a self obsessed and emotionally distant mother, a brother s suicide, a suicide rescue, drug addiction, a violent motorcycle gang, molestation, a hidden camera, a [...]

  4. Chinese Handcuffs is admirable for the way it unflinchingly deals with very dark themes, including suicide, drugs, sexual abuse, and the evil and good we all do The motivations are believable, the message is on target, the writing crisp and clear For me, this is Crutcher s best and most important work.

  5. I loved this book so much I read it all in just two nights I couldn t go to sleep because of how good the story was.

  6. Overall I thought this book was an excellent book I would recommend this book to most people who like to read about life lessons throughout a book like finding yourself, figuring out what you can accomplish, responsibility, and how you respond to the world its sometimes easier to understand when there is a story behind it, especially a deep story Dillon Hemingway is the main character in this book, he figured out a lot of life lessons including hot to respond to the world, he found out a little [...]

  7. Book of my choice Chinese HandcuffsPlot Summary Two main characters one male, one female Both are athelets and dealing with family issues The male s brother has committed suicide and the female has problems with her father and then her step father In every chapter, there was a twist added to the story It reminded me of a soap opera, sometimes drama, complicated emotions, and difficult situations It was a slow start, but after the first few chapters, the book became interesting and intense Very [...]

  8. Chris Crutcher s Chinese Handcuffs is written in both narrative and letters written to Dillon s dead brother Preston.Dillon s brother Preston was a troubled teen well, it never states his age that I recall but he is 2 years older than Dillon After a motorcycle accident left him paralyzed, Dillon turned to drugs and a motorcycle gang Unable to fight his demons, he killed himself in front of Dillon The book deals with Dillon trying to figure out his life Everything has changed for him His mother [...]

  9. It is official, I am hooked on books by this author I have read enough of them now to realize that in some ways they are all the same You would think that this would make the subject matter old and you wouldn t want to read them But the opposite is true While the main themes are similar how these kids deal with things is different.What appeals to me so much is that these kids are put in tough situations, that deal with things adults would have a hard time with Yet the kids manage to do what need [...]

  10. Chris Crutcher writes about athletic kids in an imperfect world There s always a real world problem simmering just below the surface in his stories of teen athletes, but kids are tough and the books tend to have an upbeat feel despite the problems This teen athlete was a an ironman triathelete and like the athlete looking for the ultimate challenge, the social problems involved in this story were over the top as well I d actually call the situation laughably unlikely if I hadn t known someone in [...]

  11. I m not much of a Crutcher fan, and this one was hard to read It s pretty bleak, and deals with sexual abuse, suicide, violence, pregnancy, oh and animal torture.

  12. Chinese Handcuffs is about two main characters, one of the main characters is Dillion Hemingway, who is an athlete who runs a lot His reasoning for why he runs so much is breathtaking The reason he runs is to gain memories about his brother who had passed away from drugs When the running stops, his pain of his brother comes right back He plans to run an Ironman to make it twice as long As the book goes on Dillion then meets Jennifer who is the other main character in this book As they meet, it s [...]

  13. 1 February 2005 Classic Pick CHINESE HANDCUFFS by Chris Crutcher, Greenwillow, 1989, ISBN 0 688 08345 5 I was really intrigued by her idea that if I keep my mind on myself and my own reactions to the world, I can have complete control, that trying to control everything outside me is what keeps me stuck and completely out of control Opposites at work, I think, maybe Stacy s Chinese handcuffs Who knows I may be the world s next really great philosopher Then again, I may be the world s next really [...]

  14. Chinese handcuffs is a very interesting book Before you read it, you need to know that the way it is written is very straight forward It will hit your heart like a freight train at times It can be very brutal and if you are sensitive it might not be the book for you Also, if you have a hard time hearing about rape and abuse, I wouldn t recommend this book Chinese handcuffs is a complicated story But don t be worried, it isn t too hard to follow along with It has a simple plot Dillon Hemingway is [...]

  15. In the novel Chinese Handcuffs by Chris Crutcher, Crutcher incorporates his imaginary mind with some teenagers reality Crutcher demonstrates with the main character Dylan and his older brother Preston a former soldier that family struggles are hard for everybody and no matter what suicide is never an option or shouldn t be Preston s suicide nearly scars Dylan forever Dylan soon meets Jennifer Jennifer has a special love for basketball she always has since her parents split up She is the best on [...]

  16. Issues Suicide, forced to watch suicide, incest rape, statutory rape, gang rape, teen pregnancy, motorcycle accident paraplegic, drug abuse This book is very issue driven, yet at the same time is not because the author does mention how doing the right thing is not always possible So, calling this book an issue book may not be correct Either way, this is not one I would recommend to adults, or even often to teens, but their may be some teens out there who will find comfort from this text.This is [...]

