Wasteland King

[PDF] Download ↠ Wasteland King : by Lilith Saintcrow - Wasteland King, Wasteland King The thrilling conclusion to New York Times bestselling author Lilith Saintcrow s dark fantasy series where the faery world inhabits diners dive bars and trailer parks The plague has broken loose the
  • Title: Wasteland King
  • Author: Lilith Saintcrow
  • ISBN: 9780316277914
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ↠ Wasteland King : by Lilith Saintcrow, Wasteland King, Lilith Saintcrow, Wasteland King The thrilling conclusion to New York Times bestselling author Lilith Saintcrow s dark fantasy series where the faery world inhabits diners dive bars and trailer parks The plague has broken loose the Wild Hunt is riding and the balance of power in the sidhe realms is still shifting The Unseelie King has a grudge against Jeremiah Gallow but it will have to wait For heThe thrilling [PDF] Download ↠ Wasteland King : by Lilith Saintcrow - Wasteland King, Wasteland King The thrilling conclusion to New York Times bestselling author Lilith Saintcrow s dark fantasy series where the faery world inhabits diners dive bars and trailer parks The plague has broken loose the
  • [PDF] Download ↠ Wasteland King : by Lilith Saintcrow
    183 Lilith Saintcrow
Wasteland King

About Author

  1. Lilith Saintcrow was born in New Mexico, bounced around the world as an Air Force brat, and fell in love with writing when she was ten years old She lives in Vancouver, Washington, in a house full of stray cats and children.

One thought on “Wasteland King

  1. 2.5 starsI have to be honest, this series confused me I wanted to love it, and I do love Saintcrow s prose, but the story itself fell pretty flat until the very end, then it was pretty much just disappointing.The series read like a 3 book chase scene written in descriptive style that felt expository In general I didn t understand what motivated the characters other than revenge for one character and compulsion for two others, and I had no clue what they were trying to achieve throughout the enti [...]

  2. This definitely wasn t how I wanted the adventures of Gallow and Ragged to end The action didn t really pick up until the mid point of the story and when it finally resolved itself I felt a little let down A lovely lyrical tale full of creativity and complicated twisty fae culture and politics, but sadly it just didn t live up to the potential shown in book one, at least not for me.

  3. I wanted to like this series so much I really, really did Lilith Saintcrow is fantastic at world building Her settings are dark and devious, the descriptions vivid and surreal I love the idea she was going with and know we re only scratching the tip of the iceberg in terms of the world But I just couldn t fall in love with the story and essentially just tolerated the characters I didn t get why everyone thought Robin was so special, and Gallow made a colossally stupid decision that definitely sc [...]

  4. It s an ending that doesn t quite feel like an end, maybe there will be to the story sometime in the future.Robin and Jeremiah are both working to save the fae world but are at cross purposes As well as they both feel like they can t trust the other one to not betray them Will it work out, will the plague be stopped Will the divide between Summer and Winter be fixed before it permanently damages the mortal realm

  5. I d like this series with a different ending One just a tad less up in the air It never seems fair to spend so many pages on some characters, and end without drawing a real close to the chapter of their lives Otherwise a gripping fantasy world, with some characters that could use development, but plenty of dark magic.

  6. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty In the epic conculsion Gallow will do the unthinkable to save Robin.Opening Sentence The assassin and the redhaired girl burst onto the shuttered dark fairway, and Crenn almost thought they had a shot at escaping unseen until the shadows at the far end, under the Ferris wheel s spidery bulk, birthed a cold gleam and clawed silvershod hoofbeats rang on packed dirt.Excerpt NoThe Review Crenn has just helped Robin escape from Summer, and held off Wint [...]

  7. The plague has broken loose, the Wild Hunt is riding, and the balance of power in the sidhe realms is still shifting The Unseelie King has a grudge against Jeremiah Gallow, but it will have to wait For he needs Gallow s services for a very delicate mission and the prize for success is survival itself.In order to save both Robin Ragged and himself, Gallow will have to do the unspeakable

  8. I thought my constant state of confusion was because it had been so long since I d read the first book of the series But as I finished it up and came to mark it as read in , I realized my confusion is because I completely skipped book two of the series UGH.

  9. I loved the Kismet series Gallow and Ragged Book 1 was mediocre 2 was worse This was all atmosphere and mood, and that doesn t make any book I d vaguely enjoy.Bannon and Clare was also just ok Maybe the author has only one good idea Not sure I ll try another book from her.

  10. A satisfying conclusion to the series It doesn t end like I might have thought, but I was pleased with it anyway And I approve of a trilogy that s actually a trilogy, too.

  11. Fun conclusionHow do you end an epic with a cliff hanger Oh joy and fun Fae world run amok a great story and worthy read Now on to the next series.

  12. Meh pretty standard faire fantasy read all three books the guy does not get the girl Interesting take on weapons on the main male character The whole of three books revole around a simple story line of one bad faire queen summer and one bad sort of faire king unwinter and throw in a puck No need to continue this series let it turn to dust and blow in the wind.

