The Absconded Ambassador

[PDF] Read é The Absconded Ambassador : by Michael R. Underwood - The Absconded Ambassador, The Absconded Ambassador Last Week She Was Working Open Mics Now She s Headed to Outer Space Rookie Genrenaut Leah Tang gets her first taste of space flight when the team scrambles to fix a story breach in Science Fiction Wo
  • Title: The Absconded Ambassador
  • Author: Michael R. Underwood
  • ISBN: 9781466891951
  • Page: 123
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Read é The Absconded Ambassador : by Michael R. Underwood, The Absconded Ambassador, Michael R. Underwood, The Absconded Ambassador Last Week She Was Working Open Mics Now She s Headed to Outer Space Rookie Genrenaut Leah Tang gets her first taste of space flight when the team scrambles to fix a story breach in Science Fiction World the domain of starships weird aliens and galactic intrigue On the space station Ahura Ambassador Kaylin Reed is on the verge of securing a peace treaty to guaranteeL [PDF] Read é The Absconded Ambassador : by Michael R. Underwood - The Absconded Ambassador, The Absconded Ambassador Last Week She Was Working Open Mics Now She s Headed to Outer Space Rookie Genrenaut Leah Tang gets her first taste of space flight when the team scrambles to fix a story breach in Science Fiction Wo
  • [PDF] Read é The Absconded Ambassador : by Michael R. Underwood
    123 Michael R. Underwood
The Absconded Ambassador

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  1. Mike is the author of Genrenauts a Science Fiction Adventure series in novellas, about a group of storytellers that travel between dimensions to the worlds where genres live to fix broken stories Starts with The Shootout Solution.The Ree Reyes urban fantasy series Geekomancy, Celebromancy, Attack the Geek, Hexomancy about magicians who channel the power of popular culture Starts with.Shield and Crocus, a superheroes meets epic fantasy novel where an aging revolutionary makes a deal with his most deadly foe to turn the tide of a fifty year long fight to free his city.Supernatural Thriller The Younger Gods follows the white sheep member of a family of demon worshippers as he tries to stop his family from ending the world Mike started telling stories when he learned to talk and hasn t seen a reason to stop yet He grew up playing video games, CCGs, RPGs, and many other delightful games with acronyms As a teenager, the friendly local game store was his home away from home, and the site of his apprenticeship in geekdom.Mike earned a B.A in Creative Mythology and in East Asian Studies from Indiana University, and a M.A in Folklore Studies from the University of Oregon Basically, destined to be a novelist Properly equipped with lots of ways to develop story ideas, Mike set about accumulating a ridiculous job history, including bear builder, barista, bookseller, webmaster, web design instructor, and TV DVD reviewer Mike is a graduate of the 2007 Clarion West Writers Workshop Mike lives with his wife in Balti, MD By day, Mike is the North American Sales Marketing Manager for Angry Robot Books, and in his dwindling free time, he keeps up with comics TV movies and makes home made pizzas.

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  1. Thanks goes to Tor and the author for the ARC A few weeks in to her new life, Leah gets thrown into two, yes, two, major infodumps Poor girl I never guessed that managerial duties in a big corporation could sound like so much technobabble and serve all the same functions but wait This Is SF Of course we have technobabble Especially when we re getting ready for SPACE OPERA Woo Woo My Genre loving friends, get ready we re out of the saddle and back in the Saddle, but this time we ve got alien poli [...]

  2. Episode 2 of Genrenauts this story takes the team to a region in the Science Fiction world, where they work to rescue a kidnapped Terran ambassador while keeping the political situation on a space station from going critical mass.Featuring weird aliens, space dogfights, and about Roman s backstory and Shirin s style of Genrenaut ing This episode riffs on my love for Babylon 5, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, and .

  3. Mike Underwood is a master of the SFF genre s I say that, due to his effortless deconstruction of book archetypes in his Genrenauts series A brilliant showing on his side for the inner workings, tropes, and habits of the writers and characters of SFF The Absconded Ambassador continues this trend, this time uninhibited by the need to introduce characters and concepts, able to move forward and focus on story alone In this case, he breaks down the Science Fiction Space Opera category, and show a ve [...]

  4. This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader Working as a Genrenaut was like being a member of a theater troupe run by a burnt out hippie who melded Devising with MBA management the ideas were outlandish and random, but the execution was 100% corporate.Now this was a way to close out 2015 the second episode in Michael R Underwood s Genrenauts delivers on the promise of Episode 1, and demonstrates that his special alchemy of Leverage The Librarians Quantum Leap Thursday Next just my guess [...]

