The Theseus Paradox

The Theseus Paradox Best Read || [David Videcette] - The Theseus Paradox, The Theseus Paradox July in the midst of Operation Theseus the largest police investigation that the UK has ever known Detective Inspector Jake Flannagan begins to ask difficult questions that lead to the mysterio
  • Title: The Theseus Paradox
  • Author: David Videcette
  • ISBN: 9780993426315
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback

The Theseus Paradox Best Read || [David Videcette], The Theseus Paradox, David Videcette, The Theseus Paradox July in the midst of Operation Theseus the largest police investigation that the UK has ever known Detective Inspector Jake Flannagan begins to ask difficult questions that lead to the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend and his sudden suspension from the Metropolitan Police Who masterminded London s summer of terror Why can t Flannagan make headway in theJuly The Theseus Paradox Best Read || [David Videcette] - The Theseus Paradox, The Theseus Paradox July in the midst of Operation Theseus the largest police investigation that the UK has ever known Detective Inspector Jake Flannagan begins to ask difficult questions that lead to the mysterio
  • The Theseus Paradox Best Read || [David Videcette]
    124 David Videcette
The Theseus Paradox

About Author

  1. The crime fighter turned crime writer Former Scotland Yard investigator, David Videcette, has searched hundreds of properties, placed bugs on countless vehicles, chased numerous dangerous criminals and interviewed thousands of witnesses.He was a lead investigator on the London terrorist bombings and is a former Met detective with twenty years policing experience, including counter terror operations and organised crime He currently consults on security operations for high net worth individuals and is an expert media commentator on crime, terrorism, and policing.David now puts his police knowledge to good use in his crime novels.The number one question that David gets asked most often is How do you pronounce Videcette It s pronounced Wide set , but with a V Vyde set va dt The second most asked question from readers is Did that really happen To which David s answer is I can t tell you the truth, but I can tell you a story Enjoyed The Theseus Paradox and The Detriment Get news on the sequel and win goodies at davidvidecette title r

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  1. The Theseus Paradox is a fast paced and unnervingly believable crime thriller based on London s 7 7 bombings of 2005.I m not a big fan of crime and police procedural novels, but was attracted to this book because I used to live in Bradford, have family in Leeds and Dewsbury, and terrorism absolutely terrifies me, possibly even than sharks, and I find them really scary I have to admit that I was also lured in by the line I can t tell you the truth, but I can tell you a story Ooh, the intrigue.I [...]

  2. A gripping and tense fast paced thriller which based on real events makes it rather uncomfortable especially as I remember 7 7 so well With short chapters this book is one of those you can t put down Fascinating and scary and sad at the same time PIlgrim fans will love this

  3. Thank you to David Videcette for a personal copy for an honest review, and apologies, as reading this book only on my computer in between reading books on my kindle.A four star read, and a great debut author, who turns from a police detective to an author with ease.Given the background of the author David Videcette, a former Scotland Yard investigator within the Metropolitan Police, and who was a detective in the Anti Terrorist Branch during the 7 7 London bombings in July 2005, the reader has t [...]

  4. I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.Well what can I say This book actually had me gripped from the start, so much so, that I literally read it within a matter of hours I have to be honest and point out when the author first contacted me, I was intrigued but had well still have a massive TBR mountain, that I did not see myself getting to read this book until early next year Plus, my book cover snobbery had reared it s ugly head a bit, as I was not completely drawn [...]

  5. I can t tell you the truth, but I can tell you a story I remember the bombings in London quite clearly I watched the events unfold on BBC News with my then boyfriend now husband We d booked a fortnight s annual leave and that Thursday we were having a lazy day, enjoying a cup of tea as the news overtook all the scheduled daytime TV It was unbelievable the sight before us.So when I hear rave reviews about the Theseus Paradox, I knew I wanted to read it and I am really glad I did.I read the first [...]

  6. I can t tell you the truth, but I can tell you a story And what an absolutely mind blowing story it is too I knew I was in for a fantastic read after just a few pages and this book is going straight onto my list of books of the year Days after finishing it, I m still reeling and trying to come up with words that will convince you to pick this up straight away Inspired by actual events of the terrorist attacks on July 7th, 2005 in London, The Theseus Paradox takes you on a wild ride with DI Jake [...]

  7. The Theseus Paradox is a tense and steady read that certainly picks up pace the further into the novel you go.Jake Flanagan the main character is obviously very passionate about his work He goes above and beyond what he needs to do, even working undercover which is something his bosses would not be happy with Even though he is highly committed in his working life he is the total opposite in his personal life Jake seems to just have a self destruct button when it comes to his own life He had it a [...]

