Will & Patrick Wake Up Married

[PDF] Read ☆ Will & Patrick Wake Up Married : by Leta Blake AliceGriffiths - Will & Patrick Wake Up Married, Will Patrick Wake Up Married After a drunken night of hot sex in Vegas strangers Will Patterson and Dr Patrick McCloud wake up married A quickie divorce is the most obvious way out unless you re the heir of a staunchly Catholic
  • Title: Will & Patrick Wake Up Married
  • Author: Leta Blake AliceGriffiths
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ☆ Will & Patrick Wake Up Married : by Leta Blake AliceGriffiths, Will & Patrick Wake Up Married, Leta Blake AliceGriffiths, Will Patrick Wake Up Married After a drunken night of hot sex in Vegas strangers Will Patterson and Dr Patrick McCloud wake up married A quickie divorce is the most obvious way out unless you re the heir of a staunchly Catholic mafia boss with a draconian position on the sanctity of marriage Stuck between a rock and a hard place Will and Patrick don t like it or each other but they have to m [PDF] Read ☆ Will & Patrick Wake Up Married : by Leta Blake AliceGriffiths - Will & Patrick Wake Up Married, Will Patrick Wake Up Married After a drunken night of hot sex in Vegas strangers Will Patterson and Dr Patrick McCloud wake up married A quickie divorce is the most obvious way out unless you re the heir of a staunchly Catholic

  • [PDF] Read ☆ Will & Patrick Wake Up Married : by Leta Blake AliceGriffiths
    282 Leta Blake AliceGriffiths
Will & Patrick Wake Up Married

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  1. Author of the bestselling book Smoky Mountain Dreams and the fan favorite Training Season, Leta Blake s educational and professional background is in psychology and finance, respectively However, her passion has always been for writing She enjoys crafting romance stories and exploring the psyches of made up people At home in the Southern U.S Leta works hard at achieving balance between her day job, her writing, and her family.If you d like to be among the first to know about new releases, you can sign up for Leta s newsletter here eepurl bdn32H

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  1. Lots of potential, but a bit of an awkward start.I ve owned the first three book in this serial forever but when I got a chance to review the whole series for the authors, I decided to take the plunge and read the whole thing back to back I honestly struggle with the serial format, so reading it novel style is much my thing First of all, I wasn t expecting third person, present tense, which is always a really jarring writing style for me Everything present tense starts off irking me, but I m ho [...]

  2. 3.5 Stars If I could describe this book start of the series in one word it would be FUN.But really I need three OVER THE TOP fun But that s okay, I knew that going into it And I really did have fun reading this first installment It s most definitely completely unrealistic But again, I knew that going in to it I really like Will and Patrick and I laughed out loud a lot So I am looking forward to seeing where things go with them.

  3. I m not really into reading short books, and this is short to me but the title really sold this book for me Then I started reading it and I started thinking it wasn t going to be for me But by the end of the book I was totally hooked The guys are what had me so invested I REALLY loved Patrick The man is a sarcastic asshole In other words, he speaks my language I found him to be hilarious He also shows a bit of his heart by the way he takes care of Will when his health isn t so good Will I adore [...]

  4. The first part of this serial is a delight Such a great introduction to these characters and their tropey predicament There are certain tropes I just adore, and forced pretend marriage is one of them It s so freaking FUN Patrick is hilariously prickly, and I can t wait to see sweet Will get under his shell There are tantalizing hints of the sexual hotness coming when they do hook up again presumably they ll be sober this time I love UST and character development, and this series has it in spades [...]

  5. There s a lot of potential in this and I m mollified that there are five installments to go to see how this plays out So yes, take one grouchy, asshole of a surgeon He s sworn off having any sort of relation type feelings, but whose subconscious has played a mean trick on him by drunkenly marrying himself to a complete stranger.Then take said stranger who was drunkenly wallowing in his own sad story and have it nigh impossible to get divorced Hence a crazy set up as these two try to maintain ap [...]

  6. Full review originally posted at Sinfully Addicted to All Male RomanceThe title gives away the main plot point and also tells you what happens when the story starts Will Patterson is at a convention trying to woo neurologists into coming to the new division his charitable trust has set up in a hospital in his hometown Dr Patrick McCloud is a neurosurgeon grudgingly attending the event to kiss up to his boss What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas unless there is no easy way out of it That s what Wi [...]

  7. 2.5 StarsThat didn t turn out to be quite what I was expecting, which has me slightly disappointed Granted, there is nothing particularly bad about this story the writing is solid, and the premise, although not very original, provided a bit of outrageous fun I just felt disconnected from the whole thing in general My main concern is that Will and Patrick did nothing for me as lead characters Will was a little whiny for my tastes His constant talk of his obviously douchey ex boyfriend, Ryan, and [...]

  8. How to read the bookPut on rose colored glasses first Then open this sweet, funny lovable book up Cuz.ter, I put my rose colored glasses on, I had a blast I LMAO, and just had fun.why Well for starters it helped that I love my MM romance that ends or begins in marriage That has ALWAYs been one of my favorite trope s in my MM books Along with you almost died trope And, I kind of got both in this book This book was an easy flowing read Despite the tense that this book was written in.I loved the in [...]

  9. 4 stars Will Patrick Wake Up Married has been an excellent start to a new series It is incredibly funny, well written and has interesting characters And I have to admit that Will and Patrick are very likely to end up as one of my favorite m m couples the chemistry between them is amazing and the authors managed to make them feel very real I won t go into detail when it comes to the content of the story there are quite a few reviews out there doing an amazing job and I don t feel that there is an [...]

