[PDF] Breakwater | by ☆ Anthony J. Melchiorri - Breakwater, Breakwater The race to save humanity continues The Oni Agent outbreak has devastated countries across the globe Despite this apocalyptic new world Captain Dominic Holland and the Hunters are determined to save
  • Title: Breakwater
  • Author: Anthony J. Melchiorri
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Breakwater | by ☆ Anthony J. Melchiorri, Breakwater, Anthony J. Melchiorri, Breakwater The race to save humanity continues The Oni Agent outbreak has devastated countries across the globe Despite this apocalyptic new world Captain Dominic Holland and the Hunters are determined to save the survivors and develop a cure New threats and discoveries challenge them every step of the way But they soon find potential help from an unlikely sourceif they canThe race to save humani [PDF] Breakwater | by ☆ Anthony J. Melchiorri - Breakwater, Breakwater The race to save humanity continues The Oni Agent outbreak has devastated countries across the globe Despite this apocalyptic new world Captain Dominic Holland and the Hunters are determined to save
  • [PDF] Breakwater | by ☆ Anthony J. Melchiorri
    461 Anthony J. Melchiorri

About Author

  1. Anthony J Melchiorri is a writer and biomedical engineer living in Maryland He spends most of his time developing cardiovascular devices for tissue engineering to treat children with congenital heart defects when he isn t writing or reading.Read at anthonyjmelchiorri and sign up for his mailing list at bit ajmlist to hear about his latest releases and news.

One thought on “Breakwater

  1. This poor family cannot catch a break Anthony Melchiorri writes a fast paced, never lets up, story I was really intrigued by the new characters Gave us a glimpse into the world as it is now.FYI sir, I hate your ending PBut I really cannot wait until book 3 I received an ARC for my honest review.And I will be buying books 23 together, to save on shipping D

  2. This is a great series Book 2 continued with great characters, lots of crazy situations and zombies This was a slower read for me I m really not sure why I liked everything I read there just wasn t the same urgency in it that there was in book 1 That started to pick back up in the last 75 pages or so and once again, I recommend you have the next in the series because he leaves you with cliffhanger endings

  3. Lots of zombie like actionMy 2nd book in this series Never a dull moment At times a bit over the top, but I like it looking forward to the next one Good characters and a plot that makes sense in this end of the world as we know it thriller

  4. Breakwater is the second book in the Tide series in which we follow Captain Holland and company fighting against the Oni agent Book two again had an interesting plot line and characters with depth but I felt that something was lacking I found it hard to get into this book and to actually finish it I did want to know what would happen to Dominic and his daughters but didn t feel the same pull as with the first book.Overall though a good book for when you are in the mood for horror reading.

  5. Not as good as the first, but I liked it enough to continue to the third My biggest issue with this one was the entire Boston scenario with Navid and Abby I knew there would be a purpose for throwing all their chapters into the mix and it finally played out near the last page of the book but it took a very long and circuitous route to get to a point that could have taken a shorter and less boring path.

  6. While watching the movie World War Z, I remembered thinking, How can one person have so much bad luck But then it occurred to me that if a situation like a zombie apocalypse or biological world outbreak ever truly did happen, nothing would be off limits and nothing would ever go as planned Still, there were many times I just shook my head or thought to myself, WTF Or No freaking way This book seemed to be a rolling ball of bad luck as Dom and his team hopped from one mission to the next on their [...]

  7. This is the second book in The Tide series Dom and Hunters are hell bent on rescuing survivors and working towards finding a cure for the Oni agent.Just like in the first book, I am really enjoying the detail with which the story of each battle is told I find that I m fully engaged in every move that the team makes as they fight for every little bit of success.

  8. Scary version of the apocalypse Recently I have been reading some really good books that are different versions of the zombie apocalypse This one is very chilling Man messing with natures work is happening daily It is not a tall leap to believe this could be a reality.

  9. It took me three months to finish this, so obviously I wasn t into it It s very repetitive and predictable, so I feel meh reading it I hope it gets better, but I m not holding my breath.

  10. Awesome Creatures are gruesome and terrifying Worth the read Fast Good description of creatures and mutations Fast read with very few skip spots Go for it.

  11. Excellent follow up to book one in the series We delve further into the science side of this here apocalypse without losing any of the action and fight scenes which are insanely good Highly recommended.

  12. Having read the first book of the tide series, I was eager to read the sequel Anthony did a great job of sufficiently ending the first, while creating an insatiable appetite for a second.For those who aren t familiar with the series, The Tide is an explosive mix of science fiction, post apocalyptic chaos, intelligent medical, and even military action.Simply put, the book opens with Hunters trying their best to destroy powerful creepy creatures known as Skulls, in order to protect Fort Detrick an [...]

