Bay of Sighs

↠ Bay of Sighs ½ Nora Roberts - Bay of Sighs, Bay of Sighs Cr ature fabuleuse Annika n a pas h sit quitter l oc an pour partir en qu te des illustres toiles de la Fortune Or trang re au monde des Humains elle doit tout apprendre de leurs coutumes Heureusem
  • Title: Bay of Sighs
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780425280119
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback

↠ Bay of Sighs ½ Nora Roberts, Bay of Sighs, Nora Roberts, Bay of Sighs Cr ature fabuleuse Annika n a pas h sit quitter l oc an pour partir en qu te des illustres toiles de la Fortune Or trang re au monde des Humains elle doit tout apprendre de leurs coutumes Heureusement elle peut compter sur ses amis et sur Sawyer le s duisant voyageur du temps Toutefois ses jours parmi eux sont compt s et il leur faut tout prix retrouver l Cr ature fabuleuse An ↠ Bay of Sighs ½ Nora Roberts - Bay of Sighs, Bay of Sighs Cr ature fabuleuse Annika n a pas h sit quitter l oc an pour partir en qu te des illustres toiles de la Fortune Or trang re au monde des Humains elle doit tout apprendre de leurs coutumes Heureusem
  • ↠ Bay of Sighs ½ Nora Roberts
    411 Nora Roberts
Bay of Sighs

About Author

  1. Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D Robb There are than 500 million copies of her books in print.

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  1. Nora Roberts, hands down, knows how to write a paranormal romance series like nobody else They are always enthralling, fascinating, completely addicting, and ones you never want to end Her newest and latest is not an exception.I wasn t sure how I was going to like this installment, knowing that it would be mostly told from Annika s point of view Not because I didn t like her, quite the contrary but because of what she was and how that point of view might be because of it She is super innocent, s [...]

  2. Originally posted on The Book NymphoThe journey of the six continues following the collection of the first star This time, the locale is the Isle of Capri in Italy and Nerezza eventually discovers them But this time, she enlists the help of a rogue known to the group Sawyer King and his famous compass are the focus, as is the beautiful Annika, the siren from the sea Though plagued with a terribly slow start, Annika made this a captivating and fun story Her na vet and innocence, overlayed with a [...]

  3. One of the things I like most in this trilogy is the uniqueness of each character The six fated to save the world are than just human Sasha is a seer and Bran a magician Annika a mermaid granted three moons with human legs to complete her quest Sawyer a time traveler, Doyle an immortal, and snarky archeologist Riley is a shifter Together they formed a family and have each other s six In Bay of Sighs they continue to grow stronger as they search for the second star In the first book, Stars of Fo [...]

  4. So Mermaid sex That was weird.The book was great though, I m loving the story and the fact that there are 6 of them working together in all the books.Can t wait for Doyle.

  5. 4.25 stars.It was good, continuing from book 1The heroine is a mermaid, I was listening audiobook version, while I like the story, the narrator tried too hard with Annika s voice, she sounds naive instead of, oh I don t know what to expect with how a mermaid should talk, lol Eventhought she had learn in her world, she new with the language and lots of things that we took for granted in everyday life I can see the narrator s problem now I love Sawyer and Annika, the time traveler and the mermaid, [...]

  6. Excellent middle book So many times the second book in a trio doesn t move the story along and is just a filler But Nora always uses the second book to build the suspense.This book is much violent than the first one But it has the calming additions of the mermaid.Annika Now you may think the weirdest thing about her would be the tail, bute LIKES to do dishes Weird Add to that, she likes calisthenics And laundry So weird Anyway, I absolutely love all the comic book references and pop culture ref [...]

  7. I really like this paranormal fantasy series with the chosen six each having extraordinary abilities but working together as a team on their quest to save the world Also, love the couple pairings first Sasha and Bran then Annika and Sawyer Can t wait to read the last book for an epic conclusion and the possible development of romance between Doyle and Riley

  8. If there is one writer that has made an impact in the reading world it has to be Nora Roberts With the multiple styles and types of books that she writes, she has never missed the mark on offering an engaging and delightful read I was able to review this new release from this powerhouse and was blown away with this amazing read.Bay of Sighs is a remarkable story I fell in love with the characters from the very beginning Annika is a sweet, delightful character that just makes you happy I can just [...]

  9. so much time has passed since the first book, that i had actually forgotten about this series and then in the beginning i had a lot of trouble remembering who each of these characters were once i got that under control, i could sit back and enjoy NR grabs you by the throat at the beginning of a book and doesn t let got until the end i always read her books fast i just can t put them down i loved the story the jokes, the tight friendships, the ideas tossed around about how to rescue this next sta [...]

  10. I made it about a third of the way in and just fell out of the mood I put it down and thinking about picking it back up gives me a blah I m not going to rate it because I may fall back into the mood and don t want to prejudice myself if that happens.

  11. I like Nora Roberts s books and her In Death series written as JD Robb But these supernatural series are getting tiring The books are padded to make them long enough for a trilogy the story really could have been told in one book The Bride series or the Inn Boonsboro were much better than these fantasy stories Nora should shelve her fantasy ideas mermaids, werewolf, time traveler or maybe let JD Robb use those ideas Nora is best with REAL people and description I did not care for the first book [...]

