Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology

Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology Best Read || [Leah Remini] - Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, Troublemaker Surviving Hollywood and Scientology NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The outspoken actress talk show host and reality television star offers up a no holds barred memoir including an eye opening insider account of her tumultuous and heart
  • Title: Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology
  • Author: Leah Remini
  • ISBN: 9780451482440
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Audio

Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology Best Read || [Leah Remini], Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, Leah Remini, Troublemaker Surviving Hollywood and Scientology NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The outspoken actress talk show host and reality television star offers up a no holds barred memoir including an eye opening insider account of her tumultuous and heart wrenching thirty year plus association with the Church of Scientology Leah Remini has never been the type to hold her tongue That willingness to speak Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology Best Read || [Leah Remini] - Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, Troublemaker Surviving Hollywood and Scientology NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The outspoken actress talk show host and reality television star offers up a no holds barred memoir including an eye opening insider account of her tumultuous and heart
  • Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology Best Read || [Leah Remini]
    482 Leah Remini
Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology

About Author

  1. Leah Remini is an actor, producer, and 1 New York Times bestselling author A fixture on television since the age of eighteen, Remini is best known for her beloved role of Carrie on the nine season hit The King of Queens Remini went on to produce and star in one of the earliest and most successful comedic web series, In the Motherhood, and appeared in the movie Old School alongside Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn In 2010, Remini helped launch and co hosted the first season of the CBS daytime hit show The Talk, and in 2013 she was seen on the dance floor in Dancing with the Stars She currently co stars in the TV Land comedy The Exes and TLC s reality show Leah Remini It s All Relative, which she also created and executive produces Remini finds great joy in her philanthropic work with numerous and diverse military, women s, and children s charities She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter.

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  1. I m going to admit When I heard the this book was coming out I was curious and then I thought why did she stay in that religion so long if it s so crazy Is she nuts I m so damn nosey about stuff like this though I want to know the secrets without having to enter into the realm of the crazy.Shut up, Xenu My ass is broke so I can t fork over enough dough for you anyways Plus, I m a bit on the big mouth side like Leah Reminibut think the southern version of her Upon starting this book, one thing st [...]

  2. Yes, this is a book about Scientology But it s not just about that In a way, this book is a typical memoir It talks about Leah s childhood in Brooklyn, her early career in Hollywood, and her struggles in relationships, etc I first remember Leah from Saved By the Bell And of course, I loved King of Queens I think her and Kevin James had great chemistry and Jerry Stiller was brilliant I enjoyed the anecdotes about her experiences with other big name actors She has only good things to say about Ton [...]

  3. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Oh Leah Leah, Leah, Leah While this book had my curiosity peaked EDIT like a peak higher than Mt Everest, Ron upon release I mean who DOESN T want to know about the Cult of Personality Scientology at this point, right I didn t have plans on reading it Why, you may ask Mainly because I had almost convinced myself the story would be nothing but bullshit before even reading the blurb Leah Remini s run on a successful television program had come to an end and [...]

  4. I tend to listen to autobiographies on audio because I love hearing stories in the voice of the teller And I ve been a huge fan of Remini for years because she s hilarious such a badass in my eyes So I purchased this without any second guesses and was not disappointed This was absolutely excellent, horrifying, hilarious, disturbing and addictive It reads like a mystery thriller and then I d remember it s real life and become super horrified on a loop But I could not stop listening Probably one o [...]

  5. Leah Remini is an actress that I have never heard of before and knew nothing about However, I just recently read another book about Scientology Beyond Belief My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape by Jenna Miscavige Hill and Lisa Pulitzer, that was suggested to me by a friend That book was fantastic and sparked my interest in learning about Scientology When I reviewed that book another friend suggested this one to me I am so glad she did because this book was FANTASTIC I list [...]

  6. What I got from this book is the usual stuff about Scientology No one writes anything good about it It s all what a terrible scam and wicked cult it is that absolutely controlled their lives And how the author any author of these expos books was deluded for many years as were there entire families and friends and suddenly they realised the truth Do these authors realise how stupid they sound All these conversions from are about as convincing at conversions to I could never take Karen Armstrong s [...]

