His Distraction

[PDF] Download º His Distraction : by Thia Finn Kristen Grammar Lands - His Distraction, His Distraction Being on tour is great for the hot new alternative rock band Assured Distraction but not for relationships Guitar player Ryan and girlfriend Krissy quickly realize they have two different visions fo
  • Title: His Distraction
  • Author: Thia Finn Kristen Grammar Lands
  • ISBN: 9780997340716
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download º His Distraction : by Thia Finn Kristen Grammar Lands, His Distraction, Thia Finn Kristen Grammar Lands, His Distraction Being on tour is great for the hot new alternative rock band Assured Distraction but not for relationships Guitar player Ryan and girlfriend Krissy quickly realize they have two different visions for their future She wants the house and two point five kids He wants the band to be on top The band is ready to leave on their epic tour with Ryder Steel It s in Europe anBeing on tour [PDF] Download º His Distraction : by Thia Finn Kristen Grammar Lands - His Distraction, His Distraction Being on tour is great for the hot new alternative rock band Assured Distraction but not for relationships Guitar player Ryan and girlfriend Krissy quickly realize they have two different visions fo
  • [PDF] Download º His Distraction : by Thia Finn Kristen Grammar Lands
    225 Thia Finn Kristen Grammar Lands
His Distraction

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  1. Thia Finn Kristen Grammar Lands Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the His Distraction book, this is one of the most wanted Thia Finn Kristen Grammar Lands author readers around the world.

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  1. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.After reading Assure Her, I was excited and impatient to read and find out about His Distraction Assured Distraction, the band, is coming home from being on tour and there is troubled waters ahead for guitarist Ryan and his girlfriend Krissy Thia Finn takes us on plenty of twists and turns with this sexy rock star and his turbulent love life on his way to discovering his dream and fame Ryan s struggles with Krissy are realistic and thought prov [...]

  2. I m so glad Thia reach out to me offering me a copy of His Distraction because I m freaking loving this series and the characters Now let me tell you I really enjoy Assure Her but this one got so much better, the writing was fluent and I can see this series getting better and better.So let s talk now about His Distraction I loved Ryan so much and damn was he hot I like Peri so much same as I liked Chandler Now Krissy now she was big freaking BITCH oh how I hate her Now can we talk about Hayden [...]

  3. I don t know now I may fell in love with Ryan all over again I adored him in book one but in HIS story yeah he won me over The way he treated Peri OMG, and quiet as kept the way he treated Krissy too That crazy chick had it all and didn t deserve a darn thing Oh, someone should have popped her one good time Hayden told her off though and I may have shed a tear for my baby boy He was a sweetheart I guess it all worked out for the best but this family dynamic is truly winning me over This series h [...]

  4. This is my first read from Thia Finn and I loved it I adored Ryan and Peri s relationship I loved the band and all the members I will be reading from Thia Finn

  5. This book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review WowI wondered how Thia was going to maintain the caliber of storyline in book 2 and I wasn t disappointed We literally pick up, right where Assure Her leaves off and I was happy with the way the story developed It s the perfect formula once again angst, love, hate, mystery, sexual tension and scenes that not only make your brain happy This is an entertaining read with appropriate insertions of gut turning, soul searching and mind blowin [...]

  6. I absolutely love this story Ryan is one amazing man Krissy is a disaster I hate her with a passion Now Peri, is such a strong woman and I love and admire her Of course Chandler is rocking cause that s just her This is a great follow up book to Assure Her, which is another Must Read Thank you Thia Finn for writing the way you do

  7. Review of His Distraction by Thia Finn 5 Stars This review is written on behalf of BOOKWHORE ADDICT.Book 2 in the Assured Distraction Series After reading the first book in this series and absolutely devouring the pages of it, I wasted no time in plowing into this follow up bookIn book 2, Thia Finn explores the bands dynamic while they tour with Ryder Steel in Europe but the hot and heavy relationship between guitarist Ryan and his girlfriend Krissy is the focus of this story Their relationship [...]

  8. Bookwhores review I loved it So much drama and craziness We have the the rocker who has done everything he can possible do to prove to his girlfriend that he is faithful Then we have the girlfriend who wants to trap him in a 9 5 job Anyway she doesn t respect him enough to let him live out his dream as a rocker One thing let to another and she dumps him after throwing a tantrum befitted for a five year old I m not her biggest fan and you will learn to hate her sorry ass Ryan learns to get over h [...]

  9. OMG i am so loving this series I think every single character has now nestled inside me, and will stay with me forever This is Ryan s storyAs i don t give away spoilers, i won t go into details as to what happens in this book Which is difficult as it does contain a hell of a lot of twists and turns But every single one falls into place and brings together a brilliant story that contains absolutely everything you need to make it a 10 10 recommend read Some scenes are extremely emotional and you m [...]

  10. I recieved this book from the author for an honest review, as part of the review team at Bookwhore Addicts Blog.Thia does it again with all the ups and downs of the relationship with Ryan and Peri I was hooked once again on the AD guys and can t wait to find out From Gunner, Carter, Cash and Hayden.

  11. Ryan SWOON This starts where book 1 left off I enjoyed this than book 1 great story Krissy omg wanted to kill her at times Bout amazing book thia did a amazing job can t wait to dive into 3.

  12. Review by Whitney at The ClubI received and ARC for an honest reviewRyan s relationship starts out as truly horrible with Krissy when I arrives home after his tour There is no support for his dream, she s crazy and to demanding When he leaves to go on tour again things become abundantly clear that he is better off without her Things between Ryan and Peri, the bands manager, heat up while he s on tour and finally he has found a woman who is supportive and perfect for him When they make it home Kr [...]

