Ordination Best Read || [Daniel M. Ford] - Ordination, Ordination For generations warlords fought bitterly for dominance in a land without a king leaving a fractured war torn country plagued by thieves slavers and the servants of dark gods and darker magic Ally
  • Title: Ordination
  • Author: Daniel M. Ford
  • ISBN: 9781939650344
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback

Ordination Best Read || [Daniel M. Ford], Ordination, Daniel M. Ford, Ordination For generations warlords fought bitterly for dominance in a land without a king leaving a fractured war torn country plagued by thieves slavers and the servants of dark gods and darker magic Allystaire Coldbourne travels a treacherous path toward his Ordination as a holy knight of legend a Paladin a savior of the people But to fulfill this role he and the unexpecFor generations Ordination Best Read || [Daniel M. Ford] - Ordination, Ordination For generations warlords fought bitterly for dominance in a land without a king leaving a fractured war torn country plagued by thieves slavers and the servants of dark gods and darker magic Ally
  • Ordination Best Read || [Daniel M. Ford]
    110 Daniel M. Ford

About Author

  1. Daniel M Ford was born and raised near Balti, Maryland He holds a B.A in English from Villanova University, an M.A in Irish Literature from Boston College and an M.F.A in Creative Writing, concentrating in Poetry, from George Mason University As a poet, his work has appeared most recently in Soundings Review, as well as Phoebe, Floorboard Review, The Cossack, and Vending Machine Press He teaches English at a college prep high school in North East, Maryland.

One thought on “Ordination

  1. Fantasy is a lot difficult to write these days because we want heroes who are recognisably human with human flaws, but who have than normal strengths Once Sir Allystaire meets up with Mol and finds himself tracking down her family he seems able to focus his great strength and skill in ways he hasn t before and once he is dedicated to the Mother he has very little difficulty in determining what is the right thing to do and importantly how far is far enough to go He is able to hold his hand fro [...]

  2. FinallyThe paladin has always been my favorite archetype There are very few books focusing on the holy knight and only a few stand out The Deeds of Paksenarrion, Paladin of Souls, Miserere And now Ordination Great writing style, excellent flow, good mix of description and dialogue, excellent characters and witty dialogue Allystaire embodies the traditional paladin forthright, straight forward, his actions based on faith Well done and thank you for a great read.

  3. I won this ARC through the Giveaways.I have one major complaint, and it s probably going to sound petty but the way the goddess is depicted on the cover, she s an outline of a woman filled with a glowing light Which looks exactly like a naked woman I m not generally a fan of women being depicted like that on covers, and bonus fun I had to keep the cover hidden on public transit.That out of the way, I really enjoyed this book It s a clear member of the medieval knights quests gods magic genre I w [...]

  4. There are many words which come to my mind as I recollect slavery, human trafficking, tyranny, exploitation, manipulation, blind faith, gore, change, hope, etc The paladin Allystaire, his allies, and the goddess they are in allegiance to, are to give a light to the common rabble who have been mistreated, and broken, by their rulers It is justice, compassion, and love which serves as a guide, not any law which serves the elites than the people I enjoyed the book It seems well written, not rushed [...]

  5. Reread 5 2017I decided to re read it before the sequel comes out and was reminded why I liked it so much Idgen Marte s remarks made me laugh a lot again along with Allystaire straightforwardness, Mol s persistence and the long name dwarf s comments And the ever present lack of order caused bylords at war that seems to never end, with all the bad things it causes I might look and act like a knight or lord, but I m not one Original comment This was good reading Differences between the main charact [...]

  6. Solid book Nothing flashy, but I loved the unique idea of becoming a legend instead of already being there To have a new goddess choose her people and see it happen was a great idea I didn t like the authors choice of words on occasion, it felt like he used a 100 word where a 1 word would have fit, and often just because But other than that, my intention was held throughout and the action was exciting The main character was one I could really get behind, and I m looking forward to the next insta [...]

  7. Love it LOVE it LOVE IT With a wonderful first person writing style similar to Terry Mancour and Michael G Manning, the first book of the Paladin trilogy will engage readers of all ages I m ready for book two now today A great beginning

  8. Splendid epic fantasy driven by a rock steady hand on the tiller as the author pays out an enormous tale through the personal view of the characters living it What really grabbed me about this story is that Mr Ford went right to heart of belief itself he s not afraid to use the G word as he explores the religions of his world in a way that s completely credible and varied No sect is totally comfortable, none hokey, all have evidence of a reality behind them Disbelievers and skeptics rub shoulder [...]