  5. THIS TIME, ON GENRENAUTS Space X shuttles are crashing Technology is going on the fritz This can only mean a story breach on Sci Fi World, and a job for The Genrenauts Dr King and Company are traveling across dimensions to tackle SF story tropes and save an abducted ambassador before she can sign an agreement to form an interstellar alliance aboard the Ahura 3 space station.As he did with the first installment, The Shootout Solution, Michael R Underwood has crafted a loving ode to pulp genre fic [...]

  6. This novella was provided to me by the publisher at no cost.I haven t read the first Genrenauts story, so there was a bit of a surprise in the backstory of one of the characters, but nothing game changing Other than that, it s a straightforward idea especially if you ve read the Jasper Fforde Thursday Next books, as I have well most of them They lost their appeal after about the fifth book sometimes there are breaches in what s happening in stories, or genres broadly, and they need to be fixed [...]

  7. This second episode in the Genrenauts series is just as fun and funny as the first while sidestepping a couple of issues that cropped up there It does, however, hit a couple potholes along the way.The biggest problem is that you have a large scale plot in a novella, which leads to the story and setting getting short shrift Yes, I realize that the stories and worlds our heroes jump into are not the focus, but a galaxy saving treaty being put in jeopardy due to a kidnapping Epic space operas have [...]

  8. I read this as an early draft, so it was great to read it again in polished form Underwood s Genrenauts series pays tribute to scifi crossed with other genres as his heroes work to fix broken storylines that create dangerous ripple effects on Earth This is the most scif fi of the novellas since they must go to a science fiction world To me, it reads as a loving send up to Babylon 5 and other similar shows, and I love it There s action, political intrigue, and humor galore Since it s a novella, i [...]

  9. Twitter Summary GalaxyQuest, Redshirts, and now this After reading the first book in the Genrenauts series, reviewed here, I thought that being a Genrenaut would be a pretty sweet gig Mike seems to want to disabuse readers of that notion The book opens with the line Genrenaut was like being a member of a theater troupe run by a burnt out hippie who melded Devising with MBA management the ideas were outlandish and random, but the execution was 100% corporate and that really made me pause for a bi [...]

  10. Pots of tea so caffeinated you could practically see through time Great fun Another enjoyable romp through the world s with those who charged with keeping the narratives on track Builds on the first book, but still accessible without having read it A lot of diplomacy is the managing of public image Fast paced and fun Our protagonist has a backstory, but most of her life is immersed in her job And what a job it is That s the problem with pessimism When I m right, I still hate the result My main q [...]

  11. When I read the first of Michael R Underwood s new Genrenauts series, I compared it to the pilot of a television show it was a solid introduction to the series, but it had a lot of pilot episode problems The Absconded Ambassador is a rather shaky second outing for the series, and it just didn t work for me This time the genrenauts travel to science fiction world, which was exciting, but Underwood didn t really do anything particularly new or interesting with the setting The Shootout Solution had [...]

  12. I picked up this novella, at the library, as something quick to read, while waiting for a couple of reserves that were en route from other branches It s the second, in what appears to be a YA series of novellas, that is about a group of genrenauts , who travel to various fantasy worlds, of all different genre of books Their mission, is to fix breaches in the storylines of each world It s kind of a far fetched idea, but it is rather well written, with characters that you care about In this partic [...]

  13. Leah Tang is off on her second mission as a rookie Genrenaut, this time to repair a breach in the Science Fiction world A peace treaty is due to be signed, a boon to life, limb, and trade in a good part of this genre world, but an ambassador who has played a critical role has been kidnapped If he isn t present for the signing, many of the other intended signatories will back out, because he s the one they all trust Leah learns a lot about a world that shouldn t exist, a genre she though she knew [...]

  14. finished 11 14 17 I think I ve found my new bedtime stories I am finding the characters to be deeper than expected and I want to know about each of them it got a little tiring during the space fighter scene, but I kept switching back to picturing it all like in the old time arcade game space invaders and got through it all in all, good story, looking forward to the next in the series.

  15. It was good, but the problem with novellas that rely on action is that they move too quickly sometimes A big story is squeezed into a limited number of pages, and sometimes it works better than others In this case, it just manages to work.

  16. In this delightful take on the tropes and styles of different genres, the genrenauts must visit different story worlds and fix breaches that could bleed over into Earth Prime and upset its delicate balance In this tale, they visit Sci fi world and must save the ambassador so that the necessary alliance takes place and the treaty is solved.Michael R Underwood has come up with a creative story idea I particularly liked the word play and references to the tropes of science fiction I felt there were [...]

