Cracked to Death

[PDF] Cracked to Death | by ↠ Cheryl Hollon - Cracked to Death, Cracked to Death A fresh and original new series Krista Davis New York Times bestselling author When a treasure hunt leads to deadly plunder it s up to glass shop owner Savannah Webb and her trusty investigative pos
  • Title: Cracked to Death
  • Author: Cheryl Hollon
  • ISBN: 9781617737640
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

[PDF] Cracked to Death | by ↠ Cheryl Hollon, Cracked to Death, Cheryl Hollon, Cracked to Death A fresh and original new series Krista Davis New York Times bestselling author When a treasure hunt leads to deadly plunder it s up to glass shop owner Savannah Webb and her trusty investigative posse to map out the true motives of a killer It s the dog days of summer in St Petersburg Florida and Webb s Glass Shop proprietor Savannah Webb has an eco friend A fresh and original [PDF] Cracked to Death | by ↠ Cheryl Hollon - Cracked to Death, Cracked to Death A fresh and original new series Krista Davis New York Times bestselling author When a treasure hunt leads to deadly plunder it s up to glass shop owner Savannah Webb and her trusty investigative pos
  • [PDF] Cracked to Death | by ↠ Cheryl Hollon
    112 Cheryl Hollon
Cracked to Death

About Author

  1. Cheryl Hollon writes full time after she left an engineering career of designing and building military flight simulators in amazing countries such as England, Wales, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and India Fulfilling the dream of a lifetime, she combines her love of writing with a passion for creating glass art In the small glass studio behind their St Petersburg, FL, 1920 s craftsman bungalow, Cheryl and her husband design, create, and produce fused glass, stained glass and painted glass artworks.

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  1. Savannah Webb is helping Webb s Glass Shop manager, Amanda, teach a class in recycling old bottles into useful and beautiful works of art The class turns deadly when local snorkeler Martin Lane brings in two old bottles linked to a pirate shipwreck When Martin s body washes ashore the next morning, Amanda is linked to him by cell phone records In order to clear Amanda of pending murder charges, Savannah begins her own investigation Has Martin really found the wreck of the old pirate ship or has [...]

  2. I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewThis is one of those series that seems to get better with each book It s so fun to return to this town with characters I already know and learn about the glass shop It s a solid cozy mystery series with fun characters and side characters and a new exciting mystery with each book And every book has a murder mystery and some glass topics mixed in as well I like how the characters have an active role in helping solve the mysteries Next to the myste [...]

  3. Savannah s glass art studio attracts an eclectic crowd When one of her students turns up dead, she puts on her sleuthing hat to find the culprit The bottles he d brought to class look to be very old Could the diver have stumbled onto pirate treasure buried off the west coast of Florida Then why would someone go to the trouble to create a set of counterfeit bottles When her colleague acts overly upset about the victim s death, Savannah feels Amanda is hiding something So do the police, who take A [...]

  4. I have loved this series since book one, and it just keeps getting better One of the things I enjoy most about the Webb s Glass Shop series, are the classes available through the shop I d love to find something like them around where I live A adore each and every character author Cheryl Hollon creates for this series The regular cast, as well as new characters introduced for each book They are all so full of life, and depth, I get a very clear picture of them in my mind as I read, and I can hear [...]

  5. This is another wonderful addition to this series and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book While part of a series, I think these books can be read at least to date as stand alone stories and the reader will not feel like they have missed out on anything from previous books Ms Hollon has crafted a solid, intriguing mystery with plenty of viable suspects with believable motives As with prior books, she weaves a history education lesson with glass that is interesting without overpowering the stor [...]

  6. One of the things I enjoy about this series is that with each book I learn about stained glass and glass products It s a fun way to learn about the topic without being overwhelmed with too much information at one time.All of the characters work so well together and are very relatable I love that Jacob is learning to deal with his anxiety issues it s amazing to see his character change and grow throughout the series.Of course, there is a murder mystery to be solved and this time, Amanda is a sus [...]

  7. Cracked to Death is the enjoyable third entry in the Webb s Glass Shop Mystery series, full of interesting glass making tidbits, likeable characters, and plenty of red herrings.Savannah is settling into running her father s glass shop following his death and is expanding to include studio space and offering workshops Her office manager Amanda is teaching her first class in upcycling glass bottles to make useful items such as cheese trays and wall clocks One of the students brings seemingly ver [...]

