The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf

Free Read The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf - by Kara Lockharte - The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf, The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf He wasn t what she wanted He wasn t right for her She was wrong so wrong When Lauryn Daring rejected skinny Xavier Stone s advances in high school to build an empire in the big city she had no idea t
  • Title: The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf
  • Author: Kara Lockharte
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Read The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf - by Kara Lockharte, The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf, Kara Lockharte, The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf He wasn t what she wanted He wasn t right for her She was wrong so wrong When Lauryn Daring rejected skinny Xavier Stone s advances in high school to build an empire in the big city she had no idea the mistake she was making But after years apart the man that walks back into her life is far from the geek she once knew Xavier changed in all the right ways After beinHe Free Read The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf - by Kara Lockharte - The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf, The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf He wasn t what she wanted He wasn t right for her She was wrong so wrong When Lauryn Daring rejected skinny Xavier Stone s advances in high school to build an empire in the big city she had no idea t

  • Free Read The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf - by Kara Lockharte
    354 Kara Lockharte
The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf

About Author

  1. Kara Lockharte is the author of the Space Shifters Chronicles She loves writing romances with sexy alpha shifters and the strong heroines who can t resist them She lives on Planet Earth.

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  1. I m not a big paranormal shifter lover, but this shorty was a pleasant surprise Even if you aren t a fan of shifters and outer space, I urge you to give this one a try.Lauryn and Xavier were childhood friends, and while Xavier has always had a crush on Lauryn, she wasn t feeling him that way at all Fast forward some years later, and Lauryn is a successful businesswoman who s constantly grinding and making moves Love and relationships are the last thing on her mind, that is, until Xavier re enter [...]

  2. The Boy Who Came Back A Wolf is a serial series That may turn some readers off and I must admit, as soon as I was getting settled into the story it ended, was a bit disconcerting as I wasn t prepared for it The story was about two childhood friends that went their separate ways after high school and reunited 10 years later different people Xavier loved Lauryn all this time and when he reunited with her, he vowed to never let her go Lauryn was a real estate developer in a new world called New Tok [...]

  3. As a person who loves sci fi and has a healthy appreciation of paranormal romance, I wish that I could say that I got enjoyment from reading The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf Unfortunately, that isn t the case For me it was a case of lost potential I m just going to jump right in and share my thoughts with you.What I Didn t Like So MuchThe problem for me is this The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf could have told a great story with characters reuniting and discovering the changes caused by time, circumstan [...]

  4. I m giving this story 3.5 stars.This is a solid read quick, entertaining and pretty hot Almost exactly what most readers want out of a shorter erotic story.It took a minute to get into, but once I was hooked I couldn t turn the pages fast enough Shorter stories have a downfall, however the characters don t have time to gain substance I would like to read a longer version of this, to see Lauryn s descent into the immoral world of business rather than be told she s a ruthless businesswoman, to see [...]

  5. When I first saw this title, I wasn t quite sure what to expect but when I finally had the chance to read it, you see a certain amount of complexity in the primary characters that is usually not seen in a short story It s the kind of complexity that makes you want to sit and talk to them, find out their who history, back story, and motivations I found myself wishing this were longer so that I could delve into those questions The story gives you some of that but not much It is part of what makes [...]

  6. Reviewed For Readers FavoriteAll through school Xavier and Lauryn had been best friends, he had been their for her when her sister was almost kidnapped, and yet when he tried to kiss her and make it something , she pushed him away She was afraid he would hold her back from becoming what she wanted, someone with enough money and power to always take care of her family So Xavier headed off for ten years in the military, which left him extremely muscled and a werewolf Now he s back and he wants Lau [...]

  7. I have to admit I haven t had much experience reading sci fi shifter romances, but this one caught my eye with the cover Yes, I m one of those people who tends to judge a book by its cover first I like pretty things What can I say The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf was an enjoyable read, but it was tooooo short The couple ended up together in the end and everything, but getting there was too fast It would have been better if their story had been split into several stories of this size or if this story [...]

  8. The Boy Who Came Back A Wolf is a great little short story written by Kara Lockharte I got this one after I read her other book Wanted by the Werewolf Prince and enjoyed it so much, I had to read this one This short story is packed with lots of steam, steam and steam, giving you a glimpse into the rediscovery of Lauryn and Xavier s relationship that has taken on a new form, showing you a different aspect of this series This book will give you a quick fix until the next one will come out It is e [...]

  9. I received The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf as a review copy from the author publisher via InstaFreebie The gifting did not determine the review rating, which reflects my honest opinion This novella, less than 50 pages long, was a good story about two friends reunited with the added bonus of mutual attraction I was interested in the werewolf angle, and was happy to see there were other novellas based on the same worldbuilding A good read, but awfully focused on the sex, rather than character backgro [...]

  10. It s not yet 2018, and I ve got a new author to add to my stalker list.Looks like 2018 will be another sci fi year for me.I ve already read books 1 2 and eagerly await book 3.However, this was a lovely short where we learn a bit about Skye s sister Lauryn and Xavier.It s a bit too short to give any spoilers, but it does fill in some blanks.

