[PDF] Re-Wired | by ✓ Greg Dragon - Re-Wired, Re Wired Brad Barkley is a gifted college student with a passion for robotics but a poor track record with the opposite sex He is in love with Mika Scheider an exotic beauty and fellow student in his Robotics
  • Title: Re-Wired
  • Author: Greg Dragon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Re-Wired | by ✓ Greg Dragon, Re-Wired, Greg Dragon, Re Wired Brad Barkley is a gifted college student with a passion for robotics but a poor track record with the opposite sex He is in love with Mika Scheider an exotic beauty and fellow student in his Robotics class After learning Mika has a boyfriend Brad focuses on his own android creation Tricia but there s something not quite right Tricia is just a little too real a littlBrad Barkley is a [PDF] Re-Wired | by ✓ Greg Dragon - Re-Wired, Re Wired Brad Barkley is a gifted college student with a passion for robotics but a poor track record with the opposite sex He is in love with Mika Scheider an exotic beauty and fellow student in his Robotics
  • [PDF] Re-Wired | by ✓ Greg Dragon
    265 Greg Dragon

About Author

  1. Greg Dragon brings a fresh perspective to fiction by telling human stories of life, love and relationships in a science fiction setting This unconventional author spins his celestial scenes from an imagination nurtured from being an avid reader himself His exposure to multiple cultures, multiple religions, martial arts, and travel lends a unique dynamic to his stories You can enjoy excerpts from his work by visiting his website at gregdragon.Join Greg s mailing list for free stories books new releases gregwritesFacebook facebook anstractorTwitter twitter hobdragon

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  1. This turned out to be a very different novel than I expected, and I liked that After all, the whole idea of using androids to explore issues of identity, emotions, slavery, and has been done to death by this point Whether you take the Star Trek approach or the Twilight Zone approach, readers come into such stories with an expectation as to where they re going to be led Dragon does explore those themes, but it s the twists and additional layers to his story that make it compelling.While I wish h [...]

  2. Perfecting a fembot Boys will always fantasize about creating the perfect female as evident in the movie Weird Science Brad is a man with the intelligence to create the next generation of robotics Defying his father s demand that he become a doctor, Brad knows his passion for robotics will give him the edge to create the perfect machine One that can be independent and love a human to a degree And definitely one where a human will fall in love with the robot Tricia is the robot in question She s [...]

  3. Re Wired tells the story of a lonely, disillusioned young man who tries to set right the wrongs in his life by creating the perfect android woman Of course, things don t go as planned and Brad must face reality and the consequences of his actions The idea and accompanying social commentary human beings relationship to technology, mistrust of robots androids AI are not new as we ve seen them before in other stories, TV shows, and movies I won t go into a discussion on those issues, but I will say [...]

  4. INSANE This is insane And I mean that in a HOLY MIND FUCK THIS IS AMAZING sort of way This novel will have you glued to it s pages from start to finish Greg Dragon has created a unique, science fiction master piece that will confuse the hell out of you The author uses a mix of robotics, romance, addiction, and those wonderful negative family relationships we all know and love to craft an original story you won t see coming It starts off with the main nerd, Brad He s a genius in his own right, bu [...]

  5. I was provided a free copy of this e book in exchange for an honest review Re Wired by Greg Dragon I m just going to cut to the chase Brad irritated me so much I really wanted to like him, and at first I thought that I might be able to, but he was just so whiney Brad is a college student that creates an android for his own personal use at a time where androids were commonplace to have in your home serving your meals, cleaning your things, driving your taxis but to love and care for The overall t [...]

  6. I m an avid sci fi fan One of the things I like the most about sci fi, is that it has the ability to tackle modern day issues, but disguise them under the guise of aliens or other non humans Star Trek did this frequently from TOS through Voyager.What I like best about Re Wired, is that it takes themes of discrimination and frames it under the guise of androids There is also the added warning of changing yourself to make someone else happy Those themes are conveyed nicely without being preachy, o [...]

  7. I thought this was a very interesting book When the college student events a woman robot then meets a real woman and falls in love Then the real woman disappears and his robot has learned to function on her own This book turns in to a who done it.

