Little Elliot, Big Fun

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Little Elliot, Big Fun : by Mike Curato - Little Elliot, Big Fun, Little Elliot Big Fun In this third story of Little Elliot and Mouse the friends head off in search of adventure and lots of fun Little Elliot the polka dotted elephant and his friend Mouse go to the amusement park to s
  • Title: Little Elliot, Big Fun
  • Author: Mike Curato
  • ISBN: 9780805098273
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Little Elliot, Big Fun : by Mike Curato, Little Elliot, Big Fun, Mike Curato, Little Elliot Big Fun In this third story of Little Elliot and Mouse the friends head off in search of adventure and lots of fun Little Elliot the polka dotted elephant and his friend Mouse go to the amusement park to see the sights and ride the rides water chutes roller coasters carousels and But Elliot isn t having much fun the rides are too wet too fast too dizzy and jusIn this third [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Little Elliot, Big Fun : by Mike Curato - Little Elliot, Big Fun, Little Elliot Big Fun In this third story of Little Elliot and Mouse the friends head off in search of adventure and lots of fun Little Elliot the polka dotted elephant and his friend Mouse go to the amusement park to s
  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Little Elliot, Big Fun : by Mike Curato
    327 Mike Curato
Little Elliot, Big Fun

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  1. MIKE was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City He has been drawing ever since he could hold a pencil Mike attended Syracuse University and has a BFA in Illustration After college, he moved to Seattle, where he eventually began a career as a graphic designer You can see examples of Mike s design work here In 2012, Mike finally achieved his lifelong goal of becoming a published author illustrator of children s books when Henry Holt Books for Young Readers MacMillan offered him a 3 book deal featuring his character, Little Elliot The first book in the series, Little Elliot, Big City, debuted August 26th, 2014 Mike currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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  1. I never really got the appeal of this series with the first two stories Yet, that s all changed with this outing Curato s pencil and digital illustrations are phenomenal and perfectly capture the early days of Coney Island the gatefold with the view from the top of the ferris wheel made me gasp Elliott s fears in a crowded space with so many new experiences will be relatable to many kids My great great grandfather and great grandfather helped build and operate many of the rides in the early days [...]

  2. Mouse and elephant go to the fair Elephant is afraid of all the rides, then he gets scared and then lost Mouse finds him and takes him on the ferris wheel He enjoys that Then they ride some other rides and play games When they ask what their favorite part of the day was, it was spending time with each other.

  3. Little Elliot and Mouse are back for another fun adventure This time around, the two friends decide to go to Coney Island Mouse is excited to try all of the rides but Elliot isn t so sure With so many rides that are too high, too crowded, and plain old too scary, will Elliot find a way to have fun with his friend in Little Elliot, Big Fun 2016 by Mike Curato.Little Elliot, Big Fun is Curato s third picture book featuring my favorite polka dot elephant Other books in the series Little Elliot, Big [...]

  4. Just like the first two Little Elliot books, this one is so sweet and is packed with so many great teachable moments Little Elliot and Mouse take a trip across town to the amusement park But poor Little Elliot is afraid of many of the attractions too wet, too fast, too dizzy, etc Through Mouse s kindness and patience, the two wind up having a terrific time after all The stylistic digital illustrations, along with the adorable story, make this a wonderful book to share with young children.

  5. Elliot and Mouse are just the best Adore their friendship and support of each other, adore the gorgeous set in the past illustrations from Mike Curato, and adore the message of bravery and trying new things in this third book.

  6. This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm Visit us for new picture books reviews daily Hello, friends Our review today is Little Elliot, Big Fun by Mike Curato, the third book in the wonderful Little Elliot series This time around, Elliot and his very best friend, Mouse, are on their way to the boardwalk for a fun filled day at the carnival Once they arrive, however, Little Elliot s day begins to take a bad turn many of the rides are too scary for him, a seagull eats his ice cream [...]

  7. When Little Elliot visits the boardwalk for the first time with his friend Mouse, Elliot can t help feeling scared about the new situation and all of the frightening things there He can t swim so the water chute is out of the question, some of the rides make him too dizzy, and other rides are too fast He is not having fun at all, but by the end of the day Mouse assures him that nothing bad will happen to Elliot while they are together and shows the elephant how to have a good time in spite of hi [...]