  13. Love itI love this style of book I love this series I enjoy books that have just a hint of realism I can definitely appreciate the science in this series and I love the action.

  14. This part of the story seemed to have a bit action which I loved It did have a lot suspense than the first part and a few nail biting moments that had me reading really fast to know if that specific character was going to make it or not Because of the type of story we know that not everyone can make it but I still was a little sad when one character died, I really liked him I am prepared for casualties, I know they will happen in the rest of the story, not everyone will survive but I m OK wit [...]

  15. After destroying the oil rig housing the enemy lab, Captain Holland crew along with the CIA handler Meredith Webb make their way to Fort Detrick Once upon a time the Army base was the center for the United States bio defense Also, back in post WWII days it was home to scientists, both American and Japanese, working on black projects of the biological and chemical warfare type Perhaps it is than coincidental that the government chose Fort Detrick once again as central headquarters for the biolog [...]

  16. I was blessed with an Advance Readers Copy of The Tide Breakwater The book should be available to all on 28 December 2015.This is a mixture of Science Fiction, Post apocalyptic, Medical, and Military genres.The story picks up where The Tide left off Many of the Hunters are at Fort Detrick where they brought some civilians to safety Yet the creatures they are protecting the civilians from try to overrun the base Once it is secured, the scientists pool their resources with the medical staff on boa [...]

  17. Breakwater picks up right where The Tide left off, nearly seamlessly You ll definitely want to make sure you read them in order, or you ll miss important details I was blown away by the first one, and if anything this one sucked me further in.This installment in the series follows Dom and his crew as they continue to research the Oni Agent and keep an eye out for survivors, as well as introducing a few new people, some of whom I rooted for and some of whom I completely despised There s little I [...]

  18. Loved this series, and I can t WAIT for the 4th installment Finished this one in a day and a half I couldn t put it down Very entertaining a captivating story that s well worth your time.If you like the Extinction Cycle series by Nicholas Sansbury Smith, you ll love this series as well And if you haven t read that series, I also recommend I read quite a bit in this realm of storytelling, and love the books that make me emotionally invested in the characters This is one of those series that tells [...]

  19. 3.5 Stars There are a few issues I have with some of the worldbuilding logistics that I was hoping this book would address Given that this is a universe in which people are aware of zombies in fiction, I m surprised that it took them as long as it did to learn to shoot the skulls in the head When the Hunters are spraying bullets around, it sounds like a waste because we aren t told specifically that they re aiming for the head I kept waiting for them to use different kinds of bullets, like armor [...]

  20. Great sequel to the first book Just when it seems Dom and the Hunters are safe and have some allies things take a turn yet again Dom feels driven to help save humanity in any way he can and sets out to do just that even as the Oni agent spreads like a wild fire unchecked While Dom and his men fight to save those in need and set up a safe place for them to be, Lauren and her team are fighting to find a way to stop the Oni agent once and for all before it s too late.This book had all the intense a [...]

  21. Bad decisions one after anotherI finished the book but was annoyed and frustrated reading most of it The main character s just continued to make one bad decision after another The captain says he must protect his men women yet he takes them into one life threatening situation after another and is surprised when one of them dies Stupid That s what I thought most of the time reading this book Well, that was stupid SPOILER And they know you have to shoot them in the head but they waste ammo repeate [...]

  22. Book Doesn t DisappointI read a lot of apocalyptic tales and my favorite series is Arisen The Tide is not heavy with military speak and includes action from civilians as well I love the focus on science and I like many of the plot developments from the medical side that don t usually happen in a book like this Fast paced action, characters that are being built, and believable personal conflict over choices to be made all make for an interesting read There are a few edge of seats moments where yo [...]

  23. Smashing thriller This second book kept me totally enthralled Glued to the story line, so exciting I loved it I am so wrapped up in this story and these characters Can t wait for Tide3 to come out I have already told all of my family about this author and his great books, with a special plus for The Tide series, but highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys a great thrill

  24. When I first started this series I though it was very similar to the Extinction Cycle series but as I was reading I was noticing a lot of differences that made it better, I think that the Skulls are very a creative monster that I hope will earn this series either a movie or T.V series to go with it keep up the great work Anthony

  25. Another WinnerAnother winner This book was just as good, exciting and scary as the first one Non stop action and suspense Thank goodness there is to come I can t wait to see what happens next If you haven t read the first book, The Tide you should, you won t be disappointed.

  26. Continuation of a Great Series Really engaging series The infected are interesting and the action is non stop One thing I appreciate is that things go right sometimes Often in this genre everything possible that can go wrong does, and it wears on the reader This series is different It s balanced in that sometimes things work out as planned Refreshing.

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