  8. 4 stars out of 5When I was chosen as one of the reviewers for Cracked for Death , the third in the Webb s Glass Shop Mystery series by Cheryl Hollon, I was thrilled I ve been meaning to try this series for a long time, but we don t own it at the library I work for I d been waiting for a good time to get it thru interlibrary loan, but this is even better I was not disappointed at all Even tho it was the first book that I had read in the series, I felt that Ms Hollon definitely provided enough det [...]

  9. Great cozy mystery Cracked to Death is book three in A Webb s Glass Shop mystery I have not had the pleasure of reading books one or two but will be changing this very soon I really enjoyed book three and look forward to the others.Savannah Webb is the owner of Webb s Glass Shop in St Petersburg, Florida where the sun is hot and the mystery even hotter Amanda, the store manager is having her first class on up cycling bottles when a class member brings in a couple antique bottles from a recent di [...]

  10. Savannah Webb, owner of Webb s Glass in St Petersburg, Florida, has decided to let her store manager, Amanda, teach an upcycling class The class turns out to be a bit hit in no small part to the antique bottles one of the students brings in Martin Lane found them while diving and is interested in turning them into cheese trays but, Savannah and Amanda talk him out of it so that they can do some research on the old bottles When Martin s body is found wash ashore, Detective Parker asks Savannah fo [...]

  11. Cracked to Death by Cheryl Hollon is the 3rd book in A Webb s Glass Shop Mystery Series What could be better then Pirate Treasure, Diving, Upcycling, Murder, Mystery and Suspense all in one book.Savannah Webb owns the glass shop and has been very busy expanding the business Amanda, the shop s manager is teaching a new bottle crafting class and Savannah has purchased a new building for additional space The mystery begins when one of the students is found dead and Amanda is the primary suspect.Thi [...]

  12. Pirate treasure, hidden relationships, and a little romance for glass shop owner Savannah Webb Throw in a murder, and you have an entertaining tale by Cheryl Hollon Savannah has agreed to have office manager Amanda teach a class on repurposing glass bottles One of the students shows up with some remarkable antique bottles, which Savannah thinks may have some historical significance But then the student washes up on shore, murdered Savannah and her friends have work to do to clear Amanda when it [...]

  13. Pirate Treasure, Diving, Mystery, Murder, Suspense, Intrigue and Secrets make for a good read Savannah Webb s father died leaving her the Webb Glass in St Petersburg, Florida Various classes related to glass are offered The current classes is upcycling Each class member is to bring bottles with them One of the class members brings blue bottles to class requesting an appraisal on them Well defined, colorful and vivid characters plus Suzy, Rooney and Charlie the dogs and Beowulf the cat are all we [...]

  14. I couldn t wait to read the latest book in the Webb s Glass Shop series I have read the other 2 books in the series and was anxious to see what Savannah and her friends would be up to this time In each book a class is being held at Webb s Glass Shop and I like that aspect of the books as well as the mysteries that keep me guessing until the end This book was no exception There were several red herrings and I wasn t sure who the killer was until the end This book also included information about l [...]

  15. Savannah Webb looks at the two cobalt blue bottles and felt that they were old and might valuable She asked a knowledgeable friend on about the bottles The owner of the bottles is found murdered near the ocean In his backpack is a broken blue cobalt bottle is found Savannah accepts a role as the consultant on the bottles There indications that the bottle was pirate s treasure Savannah must find answers so that Amanda is not arrested for murder The story has a number of turns that will charm you [...]

  16. Cracked to Death is the third installment of the Webb s Glass Shop mystery series I have enjoyed each book of this series and The mystery is always well developed The detail of the area helps you picture yourself in the story along with the band of amateur sleuths This time out the excitement over finding a legendary pirate s treasure only adds depth My favorite part of Ms Hollon s series is how the characters and their relationships to each other have continued to evolve I highly recommend th [...]

  17. This was a great, enjoyable read I received a copy of this book as an ARC in exchange for a review I really enjoyed this book, even though I don t normally start a series in the middle The plot was intriguing Who doesn t like the chance of finding pirate treasure The main characters are well written, three dimensional characters and I m looking forward to reading the first two books in the series Great story and a pleasure to read

  18. Read the first in this series some time back and liked it This one seemed a bit off to me There are 2 characters who are overweight and negative light is shone on them That really doesn t sit well with meEVER Not a bad mystery, though there were some continuity problems here and there Didn t read the 2nd one for some reason, and now don t think I ll bother with any further books.