  13. So it really was a trilogy and a little disappointing i would have liked a firmer finish and yet with a book written so cryptically how could it be I was surprised by the end I wasn t sure things would change But Gallow as summer Unexpected I had thought her vision would have followed traditional lines, but no That was a brilliant piece of work, yet, I m thrown off by a lack of completeness not just an air of mystery, but that it was never finished too random.Maybe I m too black and white after [...]

  14. This was a wonderful series If you have never read anything my Ms Saintcrow before let me tell you a few important things Do NOT expect an HEA, but there will be a very good and unexpected conclusion All of her books deal with shades of black or very, very, dark grey Her characters are broken and are not fixed by the end of the series sometimes they end up breaking the world around them I love reading her books because they do not follow predictable plot lines with boring characters that I have [...]

  15. The first book blew me away, loved it Second book kept me very interested and titillatedis one was just meh For some reason maybe because Puck Goodfellow was truly gone this time and he was the one that intrigued me the most in the first book this third book did not meet my expectations All three of them switched character perspectives willy nilly, and had odd little blurbs in the human s lives around the action but in this book it took away from my ability to understand exactly what was going o [...]

  16. I don t know what to rate it It was good, some of the scenes were written indescribably beautiful view spoiler The whole chapter when the Hunt was called was simply magnificent Unwinter, who by the way stole the show every time he showed up, armoring himself up with his Steward was wonderful A few one liners were simply epic Unwinter calling Summer out for her actions, for one The mortals chapters added a touch of realism and were enjoyable, though there s one the little girl Jenny that felt wit [...]

  17. Lilith Saintcrow delivers so much with her writing, her prose is lyrical, the story can be quite bleak but there are moments of humour to lift it Robin and Jeremiah are both likeable characters, both have a good heart, you want to see them succeed and be together as they seem to be made for each other The conclusion of this book is the most dissapointing I have read for some time Jeremiah is such a good guy and somehow you get the feeling that what becomes of him will end up badly for him with t [...]

  18. I have two issues with this book 1 I suspect Unwinter being Jer s dad but while hinted at its never confirmed.2 I m seriously hating Robin right now Maybe once my emotions settle I ll begin to like her again but Oh My Freaking Goodness that ending All that stuff Jeremiah did for her wellbeing and thats what he gets in return view spoiler I assumed the we were going to end up with Robin being the new Summer and Jer the new Unwinter but no She not only makes him the new Summer but it starts killin [...]

  19. That that was the ending to the series There were all these unexpected things, and this happened, but then no instead this other thing happened, but then maybe both happened, but then maybe neither will happen So many things were just left open I don t even know what it was that Jeremiah asked Alastair to do I enjoyed reading it, but I don t know if I feel very satisfied I need someone I know to read this so that we can discuss and make sense of things together lol I ll post a full review at som [...]

  20. In Wasteland King L.S uses a style reminiscent of lyrical prose poetry to tell Robin Ragged s tale as a heraldic saga with Gallow and Crenn as her very flawed knights Robin s valor exceeds theirs as she s constantly forced to choose between worse or worst options Megalomania, betrayal, spite, and ennui devour both mortals and supernaturals from the inside out Unsentimental, but vivid presentations of horrific suffering and death magnify their poignancy and somewhat prepare readers for the melanc [...]

  21. Where the second book in this series kind of slowed down, we get all types of action and character development here So much so that I was disappointed there wasn t one installment I felt like the characters got endings that made sense for who they were and the choices they had made to date I liked them enough that a little bit of fairy tale fanservice would have been okay with me, but it didn t go that route and was a much stronger story for it Loved the series and will be reading from Lilith [...]

  22. I don t know what to say about this book I m at a loss.The writing is gorgeous The details of the faery realm and its inhabitants and the actual storytelling is amazing The plot is slow but I felt that the detail made up for it, until the end view spoiler I can deal with no happily every after but I don t like it This book doesn t resolve anything between Robin and Jeremiah It just ends with her going off I hated it There wasn t even any hope in it spoiler hide spoiler

  23. This book had a big build up to the finally, the race to get all the pieces in the right places along with everything the main characters would need I anticipated that there would be soon major changes, but did not foresee who would be changed I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in all things fairy related.

  24. I don t know who wrote the description for this, because a thrilling conclusion it is not I enjoyed all three books and the characters but the series deserved a much better ending It was not the ending I expected, which is fine, but unfortunately, it was a very disappointing ending instead It or less contradicted the entire series and that is never a good idea.

  25. Read this series and you will find yourself pulled into the world without realizing it s happening I will warn you, the ending is not what you expect It may be tale of faerie, but the ending isn t necessarily happy But that doesn t mean this isn t a good book It is In fact, it s crazy wonderful And the perfect conclusion to this amazing trilogy So read it You ll be glad you did.

  26. I love this series I love everything about it the pacing, the characters, the way it bounces through different important perspectives I love the way this ends like a true fae tale I can t wait to check out Saintcrow s other works

  27. This did not get 5 stars, because I was unsatisfied with the ending and often confused about what was happening, but if you want to read some beautifully poetic prose, this book is for you Be sure to check out chapter 13 in particular.

  28. An urban fantasy about self sacrifice, steadfastness, love making you want to be a better person, and choosing life instead of vengeance There is good character development, danger, suspense, and a strong story that turns in unexpected ways, with three compelling main characters.

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