  13. Definitely an assured distractionI really enjoy all the characters in this book I don t find anything in this one, or the last, that involves too much angst While I LOVE angst, I find it refreshing to pick up something with not too much, at times The characters have to deal with issues, but it doesn t ruin their lives or world I enjoy the banter between the characters I also enjoy that the book wasn t overrun with sex scenes Again, nothing wrong with a good sex scene I just like to actually read [...]

  14. This is the first book I ve read of Thia Finn and I can hardly wait to read .The beginning of the book seemed to drag a bit for me, but after I got a few chapters in the plot picked up and I was finding it hard to put the book down This book was well written and steamy hot Ryan is a sexy, sexy character, who came alive and made the pages sizzle.I can hardly wait to read from this author

  15. Received a copy for my honest opinion Great story It s the second book in the series and I love it Characters are great Story line is great But formatting and sentence structure and editing needs work.

  16. This is book 2 in the Assured Distraction series and is just as hot as book 1 Thia Finn did it again with this one and pulls you into the story You will go on tour with AD and Steel in Europe this time and fall in love even In book one we find Ryan in love with his girlfriend Krissy, but their love struggles with him being on the road so much and her not being able to be with him all the time He stays true to her even when he has girls throwing themselves at him, but Krissy wants Krissy wants [...]

  17. Spunky N Sassy Rating 5.0 Tracy s Review In this second installment of Assured Distraction series we follow Ryan s journey In book one Assure Her, we saw that Ryan and his girlfriend Krissy were having struggles with him being on the road so much So when Krissy expresses her desire for Ryan to drop his boy band he struggles with what he wants and what she wants So she gives him an ultimatum which he ignores and goes on his European tour, where does that leave them Peri the road manager for Assur [...]

  18. Overall, I loved the story My problem is not with the story but the way it was printed and the fact that there were grammatical errors I hate grammar errors in books The way it was printed totally jacked up the writing I would be reading and in the middle of a sentence it would just start a new paragraph and keep going Same sentence but a new paragraph with and indent and all I tried to ignore it but it threw me for a loop how no one would notice such a huge error Maybe I m just weird like that [...]

  19. After reading the first book in this series I was hooked on these rock stars and needed and His Distraction definitely gave me that We delve into Ryan s story and the mess that his life is about to become as the band head out to their biggest break yet Ryan s story is full of heartbreak, angst, secrets and lets not forget this man heats up the sheets like no other Ryan will show us his tender side and when he finds what is ultimately his true love that his loyalty to this woman will show no bou [...]

  20. So good and so complicated Oh goodness this book is so full of complicated relationships Ryan really needed to open his eyes and loose that girl She was not supportive of him in any way and was just not the girl for him I am so happy Peri stepped in to support Ryan when she did Oh my then it all gets complicated and so drama filled good Can t wait to read from this author

  21. ANOTHER HIT This was a good follow up to book 1 and I thoroughly enjoyed it I was glad that Peri and Ryan found each other and had an hea I also liked the angst of Krissy being pregnant and the shocker after her baby boy arrives.An all around good story but the editing leaves much to be desired.

  22. Tour stop 2This tour stop is Ryan s story After a nasty break up, he finds a new love with Petri But is the old love out of the picture The story is steady paced as the drama unfolds and leads to happily ever for Ryan and the band

  23. It was a great read It had great characters and a well written interesting story line Ryan and Peri were a great couple to read Rated very good

  24. I didn t think Thia Finn could outdo book 1 but i was so wrong Book 2 follows the story of Ryan Peri Ryan was the loved up one of the band in a relationship with his girl Krissy However, Krissy is one of those women that just likes to get her claws in when she can Peri to the rescueor is it Peri is the band s tour manager and has a massive soft spot for Ryan Will sparks fly Loved this book

  25. I received this book in exchange for an honest review Have you ever hated a character so much you wished they were real, just so you can punch them in the face Well this is how I feel about Krissy She is a whiny bitch, plus all the lies that come out of her mouth I am sure if you read this book you will hate her too I was surprised that Ryan, Peri, and Hayden actually put up with her bullshit Btw I disliked Krissy since book 1 Dang, I haven t hated a character so much, since I read about Dolores [...]

  26. Thia Finn makes a smooth transition from Assure Her to His Distraction She got me hooked in book one, and I remain a fan looking forward to book three I have become a total Assured Distraction groupie Things have changed for the band after the tour in Assure Her The band is even closer thanks to Chandler They all rallied around her in her hours of need Ryan has finally wised up and moved on from Krissy while traveling with the band Happy dance.Unfortunately things with Krissy are far from over S [...]

  27. This is Ryan s story are you ready for all the craziness Because I can assure you there is than enoughWhen Ryan loves he lives with all of him and he is a passionate guy who likes to make his girl feel like a Queen So in book 1 Ryan is with Krissy and while their relationship has some drama we don t get the full extent until book 2 and let s jus say Krissy crosses the line of crazy and she thinks he should give up his dream of being in the band eventually these 2 split and man was I glad becaus [...]

  28. Rocker, guitar player Ryan and girlfriend Krissy are fine when he s home, but when he s touring Krissy has an attitude She wishes he d quit the band and get a normal job, marry her and have the white picket fence and 2.5 kids What Krissy doesn t get is the band and music is his life He wants to do it as long as he s able, and no one and nothing is going to stop him What happens when Krissy tries to stop him Will she succeed, or will her plan go down in flames, turning everyone s lives upside dow [...]

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