  12. Bay of Sighs is the 2nd book in Nora Roberts latest The Guardians Trilogy I was not impressed with the follow up to book 1, Stars of Fortune book show 2 which I loved.Annika and Sawyer s story just dragged on most of the time.okay, the Isle of Capri settingfabulous Butl that training going ond ond on All the mermaid and sex and penis jokes.ter a while.just got boring and boring Even the evil goddess Nerezza became a drag The mermaid Annika and time traveller Sawyer romance never felt real to me [...]

  13. 3.5 starsNot as good as the first book in the series Even though I really liked the main characters, I had a hard time imagining they had sex in her natural form, her being a mermaid The protagonist wasn t as fierce in this one and the killing team was disposed off too fast in my opinion.

  14. I like how this book took a turn and it was actually through the eyes of a different character I caught myself laughing a couple of times I did enjoy it but I like book one better I am however looking forward to book three I would like to see how it all comes together in the end.

  15. Holy crab, what an end The scene where Annika gets the star beautiful I was really curious to read how she will develop Annika further, and how the story about the Stars would continue And after the first book I was a bit disappointed because the way all the characters were was something I don t bring in connection with Nora Roberts Annika is in love with Sawyer But as a mermaid she has to stay quiet Can t let him know that she feels what she feels for him, because he has to do the literally fir [...]

  16. Amanda s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsThe Bay of Sighs, the second book in The Guardians trilogy, is packed with action and adventure and picks up right after the end of book one The six guardians have landed in Capri to search for the second star, the Water Star, before Nerezza has regrouped after her failed attempt to steal the first star Annika and Sawyer are front and center in this installment and find themselves the ones to retrieve the star and fall in love as well.Annika [...]

  17. Annika a mermaidSawyer a time traveler with a magic compassRiley an archaeologist werewolfDoyle an immortal warriorBran an Irish sorcererSasha an artist and seerNora Roberts has assembled a varied cast with nothing in common except the quest to recover and save the three Stars of Fortune from the evil goddess Nerezza Bran and Sasha found they also were meant for each other in the first book After finding the first star and defeating Nerezza in an epic battle, our little group is now in Capri, se [...]

  18. Thanks to the author and publisher for the giveaway copy, provided in the exchange for an honest review.There s something to be said for finding the fresh, the joy, the unique in the everyday It s something we struggle not to take for granted It s something we should treasure And it s something Annika gives us the laughter, the wonder, the gift.She wishes no harm, yet she fights She hears the end, yet she loves She creates beauty She cherishes moments She s grace and fluidity and she uses them, [...]

  19. I m not going to leave you I d never leave you No Bay of Sighs es la segunda parte de la Trilog a de Los Guardianes Como Stars of Fortune, esta novela tiene dos l neas principales, la rom ntica y la de fantas a Aunque, en comparaci n con la primera, Bay of sighs me ha gustado un poco m s No por la trama fant stica, sino por el romance En esta novela, siguen las aventuras de los guardianes Sacha, Bran, Swayer, Annika, Riley y Doyle Ellos han aceptado su destino por completo y se esfuerzan por com [...]

  20. Because I was on a roll, I grabbed this book immediately upon finishing Stars of Fortune.I m curious about how people will react to Annika, and her romance, in this book It s not that Annika is innocent or childlike, exactly, but she s definitely not Well, she s not as jaded as most people are by the time they hit their late twenties or early thirties She seems incredibly innocent, and almost child like in her demeanor Which can make it hard to buy into a romance I think Nora Roberts does a good [...]

  21. Read January 2018Rating 4.5 5 starsI really enjoyed Bay of Sighs Annika and Sawyer were a good couple, better than Sasha and Bran from book one, and the plot was stronger I also liked the fact that a human villain was introduced here as a serious threat against the group I was gripped by the story from beginning to end and am looking forward to reading the final book in the trilogy.

  22. The Bay of Sighs continues the Guardians Trilogy After finding and hiding the first of the three stars, the guardians are led to the island of Capri to look for the second The search leads them to watery caves surrounding the island Bran and Sasha have cemented their relationship, and in this book, Sawyer and Annika take center stage Sawyer, whose has the ability to use a magic compass to take them to other places and times finds himself falling for Annika the mermaid chosen by her people to be [...]

  23. I made it to 49%, but the heroine really does read like a toddler talking about sex and I just cannot deal with that I can t.

  24. The second book in the Guardians trilogy finds our group of six in Capri searching for the second falling star The one concentrates of the romance between Sawyer and Annika This is a romance that seemingly has a built in ending date Annika is a mermaid who was given legs so that she could take part in the quest to find the stars but will return to the sea in three months without them Sawyer has a device that lets him travel in space and time.Sawyer is reluctant to begin a relationship with Annik [...]

  25. Not as good as the first, but the characters chemistry is well worth the read anyway I did expect from Annika and Sawyer, yet at the same time I kind of like how they felt a bit like inevitability and part of the same quilt as Bran and Sasha, but not all at the forefront Theirs is a sweeter love and I think the pacing matched the build well, but still I wanted a teeny bit , just a bit resolution I m both excited and wary of book three, as with her previous trilogies of late, the couples are no [...]

  26. I was not as much of a fan of this one as I have of past series by Nora, or even the first book in this series I felt it lagged a bit in the middle and the romance between Annika and Sawyer wasn t believable I appreciate that when something works, why fix it, but I m getting tired of the formulaic trilogies and, if it wasn t for liking Riley so much, I d consider not even finishing it However, depending on how the last book pans out will have a huge impact on whether I continue reading Nora Robe [...]

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