  9. Man, I ve been on fire lately, hitting some GREAT new authors, and happy to say that Ford is another one This debut novel just really caught on with me, it was a little slow initially, but really picked up and I just fell in love with the characters and the unfolding world and the mystery behind everything It really is a unique take on paladin s particularly the genesis of a paladin Sure, paladins are a trope in classic fantasy, but usually they just spring into a story fully grown, but not here [...]

  10. Very pleased I gave this author a chance Paladins aka holy knights have always interested me and was the reason I tried this book.It s hard to believe this is Ford s first novel because it was well written with polished characters full of personality and depth It did take a couple of chapters to actually get into the story, but it proved well worth the effort.Sir Allystaire begins as a hard bitten knight, brooding, without direction, and brutal in his straightforward manner of combat until he me [...]

  11. Excellent the characters, the writing, the editing, the plot all of it excellent This book is a true pleasure to read, written by someone who polished it into a shining piece of art It s also huge, so you get quite the value on your money Oh, and don t mind the slow start it s just there to steep the characters a bit before the action gets going Helpful.If you like sword and sorcery stories, then you definitely need to get this one Highly recommended.

  12. Velmi solidne napsana knizka, i kdyz do urcite miry sablonovita predvidatelna Decentni svet, prvni cast trilogie, a porad toho dost o svete nevime, fakt me zajima, jak funguje, a proc se deje to, co se deje, doufam, ze me to nezklame Je to imo tak 3.5, ctu druhy dil, uvidime, jak se mi bude libit.

  13. Good first instsllmentThis was a thoughtful and interesting beginning book of series.good character development and interesting personalitiesHope the rest of trilogy lives up to the first.

  14. A random find that turned out to be fantastic Great characters, well written fighting, adventure, politics, religion A battle weary knight chosen to become a paladin of a new rising Goddess I m finding paladins relevant right now , and his attempts to change his world.

  15. Good storytelling here Solid 5 stars because you get everything you want in a fantasy It s not a classic but entirely worth the read.

  16. Great Fantasy Dark world and great magic Allystaire is what one would think a paladin should be I enjoyed it and recommend it to fantasy readers.

  17. I m a sucker for stories like this one, I love having a hero, but just as much as that I enjoy that Alister isn t a stereotypical legendary knight With Kramer reading and the way he is described he reminds me of Dalinar Kholin.

  18. Very well done, good pacing, differentiated characters a good take on divinity participating in the world The only thing that kept me from ranking it higher is a lack of overview on the politics among the various clergy of other divinities in relation to the new one Their motivations aren t clear Otherwise quite good

  19. For some reason, after I m finished with a book on my new Paperwhite Kindle I only allows me to post stars, but not my actual review So here it is, days later Ordination, the first book of the Paladin Trilogy is classic fantasy It s a story about a knight fed up with wars, with fighting, and wants to be someone that s noble, and that helps others.Along his way he hears the cries of a young girl, trapped in a cellar, hidden there when the town is raided by slavers Our noble knight rescues her, th [...]

  20. Minor spoiler ahead.This book was very good Likeable characters, engaging story, and a consistent steady pace with enough action to keep the reader hooked So why do I only give it a 3 5 Because the ending was a letdown Not in the way that it ended as I believe it is a great lead in to the next book, but rather because there is essentially no climax to the novel More interesting events unfold, even up to the end of the book, but there is no point that I can look to say Yep, that s the climax of t [...]

  21. A reluctant paladin is called by a reawakened god, The Mother, who looks out for the lowly and downtrodden He s joined by an 11 year old voice, a shadow, a seer who ends up being a bad guy, and a dwarf The story was a bit slow but good enough to listen to the endrrated by Michael Kramer, whom I don t really care for He does separate voices, but I don t like the pace or the inflection of those voices.

  22. I very rarely quit reading a book before finishing, so I guess that makes this a remarkable book I liked it at the beginning Interesting premise, interesting characters But the longer I read the it just kept telling the same story I would have given it three stars if it was half as long.

  23. Refreshing different from the crap load of fantasy novels out there It has a gritty realism, but is able to eventually fold that around the traditional elements of the classic sword and sorcery novel.

  24. I thought it stated rather slow I almost gavup on it But I read a little it started to get better and move quickly Glad I finished it Things get interesting the story goes along to the point I am looking forward to the nest book.

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