In Ashes Born

Free Download In Ashes Born - by Nathan Lowell - In Ashes Born, In Ashes Born An old friend A new course A deadly ship with a secret cargo Ishmael Wang returns to Port Newmar but ghosts from his past have followed him His old shipmate Phillip Carstairs offers him the opportun
  • Title: In Ashes Born
  • Author: Nathan Lowell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download In Ashes Born - by Nathan Lowell, In Ashes Born, Nathan Lowell, In Ashes Born An old friend A new course A deadly ship with a secret cargo Ishmael Wang returns to Port Newmar but ghosts from his past have followed him His old shipmate Phillip Carstairs offers him the opportunity to track down the man who killed his lover The catch He must take command of the Chernyakova a ship that still stinks of death and haunts Ishmael s nightmares TogethAn old friend A Free Download In Ashes Born - by Nathan Lowell - In Ashes Born, In Ashes Born An old friend A new course A deadly ship with a secret cargo Ishmael Wang returns to Port Newmar but ghosts from his past have followed him His old shipmate Phillip Carstairs offers him the opportun
  • Free Download In Ashes Born - by Nathan Lowell
    473 Nathan Lowell
In Ashes Born

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  1. Nathan Lowell has been a writer for than forty years, and first entered the literary world by podcasting his novels His sci fi series, The Golden Age of the Solar Clipper grew from his long time fascination with space opera and his own experiences shipboard in the United States Coast Guard Unlike most works which focus on a larger than life hero prophesized savior, charismatic captain, or exiled prince , Nathan centers on the people behind the scenes ordinary men and women trying to make a living in the depths of space In his novels, there are no bug eyed monsters, or galactic space battles, instead he paints a richly vivid and realistic world where the hero uses hard work and his own innate talents to improve his station and the lives of those of his community.Dr Nathan Lowell holds a Ph.D in Educational Technology with specializations in Distance Education and Instructional Design He also holds an M.A in Educational Technology and a BS in Business Administration He grew up on the south coast of Maine and is strongly rooted in the maritime heritage of the sea farer He served in the USCG from 1970 to 1975, seeing duty aboard a cutter on hurricane patrol in the North Atlantic and at a communications station in Kodiak, Alaska He currently lives in the plains east of the Rocky Mountains with his wife and two daughters Awards Recognition 2008 Parsec Award Finalist for Best Speculative Fiction for Full Share 2008 Podiobooks Founder s Choice Award for Double Share 2008 Parsec Award Finalist for Best Speculative Fiction for South Coast 2009 Podiobooks Founder s Choice Award for Captain s Share 2009 Parsec Award Finalist for Best Speculative Fiction for Double Share 4 out of 10 Books on Podiobooks Top Overall Rated by Votes 2 Double Share, 3 Quarter Share, 5 Full Share, 8 Half Share as of Jan 4, 2009 6 out of 10 Books on Podiobooks Top Overall Rating 1 Ravenwood, 2 Quarter Share, 3 Double share, 4 Captain s Share, 5 Full Share, 7 South Coast as of Jan 4, 2009

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  1. I m so relieved I admit it I ranted and railed against the ending of Owners Share I wrote mean reviews I was angry I ve come to love these books, the characters and the wonderful writing style Owners s Share was a depressing conclusion to that story line This book was clearly a return to the magical formula that made the other books so special If you ve read this far in the series, I suspect you know what I mean There s really nothing to be said than thank you Mr Lowell Well done.

  2. So glad to have another Ishmael Wang series starting The thing about Ishmael is that he is just so likeable You can t help but root for him There isn t much action in this, but there is some conflict and a few real surprises And of course, Ish deals with them both with his normal understated brilliance My only complaint is that this is definitely the first of a series Not quite what I d call a cliffhanger, but it leaves you strongly wanting Also, if you haven t read the first Ish series, starti [...]

