Good Morning, Midnight

✓ Good Morning, Midnight ☆ Lily Brooks-Dalton - Good Morning, Midnight, Good Morning Midnight Augustine a brilliant aging astronomer is consumed by the stars For years he has lived in remote outposts studying the sky for evidence of how the universe began At his latest posting in a resear
  • Title: Good Morning, Midnight
  • Author: Lily Brooks-Dalton
  • ISBN: 9780812998900
  • Page: 396
  • Format: ebook

✓ Good Morning, Midnight ☆ Lily Brooks-Dalton, Good Morning, Midnight, Lily Brooks-Dalton, Good Morning Midnight Augustine a brilliant aging astronomer is consumed by the stars For years he has lived in remote outposts studying the sky for evidence of how the universe began At his latest posting in a research center in the Arctic news of a catastrophic event arrives The scientists are forced to evacuate but Augustine stubbornly refuses to abandon his work Shortly after theAugust ✓ Good Morning, Midnight ☆ Lily Brooks-Dalton - Good Morning, Midnight, Good Morning Midnight Augustine a brilliant aging astronomer is consumed by the stars For years he has lived in remote outposts studying the sky for evidence of how the universe began At his latest posting in a resear
  • ✓ Good Morning, Midnight ☆ Lily Brooks-Dalton
    396 Lily Brooks-Dalton
Good Morning, Midnight

About Author

  1. LILY BROOKS DALTON was born and raised in southern Vermont Her memoir, Motorcycles I ve Loved, was a finalist for the Oregon Book Award and her first novel, Good Morning, Midnight, will be translated into half a dozen languages

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  1. I heave myself out of the darkness slowly, painfully.And there I am, and there he is Jean RhysIt is interesting that Lily Brooks Dalton named this book after the Jean Rhys s novel of the same name I ve never read the Rhys s book, but it is a notoriously depressing novel The premise of this novel could certainly lead readers to believe that this book, too, is destined to be depressing, but for me it proved to be strikingly uplifting Jean Rhys takes her title from an Emily Dickinson poem Good morn [...]

  2. this is an interesting spin on the apocalypse genre the end of the world as experienced by two characters who have already distanced themselves from the bustle of humanity an astronomer named augustine who has been posted at an arctic research station for three years, and an astronaut named sully, returning to earth with her crew after a mission studying the moons of jupitere cataclysmic event that causes the end is unspecified the reader knows only as much as the characters themselves augustine [...]

  3. Dystopian you say Groan.I picked this up with trepidation and only due to some rave reviews But what I found was this narrative had the audacity to cut across my layer of bias and take me on a journey which was indeed of an apocalyptic nature but so much So, this book Took me by surprise The story The contrasts The writing The characters Two stories told in parallel one being of Augie and Iris who have been abandoned at a remote station in the Arctic circle The other, revolving around the world [...]

  4. This book was absolutely extraordinary.Loneliness is a powerful emotion, yet you can feel just as lonely while spending time with people, or in the middle of a crowd, as you might when you re completely alone Lily Brooks Dalton s powerful, haunting, contemplative debut novel, Good Morning, Midnight, is a meditation on loneliness, regret, ambition, love, and loss, through the eyes of two unique people He was drawn by the isolation and the punishing climate, the landscape that matched his interior [...]

  5. We study the universe in order to know, yet in the end the only thing we truly know is that all things end all but death and time It s difficult to be reminded of that but it s harder to forget Ah, what a stunning and quiet, contemplative work of science fiction I loved every minute of this book The isolation yet the beauty of the landscapes, both of the harsh Arctic and that of the vastness of outer space, were utterly astonishing Augustine and Sully are in no way perfect human beings Yet, for [...]

  6. This is not a perfect novel but I am unable to give it anything less than 5 stars for the author s gorgeous writing and the in depth characterizations I loved the descriptive writing from the beginning which allows us the to see and feel what it was like living at the Arctic Circle We also get glimpses of outer space, of what Jupiter may look like from the crew on a spacecraft, called Aether, but it was the passages describing the Arctic, it s landscape and wildlife that pushed this to 5 stars f [...]

  7. No man is an island, Entire of itself, Every man is a piece of the continent, A part of the main John Donne Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you Friedrich NietzscheAt its heart, this book is about loneliness but also about connectedness, the primal need for humans to unite with one another.Author Lily Brooks Dalton has chosen as a means by which to demonstrate this id [...]