  19. The cast of characters are certainly entertaining in this third book of the Webb s Glass Shop Mysteries Savannah Webb inherited her father s glassblowing business after his death and is making a go at creating something larger She has bought a warehouse and converted the space into a creative workplace for artist s to come and work on their art Edward is slowly becoming Savannah s love interest, Amanda is the new manager teacher that has some personal issues and Jacob the young man who has Asper [...]

  20. Cracked to Death is the third Webb s Glass Shop Mystery by Cheryl Hollon and by far her best mystery yet in the series Savanah Webb has opened the Webb Gallary and is leaving Amanda in charge of Webb Glass Shop teaching a class on recycling bottles Amanda, normally very reliable is late for the first class and continue to be unpredictable during the rest of the week On the first day of class, one of the students brings in two very old cobalt blue glass bottles he found snorkeling, neither Amanda [...]

  21. Cracked to Death is the third installment in the Webb s Glass Shop Mystery series Savannah Webb seems to be adjusting to taking over her family s business after her father s death She has decided to expand by the business by opening a warehouse studio In order to make sure the business remains successful, she hired Amanda Blake to assist her running the business and to teach classes.The first class on the agenda for Amanda is an upcycling class All students have been instructed to bring old bott [...]

  22. Reading Cheryl Hollon s book Cracked to Death was like visiting an old friend in ways than one Glass shop proprietor Savannah Webb and her crew are back to solve a murder that could shatter one of her very own Her loyal and trusted friend Amanda is up to teach a glass upcycling class until one of her students washes ashore the second day of class, a mysterious bottle stuffed in his dive bag That little blue bottle could lead to buried pirate treasure, and they re in a race to find the true murd [...]

  23. I have always been fascinated with stained glass, sun catchers and glass products and this book was filled with detailed research concerning glass, recycling glass and the details involved with cutting glass This author really did her homework, and she s as skilled at research as she is in constructing a mystery that keeps the reader guessing I enjoyed the various characters who are friends of, or work with, the main character Savannah Webb, including her store manager and new glass workshop ins [...]

  24. This is the third book in the Webb s Glass Shop Mystery series and the first one I have read I had no problem getting to know the characters and pace of the book immediately It could be a stand alone book I will, however, be reading the first two and any others that come out as I enjoyed getting to know Savannah and friends The book is set in a Glass Shop that Savannah took over after her father s death She, Amanda and Jacob hold classes which were very detailed, I learned much about glass bottl [...]

  25. For Savannah Webb, life is complicated There s the Glass Shop she runs after inheriting it from her father The new studio she has opened, hoping to provide work space for fellow glass artists Her employees, Amanda, a certifiable flake and her teenaged assistant Jacob who suffers from Asperger s syndrome And a lovely fellow in her life All is good except for her penchant for getting caught up in the local murders, that is.One of the main characters is the setting of St Petersburg, Florida Here we [...]

  26. Review of CRACKED TO DEATH by Cheryl Hollon A Webb s Glass Shop Mystery 3 I really enjoy this series, which is in the crafting cozies category Although stained glass work and restoration is likely not something I will ever take up, still I find it fascinating and love to read about the process and the beauty of the results Author Cheryl Hollon has thoroughly researched and experienced this topic, and makes the enthusiasm, sometimes even obsession, of her character artisans so easy to comprehend. [...]

  27. Savannah Webb, owner of Webb s Glass Shop, sets up a bottle crafting workshop to be taught by her manager, Amanda During the first class, one of the students brings in an interesting blue bottle that Amanda is reluctant to use in the class exercise without finding out its origin But the next day, Martin is missing from the class, and shortly thereafter found murdered on the beach Savannah is called to consult on the glass bottle found in Martin s dive bag, but before her investigation can be com [...]

  28. Cracked to Death by Cheryl Hollon is the third installment in the Webb s Glass Shop Mystery series, but the first that I ve read and it won t be the last From the beginning of the story, I was drawn in to both the mystery and the fascinating world of glass art Ms Hollon does a wonderful job of describing, in detail, the process and even includes a glossary of terms at the end of the book The mystery was well written and honestly, I had no idea who did it until the killer was revealed It takes pl [...]

  29. This is the first book that I have picked up by Cheryl Hollon Person s that who would enjoy this book are those that want a quick read She writes similarly to Joanne Fluke and Jessica Beck They all have a similar format The characters in this book are unlike a lot of other ones I ve read about I enjoyed the fact that there were problems surrounding them and that each person had the others back One character Jacob was Autistic which is home to me because he reminded me of my son Then Amanda who h [...]

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