  10. A slapstick farce with incongruous issues thrown in.I found the dialogue stilted and the characters odd enough to wonder if this originated as fanfic The main characters consist of arrogant doctor Patrick and whiny dependent Will, neither who I could like or care about Situations are blown too far into the ridiculous for me to suspend disbelief despite generally liking this trope Then there s diabetes, alcoholism and dying children which doesn t suit the hyper silly tone and rubbed me the wrong [...]

  11. We all know I like Leta Blake s work alot, so anything she releases I m going to want alot I thought it was a cool idea for a romantic comedy with M M romance It started off really good to me Will is disorientated and naked in bed with a man who isn t Ryan he boyfriend, yet Ryan broke up with him the night before We all have been there done that with alcohol involved Typical break up behavior ensued Well this time Will went overboard and got himself married Vegas style Patrick was hilarious to m [...]

  12. This was just as good on a second read Absolute magic so my original review stands That was so much fun The banter between Will and Patrick is excellent, their characterization brilliant and the plot s hilarious and not as implausible as I thought when I read the blurb.I loved both guys, even though Patrick was such a cynic, sarcastic a at times But even though he s pretty good at behaving badly, I get the distinct impression that there is a huge soft centre to his prickly shell and that he simp [...]

  13. If Will ends up killing Patick with an rusty spoon I might actually like this series Until thent so much.

  14. This is my second book in a row where excessive drinking leads to the morning after comedy of errors I think I need a shelf for that The story is quite enjoyable, but the characters can be extremely frustrating at times, especially Will He is whiny and he doesn t express himself very well outside his mafia relations.I don t understand why Present Tense is necessary in this book I don t love it to begin with and failing to see how it supports the story or adds to it, I have no choice but to remov [...]

  15. Primera entrega de la serie y aunque al principio me ha parecido todo una sucesi n de WTF, me he divertido mucho, sobre todo con la segunda parte, Patrick es la ca a, me parto con l Sin pausa hacia el n 2

  16. An enjoyable short read that set the scene for this series Will was cute, and Patrick was a bit of an ass, but a likable one LOL I liked the humor and their dialogue.

  17. 3,5 stars Curious what the rest of the series will bringPatrick seems like an ass but I kinda like him I love his confidence and that he s willing to help Will clear up the mess they re in this made me think about Patrick

  18. 3.5 stars I m coming to realize that present tense is just not my thing Didn t love this, but enjoyed it enough to continue with the serial.

  19. Laughed my ass off I really like these MC s and I can t wait to read what happens next On to the next book 3,5 stars from me I ll write a full review when I ve finished this series

  20. I read a few drunken marriage in Vegas story, but this is my first for a m m romance, so I m pretty intrigued Patrick is a neurosurgeon, an obnoxious, rude and undeniably sexy man Oh, how I fantasize tapping his mouth, spanking him and tied him up He makes me wanted to hit him and smoother him with the nearest pillow On the other hand, Will is a ball of nerves and a total mess.After their drunken mishap that lead to marriage, they both wanted to get an instant divorce, but due to Will s circumst [...]

  21. Original review 11 5 15I mean, drunk married Will and Patrick are all kinds of messed up And I loved them The third person narrative lends to the confused, jangled feel of their story recovering alcoholic, arrogant brain surgeon, gossipy small town folk, mafia family shenanigans it didn t bother me It worked And throw in some good belly laughs What was irksome was getting to an ending that spelled SERIAL shows Episode 1 in the title which is a clue But, interestingly enough, that s missing on GR [...]

  22. This is my second time reading this and it s still cute I love Leta Blake and was obsessed with this series when it first came out I am doing a re read because I didn t get to read the final installment and now it s been ages so I am brushing up on their history.God, Patrick is such an a , but OMG I love him And I am so eager to see Will finally let go of Ryan talk about an a This is so cute and funny, but it has its serious comments too I do recommend this and can t wait to finally get to the e [...]

  23. I will review the entire series because it must be taken as a whole I loved the main characters They were snarly and prickly and sweet fun How could you not like a story that has this line in it Luckily, Patrick isn t impressed by pretty women Being gay is sometimes a tactical advantage.The supporting cast is just as interesting and aggravating I loved them My only regret is that I started this series before the last one was published.

  24. Quite enjoyed this one, and some of Patrick s rants were really funny The present tense is a little disconcerting, just not used to it, but the various secondary characters were well thought out, and I suspect Granny Eleanora will have a great say in how things turn out 4 stars from me.

  25. Oh look, I actually read a freebie grab I know you are supposed to suspend disbelief and just enjoy this sort of thing, but i had a hard time getting past the premise Cute if you like a forced pairing trope, even if you can guess where they will end up.

  26. Oh my God In a whoosh of tumbling horror, Will remembers it all No, no, this can t be happening We got married Patrick presses the palms of his hands against his eyes, shaking his head furiously For the love of oh, you ve got to For the record, this cannot be happening Patrick is finally on board the panic train and Will s ready to ride it with him In Vegas to meet greet and potentially hire a doctor for the hospital in his home town of Healing, South Dakota, Will Patterson awakens after a horre [...]

  27. This book was kooky but enjoyable I just wish that the premise was a little believable I quite like Patrick even though he s a real jerk Will is sort of wishy washywith his addiction, his ex boyfriend The whole money mob marriage thing is way too far fetched.I m still hooked though, so I m for sure continue the series just to see what these 2 get up to next.

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