  8. Good Morning, Midnight 5 Shining Stars Science is not only compatible with spirituality it is a profound source of spirituality Carl Sagan After reading Goodnight Morning, Midnight, an article I d read in The New York Times a few days earlier came to mind It described how the City Council of Reykjavik in Iceland, temporarily turned off its street lamps and encouraged its residents to do the same.The purpose of the exercise was to facilitate the viewing of the Aurora Borealis, a natural light dis [...]

  9. When the world stops listening, who do you become Well wow this was just a beautiful book I have no words for it It really got to me.The stillness of the story unlikely for an apocalyptic story really The poetry of every page The beautiful language The simplicity of it The emotions, buried in the pages I just enjoyed it immensely Every page Slowly The pace is really slow actually and it fits Good Morning, Midnight The alternating stories of Augustine, ageing scientist, out at the remote research [...]

  10. Sully is a mission specialist on board Aether One of a team she had dreamed of the mission forever A two year journey into space to study Jupiter and it s moons, up close and personal The thing is.ey have lost contact with any one on Earth At first it seemed like a fluke but as the weeks go by the crew begins to realize that something is going on A different viewpoint of the story is told by Augustine, an aging astronomer stationed in the Artic who refused to be evacuated when the rumors starte [...]

  11. T S Eliot wrote that the world would end with a whimper instead of a bang, but if you re in space or at the frozen wasteland at the top of the planet you might not even hear that much when it finally happens Augustine is an elderly astronomer who refuses to leave his Arctic research station after an unspecified world emergency causes the evacuation of everyone else there He soon loses contact with the outside world, but a mysterious young girl becomes his only companion Meanwhile, Sully is a fem [...]

  12. There is a moment, after the planes have left the Arctic Circle, when Augustine ponders the wisdom of remaining after all the others have gone Before the snow even settles, that moment is gone, as surely as all the others are, as well He s alone On the Arctic Circle He ponders this much like if it were a theory he s trying to unravel He s never been inclined to seek others out, maybe in his earlier days when he sought the acclaim of his brilliance, the glory of accolades in his career Maybe, eve [...]

  13. When the arctic circle is evacuated due to some unknown crisis, Augustine, in his seventies refuses to leave He has spent his life looking towards the heavens and refuses to abandon what he considers his life Sully and her crew, are returning home after their spaceship has successfully completed their mission of installing probes on Jupiter s moons, when they lose all contact with mission control.This is set in the future, exact date unknown, but these few people may be the only ones left on ear [...]

  14. Sitting with him in the control room, and broadly, joining him here at the end of civilization the edge of humanity, measured in both time and space He wondered how it happened, how she had arrived here and how she had stayed, where she came from, who she belonged to, whether she had any feelings on these subjects she never once said anything about it, and it was somehow unimaginable that she ever would She was a puzzle, but she was his puzzle, and her presence kept him working, kept him strivi [...]

  15. A handful of astronauts are finally on their way home from a two year space mission, eager to touch down on their home planet Then, jarringly, all connection to Mission Control is lost, and the problem does not lie with the spaceship s equipment What on earth are they coming home to Meanwhile, at the Arctic circle, an old astronomer revels in his aloneness after refusing to evacuate the outpost with the rest of his crew The dire warning is that there will be no chance of a return trip, this is a [...]

  16. I ve got a hunch you re much likely to enjoy this if you read it quickly, in one or two sessions If you read it like I did, twenty pages or so at a time there will be days when nothing moves forward, when you re faced with page upon page of padding Essentially it s a novel that s built around one fairy story idea And all its best moments have a fairy story quality Problem is, there s also a lot of rather banal soul searching Usually I don t see twists coming but I had guessed this novel s two t [...]

  17. Augustine lives alone an an observatory at the north pole, living out his days doing what he loves when everyone else evacuated Sullly is an astronaut on the way back to Earth from Jupiter How will their lives intersect I got this from the fine folks at Random House.Good Morning, Midnight is a story of loneliness, time, and deciding what s important The two main characters, Augustine and Sully, both live lives of isolation Augustine is an astronomer at the north pole and Sully is a Specialist on [...]

  18. There were a few things to this novel that I quite enjoyed, such as the level of description of the mundane life aboard the spacecraft that had seen Jupiter That whole part of the story was like a slightly better written Clarke in 2001, but without the drama or conflict.And that s where my problems really stem from, too The main conflict is silence Literally view spoiler The Earth has gone silent after an unmentioned apocalypse hide spoiler and what we re really got going on in the novel is two [...]

  19. Wowsers, so good and different from what I was expecting I thought this was going to be a sci fi dystopian novel a la Station Eleven and there was a bit of that, but the beating heart of this story is about the human need to connect.The loneliness in this novel is palpable There are two story lines Augustine, a brilliant and remote 78 year old astronomer whose gaze has always been upward into the cosmos, is alone at an abandoned observatory in the arctic circle A world emergency never explained [...]