  8. Firstly I would like to say Many Thanks to the author for a review copy of this book, in return for an honest review It was an absolute privilege to read it It s fast paced and has you gripped right from the beginning Based around DI Jake Flannagan and his quest to find the perpetrators of the London bombings His quest to attempt to stop terrorist acts before they happen This book certainly makes you think There is not a week goes by without seeing something regarding terrorism on the news, and [...]

  9. The Theseus Paradox drops you straight in the action and carries you on a cracking roller coaster ride to an explosive conclusion

  10. First off, massive thanks to the author for my copy of this book I m privileged to be the first to review it I have literally just finished this book and I m at a loss as to where I should begin with this review I ll get the important but out of the way first About the author via David s website A former Scotland Yard Investigator with twenty years policing experience, including counter terrorist operations and organised crime, David has worked as a Met detective on a wealth of infamous cases He [...]

  11. What I enjoyed straight off the bat with David Videcette s, The Theseus Paradox, was the relentless pace of writing and short chapters there are 129 The arcs of the story are well plotted and feel natural, while the writing is of a very good standard throughout.As a protagonist our Detective, Jake, is edgy, real and morally deficient in his addiction to alcohol and cheap sex It certainly made the protagonist hard to like or sympathize with, but he is hunting the 7 7 and 21 7 terrorists so we are [...]

  12. This thriller is based around the events of the London Bombings, which became known as the 7 7 bombings I say based around, because the book is admittedly a story and therefore things have been made up However, it s evident that a good deal of solid substance lied beneath the tale D I Jake Flannigan is working on the case and is getting insider information from his girlfriend, who is a secret agent He acts, possibly irresponsibly and certainly outside the law, in order to get evidence which he u [...]

  13. David Videcette says he can t tell you the truth but he can tell you a story What he does deliver is an extremely fascinating chain of events with a plausible theory and it will stay with you Then when you least expect it you will think about it again and again This isn t just a story about the aftermath of the 7 7 bombings, which is riveting , it is also a story about the effects it has on the Anti Terrorist Officers lives The battles with red tape decisions and the hours, days and weeks of wat [...]

  14. If you are a fan of fast paced crime thrillers then you ll love this Set after the 7 7 bombings the story follows D.I Jake Flannagan and his attempts to uncover the real story behind the terrorist attack Short chapters keeps the pace high and a series of excellent characters pepper the storyline nicely I did, however, really struggle with Jake as a character There s self destructive, and then there s this guy I felt he was a little too cliched at times and strayed from the classic rogue cop styl [...]

  15. Absolutely brilliant, a real life story based on the events of 7 7 kept me hooked from the first page A very in depth view of the events before, as and after it happened, from Leeds to London This story was absolutely fascinating, I found myself taking time between chapters to really process how and why things happened as they did I can t wait to read from David Videcette, this is definitely one to recommend to friends

  16. I absolutely loved this book It will appeal to anyone who enjoyed I am Pilgrim I found it a real page turner and couldn t wait to find out what happened next I loved the main character Jake who was flawed but realistically so It has been very well put together by the author and at times I wasn t sure what was fact or fiction Would thoroughly recommend it def a must read book.

  17. What if everything you thought you knew about London s 7 7 bombings was a lie The book starts out with D.I Jake Flanagan out on a limb trying to foil what he correctly believes to be terrorists plotting an atrocity He wakes up in hospital to the news that bombers have exploded bombs on the London Underground and a bus.Jake works for the Metropolitan Police Anti Terrorist Branch and is sent up to West Yorkshire as part of Operation Theseus to find out who was behind the bombings He becomes frustr [...]

  18. You would really have had to be on another planet not to have heard the buzz in the run up to the publication of this book I take my hat off to author David Videcette for the amount of advance publicity he scored for himself with this one.It s always hard to read a book which has had such a big build up and a positive response as, inevitably, everyone s taste is different and on person s best seller is another s rotten tomato What follows is merely my own personal opinion.Firstly, for an Indie, [...]

  19. Wow, what a read Review to follow soon Originally posted on deeceesbooks When I read the blurb for this book I knew I was going to enjoy it straight away, I bought the kindle edition and got myself ready to get stuck in and I was gripped from page one, sadly real life got in the way and I didn t get it read as quickly as I wanted to I was desperate to read on so while cooking the dinner I had my kindle in my hand and when picking my son up from school my kindle came along too.DI Jake Flannagan i [...]

