An Unfortunate Journey: The Tale of Orion

Unlimited An Unfortunate Journey: The Tale of Orion - by Sara Daniell - An Unfortunate Journey: The Tale of Orion, An Unfortunate Journey The Tale of Orion She s a non conformist with an insatiable appetite for adventure And trouble It is no surprise when she finds herself eavesdropping on a Constable meeting One word that makes no sense Earth sends Orio
  • Title: An Unfortunate Journey: The Tale of Orion
  • Author: Sara Daniell
  • ISBN: 9780692417645
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited An Unfortunate Journey: The Tale of Orion - by Sara Daniell, An Unfortunate Journey: The Tale of Orion, Sara Daniell, An Unfortunate Journey The Tale of Orion She s a non conformist with an insatiable appetite for adventure And trouble It is no surprise when she finds herself eavesdropping on a Constable meeting One word that makes no sense Earth sends Orion on a quest for answers What is Earth And why has it never been mentioned before Her search is soon over but not without a heavy price to pay Forced to leav Unlimited An Unfortunate Journey: The Tale of Orion - by Sara Daniell - An Unfortunate Journey: The Tale of Orion, An Unfortunate Journey The Tale of Orion She s a non conformist with an insatiable appetite for adventure And trouble It is no surprise when she finds herself eavesdropping on a Constable meeting One word that makes no sense Earth sends Orio

  • Unlimited An Unfortunate Journey: The Tale of Orion - by Sara Daniell
    455 Sara Daniell
An Unfortunate Journey: The Tale of Orion

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  1. Sara Daniell s story started in the quiet little town of Cedarburg, Wisconsin until her dad s job transferred him to Arkansas She thought life would officially be over with that move, but to her surprise, Arkansas is where she found love, married her best friend and had her two amazing daughters For years, Sara was a closet writer Something most knew nothing about because she felt like she d be looked down upon since most weren t accepting of writing about fantasy worlds and magic It wasn t until her best friend and husband told her she needed to pursue what made her happy and to hide that for no one So, with a deep breath and a beat up laptop, she did it Sara has made many close friends in the writing business and says it feels like a family than anything else She says she feels confident in herself for pursuing what she loves and not letting the limited perceptions of others define who she is She s a go getter, a dream chaser, and if that makes her crazy, that s fine with her.

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  1. I d like to thank the author, Sarah Daniell, for providing me with an ecopy ARC of this book for an honest review.Orion is a Dweller living in the Sphere who does not conform to her society She is angry, curious and always looking for trouble It s no surprise when she finds her suddenly transported from Dandux to a place called Earth , a place she has never heard of that has been kept secret from the Dwellers When she gets stuck on Earth, she is desperate to find a way back She is fights for her [...]

  2. The book was short,fast paced,interesting and really capturing onei read it in very less time and i liked it The story genre kinda falls as dystopian.Orion is a very different from other dwellers around her.e is smart ass,cocky with ton s of attitude and ego but mostly she get s angrya lotwhich other s don t or fake that they don t and she could never understand why Sphere is where she lives and it is controlled by constables when her curiosity gets best of her and after listening that there is [...]

  3. Starting with the things I loved I loved the cover and the summary The rebel girl with the blue hair made me think the story would be about an outsider with attitude The summary sounded like a mysterious, dystopian like survival story All of which led me to have high hopes for the story.Unfortunately, the story did not live up to my expectations In fact, it was a bit of a mess The story started out interesting, albeit a bit confusing The set up of the wold is not really explained, but it seems t [...]

  4. Wow This is the first book I ve read by Sara Daniell but it won t be the last I m already looking forward to book two in the Dwellers series, but I ve gotten ahead of myself This review is for Glimpse The Dwellers 1, by Sara Daniell The author has crafted an exciting book filled with plot twists and created a dark world that is gritty and all too real The intensity starts in the Prologue I never thought one decision could change my life forever But it did I know this because I made a bad decisio [...]

  5. I won this book in one of the giveaways on here a couple weeks ago, and received it just yesterday It was totally different from the books I normally read so I didn t know what I would think of it at first But it totally grabbed my attention after the first couple of chapters and turned out to be one of those books I didn t want to put down I really liked this story a lot and I ll definitely try to read the next book when it comes out I felt the action scenes weren t detailed enough and would ha [...]

  6. This book was amazing I couldn t put it down, and I can t wait for the next one Sara Daniell is an amazing and talented author who is able to capture and hold my attention I recommend this book to anyone who loves a fast paced suspense It is amazing I can t say enough good things about this book and the author You will fall in love with the characters, and you will feel their pain and triumphs as if they were your own.

  7. I really enjoyed this book I couldn t put it down Action packed from beginning to end The main character Orion is full of spunk, she kicks butt Plath is hott I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.

  8. This is definitely a different type of book One that sparked my interest from page oneThroughout the book, I came across some pages that had me scratching my head I was a little bit confused But that didnt necessarily take away from the story In fact, it had me reading faster to search for answers Orion stepped to a different beat Her own She has the take no crap attitude She lives by her own rules Decisions are that of her own She doesn t care much for authority Her decisions land her and her f [...]