  17. The novel Chinese handcuff is a really wonderful story because it has a strong message to the readers.Dillon is the main character in the story he play a major roll in it He had to deal with his brother death he kill his self due to drugs It has a message that let us with definition that drugs are not good for us because it can be dangerous Drugs kill people all over the world every year due to drugs or depression so that s the message that Dillon is trying to leave to its readers In the other h [...]

  18. I think this book is well structured and uses and overuses various types of literary devices like flashbacks, metaphors, and foreshadowing Although the story is entertaining and raises philosophical questions it tends to be predictable and kind of just hand feeds you whatever you need to know to understand the story The depiction of sexual abusers and the damage they can do psychologically to people is very accurate and I can tell that the author has used his experience as a psychologist to crea [...]

  19. Are you an emotional reader If yes then this is the book for you, Chinese Handcuffs is about a young boy Dillon Hemingway who was forced to watch his older brother Preston commit suicide Not only does Dillon have to live with that terror, but he s caught stuck between a rock and a hard place, that could lead to him loosing his relationship with two of his very close girl friends who have very mysterious lives Dillon and his friends have to make some tough decisions, and be there for one another [...]

  20. This book ended up being really amazing, but it took a while to get there It really started to heat up in chapter 12 which is 3 4 into the book, but then it really picked up This is one of Chris Crutcher s earlier novels, and I ve read almost everything he s published This is not my favorite, as it is sometimes a bit confusing, but it is a really good narrative and ends with a bang Definitely worth the read if you like this authors style Good stuff.

  21. I read this a long time ago when I was much younger and don t remember much about it, probably because it was too mature for me to take much in or understand I used to read a lot of teen books before I was a teen, because I was fascinated with stories from the older kids And I was going to read it again, but in all honesty I don t remember liking it very much even then, even though I like serious realistic topics and the 80s, I just remember being a bit disappointed Also, according to some of th [...]

  22. i just finished a book called chinese handcuffs, a realistic fiction by chris crutcher i would rate it a 9 10 because it had a lot of adventures dillon didn t finish and he has a painful memory of his brother s suicide and it is stuck in his head dillon meets a girl who is also hiding destructive secrets they work together before demons come or if it is too late.

  23. The book Chinese Handcuffs is a story describing the main character Dillon and his experiences and relationships after his brothers suicide I did not like the book, but I would recommend it to people who like to get emotionally attached to the characters That is why I did not like the book It was good read though, just not my type of book.

  24. Overall this book was very well written, but it was a little to detailed for my liking I recommend it to older kids in high school and up It is a little confusing in some parts of the book, because Dillon switches from him writing to his brother to talking to someone I would rate this book 4 stars But in all the book was a good read.

  25. I just finished reading CHINESE HANDCUFFS by Chris Crutcher and I rate this a 3 5 because the book is not that bad This book is about a boy name Dillon who is living in a painful life because his brother did suicide,so he trains Ironman Triathlon to keep him busy.

  26. I read the book Chinese Handcuffs, by Chris Crutcher It is about a teenaged boy trying to deal with his brother s suicide, with plenty of twists And he love for his brothers ex girlfriend, and the all star girls basketball player You never really know what is going to happen next but you always want to find out, and never put this book down until you do There s a lot to consider I have never loved and hated anyone at the same time and so ferociously as I do you for what you did My emotions churn [...]

  27. I am a big fan of Chris Crutcher and his books, although I have not read all of his books, I loved the ones I have I had to read Chinese Handcuffs for an assignment in my Young Adult Literature class, usually, dislike books because I am forced to read them, but Crutcher made me love this book.

  28. Chris Crutcher s book Chinese Handcuffs is a riveting look at the darkness that exists in all of us As we journey along with our main characters, Dillon and Jen, we are taught how to deal with this darkness, using one of the most powerful analogies I have every heard we as people are tied to our darkness through a Chinese finger trap We can t ever be free if we continue to pull away, but the moment we relieve the pressure, we are free This analogy for life is integrated throughout the book, up u [...]

  29. I think I ve made no secrets about my love for Crutcher his books just hit me right in the gut and I love them I ve been trying to read through his oeuvre slowly in order to be able to savor them for a while This one hit me hard.Crutcher does have a lot of the same themes and plots in his books, which I ve seen as I read through them This one also featured some of the darker ones including descriptions of two animals being murdered, two child molestations, suicide, and other assorted acts of cru [...]

  30. Warning this book review contains mention of drug abuse, suicides, incest, and rapes Among other things, although not as bad as Perks.2.5Heavy stuff I don t even know how to rate this book Lower because it has issues I don t like to read about, but higher because it is done pretty well and has a decent ending But lower because I didn t actually enjoy reading about these poor teens messed up lives Maybe I would care if my adolescence was troubled and I needed painful abuses in order to connect [...]

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