French Kissing

[PDF] Download ò French Kissing : by Noël Cades - French Kissing, French Kissing That s what makes this so hard I thought I could resist you but I can t But it s so wrong I m your teacher Eighteen year old high school student Marcy falls head over heels for the hottest guy she s e
  • Title: French Kissing
  • Author: Noël Cades
  • ISBN: 9780992501761
  • Page: 145
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Download ò French Kissing : by Noël Cades, French Kissing, Noël Cades, French Kissing That s what makes this so hard I thought I could resist you but I can t But it s so wrong I m your teacher Eighteen year old high school student Marcy falls head over heels for the hottest guy she s ever met then discovers he s her new French teacher Can their forbidden love survive Mr Grayson is determined to resist temptation but will his heart win out over hi That s what makes th [PDF] Download ò French Kissing : by Noël Cades - French Kissing, French Kissing That s what makes this so hard I thought I could resist you but I can t But it s so wrong I m your teacher Eighteen year old high school student Marcy falls head over heels for the hottest guy she s e
  • [PDF] Download ò French Kissing : by Noël Cades
    145 Noël Cades
French Kissing

About Author

  1. No l Cades writes sizzling hot, forbidden student teacher romance.No l s first novel, Forbidden Lessons 2014 and its sequel Forbidden Study 2016 , were inspired by old schoolfriends and the teacher crushes and secret boyfriends they had at boarding school Summer s Edge 2014 is a coming of age forbidden romance between a student and a devastatingly attractive sports coach, set in the era of free parties.In French Kissing 2015 a student falls in love with her teacher as they take part in a musical theatre production.In Tempting Her Teacher 2016 Catholic school teacher Carl Spencer faces a crisis of faith when he falls for his student Juliet.As well as being a writer of romance, No l is a huge reader of romance, with favourite genres including Regency romance, Gothic romance and Student Teacher romance.

One thought on “French Kissing

  1. I m feeling a bit conflicted on this one and I m not sure how to rate it.Marcy and Grey got it on pretty quickly and afterwards Marcy came across as a bit too immature for my liking though thankfully that doesn t last long along with that she changed her affections from one guy to the next within about an hour.Now while I did enjoy the story it obviously has the forbidden aspect , the conflict, them trying to resist and I liked the fact that Marcy didn t chase Grey or do things just to get a rea [...]

  2. This was an amazing book I love student teacher romances This is one of the great ones that I will come to and re read The characters were awesome and well developed Marcy was a sweet, smart, student, who had a great life until the summer before senior year Gray is definitely boyfriend material, he is sweet, adorable, and just HOT He also spoke French fluently as well, which is a plus for me The secondary characters were amazing as well The ending was perfect The love story between the main char [...]

  3. I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH FIVE STARS claps hands loudly cries a puddle of tears because Gray Marcy s story is over secretly wishes I had my own Mr Grayson Ok, it s not a secret but whatever Read this book peeps French Kissing evokes every emotion and has such a satisfying ending Ahhhh So Good.

  4. It was a very sweet and loving book I was glad that i didn t go through too much heart ache because those book really do make me age at least 2 years every time i read them The couple in this book had fight in them, the loved each other and no matter how forbidden it was for them to make it work they just did The main characters and not childish nor selfish which is something i deal with when i read a student teacher romance The secondary characters where very cool for lack of better words Rebel [...]

  5. Wow I m a big fan of student teacher romance books, which means I ve read 100s This book makes it in top 10 It is written very well and the characters are very real, they aren t immature,or portrayed with God like looks.The story itself is different than many ST books as well which I found very refreshing However I felt that the last few chapters were rushed, this may be because I felt it did not match with the pace of the rest of the book or simply because I wasn t ready for the book to end.

  6. This book is freaking amazing the chemistry is sooo cute this book is just basically written so well, everything is perfectly put together and its just great Loved it

  7. 2.5 ARCI m so SORRY No l Cades I m a huge fan of your writing, however, I seriously struggled with this and did get bored I LOVED your other books particularly Forbidden Lessons and Summer s EdgePositives 1 Wonderful, beautiful writing This author is an excellent writer I m always in awe at her ability to capture the dynamics of a scene.2 Excellent character building absolutely magnificent I loved the coming to age aspect of the book Negatives 1 Insta Lust way too much insta lust I love slow bu [...]

  8. I love reading forbidden romances Recently, my favorite have been student teacher romances There s something so amazing about student teacher relationships I usually read books where the student is in college, but this one was my first student teacher romance where the student was in high school I ll admit, it was interesting to read about a high school student, considering I was the main characters age not too long ago and can understand her character I really liked Marcy s character She was br [...]

  9. Marcy and Gray s tantalising relationship will keep you hooked until the very end A perfect mix of romantic tension and satisfying subplot, this book explores the difficulties of a student relationship that deserves to succeed Noel has you rooting for the ultimate forbidden relationship throughout the book from sensationally hot romance to devastating angst, it is certainly a book I d recommend.

  10. I finished it Thanks for the copy by the way First thing first, I think I m in love with your writing, this book was beautiful and I was hooked for almost six hours, I fell un love with Gray I mean a hot guy whom is also so kind and caring I wasn t expecting the child at the end but I think the timing was good I d say but there are some things I really don t know how to express in proper english haha

  11. Hi I m Cree, one of your readers on wattpad and I ve read two of your amazing books Tempting Her Teacher and His Model Student and I just recently started reading French kissing can t wait for the next chapters but your work is amazing you defo know how to keep a reader wanting Keep up the good work Also I loved the way Gray is so nice to Marcy in the first 8 chapters I wonder how he ll act when he finds out she s his student

  12. A true love story, with fantastic characters creating an epic enigma, which will make you want to read .I fell in love with this deep novel, from the first page.Must read.Another wonderful book by Noel Cades.

  13. Although Marcy seemed a bit fickle in the beginning, she quickly matured I loved the two of them and mr Grayson is just the most perfect gentleman I did however find the resolution a bit rushed but maybe that was because I didn t want to leave such amazing characters behind.

  14. Just finished reading this story for the second third time Every time I read it I get the same bubble of happiness and thrill of a new romance that threatens to explode out of me A great story from a talented author I highly recommend

  15. GoodSweet story, definitley written by a brit, could tell by how is was written Suppose to takeplace in US but not written like thar Was a sweet love story, an easy read Enjoyed it.

  16. I ve thoroughly enjoyed Noel s student teacher romances I ve been on a reading binge with this topic and I just adore her writing style I think my favourite so far is Forbidden Lessons I m ready for the next one

  17. I love the book, the story was really nice and at to the point but I would love to know of they re friends story in another book

  18. If you re into Pretty Little Liars Ezria, then you ll love this book Likeable characters and a sweet romantic story about forbidden love.

  19. Again, I love all of Noel Cades books and this was not a disappointment but I think reading them all in a row is what made me score this one lower The plot line was great and again there was the perfect amount of push and pull between the two characters giving you the build up to an epic romance.I minused a star because these girls are always virgins and honestly no virgin is just gonna give it up like this I kinda didn t feel that way with the other books but it could just be my fault for disco [...]

  20. It was an amazing book.I liked the plot of the book, it was quite interesting, I could not stop while reading and enjoyed it so much.The love story seemed real and the main characters were very well developed Grey was sooo cool, handsome and just a person with whom you would love to end up Marcy was smart and sweat and everything you want to find in a girl.As for the secondary characters they also were very interesting I liked how Ravel s and Marcy s friendship was developing.Over all, it was a [...]

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