Playing At Love

[PDF] Playing At Love | by ✓ Lara Ward Cosio - Playing At Love, Playing At Love Not your ordinary rock n roll read Although Rogue is a world famous rock band the characters have depth are well developed and their celebrity takes a back seat to a thoughtful sweet and interest
  • Title: Playing At Love
  • Author: Lara Ward Cosio
  • ISBN: 9780692549230
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Playing At Love | by ✓ Lara Ward Cosio, Playing At Love, Lara Ward Cosio, Playing At Love Not your ordinary rock n roll read Although Rogue is a world famous rock band the characters have depth are well developed and their celebrity takes a back seat to a thoughtful sweet and interesting story line It s a really lovely book about relationships and the human spirit and it moves along at such a pace that keeps the reader enthralled Lara Ward Cosio is a Not your ordi [PDF] Playing At Love | by ✓ Lara Ward Cosio - Playing At Love, Playing At Love Not your ordinary rock n roll read Although Rogue is a world famous rock band the characters have depth are well developed and their celebrity takes a back seat to a thoughtful sweet and interest
  • [PDF] Playing At Love | by ✓ Lara Ward Cosio
    261 Lara Ward Cosio
Playing At Love

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  1. Lara Ward Cosio is the author of the Rogue Series Novels When not writing, she can be found chasing her two girls around the house or at the beach, always with music on in the background.

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  1. The life of a rockstar, glamor, glitz, celebrity, and the world at your fingertips, at least while the spotlight shines Behind the band Rogue, when the lights go down and the last cheer has faded is the human turmoil that is played out in a million ways around the world Come backstage and enter the reality of the lives of the band Rogue in Lara Ward Cosio s Playing at Love where flawed and damaged people stumble through the intricacies of love, betrayal and raw human emotions.Conor and Gavin hav [...]

  2. I have always judged books by how fast I want to read them, most that I love I devour as fast asI can to get to the end Not so with this book I fell in love with this one, that I took my time savoring it, I did not want it to end and was in no rush to get there The concept was in my opinion so different that I was in awe how topics that can be eye rollers and cliched were handled by this author Gavin, Conor, Sofie wow I can not wait for from Lara Ward Cosio I read this on Kindle Unlimited and I [...]

  3. This is an excellent, well written story about the band, Rogue, and the various trials and tribulations the members endure Gavin and Conor are best friends until Conor betrays Gavin in the worst possible way There is plenty of love, jealousy and betrayal to go around Sophie, Felicity and even Collette are all well developed characters that keep the story moving along.

  4. Playing at LoveBy Lara Ward CosioConor Quinn is the hottie guitarist for the Irish rock band Rogue Trying to right the wrongs of the affair between him and his best friend and band mates s wife, he rushes into an engagement with his supermodel ex girlfriend, Colette When a girl he shares a past with, Felicity, returns to town an old flame is quickly reignited causing him to second guess everything Will he make the right choice or destroy everyone s lives again Gavin McManus, lead vocal for Rogue [...]

  5. This book was an enjoyable read, with interesting characters that kept my attention The book involves the world of a renowned rock band but the author let s you in on the real people they actually are and the trouble and struggles they have in their love lives The characters are likable and complex and I found myself thinking about the book between reads and wondering what would happen next I loved Lara Cosio s writing style and her ability to portray the emotion, and conflict that the character [...]

  6. Fine Wine You know how you want to take your time to make sure you get everything that it has to offer and then some That s what this book was for me Being a rock romance fanatic this book is ranking up there with being one of the top reads I haven t read this author before so I had set this book on the back burner for a bit and now realize what a mistake that was This author knows how to write so that you are actually feeling that you are on the same journey as the books characters She gives yo [...]

  7. This is a story line that is perfect for those who want to read than just YA novel a desire for well written, clearly developed characters with a can t put the book down storyline Lara Ward Cosio s Playing At Love A Rogue Series Novel created a world that made me fall in love with the characters and their lives that molded them From the longtime loves and married couple Gavin and Sophie encountering struggles along the way, to the wild to tame Conor, who is simply trying to figure out what he t [...]

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed this book The author has a way of making the characters feel realistic, down to earth and relatable even though many of the characters are members of a famous rock band and super models The dialogue is is excellent, conveying emotion quite well Cosio has a great eye to details that create the luscious atmosphere throughout the book It s a book that takes you on worldly adventures and gives good insight on what it s like to be in a famous rock band while nurturing both friend [...]

  9. This is a fast moving romp through the glamorous world of rock musicians and high fashion, and the hearts and minds of the 30 somethings who inhabit it It s a story about love and loss, friendship damaged by betrayal and ultimately redemption The author has created in depth characters that you ll come to love and want to follow through other books in the series I read it once, then sat right down and read it again

  10. A fabulous 2nd book in the Rogue Series It takes a lot for a book to resonate with me I found this book to be so realistic and heart breaking It really shows the pitfalls if the music industry and how tortured artists can fall down the rabbit hole I was really rooting for Connor in this book, but Ms Cosio brought back another character and had me second guessing everything I thought I wanted for these characters Bravo on this book I m waiting for Shays book

  11. Another 5 Electrified Guitars for Playing at LoveAnother stunning success for Lara Ward Cosio Book 2 of the Rogue series crossed even deeper emotional topography for me yeah, there were tears involved KA you are going to owe me at least a case of tissue one of these days and was absolutely nothing like I expected from having read the summary, a few reviews and a teaser or excerpt or two I say that with not a bit of disappointment this sopho effort showed growth after an absolutely amazing debut [...]

