Watching Out For Fangs

Watching Out For Fangs Best Download || [Lisa Oliver] - Watching Out For Fangs, Watching Out For Fangs Josh moved from the huge San Antonio pack to join the men at Cloverleah looking for a bit adventure and the chance to meet his mate He s quick to adapt to the much smaller pack and even his status a
  • Title: Watching Out For Fangs
  • Author: Lisa Oliver
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Watching Out For Fangs Best Download || [Lisa Oliver], Watching Out For Fangs, Lisa Oliver, Watching Out For Fangs Josh moved from the huge San Antonio pack to join the men at Cloverleah looking for a bit adventure and the chance to meet his mate He s quick to adapt to the much smaller pack and even his status as one of the few beta wolves in a group full of Alphas A chance visit from the Atlanta coven has him meeting the man he was waiting for It was just a damn shame he wasJosh moved Watching Out For Fangs Best Download || [Lisa Oliver] - Watching Out For Fangs, Watching Out For Fangs Josh moved from the huge San Antonio pack to join the men at Cloverleah looking for a bit adventure and the chance to meet his mate He s quick to adapt to the much smaller pack and even his status a
  • Watching Out For Fangs Best Download || [Lisa Oliver]
    405 Lisa Oliver
Watching Out For Fangs

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  1. Lisa Oliver had been writing non fiction books for years when visions of half dressed, buff men started invading her dreams Unable to resist the lure of her stories, Lisa decided to switch to fiction books, and now stories about her men clamor to get out from under her fingertips When Lisa is not writing, she is usually reading with a cup of tea always at hand Her grown children and grandchildren sometimes try and pry her away from the computer and have found that the best way to do it, is to promise her chocolate Lisa will do anything for chocolate.Lisa loves to hear from her readers and other writers You can friend her on Facebook facebook lisaoliverauthor , or email her directly at yoursintuitively gmail If you want to chat with her on Skype, then email for contact details.

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  1. The Cloverleah pack has several new enforcers, Josh is one of them, from the San Antonio Pack Josh, like most of the guys in this pack, is ready to meet his mate He s not been celibate by any means, but he hasn t given his heart to anyone.Vadim is the second oldest vampire in existence We met his coven when they attacked Cloverleah from Atlanta, trying to get Dean, the Omega as their own Vadim hasn t had anything to do with the coven for years, but now he s being drawn into politics by his schem [...]

  2. So I will start of this review by saying you can read this book as a stand alone, I did not feel lost at all But I really wish I would have read the others first because I would have loved to see how the other couples had gotten their HEA Josh first meets Vadim at a meet between Josh s pack and a coven who was trying to get them to break a spell on one of their coven members Well Vadim saves Josh who was hurt trying to save one of his pack members I have to say I loved them as a couple You get f [...]

  3. As always, I need to insert my I may be biased, but I m a fan of this author speech.With every book, this series gets better The reader can see how the characters are maturing, and how their relationships made it possible We still get the main love story, but all the previous, and the future, plots take a part in this book I think, I have a new favorite book and a new favorite character I loved Diablo and then Damien, but Vadim took it to a different level to see him changing after finding his m [...]

  4. I love this series and how each book builds upon previous stories while focusing on new characters I was already a fan of Josh s and was thrilled to find out that he was getting his own story He has been looking for his mate for such a long time but when Vadim comes into his life nothing goes as planned It s a bit heartbreaking at first, but Vadim is special Dealing with the ghosts of the past isn t easy but the rewards for the two of them is worth the work Watching Out For Fangs has a happy end [...]

  5. I really like this series, but the reoccurring rejection of mates are wearing me down It s been the same throughout the series Mates meet and is rejecting each other I m getting tired of all the selfish men.

  6. Another powerful supernatural mate for the escapist, over the top powerful but sizzzling fate of the Cloverleah packI do very much enjoy the occasional vampire wolf story, and since this author does a great job at incorporating other supernatural species in this series, it s not surprising this book featured a fanged, undead mate for one of the pack The new relationship and continuing storyline didn t always entice me quite as well as some of the earlier works in the series, but this installment [...]

  7. I am really loving Lisa s wolves and their mates There is always something new added in each book so they never feel repetitive and they still retain all the great world building and wonderful characters that make them a pleasant reading experience In each book there is a focus on the romance of the main two characters but the relationships of previous pairs is not neglected at all That said can I please claim Vadim as my newest book boyfriend I really liked how Lisa managed to make him become s [...]

  8. 0.25 starboringggggggg.i wished i could open my writs and die slowly, or fasti really don t get it how this series get so hi ratings Especially this bookOMG it was never ending was lame as shifter fantasy is goingd the boring sex scenesi just skipped it Next No thank you

  9. Another great additionLove this series Josh s story and his happy was so worth the wait The chemistry between them was off the charts The storyline was perfect, the mystery and intrigue into who is after the pack just grows, and I cannot wait for the next book Well done

  10. Ennuyeux, manque d imagination, r p titif et sans grand int r t En gros perte de temps et d argent En un mot Naze Cette s rie est comme un jour sans fin Ils rencontrent et se rejettent, des parties de jambes en l air inint ressantes, une petite touche d action quelqu un en dangers, en g n ral les plus faibles , bime patapouf happy end Gros LOL R p ter le m me sch ma sur 7 tomes c est chaud quand m me a prouve le manque de talent de l auteur Enfin bref, marre de ma faire avoir

  11. Awesome bookAwesome book as always Love her books and this series is at the top of my list of favorites Can t wait for the next book

  12. This was everything this series is about Fated mates, hot smexy times, some trouble for the couple and everything is easily resolved In the beginning of the series, there are 5 main characters But they each found their mates So the author introduced us to three characters one is the mate of the original 5 characters Josh is one of the three new characters who gets to meet his fated mate in this book And again the author has to introduce even characters, because the hot men are finding their fa [...]