  9. Orion doesn t understand the rules, nor does she like them This is a great lead in to the story Why doesn t she like them Has something happened to make it that way Not at all She just instinctively knows something is wrong She grew up with her family in this place called Dandux They are a species called Dweller who believe they are being protected by this group of people known as The Constable They are taught to only live in peace and harmony in their world, known as The Sphere, and anyone who [...]

  10. Glimpse is a story about Orion and her life as a Dweller in the Sphere, speficially Dandux Orinio is tagged as a troubled teen according to the Spheres code and that doesn t suit well with Orion She maybe a little different but troublemaker she is not Together with her friend Sage she snoops around the perimeter of Dandux after eavesdropping at a secret meeting and that night turned her and Sages life around.Orion is a bull headed girl who doesn t take sh t from anybody as long as she does what [...]

  11. Exciting, New, Fresh, Full of Twists, Suspenseful, A Perfect Must Read for all I love reading this novel, An Unfortunate Journey A spectacular novel that will keep readers coming back The dialogue throughout was used properly and made for a funny yet suspenseful read.The main character is strong and she has a way of luring readers to feel her pain of the restraint of the rules enforced on her and others in her world At first she is rebellious but then again some of the problems are ones where re [...]

  12. My Review I loved the concept of this book A world within a world Orion and her best friend Sage live in a sphere that is on Earth but not of it The people of her sphere know nothing about Earth and Earth knows nothing about the spheres of her world Orion is very rebellious Something not tolerated well in her world She accidentally ends up being transported to Earth when she travels outside of the safe zone in her world This is when it gets a little shaky We do not know exactly how she ends up o [...]

  13. I got this book for free on and this book a great read We have Orion Draper she is a Dweller She lives in a sphere called Dandux and this sphere is on earth but not part of earth The sphere has special rules to keep everybody under control and peaceful Orion is curious and trouble always seems to find her So it is no surprise when she finds herself eavesdropping on a Constable meeting One word that makes no sense, Earth , sends Orion on a quest for answers But now she s living as a fugitive tog [...]

  14. This book is creative, fun, intense and at times downright creepy Not a bad creepy, either, but a creepy that gets under your skin and makes you shiver as you thank your lucky stars you re not going through what the main character, Orion, is going through She gets in gunfights, drinks, smokes, is on the run from a government that is trying to hunt heroh, and she s a skilled shooter with no hesitation to kill Orion is a rebel and a revolutionary, a witty, fiesty and temperamental heroine who will [...]

  15. Glimpse, the newest offering by author Sara Daniell revolves around Orion Draper, A high school student on a land called the Sphere When she hears of a strange world called Earth, her questioning nature won t stop until she knows what this Earth is all about Finding her way there is easy but finding her way back home is nearly impossible and life becomes a new danger every second.I think that Sara Daniell has invented an ingenious plot with a cast of very likable characters Orion is the tough gi [...]

  16. Anyone interested in viewing our world through the eyes of someone who comes from a very different society should read this novel Sage and Orion are two very strong and determined young women whose thirst for truth and knowledge is admirable The story is action packed from the very start as they accidentally leave everything they know behind and embark on a journey, running and killing to save themselves.Daniell creates characters that you can t help but become fascinated with There is no awkwar [...]

  17. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review An Unexpected Journey The Tale of Orion is a wonderful written story about a girl named Orion She didn t follow the rules and questioned everything One day she and her friend Sage accidentally end up on Earth From that day on she was living life on the run Orion will learn that she is part of a bigger picture.This story is amazing It started off one way and then took a turn and went a whole other direction I ll admit I cried It does [...]

  18. Great premise but some things just didn t make sense One thing that really annoyed me was the dialogue People use contractions when they speak the dialogue was stilted and didn t flow A lot of the time, I felt like I was reading a book written by someone that is not a fluent English speaker As another reviewer noted, there was a lot of shooting but never any problems with the law We didn t get much information about the world they came from and I didn t feel as if I knew them very well at all Th [...]

  19. 3.5 5.0 An Unfortunate Journey The Tale of Orion by Sara Daniell is a sci fi tale of a young girl whose curiosity and incorrigible behavior places her on the run from the despicable Constable and the Sphere Hunters.Read full review in the 2015 July August issue of InD tale Magazine.

  20. Glimpse is an adventurous fast paced story where the action starts from the beginning I had a hard time putting the book down as I wanted to see what happens next Ms Danielle pens her characters believable and you will find yourself falling in love with them Recommended for all suspense romance fans.This review is based on a complimentary copy which was provided for an honest review.

  21. 3.5 starsI had this book for some time, and i thought, well it is time to read it, so i did, i started and finished the same day Now i need the second book.Spoilers This book is kind of Divergent, there is this girl who can affect people, but she can not be affected, like Tris

  22. The main character, Orion, is a bitch and outwardly disrespectful to people of power in a dystopian society I don t get why they tolerate this taboo behavior and because I she s so unlikeable, I don t care to find out DNF

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