  12. This is the second book to this rockin series Rogue This is not a stand alone You need to read the first book Tangled up in you because if you don t you will be totally lost This book continues from the last book Only a few months go by and everything changes This author grabbed me on the first page It only took me one day to read this beautiful story This story is about the lead guitarist of the band Rogue Conor Quinn He and his best friend Gavin grew up together and they also started this band [...]

  13. LOVED IT An excellent and dynamic follow up to the first book Tangled Up In You , this follows Conor Quinn on his journey to his HEA.On his way Conor becomes engaged, for the second time, to the model Colette He is trying to move on after Sophie He isn t very happy though and feels lackadaisical about her Colette is a very shallow woman and craves public adoration which takes its toll on their relationship.Felicity, his high school lover, is back in Dublin after her 10 year marriage ends Conor a [...]

  14. Hot damn, WOW Playing at Love, where do I begin Everyone in this book felt so real I felt their flawed yet beautiful heart beats Conor s story is exquisitely told by the author and I got emotion sickness from the amazing rollercoaster ride of feelings I experienced for not just this sexy rock star, but every one in this book I loved the steamy interludes and romance, they literally left me breathless I wish this review could be coherent but I am swooning over Lara s words I feel like reading th [...]

  15. Book one was a slow burn for me, but this one was combustible There was so much happening with Rogue They were back working on a new album and best friends Gavin and Conor were trying to get past what had happened in the first book Shay was finding himself mediator then ever Will Gavin be able to win Sophie back Does Sophie want to return Will Gavin and Collette go all the way or will Fee being back in town throw a wrench in their plans Throw on your pj s, grab a cuppa and sit back and enjoy th [...]

  16. I voluntarily reviewed this book.Playing At Love is the second book in the Rogue series and continues the story of Gavin, Sophie and Connor as they deal with the impact of the events of Book 1 Now sometimes with a series book 2 never quite lives up to expectations but not this one I was right there with them as Gavin and Sophie try to rebuild their marriage and still maintain the relationships needed for the band to succeed We get Connors love story in this book but has he found his HEA Book 3 c [...]

  17. Great Read This was a continuation of Tangled Up In You, it finished the story in a fascinating and satisfactory way The writing was extremely good and the characters are very likable,even the ones you hate The book had a fast pace,good flow and I recommend it to anyone who loves Rock Star Romance

  18. Playing at Love is an amazing story of 4 lifelong friends and the trials they endure through their rise to fame as an Irish rock band The story contains all the glitz, glamour and glory you would expect any rock band to encounter as well as the terrible temptations of drugs, alcohol, and lust When a book keeps me mesmerised and the characters call out my name to come read with them, the book earns 5 stars from me thus Playing at Love gets those 5 shiny starts from me The book focuses on Conor an [...]

  19. Playing at Love Rogue Series Book 2 By Lara Ward Cosio5 Star ReviewPlaying at Love, Book 2 by Lara Ward Cosio is a 5 star book This story has an Irish band named Rogue as its background The characters are members of the band, and have been lifelong friends This is can be read as a standalone but I recommend reading the first book because there are references to things that happened in that story The way this story is told it almost reads like a biography with a voice reading sections and comment [...]

  20. Playing at love A Rogue Series novel, book 2By Lara Ward Cosio 5 5 Stars This is the Second book in Rogue Series This is the conclusion of Tangled up in you So in order to fully understand the dynamics of this book, I believe you must read them in proper order.I must admit that, I highly enjoyed this book Probably much than the first one actually It grabbed my attention from the get go and sucked me in fiercely And honestly I had quite the time putting down and adulting But let me tell ya it s [...]

  21. Playing at Love by Lara Ward Cosio is the second book in the Rogue series It was an awesome book This book can be read as a standalone, but I would recommend reading the first in the series so you can delve that much deeper into the inner circle of these profound relationships that have been forged The men of the band Rogue are not only dealing with fame and the long hours of recording and touring, but they also have to make time for their personal lives as well Gavin the lead singer and his wif [...]

  22. Playing At Love is the second book in the Rouge Series This one follows Sophie and Gavin, but importantly is the fact that this is Conor s story.Conor Quinn the guitarist of Rouge has had a rough couple of years and it is all coming to a head He has been in love with Sophie since high school but she has always been Gavin s girl He has been dating a former friend of Sophie s, Colette on and off for about three years now and are engaged to be married She is young and loves to play games and Conor [...]

  23. Playing at love by Lara Ward Casio is a well written story about the characters Gavin and Conor and self discovery Gavin wants to win back Sophie, his ex, he refuses to believe that they are completely over and he wants to win her back Conor could have anything he wanted he has almost everything he could ever want accept the one person he let go so that he could fulfill his dream of stardom with Gavin Can Gavin and Conor win back their lives and still maintain being musicians and friends The cha [...]

  24. Road to some redemption.Really enjoying this series a lot Couldn t put the kindle down, I took to work and everywhere I went today And that ladies is an awesome read.Sophie finally redeemed some self respect in this book and it made me extremely happy Love, devotion and understanding does will out I just love the love that her and Gavin have for each other I am sure its not going to be smooth sailing all the time, especially being married to a Rockstar Conor redeemed himself towards the end of t [...]

  25. I thoroughly enjoyed this fun read about a fictional Irish rock band and their life and loves I loved her detail, down to lyrics of songs, and areas of Dublin Ms Ward Mrs Cosio certainly did her research, and spins a great tale Can t wait for the next one

  26. Must Read Absolutely loved these books The author created great characters with a real life feel to them No real villains, just flawed people trying to get it right.

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