  13. This is enforcer Josh and vampire of the Atlanta coven Vadim s story One of the reasons Josh joined the Cloverleah pack in the first place was that he was hoping to find his mate It seemed all the men of Cloverleah seemed to find their mates rather quickly Vadim, on the other hand, was a centuries old vampire who had no desire to find his true match He had loved and lost before which made him take a vow to never love again Oh where did we he that before Ahem Damien cough cough Vadim was honest w [...]

  14. This is the 7th book of the Cloverleah Pack series Books 1 through 5 have been wolf shifter pairings and book 6 introduced the Fae This book introduces Vampires.The story is as fantastic as the other six books of the series In this book we get to learn the ins and outs of vampires and their covens Their culture is very different from wolf shifters but similar to fae.As all the books in the series, the character development is excellent and the plot line is full of action, mystery and suspense Th [...]

  15. At this point in the series I can honestly say that I am not surprised that Lisa Oliver was able to create yet again another book in the series that was better then the last.This book has everything in it from unlikely mates, to danger, to almost losing a mate, and it even has a dead bonded mate that will not let go even in death In other words, another incredible read Josh and Vadim is probably the most unlikely true mates thus far in this series because Josh is a wolf shifter and Vadim is a v [...]

  16. 4.5 Stars This is my second favorite book out of the series I love the snarkiness and humor sprinkled throughout in addition to the hot as hell scenes between a Vampire and a shifter s like an x rated Twilight story Can t wait for the next book in the story ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by JLoves2Read from Alpha Book Cluband Gay Book Reviews

  17. First time reading any of Lisa Oliver s books, and I ll say I can t wait for I hate starting a book that s in the middle of a series, and trying to understand what s happening, BUT this one I don t need to read in the order, unless you want to see what these wolves did to get the true mates No problem knowing a what s in the process of current events Told in both p.o.v HEA with true loveom a 700 year old vampire his mother is over a thousand and still loves to share stories of his youth and his [...]

  18. I love this series This is 7 in The Cloverleah Pack series, and it s Josh and Vadim s story These two were mated unexpectedly and by necessity, and with a less than stellar beginning, but fate will work its will There was so much action with betrayals, treachery, magic, family issues, and a romance with lots of misunderstandings trials I love this pack it s so diverse supportive, accepting and loyal to their fellow packmates, truly a family in the very best way We should all be so lucky Hurry up [...]

  19. Excellent.It has the humor I have come to expect from Lisa Oliver We have a new menace on the horizon The Atlanta situation is resolved We have stories to look forward to Tobias is next, but I would raise my hand and say Vadim s friend is someone I want to get to know Also I almost died laughing at one scene My husband thinks I am nuts because I won t explain it All I will say is this at one point Vadim says I didn t expect to see that when I woke up Now go buy it if you want to know what he sa [...]

  20. Josh, left San Antonio in hopes of finding his mate Well that s what happened when his mate was transporting a cursed wolf to Cloverleah Things go down hill, when Josh gets attacked and almost dies steps his mate I loved watching Josh fall for his mate knowing his mate wouldn t love him in return Vadim, had love then lost it, and that caused some issues with his mate I really enjoyed this book and I absolutely love this series Great job Lisa

  21. Holy Hotness Wow So Josh has a hot vampire as his mate, and a very old one at that Josh surprised me with his show of dominance too Vadim, but the vampire took it all in stride Vadim is full of surprises I didn t think he would take to the pack, as well as he did But he truly does love Josh and whatever it takes to keep his mate happy and alive, Vadim will do it Now I wait for the next book in this wonderful series.

  22. New characters A new true match with Vadim and Josh More drama as we learn about the men of Cloverleah Pack I was so happy Josh found his mate Though there is a part that will have you dying of laughter Let s just say it has to do with the view when someone wakes up Can t wait for the next one.

  23. Amazing I love this series so much Lisa Oliver is an amazing author and I can t wait to read of her books She truly captures every one of your emotions with her stories but it s the best thing an author could do I really hope who reads shifter books reads this series because it has wonderful characters and a great story to each one

  24. Watching Out For Fangs The Cloverleah Pack Book 7 This was another great book in this seriesI can t wait for of this series to come in 2016I know it will be just as great.

  25. Another great story I absolutely adore this series Each new story is an amazing build on this very special pack I love each of the characters Anxiously awaiting the next story

  26. A wonder addition to the seriesThis was a wonderful addition to this seriesI loved seeing all the guys and being introduced to new charactersI loved Josh and his vampired am Patiently waiting on the next book

  27. its a 4.5 for me I REALLY loved it its the best book of the serie for me Its a big improvement though I would to be drama, still with the happy ending of course i m so excited for the next one the sex scenes were really HOTTT

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