Angels at the Gate

[PDF] Angels at the Gate | by ↠ T.K. Thorne - Angels at the Gate, Angels at the Gate If the path of obedience is the path of wisdom it is one not well worn by my feet I am Adira daughter of the caravan daughter of the wind and daughter of the famed merchant Zakiti That I am his d
  • Title: Angels at the Gate
  • Author: T.K. Thorne
  • ISBN: 9783906196039
  • Page: 354
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Angels at the Gate | by ↠ T.K. Thorne, Angels at the Gate, T.K. Thorne, Angels at the Gate If the path of obedience is the path of wisdom it is one not well worn by my feet I am Adira daughter of the caravan daughter of the wind and daughter of the famed merchant Zakiti That I am his daughter not his son is a secret between my father and myself Secretly raised as a boy in her father s caravan and schooled in languages and the fine art of negotiation If the path [PDF] Angels at the Gate | by ↠ T.K. Thorne - Angels at the Gate, Angels at the Gate If the path of obedience is the path of wisdom it is one not well worn by my feet I am Adira daughter of the caravan daughter of the wind and daughter of the famed merchant Zakiti That I am his d

  • [PDF] Angels at the Gate | by ↠ T.K. Thorne
    354 T.K. Thorne
Angels at the Gate

About Author

  1. T.K Thorne s childhood passion for storytelling deepened when she became a police officer in Birmingham, Alabama It was a crash course in life and what motivated and mattered to people When she retired as a captain, she took on Birmingham s business improvement district as the executive director Both careers provide fodder for her writing, which has garnered several awards, including Book of the Year for Historical Fiction ForeWord Reviews for her debut novel Noah s Wife Her first non fiction book, Last Chance for Justice, was featured on the New York Post s Books You Should Be Reading list She loves traveling, especially to research her novels, and speaking about her books and life lessons She writes at her mountaintop home, often with two dogs by her side and a cat on her lap.

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  1. Thorne once again serves her female protagonist well Not surprising since her forte is in characterization paying homage to the strength and intelligence of women A must have for this reviewer, a strong, independent, courageous, intelligent female protagonist, without this I am completely disappointed, shrinking violets are my nemesis Kudos to Thorne for delivering another wonderful leading female in all her beautiful splendor.A rich atmospheric read, from the barren cruel desert landscape, to t [...]

  2. Excellent book The author does a wonderful job keeping the reader engaged Very informative both historically and culturally In compliance with FTC rules, this was free via , First Reads

  3. This was a fantastic read As a Christian, I loved how the author, T K Thorne portrayed a Biblical character I really loved the story It really showed the special bond between a father and his daughter as he taught her everything as if she were born a son That is the relationship between Adira and her father, Zakiti Adira was an incredible character She is strong willed and she knows how to take care of herself Her father is killed, and she begins her journey to find who killed him Along the way, [...]

  4. I received an ARC of Angels at the Gate from the publisher thanks T.K Thorne s ability to transport the reader to another time and place is amazing The bible story of Lot s nameless wife starts out with a desert trading caravan where Adira, disguised as a boy for safety, travels with her father The appearance of a couple of mysterious strangers begins an incredible journey ending at, of course, Sodom, but not the way you ve learned in Sunday school The smells of the desert, it s creatures and in [...]

  5. Full disclosure, I am T.K Thorne s sister, but even if I wasn t I would still be her number one fan I was worried about this novel how could she possibly write another historical biblical fiction that was as good as her debut, Noah s Wife Again, she had me at the first paragraph Her novels are filled with bits of wisdom and humor and there is always a bigger picture to discuss.

  6. Just finished reading and writing a review for TK Thorne See my review of her latest novel, Angels at the Gate at my blog site Historical Fiction Addicts or click on this link to take you directly to the review kellylynnereimer.wordpress

  7. This review originally appeared on my blog at gimmethatbook.Little is known about Lot s wife, the unnamed biblical figure who was turned into a pillar of salt as she fled the destruction of Sodom But for writer T.K Thorne, just one reference was enough to ignite her imagination and form the basis for her dazzling new novel, ANGELS AT THE GATE Cappuccino Books, March 2015 Like Noah s Wife, Thorne s highly praised debut, this book brings the ancient world to life through the eyes of an extraordina [...]