  3. I stayed up late to finish the same day I started the book Sooooooo nice to have Ishmael Wang back, and several other familiar faces too.This is space opera, but it focuses on characterization and cleverness, not battles You do not need to have read the other Solar Clipper books, but if you haven t read Quarter Share yet it is also five stars, and is the first book about Ishmael Wang If I have counted correctly, this makes the seventh book about Ish Quarter Share is in my set of comfort books, a [...]

  4. First thing, feed the crew I think I am a little grateful that Nathan has taken some time between his books When I get drawn into his universe, I usually forget to eat at least once if not several meals Was it worth the wait DEFINATELY Was it everything I had hoped No Like some of the characters in his stories, Nathan tends to give us what we need, not what we ask for Once I realized this was the case with Ashes, I settled down to enjoy the ride We get to see a lot of the original crew twenty ye [...]

  5. Ishmael is back Ishmael and Pip are back together for the first time in 20 stan years With the horrible events that happened to Ishmael, he sold off his company and returned to Newmar where he an Pip went to the officers academy to try and find himself His normal confidence broken and his ability to pick the direction of his life gone Pip leads him is to a new chapter of his life that may be just what he needed.Nathan has gone places with the Ishmael that I just cannot get enough of The stories [...]

  6. Oh, wonderful, another Nathan Lowell book A good read it had felt a bit in the previous book like the series was getting away from him, but here it feels like he s taking it back to its origins, and does a good job I enjoyed it, and there just have to be , from where it ends The worst part of a Nathan Lowell book finding you ve come to the last page I look forward to the next one I got this one through Kindle Unlimited, but I m going to go back and buy the ebook so I ll have it permanently.

  7. I am so happy to be back in the world of the Solar Clippers and Ishmael Wang Along with the wonderful Captain Wang, Nathan Lowell brings us a glimpse of other characters we have loved and Pip This is a great set up for the new series, but please start at the beginning and read Quarter Share to get the full effect.

  8. Nobody tells a story like Nathan Lowell This book is a real treat and a perfect sequel to the Trader s Tale He brings back many of the characters we so enjoyed in the first books As usual, his writing is smart and each page is a delight to read.

  9. I really enjoy the Traders Tales books This first of the next Chapter of Ishmael s journey did not disappoint I m not a fan of ebooks, only bought a couple, all by Nathan Lowell.Read it, you ll like it

  10. So, I thought the tales of Ishmael Wang were over but I m so glad I was wrong I can t stop reading these books, and I don t care They are comforting as all hell, like coming home after a long time away.

  11. Truly enjoyable Nathan Lowell makes the mundane day to day life as crew, or captain, of a trading star ship come alive And makes it interesting Great characters, very positive outlooks, good comradery,humanity in a soft light.

  12. The prodigal son returns This is really fantastic I m so excited that Ishmael Wong is back I think the only bad thing I can say is now I have wait for the next one and I don t like waiting.

  13. wow, just wow, this book was a blast, I just love the universe that Nathan Lowell has created, the characters that lives in it The whole world just feels real than I have had books give me in a long time I can t really come up with anything bad to say about it I loved it, if you re reading this, just do yourself a favour and read at least the first book of the series just so it.if the next one in the series is half as good as this one it will still be one of my favourites But I ll stop praising [...]

  14. Listening to this book was like catching up with an old friend I am happy the story continues after the devastating end of the previous book But most of all, I am happy to get lost in the relaxing slow pace of Nathan s storytelling.

  15. In Ashes Born A Seeker s Tale by Nathan Lowell Solar Clipper 7 Rating Clarification 4.5starsI have been a fan of Nathan Lowell s for a number of years now so when I received an e mail last week announcing the publication of a new book in his Solar Clipper series I moved it to the top of my To Be Read list and immediately started it Given that at any point in time I have between 20 and 25 books on that list, to jump one to the head of the line is a big deal for me at least For those who are not f [...]

  16. Yeah, the series continues in a new series I feel releaved I love the feel to his stories they are just so mundanely beautiful.

  17. I was happy and sad when I got an email about the new book that came Happy because I ve been waiting for a long time for this one and as well as surprised as I thought it would be much longer wait Sad because I got the email about the new book being out at 9pm and that meant I was not going to be going to bed for the next six hours as I had to read it right away I could not put it down.Wonderful read Enjoyed it greatly So good that it was worth losing sleep over.