  8. Re WiredGreg Dragon has created a new world in Re Wired that is totally different and believable This is a world that we could find ourselves living in if the brilliant minds of today become focused on turning robots into undetectable androids Some say we are already started on that path.Brad is a lonely geek who has never had a date and gets tongue tied when a woman is near He is in college, supported by his parents who expect him to become a doctor like his father Brad has other plans He is ex [...]

  9. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review over at OnlineBookClub, and you can read my full, official review here forumsinebookclub viewI happened to glance at another reviewer s opinions about this book, which stated something along the lines of the main character being difficult to like I have to agree with this opinion At first I felt bad for him, but as the story went on, I just grew to despise him and However, it s when he is at his most dis likable that he reall [...]

  10. The author has sent me a copy of this book for a free unbiased review Re wired is a dystopian novel about an android with feelings Brad Bradley creates his personal android and names her Tricia He agrees to become a guinea pig for an experimental drug in exchange for the perfect skin for Tricia, meddles with her memory and controls and she ends up as perfect female like android with feelings Then Brad begins to attract girls like a magnet, falls for a real girl Priscilla, then begins to lose his [...]

  11. Enjoyed the book Sci Fi or Fantasyuldn t decide which Neither are my favorite genres, but this was very well written it kept my attention up to the end Blame it on my lack of powers of observation, but I didn t realize right away that this was supposedly taking place in the future The irony is, that in this ever evolving world of technology, I could see all this coming to pass as normal in our future world It would be amazing at the same time, very scary It may be sooner than we think I would re [...]

  12. A BOOK that makes you think This book had my imagination running wild as does any good book that can truly become a possibility and or likely is.A lonely nerd builds the perfect droid robot that is lifelike looking than the others owned by people and she s a free thinker.But is the price he has to pay worth it You read it then tell me Disclaimeris book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review.

  13. There were plenty of twists to this story, and I did not want to stop listening Brad is lonely and makes an android Tricia is so real, others cannot tell that she is not human The emotional ups and downs, and the wondering which way will it go kept my attention I felt sorry for both Tricia and Brad as the story played out, and the ending caught me off guard I really liked this story.I received a gift of this audiobook, and this is my unsolicited review.

  14. This is my second book by Greg Dragon and I can say without a doubt I m definitely a fan of his work My first book was Single Wired Female which is actually book 2 of Re wired Both books are fine as a stand alone book I love a good artificial intelligence story This one is kind of a sad love story Great book and I highly recommend it

  15. This pseudo Pygmalion book was intriguing but the writing drifted off in the middle The epilogue was unnecessary and detracted from my enjoyment of the rest of the story.

  16. Title RE WIREDAuthor Greg DragonType of Book Audiobook UnabridgedNarrator Jack NolanLength 3 hours and 44 minutesGenre Science Fiction Release Date July 16, 2015Publisher Greg Dragon Rating 4 out of 5 stars Set in Seattle sometime in the not too distant future There are flying cars as well as regular cars, robots and androids have become commonplace and marijuana is legal But some things haven t changed such as the desires and expectations of family Brad s family is no exception His has always b [...]

  17. I really liked this book I liked it a lot actually I love these types of stories, about AI human relationships I felt sorry for Brad, the main character or was it Tricia, the android he created I actually felt sorry for them both.This book started off as one thing and then ended up as something totally different At first I thought Okay, it s written in a rather immature voice, this Brad guy s a bit shallow but somewhat likeable the story s rather predictable, and oh look, there s Brad getting al [...]

  18. Re Wired wasn t quite the book I thought it would be I was expecting a thriller about a killer robot Rather, it was an intimate character driven story about a teenage boy, and how the creation of a unique artificial intelligence changes his world This doesn t it was a lesser book, just a different book.There is a lot going on behind the scenes in this story The book concluded with a bit of a twist ending, which made you look back on the story with new eyes Brad is a likable enough protagonist Yo [...]

  19. I like sci fi, and I was interested in listening to this relatively short novel about a boy who builds an android that takes on a life and personality of its own I thought the story was going to be very straightforward by how it started out, but it surprised me in a positive way with a twisting and interesting story line that blurred the lines of madness and reality And what I thought were convenient and negligent jumps and blank spaces in the story turned out to be essential to telling the stor [...]