  8. Elliot and Mouse are having a day at the amusement park Mouse has been there before and is excited to show Elliot all the things he s enjoyed, but Elliot is a bit worried Afraid some of the rides are too fast or too spinny or too big and then they run into the clown However, Mouse sticks with his friend and helps him find things he can enjoy even if he s concerned A good story to remind people that not everybody s tastes are the same, especially when it comes to fun The best part, though, is Mou [...]

  9. I think I loved the first two a little too much because this one didn t quite do it for me I still love Elliot and Mouse, and I even appreciate the moral that you can still find something you like somewhere even if you don t think so at first, but something was missing I actually found Elliot to be a little whiney I think having so many people in the illustrations also threw me off I ll continue to enthusiastically purchase this series for my library, but this one won t be making it to storytime [...]

  10. Mouse is excited to show Elliot one of his favorite places the Boardwalk But Elliot finds it all very overwhelming and scary Too much sensory overload for poor Elliot who finds himself running away after an especially frightening to him encounter But Mouse finds him and convinces Elliot to give the Boardwalk one try and he does And decides it s not so bad after all, especially when it is enjoyed with a good friend.

  11. Curato s pencil illustrations with a muted digital color palette are the star of this picture book, featuring the interesting juxtaposition of simple, cartoon animals against highly realistic humans and backgrounds, both with a retro vibe The amusing endpapers resemble sideshow ads seen on the boardwalk or at the circus Readers will identify with Elliot s fears and appreciate that he can find something to enjoy at the amusement park The short text is mostly dialog and will make the book a succes [...]

  12. Poor little Elliot He gets so overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of the boardwalk that he runs off to hide but his good friend mouse helps him to calm down and find a way to still enjoy the day Beautiful colors and details throughout the book, but the pullout pages elevate the book a few degrees because they re just so pretty

  13. this story is about an elephant and a mouse who go to an amusement park together my mom didn t like the book because it had a picture of a clown giving the elephant a red balloon she is scared of clowns i liked looking for the mouse in all the pics though.

  14. I love the Little Elliot stories this one however didn t quite do it for me It amde me tense for Elliot, and really wouldn t work for storytime That said the illustrations as always are absolutely lovely, and so is the message at the end It s not a fail at all, just maybe not for me.

  15. Perfectly adorable I relate to this little elephant on a personal level, and I wish I d had him when I was still being read to.

  16. Period feeling illustrations make this one appealing, and I think younger readers will enjoy the story and simple text between Elliot and Mouse A great independent read for grades 1 3.

  17. This may be the best in the whole series Well, I thought that as I finished reading it But then I remembered how much I loved the others as well Definitely a winner

  18. What pleasant, fun, and delightful books these are The illustrations are so pleasant to look at I also enjoyed how Elliot s anxieties were shown.

  19. Loved this book about two friends who visit an amusement park The mouse loves the rides, but the elephant is a bit unsure The illustrations will make readers think they are right in the middle of the park and will have fun pointing out their favorite games and rides Kids will love the double page spread that opens to show the view from the ferris wheel

  20. No one understands us better than our friends They stick with us through the proverbial thick and thin not because they have to but because they want to be there for and with us They are another kind of family Friends share common interests like loving cupcakes Friends introduce us to new individuals, sometimes numbering in the hundreds A little than two years ago an author illustrator presented to readers an unlikely but lovable pair of pals in his debut title, Little Elliot Big City Henry Hol [...]

  21. Little Elliot is back in his third feature by Mike Curato, continuing to prove to all of us how much capital C cuteness sells in the world of children s publishing In this outing, the elephant and his mouse friend visit Coney Island Elliot is scared by pretty much every ride, freaks out, and hides under a pier Fortunately, Mouse is completely sympathetic and fixes all with ice cream and a turn on the wonder wheel Friends are great The end.If my summary fails to make it clear, the story was not m [...]

  22. Great book for talking about how friends can have different interests but still enjoy spending time together Love the 4 page foldout spread of the view from the Ferris wheel.

  23. Curato s illustrations are so sweet and adorable, just perfect for the story I ll have to read the other Little Elliot books

  24. Pencil and digital color in Adobe Photoshop accompany a sweet story of patience and friendship Fans of the books two characters, Little Elliott and Mouse, introduced in the previous two tiles, Little Elliot, Big City, and Little Elliot, Big Family will find nothing with which to quibble in this latest offering Mouse is excited to introduce his friend, an elephant with soft polka dots all across his body, to one of his favorite activities the amusement park But everything seems to come with a ris [...]

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