Nerds Who Kill

Nerds Who Kill Best Read || [Mark Richard Zubro] - Nerds Who Kill, Nerds Who Kill Paul Turner is a widowed father of two teenaged boys one of whom has spina bifida rapidly approaching middle age and used to dealing gracefully with all the challenges these things entail Turner h
  • Title: Nerds Who Kill
  • Author: Mark Richard Zubro
  • ISBN: 9780312333010
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Hardcover

Nerds Who Kill Best Read || [Mark Richard Zubro], Nerds Who Kill, Mark Richard Zubro, Nerds Who Kill Paul Turner is a widowed father of two teenaged boys one of whom has spina bifida rapidly approaching middle age and used to dealing gracefully with all the challenges these things entail Turner however is slightly different from others in his situation he s openly gay and a homicide detective for the Chicago Police Department Despite everything his personal andPaul Turner is Nerds Who Kill Best Read || [Mark Richard Zubro] - Nerds Who Kill, Nerds Who Kill Paul Turner is a widowed father of two teenaged boys one of whom has spina bifida rapidly approaching middle age and used to dealing gracefully with all the challenges these things entail Turner h

  • Nerds Who Kill Best Read || [Mark Richard Zubro]
    301 Mark Richard Zubro
Nerds Who Kill

About Author

  1. Author also writes as Mark Zubro.Mark Richard Zubro is an American mystery novelist He lives in Mokena, Illinois and taught 8th grade English at Summit Hill Jr High in nearby Frankfort Square, Illinois.Zubro writes bestselling mysteries set in Chicago and the surrounding Cook County area, which are widely praised as fast paced, with interesting plots and well rounded, likeable characters His novels feature gay themes, and Zubro is himself gay.His longest running series features high school teacher Tom Mason, and Tom s boyfriend, professional baseball player Scott Carpenter The other series Zubro is known for is the Paul Turner mysteries, which are about a Chicago police detective The books are a part of the Stonewall Inn Mystery series, published by St Martin s Press Zubro won a Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay Men s Mystery for his book A Simple Suburban Murder.Series Tom Mason and Scott Carpenter Paul TurnerI am the author of twenty four mystery novels and five short stories My book A Simple Suburban Murder won the Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay Men s mystery I also wrote a thriller, Foolproof, with two other mystery writers, Jeanne Dams and Barb D Amato I taught eighth graders English and reading for thirty four years and was president of the teachers union in my district from 1985 until 2006 I retired from teaching in 2006 and now spend my time reading, writing, napping, and eating chocolate My newest book, Another Dead Republican, is my thirteenth book in the Tom and Scott series which features as main characters, a gay school teacher and his lover, a professional baseball player One of the keys in my mysteries is you do not want to be a person who is racist, sexist, homophobic, or a school administrator If you are any of those, it is likely you are the corpse, or, at the least, it can be fairly well guaranteed that bad things will happen to you by the end And if in my books you happen to be a Republican and or against workers rights, it would be far better if you did not make a habit of broadcasting this If you did, you re quite likely to be a suspect, or worse.

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  1. So what was I thinking right Picked this book up simply on a whim and because the title made me laugh and I just had to know what made nerds kill and what this book could entailSo I read all two hundred plus of the quirky silly little mystery along the same vein but a cheap knockoff of the Agatha Christie masterpiece And Then There Were None and even the recent murder mystery Death and The Lit Chick by G.M Malliet where a bunch of authors or important people get together and all their secrets, [...]

  2. PROTAGONIST Paul Turner, Chicago PD homicide detectiveSETTING Science fiction convention in ChicagoSERIES 8 of 8RATING 3.0A science fiction convention would appear to be the perfect setting for a murder First of all, you have a higher than usual percentage of, uh, unusual people Secondly, many of the participants feel compelled to attend in costume, thereby masking their true identities.Paul Turner, homicide detective with the Chicago Police Department, doesn t really have any interest in attend [...]

  3. 2 1 2 starsComplaints first and foremost Why do mystery authors feel they have to dump on SF F cons Don t they have mystery cons they can dump on They never have anything nice to say about the people who attend cons and when they do, it s almost always a back handed complement Yes, I m pointing at the author oftoo.And, the only thing on the cover that has anything to do with the plot is the sword by the way.So, the bulk of this story takes place over the course of a Saturday at a SF F convention [...]

  4. In the 8th Paul Turner mystery, we find the detective taking his sons and friends to the SF Convention.Of course what should be a fun event turns into a murder mystery when one of the authors who is participating is murdered brutally Detectives Turner Fenwick are called to investigate the murder, the prominent elderly author is found run thru with a broadsword and wearing a Xena warrior princess costume.The detectives find many suspects that both loved and hated the woman.They also find minor su [...]

  5. I liked the setting a SF convention in Chicago because it felt familiar and reminded me of cons I ve been to in the past The gay part of it consisted of the main detective who lived with his partner and their two sons there was nothing explicit and normal, every day affection between the two and had really nothing whatsoever to do with the story and how the mystery was laid out Not a lot of setting the scene I could picture things because I ve been to events like this but someone who hasn t migh [...]

  6. Nerds Who Kill pits Chicago police detective Paul Turner against a serial killer at a local science fiction convention which he is attending with his two teenage sons and an eccentric neighbor.The investigation itself makes for a detailed police procedural What I liked best about this book is how it described the family dynamics between Turner, who is gay, his partner Ben, their family and friends Why Because the book portrays them as regular people instead of cookie cutter stereotypes Turner s [...]

  7. Paul, his sons, and his boyfriend Ben go to a Sci Fi convention when bodies start turning up What do you do when there are over 100k people at the convention and one of them may be the murder Turner and Fenwick, with a little help from some friends track down the killer before they get too close to his family.

  8. KI tried to finish this book, but found I just didn t care I have no idea what originally brought me to these books, and how I actually read all of the ones that came before it.While the Paul Turner series is better than the Tom Scott series, it still isn t very good.

  9. A mystery at a sci fi convention A little ho hum, but the main character is a gay Chicago police detective There s no sex in the book, which the cover implies and the story is plodding procedural than thriller, but it was enjoyable.

  10. Have read many of his other books was a fast easy read and I like the characters the main character is somebody I wouldnt mind having as a friend

  11. I like the series This book felt a little tedious It took me a while to read it through Still, it s worth a read.

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