  20. 4ish stars This is much of a mood book than a narrative one, so expect a lot feels than plot movement or explanations and resolution I d say don t expect to feel satisfied at the end, but I think that s unfair because we re left with a strong lasting impression and a lot to ruminate on and that s a special kind of satisfaction in itself Brooks Dalton has a very natural descriptive voice that immerses us in the distinct settings and makes us feel connected to the characters who she obviously ca [...]

  21. It is no wonder I loved this book as it combines pretty much everything I look for in a book I wouldn t say that it was perfect but pretty damn close to it.This book tells the story of the end of the world but the reader doesn t know what happened We follow Augustine a 78 year old astronomer who decides that rather than be evacuated from the North Pole like the rest of the scientists he ll spend the last years of his live there and Sully one of six astronauts on a mission to Jupiter s moons and [...]

  22. This is the second book I ve read in recent months that were centered, at least partly, in the Arctic In the first book, the frigid cold, the darkness and isolation scared me In Good Morning, Midnight, I found the opposite beauty, tranquility, and life Granted, the first book was meant to scare, and I still doubt that I would venture to the North Pole, but this example shows the vastly different stories writers can reveal using the same landscape.There is another love apparent within these pages [...]

  23. My perfect SF novel would be one containing a good deal of fiction and just a little science enough to make the world feel different, to spark the imagination I m also an apocalypse junkie, so an end of the world scenario is always welcome Therefore, on the face of it, this book should be perfect for me Told in alternating voices, we hear of the plights of Augustine Augie and Mission Specialist Sullivan Sully Both are scientists with an interest in what exists beyond Earth When we meet them each [...]

  24. A quiet, character driven, post apocalyptic novel filled with gorgeous nature descriptions An astronaut in space and an astronomer in Antarctica search the airwaves in hopes of connecting with another living soul, despite evidence that everyone on Earth is gone It s being compared to Station Eleven the covers are even similar , but it won t be a slam dunk for everyone who loved that book As predicted in my review of The Sunlight Pilgrims, I m now going to rave about things that I previously rant [...]

  25. A lyrical and poignant elegy for Earth, imbued with irrepressible hope, Good Morning, Midnight is one of the loveliest books I ve read in such a very long time Lily Brooks Dalton s keen and delightful imagination, paired with a natural compassion and her gorgeous, lucid prose, make this a book I thought of in the hours when I had to leave it behind Two stranded souls, one in the Canadian Arctic, one in deep space, struggle to communicate with their own hearts and conscience They ve each chosen a [...]

  26. Good Morning, Midnight is a very good post apocalyptic novel It took awhile for me to become engaged as it was slow and I had expected it to be a gripping story of survival It was not It is a thriller in which the protagonists find themselves in danger from the start but it is a slower paced story than what I expected The author knows her characters inside and out The focus is on two of them astronaut Sully and scientist Augie, their thoughts, relationships, regrets and motivations Sully, a woma [...]

  27. A short, poignant story focusing on loneliness, connection and meaning.An aging astronomer Augustine survives in his Arctic observatory after the rest of the world goes eerily silent due to an unspecified apocalypse At the same time a small crew aboard the first manned mission to Jupiter are returning home when mission control, and the rest of Earth, goes silent The story on the Aether is narrated by Sully who, like Augustine, is a driven loner who doesn t easily form important relationships.I l [...]

  28. A cataclysmic event has occurred on Earth and the only survivors left are Augustine, an astronomer stationed in the Arctic Circle, and Sully, an astronaut on a deep space mission with five other crew members Good Morning, Midnight is a character driven story that explores the emotional impact of those left behind What is to become of them if life on Earth has come to an end with their families, friends and pets all gone They begin questioning the choices they have made in their lives as the lone [...]

  29. A beautifully written, atmospheric novel in which the silence is deafening and the regrets are palpable The cadence was excruciatingly slow, so much so that I was only able to become interested by listening to the audio after attempting to read the book on a few occasions There was some symbolism and exquisite parallels drawn throughout, but I never felt truly invested in the characters Though this didn t blow me away the way it did most of my friends here, it was lovely and I would rank this am [...]

  30. This may be my best read for 2017 Please, please don t be tempted to read the ending before you get there You will have this novel figured out but the last page is one of the most powerful things I have read This book is a journey told from two narrators Wow, this book is amazing It s beautiful This gave me the same emotional feelings that I felt after reading McCarthy s, The Road Hope and sadness, dang, I am spent.

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