  8. In Angels At The Gate, another nameless woman from the bible comes to life under T.K Thorne s deft hand An amazing storyteller, Thorne takes us back in time to 1748 BCE It is the time of Abraham, of Lot, of men believed to be angels and messengers of God, and it is the time of the infamous Sodom and Gomorrah.As she did in Noah s Wife, Thorne gives us a brilliantly imagined alternate history She gives a face, a name, a life to another faceless, nameless woman of the bible Here it is Lot s wife Ad [...]

  9. I ve been in quite a slump lately with trying to find a historical fiction novel that will hold my interest and bring to life a world that you can only dream or read about Well, T.K Thorne delivered Angels at the Gate is one of the best books I ve read this year It grabbed me from the first page and never let go T.K brings to life the biblical world of Abraham and Lot, and a character in the Bible that all we knew about was that she was Lot s wife and while escaping Sodom she looked back and tur [...]

  10. Angels at The Gate is a fantastic book T.K Thorne has yet again brought to life another Biblical character I was instantly drawn to the relationship Adira has with her father, Zakiti A father that loves his daughter wants the best for her, and in a time where women had roles of domesticity, Zakiti teaches her everything he would have taught ifshe were a son Her true Identity of being a woman has to be disguised, so she will pretend to be a boy Adira is amazing She is a strong willed woman and sh [...]

  11. I received this book through a First Reads Giveaway thanks.Adira, disguised as a boy, is happy just in her role as the caravan master s son Then various misfortunes happen and she must travel across the desert, through Canaan and Babylon, all while trying to keep her disguise and find the things she lost I liked Adira often when there s a headstrong character they are completely lacking in sense Adira is refreshingly practical despite her impulses The supporting characters were also very charmin [...]

  12. This was a really creative story, I guess what you would call biblical fiction I really enjoyed it Good pacing and wonderful characters.I want to go back and read her first book, Noah s Wife Also I think this book would make an excellent movie

  13. I received a free copy of this book from the GoodReads First Reads giveaway in exchange for an honest review Great book, well written and engaging.

  14. By the author of Noah s Wife, Angels at the Gate is supposedly about Lot s wife you know, the one who turned into a pillar of salt when, against God s command,she looked back at Sodom Or did she

  15. ANGELS AT THE GATE T K Thorne Take a trip back in time when young women were denied many freedoms and some had to live within the confines of their father s rule Adira learned at an early age that in order to remain with her father after her mother died she would have to be raised as a male child Called Adir, Adira learned to adjust to the life of a young boy taught many basic skills, being part of her father s caravan, learning how to deal with trade negotiations, able to speak many languages a [...]

  16. Name of Book Angels at the GateAuthor T.K ThorneISBN 978 3 906 196 02 2Publisher Cappuccino booksType of book 1748 1746 PME, Abram, Sarai, Babylon, caravan, desert, survival, dog and human bond, gritty life, disguised as a boy, bible as modern stories, watchers, stories of Enoch, the Stonehenge temples, Middle East, early beliefs, angelsYear it was published 2015Summary Little is known about Lot s wife, the unnamed biblical figure who was turned into a pillar of salt as she fled the destruction [...]

  17. One of the most fascinating things about biblical literature, particularly retellings about the scarcely defined female characters, is comparing outcomes I ultimately preferred Michal Lemberger s take on King David s family in her After Abel and Other Stories, vs the novel A Secret Chord by Geraldine Brooks But for any flaws in this novel, I do think it provides a intriguing picture of Lot s wife than Lemberger did Still love that collection of short stories, though p Comprehensively, I give it [...]

  18. What s It About Angels at the Gate is a historical, biblical fiction about the life of Adira, Zakiti s daughter, destined to become Lot s second wife Author T.K Thorne tells Adira s story based on biblical text and her own imagination.Raised as a boy, Adir learned to manage animals, and travel with the caravan, picking up many languages as they went on their travels, as well as the fine art of negotiation.As she gets older, her father, Zakiti, insists she claim her birthright to be a woman, but [...]

  19. I never understood the behavior of Lot s wife when I read her story in Sunday School To me, when the town is literally falling to pieces around your ears and two white garbed, winged men suddenly appear, shouting Run for the hills and don t you dare look back it s time to follow orders and get the heck out of Dodge Yet, she looks back at the disaster, turning away just as her survival is assured Why would someone behave so foolishly T K Thorne creates a reasonable answer for this woman whose nam [...]