  17. This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader I really don t have much to say about the audiobook that I didn t say about the original, but I wanted to get something up so if this seems largely familiar, it is But not entirely Working as a Genrenaut was like being a member of a theater troupe run by a burnt out hippie who melded Devising with MBA management the ideas were outlandish and random, but the execution was 100% corporate.The second episode in Michael R Underwood s Genrenauts de [...]

  18. This was a GoodReads giveaway provided for review purposes.In anticipation of reading this book, I found a copy of the first episode of this series I would recommend you read episode 1, The Shootout Solution, before you start this book It just sets up the premise for better enjoyment It is not really necessary to read in order This was a fun and humorous story to loose yourself It pokes fun at itself It was a quick read and made for a pleasant afternoon read I tend to serious science fiction, s [...]

  19. I read an Advance Reader s Copy of the ebook that the author was kind enough to give me in exchange for an honest review Well, here it is The Absconded Ambassador Genrenauts Episode 2 was a blast The Genrenauts, having largely rested and recovered from their trip to Western World see The Shootout Solution Genrenauts Episode 1 for details are once again called into action as space exploration on their home Earth begins to suffer an unusual number of problems, signifying a problem some in the the [...]

  20. There was something bugging me from the beginning of this series, but I ignored it, mainly because I adore the premise and I adored the western setting of the first novella I don t feel the same about hardcore sci fi, though, and that thing became prominent in this second episode So here goes telling me that a character is trans or Indian or Middle Eastern or black is most definitely not characterization or character development Diversity is great but this is not a United Colors of Benetton ad, [...]

  21. I loved the first Genrenauts novella despite not being overly familiar or fond of the Western genre This was in my own wheelhouse, but that s all personal taste One of the most wonderful things about these stories is that in some ways, they can serve as sort of introductions to genre for those who are not die hard fans The Absconded Ambassador was everything I expected in a broken sci fi story We had alien races with odd customs, weird food, and their own backstories There was the exciting tech [...]

  22. I enjoyed the first book in the series for the great ideas it included This seemed rushed in comparison without the same wealth of ideas percolating through the text It reads like a simplistic science fiction adventure and seemed to leave a hook for possible surprises unused and abandoned I hope the third volume reignites its inspirations from the first book

  23. My difficulty with this novel really stems from the first book The point was made several times that they are not supposed to be the primary characters in the story that is unfolding It is their job to find the critical pieces and set them back on the road Yet, view spoiler No sooner than they get some basic information about the current problem than Roman and King grab a spaceship and head off They fight off a series of opponents andwait Shouldn t there be someone else to act as the hero Everyt [...]

  24. Leah Tang continues her stint in the Genrenaut universe, this time with a trip into the SF genre, specifically Space Adventure An ambassador has been kidnapped on the eve of signing a treaty of alliance If the ambassador does not show up for the ceremony, the alliance will be kaput The Genrenauts team swings into action Part of the team joins the the diplomatic corp and makes the party dinner tour while the other have hits the dives and then takes a speedy ship to retrieve the ambassador at the [...]

  25. I received this free from a Giveaway This was an enjoyable read It s a very metatextual book, talking quite a bit about the nature of fiction, and specific to this story, the nature of sci fi The sci fi world Underwood created was interesting, and there s some fun stuff There s also some good casual diversity going on It is a fairly simple, straightforward book It s an enjoyable read, but not one that particularly blew me away But it s good, it s worth reading.

  26. I was eager to read the second episode of the Genrenauts after being thoroughly entertained by episode 1 I was not disappointed with this continuation Learning about the history of the characters added depth to the story, but my favorite parts were the action filled interactions between our heroes heroines and the varied species populating this universe There were excellent transitions and very nice teasers for future episodes Another great job by Michael

  27. Second in the series, and the characters feel a little fleshed out More importantly, they are starting to feel like themselves and not a copy of characters the author had written before I ll admit that I was waiting for the turn of a plot twist that never happened Which is either me being fearful for our heroes, paranoid about our author, or oblivious to the hints dropped here that will haunt me at the end of the series All of these are good things, and signs of good story telling.

  28. Damned good This was an excellent adventure in the ongoing series I loved seeing these characters again, in a new setting, and kicking ass I also loved learning about Roman I did not expect that to be his backstory I cannot wait for the third installment in this series And as always, Mary Robinette Kowal is a dream narrator.

  29. I m enjoying this series as a genre romp, but this second novella had a little less glue holding it together than the first, and if there isn t some character development depth in the next one the rating is going to start trending down rather than up There s so much potential here and I want to see the books live up to it.

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