  11. Star crossed loversWhen you are the only curvy black daughter of a space pirate in school you need to be careful with your boyfriend You become one of the richest real estate holders on the planet and now your boyfriend is coming home He wants to see you Nicely done paranormal romance Adult readers due sexual content.

  12. Oh, I loved this book Loved the characters I want to read Loved the idea of other worlds with shifters trying to survive Having a military in outer space, loved it Xavier and Lauryn s love lasting so long was so touching and sweet and of course sexy I so want to read by this author.

  13. A decade of wantingSeparated by planets, these two haven t seen or heard from one another in over 10 years They ve both changed, he into a werewolf and she into a successful business tycoon Fate has plans for these two and happily they agree.

  14. Hot And SteamyWhat a hot beginning for this series Two childhood friends who love, lost and find again The instant attraction and steamy scenes definitely wake up the senses Can t wait for .

  15. What a great story I like how the writer structured this story I recommend others to read this authors book It was fast an fun to read an it is really good.

  16. Cute,sexy hot novella by KARA LOCKHARTEA fast and steamy read for when you don t have a lot of time So check it out for yourself and enjoy

  17. Very nice little taleI especially liked the realistic conversations and interactions as neither one is of saint status,look forward to preferably like this

  18. The boy who came back a Wolf is the first part in the space wolf chronicles, a series that promises pretty much everything you will come up in your wildest dreams In the not so near future, there are multiple planets Some with shifters, others with humans that modify themselves to fit some standards of beauty that will make Lady Gaga the personification of conservative, and some others have magical creatures such as dragons I have to admit that I was pretty shocked when I read the description ab [...]

  19. Very well written short story, I love the futuristic setting SPOILERSThe Good I really like the world building and pictured something reminiscent of the people in the Capitol in Hunger Games when the author discussed the body modifications and over the top looks I also liked the interactions of the characters via email text futuristic written communication, it was funny and cute and was not bogged down by physical sexual tensions that always arise between 2 main people in a romance.The Ok I know [...]

  20. World building is very good Aliens seeding planets with earth humans and then humans discovering the planets and the bio engineered inhabitants centuries later appeals to me Very sci fi feel but story isn t disrupted by too much science Shifters being science created warriors is not new but is handled well in this book with a couple of interesting twists I liked the characters They are complex, motivated and intelligent Would have liked just a bit about the characters and their families Althoug [...]

  21. I received a copy of this book for an honest review This was a great short futuristic shifter story.Lauryn Daring has grown up in an unsafe environment with a pirate father She knew she wanted to go somewhere when she was older to be able to protect her and her family from ever being hurt again But in her quest to becoming a successful businesswoman, she also feels she may be like her father than she wanted Now the boy who confessed he wanted her before leaving is back after a decade of silence [...]

  22. I enjoyed reading the short story The Boy Who Came Back A Wolf It was well written, with bits of humor thrown in, which I appreciate I was impressed with the exciting futuristic world that the author created The two main characters were interestingd Xavier was just plain hot My only complaint is the one I usually have when reading romances many times do I have to be bombarded by the c words, and the p word Trust me the sex scenes aren t the issue I expect them I just wish that they could be conv [...]

  23. I received a review copy of this book and was really intrigued by the title and blurb Lauryn is a successful business woman who has worked hard to achieve the security that she didn t have as a child Meanwhile the boy that she let go as a teenager so that she could build her empire has turned into a fantastic specimen of male proportions You can guess what happens, but that doesn t detract from the pleasure of reading the story The writing is crafted well and the characters, particularly Lauryn [...]

  24. Even though I knew this was a short story, it managed to grab my attention and hold it Lauryn and Xavier grew up together and when he tries to kiss her as a teenager, she gets scared that sex might damage the cherished friendship, but her rejection of him broke their friendship and he left to join the military.In the ten years that have passed, she has built a formidable empire and she lacks for nothing but is lonely She misses Xavier but she does not where he is.Then unexpectedly he contacts he [...]

  25. SPOILER ALERT I feel like this is the first few chapters of an awesome story The editing was excellent The pace was a little accelerated but that was cleverly handled by making the main characters childhood playmates with the natural, if predictable, progression to a teenage crush Kudos to Lauryn for knowing enough about herself to make the hard choices at such a young age, and to Xavier for not letting Lauryn s choices crush him There s a lot of room to grow from here, stories to be told, world [...]

  26. Really enjoyed this story It packed punch in such a short time with it s characters and their strained relationship problems The reality it creates is like looking into another dimension where the true nature of people isn t hidden in denial behind closed doors like secrets A little mythology is added to create other worlds and atmosphere plus our ever need to nip and tuck where and when money comes into play Well written, had chemistry plus some humor which I always love Free for honest review

  27. Realistic CharactersI really liked the description of characters Lauren is a black girl with kinky full hair and curves and I loved how she didn t try to be anyone else I also think that this was a great opening to a series It wasn t to detailed but it left you just enough to want to know .

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