  20. I was given a copy of this book by The Book Club in return for an honest Review.The first line of the book was certainly intriguing and ensured that I wanted to read further Putting dates and times at the beginning of every chapter was reminisant of the series 24 and I could almost hear the ticking of the clock as I read, urging me onwards faster and faster to capture the guilty The ending to me was a little shocking and totally unexpected The theory put forward for the reason behind the bombing [...]

  21. Detective Inspector Jake Flannagan is a law unto himself whilst investigating the 7 7 London bombings When trying to explain why things should be done a different way doesn t work, Jake takes matters into his own hands Doing things his own way had got him into trouble in the past, but again, he believes he has efficient methods that will achieve quicker results.The author s own knowledge of counter terrorism investigations is obvious At times this does leave you wondering how much of what you r [...]

  22. I received this as an arc from David himself in exchange for an honest review I can t tell you the truth, but I can tell you a storyHow much is real and how much is fiction, only you can decide Wow OMG Wow Absolutely fantastic read I loved the story and the characters Jack was my favourite character The story centres around the 7 7 bombings DI Jack Flanagan uncovers his own alteria motives David is in the same line of work himself I was trying to figure out what was fact and what was fiction It [...]

  23. Whilst reading this I was willing there to be a traffic jam so that my journey time was extended and I could continue reading It is a truly exciting read that has one of the most descriptive and heart pounding chase s I have read The author pulls no punches with the realism and writes with flare and knowledge on the subject And despite his flawed ways I found myself loving Jake completely, a triumph of a book on a subject I would never have expected to become engrossed in so quickly

  24. The author can t tell us the truth, but he can tell us a story this story had me on the edge of my seat and left with my mouth hanging open like a fish It s an uncomfortable read as we all know about the 7 7 events in London and reading anything based on real life is awkward This book should be read, it give you a lot of thing to think about and leaves you wondering, like the main character Jake, who you can trust.

  25. A thought provoking book for sure, accurately one that plays with your mind, The Theseus Paradox demonstrates a fictional version of events leading up to the 7 7 bombings and the aftermath that ensued during the official investigation into the who and why.Sometimes the laws that are used to protect citizens also bind the hands of our authorities Well, that s what Jake s are for, and our lead character is a complex soul Detective Inspector Jake Flannagan of the Anti Terrorist Branch can be descr [...]

  26. I ve been intrigued by The Theseus Paradox for a while now, I ve read numerous reviews on social media, and all of them have rated it highly The description of the plot sounded fascinating, but I wasn t convinced I would enjoy this book, as much as my usual crime thrillers sorry David The Theseus Paradox throws new perspective on the anti terrorist operations deployed in 7 7 bombings in London, making it a very chilling read I find it hard to believe this is David Videcette s debut novel, the ca [...]

  27. This was a corker of a story and I wish that I had read it earlier, as it had been sitting on my TBR pile for quite some time Sorry Mr Videcette Jake Flannagan is a bit of a maverick but it is clear that he lives and breathes his job He has sacrificed a great deal for his career and his private life is a bit of a mess I have heard that police officers have very high divorce rates, and just from a little glimpse into Jake s world, I can see why Jake is a bad boy and some of the things that he get [...]

  28. I can t tell you the truth, but I can tell you a story this quote jumps out at me and left me wanting to know so after helping the author do a giveaway for this book I thought I had better bump it up my TBR pile to see what all the hype is about This is David Videocette debut novel and it s a very well written one to The story starts off on Thursday 7th July 0301 hours Dewsbury West Yorkshire The chapters are titled with date time and location which I found really helpful and good to follow has [...]

  29. 4.5 starsThis has been sitting patiently waiting on my Kindle for a while, but I finally put time aside to read it, much to the delight of my OH This was one of the rare books that he enjoyed without the ubiquitous but when I asked him it what it was like So with rave reviews, and a personal commendation, why the delay If I m honest, a part of me thought do I really want to read about the 7 7 bombings and terrorist attacks I remember the real events all too well and it didn t particularly want t [...]

  30. This is David Videcette s debut novel The author is a former Scotland Yard investigator and has based the novel on the devastating London 7 7 bombings.Right from the very start the intrigue sucked me in and naturally the pace to turn the pages quickened as I became totally gripped with the story.Our protagonist DI Jake Flannagan is cast as a career obsessed driven, selfish, handsome womaniser who bends the rules to get where and what he wants As the story progresses though we see his vulnerable [...]

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