  7. 5 stars I may write an in depth review after I ve had time to think on this one some Right now I don t even know where to begin really The stuff in this book, which I m sure is the unvarnished truth, is off the charts crazy It s very tempting to write a detailed review laying the whole thing out, but I m going to try to refrain from doing that people really need to get this right from Leah Remini And it s a very easy and entertaining read Suffice it for now to say Scientology is absolutely a cul [...]

  8. Unlike most celebrity tell all s Leah Remini doesn t try to paint herself as perfect or attempt to whitewash her past She starts the book by telling you about all her faults I think it makes her all the believable Troublemaker is a harrowing glimpse inside a cult that paints itself as a religion A must read.

  9. 3 stars 2017 The Most Average of Average Award I will not be writing a review for this one.I guess in a wayat is my review.

  10. I love Leah Remini I love her attitude, her candor, her directnessI think she s hilarious even when she s not trying to be When I decided to read her memoir Troublemaker, I expected a lot comedy than I got But I wasn t disappointed, I was actually pleasantly surprised The audiobook experience was excellent in my opinion Leah narrates it herself and it s like she is speaking directly to the reader She discusses her childhood, her family, her entry into the church of Scientology, and her career a [...]

  11. While this isn t the most well written book around, the audio version is magnetic and you won t be able to turn away.I loved, loved, loved listening to Leah Remini tell her story Her Brooklyn accent sounds like home to me I have no accent, but most of my family is from Queens and pronounces words the same way whoo are She was a really engaging narrator and she made her story come alive I ve already read a ton and watched a ton about the cult of Scientology and the crooks that run it, so those as [...]

  12. There is no shortage of people who would be willing to say Leah can be an asshole my own mother can attest to that And if I am all these things the church may claim, then isn t it also accurate to say that in the end, thirty plus years of dedication, millions of dollars spent, and countless hours of study and training didn t really fix me Perhaps Scientology doesn t work Good question And wow Millions of dollars spent for a religion Why would anybody do that Why must people be fixed in the way s [...]

  13. 4.5 eye opening stars I wasn t a fan of her before I listened to this I ve never seen any of her shows I m not a TV watcher When I ended her story I was her fan, not for her acting but for her mouth, her loud never cower attitude She was beaten down emotionally, publicly, and she slightly bent but never broke She witnessed the crazy, was aware that something was not as it was said to be Double standards, backstabbing, preferential treatment, mental abuse, physical abuse, money gorging, and She [...]

  14. I wanted to read this book to read about her poor treatment at the hands of Scientology and there is plenty of that in there but, to be honest, I got from this book just about Leah herself.I have seen probably every King of Queens episode and I can take them or leave them Not a show that would make me tune in, not a show I would complain about and turn off But I get an overwhelming sense that there is a lot of Leah Remini in Carrie.I had a real indifference to Carrie and therefore Leah but she [...]

  15. Having pretty much no idea of who Leah Remini is, I still enjoyed listening to this autobiography scientology bashing book, which she narrated herself.I am not a religious person, having soured on my Catholic upbringing during my teens However, I still respect those that choose to believe in Catholicism because it brings them happiness and often provides them support in tough times I do not have any respect whatsoever for Scientology I cannot believe that any true religion that is interested in [...]

  16. Belief and faith are great, but very few people have been led astray by thinking for themselves I finished this book at one AM on a work night, when I had to be up at 6 AM the next morning I did this even though I knew I would feel like shit the next morning, because I just couldn t help myself I was thinking, boy, I should go to bed I m going to regret this tomorrow and probably the days after And then I just kept reading That is the power of this book In the morning, my eyes were so dry I thou [...]

  17. I was intrigued about Leah s story since she hit headlines when she left the church of Scientology I finally got my hands on a copy audio, and immediately fell in love with it She is a very specific character and knows who she is to the point, that it was like she was sitting next to me telling me her very personal story She tells it like it is, and I appreciated the no nonsense writing and the stories I don t know which to recommend the audio, which was incredible, or the book as that displaye [...]

  18. This was really good It was equally about Leah and Scientology If you re interested in Scientology, you should definitely read this Sometimes reading biographies makes me like the person less but this book made me like Leah Remini a lot .