  20. This is my second book by Ms Thorne and I do hope it is not my last I have a fascination for Biblical fiction and what Ms Thorne does so very well is tell the story behind the story Her first book, Noah s Wife brought us the story of the Flood from a brand new point of view In this book she takes a very minor character from the Bible one who wasn t even given a name and gives her a life A vivid, full and wonderful life She takes Lot s wife and gives us Adira a young woman who hides behind the id [...]

  21. Lot s wife everyone knows the Biblical story of how the messengers sent by God told Lot and his family to flee Sodom and not turn back His wife did look back and God turned her into a pillar of salt for her disobedience In the Bible, his wife was not named, but for this fictional story, she was Akira Akira was shown in this story to be somewhat disobedient all her life, so it was very believable that she d turn back to view God s destruction.I was very anxious to read this book and at first it t [...]

  22. Rating 4.5 5This book is a classic Summary Adira is the daughter of Zakiti, a caravan owner and a member of Abram s Abraham s tribe She is brought up as a boy by her father, so that she can grow up independent Women s roles were restricted to household activities and Adira had no interest in these When she is fifteen, two men, Mika and Raph join their caravan There are rumors that they are angels of their God, El, who used to speak to the tribe through Abram Adira is infatuated with Raph and dec [...]

  23. copy received from Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours for an honest reviewFirst, I love reading about stories from the Bible I enjoyed Rebecca Kanner s Sinners and the Sea which is the story of Noah s wife and I really enjoyed Angels at the Gate which is about Lot s wife Adira was a fascinating character and I loved how Thorne portrayed her Adira is far from perfect She is strong, determined and intelligent Since I grew up reading about Sodom and it always scared me, I really enjoyed Thorne s [...]

  24. A copy was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review Angels at the Gate is the story of Lot s wife What her life was like, how she came to live in Sodom, and what could have really happened to her when Sodom was destroyed T.K Thorne takes this biblical story and adds healthy doses of both science and history to flesh out this mysterious and unknown woman She does a wonderful job making Adira into a real person with whom the reader will laugh and cry It is a beautiful tale with a s [...]

  25. If you liked The Red Tent then you will probably like this book It is not a fast read because it is very complex, but it tells a tale of a woman who becomes Lot s wife and what her life was like, well at least according to the author s imagination Adira is young, late teens, but leads an interesting life She is portrayed as her father s son for most of her life at her mother s wish before dying and possibly to protect her and allow her the opportunity to learn than she would as a woman Women we [...]

  26. This was my first reading of a novel by T.K Thorne and I m going to safely say that this is not my last Biblical fiction is becoming something of interest to me, even though I am not particularly religious I attended catholic school for eight years, but I m spiritual than anything However, despite that fact about me, I had always found the story of Lot s wife being turned into a pillar of salt when departing from the city of Sodom when she looked back as interesting, but not truthful I was happ [...]

  27. I really enjoyed this book I won this book on giveaway and am appreciative to have the opportunity to read this book and give it a review Even though the story itself is fiction it is expertly wrapped in the history of the Bible Following Adira s life was very heartwrenching to see what she suffered through, but the ending left me with a good feeling that this could have truly been her fate I believe this author did a good job writing this story in a way that wrapped around the original Bible st [...]

  28. As unbelievable as it may seem, there are still women in this world who live a life of fear simply for being born female Yet I feel Adira s story belies all of that to be one of courage and incredible strength What she may lack in physical strength, Adira than makes up for with a fierce intelligence and sense of honor far beyond her years Mika and Raph understand the power of Adira s mind and her loyalty Although like most men, they curse and praise it in equal measure This is a book you could [...]

  29. I enjoyed following Adira aka Adir as she traveled in the trading caravan of her father I could picture the camels, the cook fires and the endless sand Living with the nomadic tribe, pretending to be a boy to stay with her father, Adira has some exciting and sometimes intense adventures Learning how Adira was related to Abraham and Lot and I learned how it effected her life and it certainly shaped her future I found it to be an engaging story start to finish I did find the authors changing some [...]

  30. This author did a very good job in the research for this book I felt as if I was really getting to know Adira as I was reading her story She did a really good job in making the story of Lot s wife come to life and feel real She also does a good job at describing the scenes so you feel as if you are a part of the story The character development was great to make these characters really come off the pages I was held captive from the very first page and did not want to put this book down as the au [...]

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