Merry Mistletoe

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Merry Mistletoe : by Emma Davies - Merry Mistletoe, Merry Mistletoe Sherbourne Mistletoe has been prized and sold at the annual Mistletoe Fair for over a hundred years but could this year possibly be the last With her father s sudden death and debts mounting up it loo
  • Title: Merry Mistletoe
  • Author: Emma Davies
  • ISBN: 9781517569785
  • Page: 147
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Merry Mistletoe : by Emma Davies, Merry Mistletoe, Emma Davies, Merry Mistletoe Sherbourne Mistletoe has been prized and sold at the annual Mistletoe Fair for over a hundred years but could this year possibly be the last With her father s sudden death and debts mounting up it looks as though Freya s only hope for the future is to sell her beloved family home And to make matters worse the only contenders to buy Appleyard Farm are the people she dSherbourne Mi [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Merry Mistletoe : by Emma Davies - Merry Mistletoe, Merry Mistletoe Sherbourne Mistletoe has been prized and sold at the annual Mistletoe Fair for over a hundred years but could this year possibly be the last With her father s sudden death and debts mounting up it loo
  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Merry Mistletoe : by Emma Davies
    147 Emma Davies
Merry Mistletoe

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  1. Emma Davies once applied for her dream job in the following manner I am a bestselling novelist currently masquerading as a thirty something mother of three Well she s now a forty something mother of three, and is working on the rest.By day she s a finance manager and looks at numbers a lot of the time, but by night she gets to use actual words and practices putting them together into sentences Her twitter bio says she loves her family, her job, reading, writing, singing loudly in the car, and Pringles, so that must be true then Wave to her on twitter Emdavies68Letting in Light is her debut novel, and she is currently working on her second.

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  1. 4 Magical stuff, mistletoe Stars Merry Mistletoe is the first work of Emma Davies that I have read, and in respect of the story line and its Christmassy ness it ticked all of my required boxes, and in great style.I think there is always something charming about taking a simple storyline, and giving a little Christmas magic If the writing is up to snuff, it then morphs from simple into something very special Freya and Sam have known each other since childhood, and as the book progresses, due to t [...]

  2. This was the first of my festive reads this year and I couldn t have picked a nicer one both in terms of story and also the cover, which I think is gorgeous and so appropriate According to my Kindle, this book would take about 1.5 hours to read For a short ish story, it was perfectly paced and didn t feel rushed at all Freya has had a difficult year This will be the first Christmas without her beloved father and money is tight, so tight in fact that she has to contemplate selling her much loved [...]

  3. I write this with a little trail of sentimental tears, slowly drying upon my smiling face What a wonderful little story I could well relate to Freya s excitement over visiting Worcester for a spot of seasonal shopping I m like a kid in a toy shop too at Christmas I loved the warm wonderful descriptions of the house the orchard and I knew exactly how Freya felt during her little accident, the same happened to me earlier this year The characters are very likeable Amos the wise drifter Sam well wha [...]

  4. Marry Mistletoe Kindle Single Author Emma Davies.I brought Marry Mistletoe after reading the blurb and thinking this is the perfect short read for a cold winter ish night evening because I couldn t wait until actual night to start reading this book I have to say I fell in love with this story and the characters especially Amos the man who goes where the wind takes him too He really felt like a special wise with a heart of gold kind of character.The story itself is about Freya who lives in a plac [...]

  5. I loved every page of this book x it was Christmas wrapped up with the excitement of unwrapping x truly a sweet light Christmas read x I look forward to Emma xxxx

  6. Merry Mistletoe is my first book by Ms Emma Davies, and again I m very happy to discover her for me I didn t hesitate to hit the request button, the blurb sounded so inviting and I truly loved the cover And even though this is a novella, not a full length novel, I could immediately feel the warmth and feelings shining from the pages Writing style is one of the biggest highlights of this story, I think, it s exceptionally lovely, tender and it just envelopes you with its warmth It is a lovely Chr [...]

  7. Merry Mistletoe was a sweet story, that really brings home the value of friendship and goodwill at Christmas Freya is dreading losing Appleyard Farm and the Sherbourne orchards, having had it in the family for over a hundred years, but when her dad did, he left a lot of debts, so Freya can t see any way out but to sell But first she needs to do the last harvest and sell off the produce at the Mistletoe Fair Freya s only offer on the farm come from rival brothers the Hendersons, who she would rat [...]

  8. I received a copy of this via NetGalley in return for a fair and honest reviewCan never resist a gorgeous christmas cover so this is what drew me immediately to this novella and my theory of good cover good story has worked its magic again if you re looking for a lovely christmas novella that will warm you on a cold winters night then this is the book for you Immediately felt empathy with the main character, Freya Sherbourne, who is trying to continue the family business of growing mistletoe as [...]

  9. Appleyard Farm is Freya s home She loves working there and her high quality mistletoe is famous She sells it at fairs and she always gets really good prices for it Unfortunately she can t keep the farm going any longer She doesn t have the money to continue and needs to sell her beloved home There is a potential buyer and accepting his offer would mean financial freedom, but is she really happy with it Freya s relationship is quite impossible, Gareth doesn t want to help out on the farm and he d [...]

  10. This is a charming little book that will get you into the Christmas spirit It tells the story of Freya, a woman who has recently lost her beloved father and now has to sell the home that she loves because she cannot run the farm on her own Along comes a kind traveler, Amos, who comes to lend a helping hand and direct Freya to a possibility of love with someone that she had given up hope on long ago.This is a short book, an easy Christmas read that really brings out the spirit of the season, help [...]

