Grin and Bear It

✓ Grin and Bear It Ê Tamara Hoffa - Grin and Bear It, Grin and Bear It A trip to the library can change your life but Guiles Fredricks never expected to find his mate standing behind the checkout desk One whiff of her blackberry and lavender scent has him hooked but th
  • Title: Grin and Bear It
  • Author: Tamara Hoffa
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Kindle Edition

✓ Grin and Bear It Ê Tamara Hoffa, Grin and Bear It, Tamara Hoffa, Grin and Bear It A trip to the library can change your life but Guiles Fredricks never expected to find his mate standing behind the checkout desk One whiff of her blackberry and lavender scent has him hooked but the fear haunting her emerald green eyes makes his bear roar to claim and protect her Gina Salducci came to Honey Corners to hide On the run from her abusive ex boyfriend sheA trip to t ✓ Grin and Bear It Ê Tamara Hoffa - Grin and Bear It, Grin and Bear It A trip to the library can change your life but Guiles Fredricks never expected to find his mate standing behind the checkout desk One whiff of her blackberry and lavender scent has him hooked but th
  • ✓ Grin and Bear It Ê Tamara Hoffa
    405 Tamara Hoffa
Grin and Bear It

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  1. My best friend calls me her Fairy Godmother, but I feel like Cinderella After over twenty five years of living a typical life, I now live my dreams and I create them too.Nothing is better than creating a brand new world from a blank piece of paper Breathing life into characters and watching their stories unfold I am truly blessed.I live in on eight acres in middle Tennessee with my husband, my dad, one of my three children, two dogs and three cats I am privileged to have two precious grandsons.When I m not on my computer or reading my kindle, you ll usually find me in the kitchen I love to cook If I m not there, I m on the fields, watching my grandsons soccer or baseball games It s never too late to chase your dreams I m proof you can catch them, even if arthritis slows you down Who knows, your own Fairy Godmother may be just a dream away.

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  1. My Thoughts 5 out of 5 Unicorns I loved it Received the ebook for an honest review The cover is definitely grabs at my shifter lovin heart and makes me want to pick up the book I love when you have both people and animals together which is why I love shifter stories This is the 3rd book in the series While you can read them standalone, I recommend reading them all in order because it makes the world and the characters so much This book is shorter than the first two as a novella It is of course [...]

  2. Couldn t believe my luck spotting this book on I have read book one and two and loved them These books can be read as standalones but I am pleased I read from the start and have formed a connection with these characters.Shifters are my favourite paranormal read This book was just awesome, easy to read and follow the story Fantastic characters to bring this book to life This story is about Guiles and Gina Guiles is the Sippe lieutenant and desperate to mate He watches his Sippe, Bern with his mat [...]

  3. Grin and Bear It Animal In Me series Book 3 Tamara HoffaI loved this book It took the time to introduce me to a new author Tamara Hoffa , and gave me a whole new Bear Shifter series to get into You just have to love that Especially when it is as well written as this one.Now this is book three in the series, but it was the first one I have read, It is a stand alone story that you did not need the other books to understand I am just guessing that there are character carryovers from each book so it [...]

  4. Guiles never expected to find his one true mate in the library during a kindergarten field trip But, his bear scented her immediately and knew that the new librarian was his Gina is timid and scared, running from her former mob boss boyfriend She agrees to explore things with Guiles, but is still afraid of being found by Nick Mancuso.I found this to be a sweet story of Guiles and Gina s mating Guiles is a bear and Gina is human, and afraid because of being abused by her former boyfriend, but she [...]

  5. What better place to hide from an abusive ex than Honey Corner At least, this is what Gina hopes She has taken a position at the local library hoping to have found a place to hide She never counted on Guiles Guiles gets one whiff of her scent and he knows, she is his mate Now he just needs to convince her to give him a chance When he finds out about her ex, he lets her know that he can protect her Gina wants so badly to believe him, but her ex is connected as in a crime family Can Guiles protect [...]

  6. Who would have expected that the new librarian for Honey Corners was on the run from the mob Certainly not Guiles, a lieutenant for the pack As soon as he sees Gina, this big teddy bear knows she s the ONE, but is unable to figure out the fear emanating from her She can t possibly be afraid of him In this sweet world of Honey Corners, insta mate is the name of the game, but Gina can t let Guiles know her secret Her ex will stop at nothing to find her and probably kill her for leaving him She s a [...]

  7. SNS Rating 5.0 Dee s Review Another beautiful shifter romance story by the master story teller about the happenings in Honey Corners, West Virginia This adventure is about Gina and Guiles Gina comes to town running away from a powerful, dangerous man What follows is an entertaining read of a shifter finding his mate and protecting her Of course the violent man finds her hiding place and sends his henchmen to retrieve her It is an exciting tale of danger, suspense and sweet romance.

  8. I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Tamara Hoffman This is book 3 of the Animal in Me series by the author.Guiles Fredricks falls for the gal at the library Gina but something is haunting her and Guiles will do whatever it is to keep her safe.Gina Salducci is running from her ex who has ties to the mob She is found by his goons but can a sexy bear keep her safe or will her ex win.The author wrote some very good characters in this story The story line flow was smooth a [...]

  9. Gina is on the run from her abusive ex and winds up in Honey Corner as the towns new librarian Guiles is chaperone a group of Kindergartens with Jenna, their teacher and the Sippe s Mate when he sees Gina and knows that she is his mate Gina is attracted to Guiles but is still looking over her shoulder but he promises to protect her from harm When her past catches up to her it will take the town to protect her This is a standalone with no cliffhanger and a HEA.I received a copy of this book for a [...]

  10. Gina was in an abusive and controlling relationship with her ex boyfriend Nick She was able to get away to Honey Corner to work as a librarian position she applied for weeks ago Guiles is the lieutenant and once he meets Gina he knew that she is his mate For some reason she is scared of him and he needs to find out what she is scared of so he can fix it Trouble comes in and tries to take her from the one place she fell in love with Will Guiles be able to protect her from her past or will he lose [...]

  11. Absolutely worth reading Gina librarian has had an incredibly hard path in life with no family she put herself through school and met the wrong man Nick Whom she ran from to a small town where she got her dream job and felt safe Guiles comes into the library and immediately knew she was his This love romance was humorous and emotional ups and downs Totally worth reading if you like shifter books.

  12. A fantastic story that is well written This is an easy read and it is a quick read Tamara Hoffa has become one of my go to authors, every book I have read by her is fantastic I encourage each of you to go get this book Get the whole series you will not regret it A wonderful book

  13. Loved it A very sweet shifter story I loved the storyline and the characters but it did feel a bit rushed in places and a few spelling errors Very enjoyable

  14. Love this book The big bad bear and the shy librarian Well maybe he is not so bad and do she is not really shy Tamara has a way of drawing you into her books.

  15. Gina is hiding, not only from a man but who she is She has found a home but danger follows And until she meets Guiles things are fine, lonely but fine But Guiles turns everything upside down He brings her body alive, a body she can t trust along with her own intuition In Grin and Bear It, the third installment of Tamara Hoffa s Animal in Me series, Gina must step out of the shadows and take back her life I loved that Gina did what was necessary to live She knew the better part of valor was to ge [...]

  16. Bear LoveThis book was great I love how sexual these bears are with their mates I love family and so does the shifters in this town On to book four.

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