  18. A great continuation from the original series, and an awesome start to a new phase in the lives of Lowell s characters Nathan has a unique way of writing, and common phrases I remember from the first books I could hear in my head in his voice I will be sorry to see if future books do get another narrator.Like most of his books, there is a very slow build, with a lot of time focused on Ishmael s recovery Good set up for future adventures into the darker side of space transport.

  19. Almost like it could beI read the the first 16 percent of this book two months ago But I stopped because it was slow and I didn t know the backstory Two months later I found 1 4 share and all the rest in the series They were quick and moved along nicely I really enjoyed them, I also started thinking that I seemed to have read something like this before Well I ve read them all now and they are good, very good Now I ve got to find the next in the series.

  20. It just gets betterThis book is marvelous Ish is happy again Solving problems both in himself, and in the Deep Dark It was great to see old friends The Celts say a good friend is a good mirror Ish has those people surrounding him in case lots.I enjoyed the therapy scenes I m in the trade and I even picked up a few hints Buy it I m going to read it again Is there a podcast

  21. Another great Lowell book of the deep darkFinally And it s great This book is a natural next part in the story of Ishmael Wang It s well written and fits perfectly with the other books I look forward to the next book and thank Mr Lowell for another excellent job of crafting a tale of a solar clipper Lead on, McDuff

  22. More from this wonderful world builder Thanks, Nathan, for another installment in the life and times of Ishmael Wang His is a world I could happily reside in, and do again and again There are only a few series I come back to, and yours is certainly in the top three best science fiction series in the business.

  23. Although I am a huge fan of Nathan s Tanyth Fairport Series, I am even ridiculously a fan of the Solar Clipper series I was introduced to them via John Ward, the great collector of interesting people, who suggested the Quarter Share podcast to me A couple years later, and not only have I thoroughly enjoyed devouring the entire series on a regular basis, but I ve also roped my family into the fandom as well I m pretty sure my mother has listened to the first six books at least a score of times I [...]

  24. Reading this book is like coming home I ve been a fan of Nathan Lowell s for at least a decade I started with Quarter Share, the first of his Solar Clipper stories about young Ishmael Wang At that time, I listened to podcasts of the books and worked my way through the series The last few years I ve caught up with his works in print and restarted from the beginning straight through to this book, In Ashes Born The funny thing, the best thing, is that when I read the books, I still hear Mr Lowell s [...]

  25. Captain Ishmael Wang is haunted by events that occurred earlier in his life I do recommend reading the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series first , and is at loose ends A blast from his past convinces him to get involved in a new scheme While there is a somewhat serious start, it still has the warmth and humor of the original series Ish ends up in a couple of unexpected situations, as usual, and pulls out one of his outside the box solutions that works wonderfully The tone is a bit sad, but a [...]

  26. Continuing the series of the tales of the solar clippers, Nathan Lowell spins another delightful tale full of mystery, intrigue, and nautical lore carried over into space His crews are believable, doing what automation can never do, as they haul freight from world to world It is space opera at it s best Thank you Mr Lowell.

  27. Excellent continuation of Ishmael Wang s story Loved that some of the familiar faces from earlier in the series showed up and at the same time I miss some of the new characters recently introduced I like the dynamic between Ishmael and Pip and like how the story developed.This was an excellent introduction in this next part of the story and looking forward to Ishmael confronting Perc or whatever his name is.

  28. This was my first book in this series It wasn t hard to jump in though Although technically this book is scifi in genre, I would call it of a navy procedural all about how a ship is run and naval protocol This mixed in with an Ocean s 11 problem solving feel I don t think I will read any of these, but it wasn t bad, just not my thing.

  29. Lowell s SF is much character driven than action or technical projection The story s strength is in fairly ordinary people doing fairly ordinary things, but told in a way that engages the reader If there is a weakness, it is that Carstairs motive is unclear Altogether, though, a very entertaining read.

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