  11. My first festive read this year and it was lovely brilliant storyline believable characters that you warmed to.From the title and cover to the end this little book was a festive gemTotally Recommend

  12. A delightful Christmassy read following the trials and tribulations of Holly, her mistletoe farm and her love life My only gripe is that on my kindle edition spacing between some words was non existant and other words all merged into one grrrr.

  13. Kind of an oddball book for me to read Picked it up since it was a small one Real crisp writing and brilliant mushy story.

  14. Within the first few pages of this wonderful novella from Emma Davies I knew I was in for a real treat There was such a nice feeling of warmth and comradeship coming through despite the tough times our main protagonist Freya was about to endure I ll admit what first attracted me to this story was the title and cover, the door on the cover was inviting you in to discover what lay within the pages of the novella and Merry Mistletoe was such a cheerful, catchy title The further I read the apt the [...]

  15. I so enjoyed Letting In Light, Emma Davies first and best selling novel, when I read it earlier this year that I was really looking forward to reading her new novella Merry Mistletoe I like novellas at Christmas, I m a bit of a fan of Emma s writing after that first encounter and this really was a thoroughly lovely read It s always interesting to see how an author s skills translate to a short story or novella this one s just 92 pages long, and I have to say that this author s skills translate a [...]

  16. What a wonderful novella Emma Davies Merry Mistletoe has romance, conflict, and a little bit of magical Christmas spirit in the character of itinerant worker Amos, who arrives at Appleyard Farm just as Freya needs help with the harvest and packing up her belongings to move Romance is provided quietly in the presence of childhood friend Sam who has returned to Freya s daily life just when she needs a friend.Freya is a very real woman who has made mistakes in love and a little in business, allowin [...]

  17. When I spotted this adorable novella on NetGalley, my fingers moved very quickly to request it I ve another book stored on my Kindle by this author, and I can not wait to sample it Merry Mistletoes is Emma s first Christmas novella, and I am very excited to dive into it to and see where it takes me.Sherbourne Mistletoe has been prized and sold at the annual Mistletoe Fair for over hundred years Mistletoe is also supposed to be magical, well Freya Sherbourne hopes so too because it looks like she [...]

  18. Merry Mistletoe is the first book I have read from Emma and its safe to say I loved it I pretty much love anything magical and Christmassy, there s something special about believing in good things happening and good people having happy endings at this time of year, and for me, Merry Mistletoe delivered on every level.Freya is the main character in this novella, and its safe to say she s not had an easy ride of late she s struggling to keep her head above water with running Appleyard Farm since h [...]

  19. Er zijn zoveel boeken die zich afspelen in de kerstsfeer dat het onmogelijk is om ze allemaal in die periode te lezen Voor mij persoonlijk hoeft dat ook niet Ik kan even zeer een winters boek lezen in hartje zomer There are so many books written in the christmas spirit that it s impossible to read them all in that short period of time For me, it doesn t really matter I can easily read a winty book in the middle of the summer Dit is het eerste boek dat ik lees van deze auteur Het is eigenlijk mee [...]

  20. I loved this novella, it was just the kind of gentle and heart warming book that I want to be reading at this time of year.Freya Sherborne runs her family mistletoe business from her childhood home, but this year is her first Christmas running it alone after the death of her beloved father The debts are mounting up and Freya knows she s going to have to sell up very soon.The novella is set out as a countdown to Christmas, starting 29 days before I loved how it was set so close to Christmas and h [...]

  21. Since her father s death, Freya has put off selling Appleyard Farm, but she can no longer avoid the fact that there is just too much debt and she cannot run and manage the farm alone Unfortunately, the farm s buyers are the persons she least desires as buyers, two neighboring men from another farm Freya manages to get things ready for the annual Mistletoe Fair, where Sherbourne Mistletoe has been a big player forever, with the help of a drifter Amos, who appeared at her door one day, looking for [...]

  22. I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review So, overall, this was mostly a cute, fun read It took me several chapters to get into it, but once I started to care about Freya and what happened to her, it went pretty fast My primary issue here was the end We know there s some big problem between Freya and Stephen, but the revelation that they were getting married and she ditched him came out of absolutely nowhere It didn t really make sense to me that she d h [...]

  23. First reviewed at Keeper BookshelfFreya s life has pretty much turned upside down When her father passed away, she was faced with a mountain of bills that she d known nothing about and the very real possibility of having to sell her home Two brothers vie for the property, neither one is a person she d sell to if given a choice When the past collides with the present everyone usually loses unless they get a bit of a Christmas miracle to pave the way to a brighter future.I enjoyed Merry Mistletoe [...]

  24. I have had this book sitting on my Kindle for a long time waiting to work it s way up my long list To Be Read I m so pleased it finally reached the top at this time of year thanks to Emma for being so patient with me waiting for a review It s a nice length novella, so ideal to curl up with a warm drink lose yourself in the story Freya is delightful obviously has a passion for her home, so since her father passed on she is determined to keep the business afloat But hardship comes her way the onl [...]

  25. A book that had twists and turns that weren t expect but brought the joy of the holiday season early for me Emma Davies brought to life a beautiful orchard in the country along with a magical town at the holidays Her main characters Freya, Amos, Stephan and Sam were well developed Freya is having issues holding onto the past and Amos is a drifter who helps her come to grips with the past and face a wonderful future for her With the death of Freya s father she is finding it a struggle to make end [...]

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