  19. Scientology is going to be sooooo pissed This book is good, dishy and fall down funny Leah is loud, brash and very NY LOVE IT update So I just finished this book OMG it DOES NOT disappoint It s deliciously dishy and totally in your face like Leah herself.Boiled down it s the classic story of a person leaving an extremist religious group cult If you enjoyed Deborah Feldman s UnOrthadox, you ll love this book

  20. When I realized that I had to read a biography for my reading challenge with the Machalo chicks this year, I was like, No, please God, No I hate biographies Just strike me down instead Take my first born child Okay, maybe that was a little crazy But, you know what s crazier Scientology And, the weird thing is that she doesn t even talk about the alien part of the religion Yet, it still comes off as bat shit crazy along with being an extremely dangerous cult.This book will make you so angry that [...]

  21. I am fascinated by the subject of Scientology, and have watched Leah Remini s TV show on AE about the topic, SO I didn t think I had any real need to ALSO read her book but I was wrong This is a fantastic, insider account of the church and it is different and interesting, IMO than other stories books about Scientology since, AS a celebrity, Remini was granted access to people and events that ordinary Scientologists do not get to experience Such as the use of the Celebrity Center Scientology bui [...]

  22. I ve loved Leah Remini since watching her on The King of Queens She s funny and raw When I heard about her autobiography, I knew I had to read it But when I found out there was an audiobook version and Leah Remini herself narrated it, I had to listen to it How the fuck did you get into some crazy shit like this Who better to narrate Leah s story than Leah herself Just as the title suggests, this memoir is mainly about Hollywood and Scientology Having watched Going Clear, the documentary on Scien [...]

  23. Combative, inquisitive, and argumentative is how Leah Remini describes herself As such, it makes me wonder if she ever would have become a Scientologist of her own free will Instead, her mother got herself and two daughters involved shortly after her divorce from Leah s father, a mean and verbally abusive person So from a very young age, Leah was brainwashed or indoctrinated into the church of Scientology and Tom Cruise s odd ways The quotes are mine as I don t understand how this cult with all [...]

  24. I have read several tell all books from those who ve left Scientology so a lot of what I saw here isn t really new That said Ms Remini does by relating her life endorse what s been said by others who have written about their lives and experiences within Scientology.Some of it is really I m sure unbelievable to anyone who hasn t been in or at least known some one who has been in or involved with a cult.There is however a look at Scientology that we haven t gotten or if we have I m not aware of it [...]

  25. Read this within a day It is well written Remini reflects also her earlier years with Scientology Like expected pretty shocking and disturbing Tom Cruise gets a lot of attention from her.So glad for Leah Remini that she is now free of these inhuman behaviour and can live her life with her family I hope, she will find peace with herself.

  26. A binge watch of the Hulu Originals series The Path with Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan really weirdly excellent, almost worth getting Hulu for this series alone reminds me I enjoyed the sheer inanity of Leah Remini s Scientology tell allTroublemaker If you have even the slightest interest in Scientology s wackadoodle ness and I have, but only tangentially SeveralCause Celebre mid to late 90s years volunteering for the food bank for AIDS Project Los Angeles soliciting donations outside Gelson [...]

  27. I thought I knew the insanity of Scientology until I watched the HBO documentary, Going Clear, several months ago Since then I have been fascinated with the people who have renounced themselves from the cult and have been bold enough to speak the truth of their lives in and now out of the evil philosophy, brainwashing and warped teachings of L Ron Hubbard Further, the documentary confirmed and exposed the epic crazy of L Ron Hubbard, Tom Cruise and David Miscavige which I believed to be true lon [...]

  28. But that was the policy of the church You were either all in or all out It is an extremist religion There is no middle ground And there within its structure lies the danger Leah ReminiIn Troublemaker, Leah Remini takes the reader on a candid tour of her life, from her childhood in Brooklyn, New York through her days as a well known actor in Hollywood What ties all of her experiences together was her time as a member of the Church of Scientology Indoctrinated at the age of 10, Remini remained a d [...]

  29. This book might be one of my top favorites of the year, without a doubt An unbelievably captivating story, great writing, and shocking twists and turns The fact that it s all real both shocking, horrifying, and amazing I ve always liked Leah Remini, but now, I love her.

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