  20. And whats your dream girl going to be like Its every boys fantasy, to have the girl of your very dreams, the one that starts out with all the kinda right with a little it wrong , hot and spicy and a bit saucy, but mustn t forget all the right curves in all the right places and a brain to do what s needed Wink Wink, if you know what I mean Yet we fail to realize the frailty of a normal human being, who must compete in the normal world without having all the just right parts, in all the just right [...]

  21. I enjoy a good sci fi story The pace on this one I felt was slower than typical sci fi work It reads like an uneven coming of age book for Tricia I am not entirely sure who the author intended to be the main character I was intrigued by Tricia and her growth than by Brad Barkley s the inventor actions.Brad would say I m going to do ABC, or XYZ is important to me, or I won t do LMN Yet pages later he would quit what he professed to prize or did what he said he would not I found this wishy washi [...]

  22. What an odd book I literally just finished this and I m not entirely sure how I felt about it It had a definite gollum type story to it not LOTR but the legend of clay people brought to life I m not sure if it s a re telling or not.I think part of the reason I can t decide how I feel about the actual story is because of the narration It felt like the narrator was reading the sentences for the first time, causing odd breaks where there shouldn t be, statements read as questions and vice versa The [...]

  23. Re wired is a hot fantasy for nerdy boys who wish to create the perfect girlfriend As a female, I couldn t help but feel slightly offended by some of the beautiful girl stereotypes that were so casually thrown in here Real women are all manipulative bitches so I m going to create one that will do and say anything I want it to Ouch.Luckily, that mind set sort of shifted throughout the story, even if he was, well I m not going to ruin it for you Other than the sexually insensitive context, the sto [...]

  24. I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I really liked this story, and listened all at onces not very long, but I was completely engaged all the way throughd the ending wasn t as complex as I would of liked it to be, but I was ok with itBasically we have Brad who is kinda a geeky weirdo, but brilliant and insecure about himself with the territory of budding geniuses Brad states very sad, but cleverly, that the women that would not date him now, would fall all over h [...]

  25. FANTASTIC Re wired is an amazing read that had me hooked from the very first page The characters well written and believable, and the storyline was truly engrossing I was invested in the characters, and wanted to know what was going on which wasn t always clear and wanted the best for them.More than that, though, this novel made me THINK, which is a rarity Intelligently written, with an engrossing plotline, engaging characters, and some pithy and relevant social commentary In short, Re wired is [...]

  26. You better pay attention This book took me on a ride I wasn t expecting I enjoyed it, but the reader could have been better Jack Nolan started out reading like he was reading to a bunch of kindergarten students I believe it would have been better if he had read the book through, then returned and read it for the audience I think he could have had better knowledge of the book before sharing it I truly enjoyed the story, and although it didn t go the way I expected, I was still happy with the endi [...]

  27. This is a new twist on an old story.Boy builds android to be like a real woman.This is illegal.Boy wants her to be real,so he signs on for a drug trial that ends up making him alluring to real women.He gets a real girlfriend ,or so he thinks.This story is so twisted I m not really sure what was supposed to be real.The narrator,Jack Nolan was awful.To me he sounded like a computer reading the book.His lady android actually sounds real.I was given this book for free for an honest review.

  28. This story starts out like Weird Science and ends up being a sociopolitical commentary It was intriguing and heartwarming, a realistic view of future problems, including misogyny, speciesism, drug addiction, and hate crimes It could have been just another science fiction story about androids, and the geniuses who make them, but Dragon made it carry a powerful message I truly enjoyed this book I was given a copy of this book by the author, in exchange for an honest review

  29. I liked the book It is very different from what I normally read I would like to know if Brad gets truly better and if the laws change so Trisha does not have to hide who she is I would also like to know where Constance is now and what kind of life she has now Thank you I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  30. This spoke to man s loneliness and search for meaning than an androids search for humanity A good story told from two different perspectives I liked how it ended with them accepting being tied to each other amicably.

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